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I don't know if this film can be called a 'techno thriller', although someone somewhere probably would say it can.
It had good quality sound and visuals, but I could not really pick out any kind of 'plot'. The main character (a mime) starts hearing noises/voices, then at the end he sees a creepy face...
The crowd really seemed to enjoy it, but sadly I was not on the same page.

My personal highlight of the film (and one of the highlights of the whole heat) was the montage of bad dates. That must have been fun in the writer's room, brainstorming just how much random they could throw at it. Well played.
Another great moment was the picnic and the (intentional?) lead's bluntness of wrapping it up as soon as it started.

I really enjoyed this film and highly recommend it.

I really liked this film. I liked the concept, the plot, and the execution. The action was great and there was some plausible fighting.
The lead actress had an accent I couldn't quite pick, as it seemed to float between Kiwi, American, and Irish. It's a minor thing, but it really threw me and took a lot of my focus away from how good the rest of the film was.

This was one of the funniest films I've seen in the competition. The core cast are charming, and the lead has great comic timing. It contains a nice twist on the idea of a 'race against the clock', and tackles a topical issue in a light-hearted way. The repeated callbacks to the birthday card were brilliant.
All in all, even though the team's goal is absurd (as are their ideas for achieving it), I still sat in my seat longing for them to succeed.

I really wanted to enjoy this film, because it was obvious how much fun the team had putting it together. However, it took a really long time (far too long) to actually get to the 'adventure' that the genre demanded, and the inclusion of the courier character baffled me.

The best part, hands down, was the hilariously bad fight scene. I laughed so hard I almost ruined my seat.

This film was really good. It took a bit too long to get to the 'action/adventure' part of the story, but when it did it was surprisingly exciting.

That being said, all of the silly (but fun) visual gags sprinkled throughout, meant that there was always something entertaining happening.

I really enjoyed this film (it was one of my favourites from heat 20). The idea was clean and simple, and the main actor was charming. The 'Language Lesson' scenes were a great easy light-hearted laugh.
The vertical 'tall-screen' ratio was a little off-putting but I quickly forgot about it and just got sucked into the film.