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Awesome film. One of the top intro's I've seen.

Good stuff!

Great shots. Good acting. Loved the use of photos and the music to accompany it to show time progression. The incoherence of the story is the main thing that let this film down as it didn't end up feeling very inspirational in the end.

Pretty much what vfs said. Actors were good. I thought the soundtrack was a bit overkill with a disco soundtrack every 5 seconds. Although the music at the end with the guy in the bath tub really worked.

Average shots, acting etc. Overall it was an average film. Just thought I would share things that stood out - Not sure if it was intentional but I noticed the audio isolating certain lines in the dialogue which people responded to in the audience with laughter. It as effective & funny. One scene that was particularly funny was when the girl says something like 'I sense something!' and she moves to reveal that Indian? guy is right behind her. Lawl.

The intro was crack up and was hoping for maybe a similar kind of humour in the movie. Unfortunately it felt a bit dry. When the music came in it added to the suspense and 'crime' feel of the film but otherwise it kind of dragged just sitting in one location.

Props to the actors for memorizing the entire script and running with it for the entire film though. Unfortunately the dialogue wasnt able to hold my attention the entire time. Not gonna lie though, almost kept watching Jazmyne the entire film.

Average story, great audio, great visuals, good lead actor. I agree with Brent it did start to drag at some parts.

Oh the intro has to be mentioned. So funny.

Really enjoyed the acting from the lead male. Played the role almost to a tee. The story was a bit unconvincing with a female villain forcing people to do things against nature. Otherwise, funny film.


Despite the critique on the female villain you gotta give her a pat on the back for dunking herself in that mud! Ugh, thats dedication.

The music quality and singing was great! Its just a shame the genre/style of music was the same every time. Slow and kind of whiny.. even the dinner scene. Great video quality also but its just a shame you didn't play more to the mood of the scenes with each song.
Story couldve developed better if you started of at the point where he meets the girl or somewhere close.

Enjoyed the story and the shots in this film. Appreciated the good use of sound fx. Props to the actors also, good work.

Really enjoyed this film. Actors were great, funny story, good dialogue. Well done.

Amazing animation work. The story kind of let you down but the audio even more so. Was cringing at the random music coming in and out.

Cinematography, audio, were on point. Like Brent mentioned I appreciated the comical side of it but the ending felt a bit abrupt and could have finished better.

Good stuff guys.

Could've done better with the audio but otherwise good film.

Shot bro.