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Lol, wut. I don’t even know... Rabbits and pretty twisted creativity RE: what rabbits get up to on display here in pretty damn sweet animation. I really liked the sound effects, which sort of sounded like your entire crew watching the rough cut and making whatever noise for what fitted. at the end of the day though, I felt pretty whatever following viewing this film.

Ayyye this film was fun. A drunk bro's lady doesn't let him into the flat after a night 'on the malt' and awakens from sleeping in the garage to a fantasy world were he is a recognised prince/king/knight/medieval bro. From here he secures a powerful ball/orb/thing and blasts an evil version of himself who is lying to a fantasy counterpart of his lady. As advised in previous review, 'drawing parallel' line in this was classy. Unfortunately, our lead doesn't seem to glean too much insight from his quest, and I felt that when he got dumped by his girlfriend and he rode off into the distance on his moped, cape/blanket trailing behind him - he was glorified as honourable / his GF was demonised as a bitch. But hey, who’s got time in 48hours / this day and age to give every gender / character a fair representation or something I guess. All of that junk aside - BEST DISQUALIFIED FILM EVVARRRR!!

idk, man. I liked the concept you guys went with, but execution seemed clunky. For a film called 'Morgalison'; a hybrid of the lead characters name and the name of the girls she shape-shifts into, the film seemed to take itself a little too seriously. Maybe the humour in the film was intentional, but I sort of found I was laughing but not with the filmmakers... The end seemed openly to elicit laughter, however, and I felt like the film could have taken this ability to laugh at itself and used it more liberally throughout. The outcome had me saying 'basic' to myself a lot, and I am totally a dick for that.

There was something endearingly creepy about this film. I sort of expected a final reverse shot of her watching him, both unknowingly surveying each other or something. The ending was neat and had good comic timing. I liked the two actors and shot selection / editing was really cleverly done. Maybe could have done with some slightly more webcam-like pixelation for shots of her or him - I can't remember which one seemed to be obviously not a webcam. Choice film g.

This one was quite witty from the outset, and mockumentary set pieces are always going to go down a treat with me. Nice shout out to last years compulsory line (I thought I recognised it somewhere, my suspicions were confirmed post-screening); The film looked and sounded great, and was well acted. Felt nostalgia but also aversion to seeing interior shots of Victoria University's school of English, Television, Film and Media Studies... (*shivers*). I felt that we needed a bit more sample footage of Morgan's 'vertical cinema' to round this film out, but that seems like a petty complaint. Really cool!

I thought this was a pretty fun film, sort of felt uncomfortable watching a child cut someone’s throat.. but w/e. said child’s acting / comic timing seemed on point, and I enjoyed his interactions with the revenge angel lady person. I also was into the obvious DIY special effects of things floating, there was real ingenuity on display and I thoroughly enjoyed watching. I liked the quick fire banter / back and forth leading up to the completion of the film / the child saying the title of the film.

I thought this was a fun and cute film, which had some pretty av acting but a friggin cute kitten and some awesome set pieces / devices for the main character Morgan to wake himself up. I liked the penultimate wake up when an iron dropped on Morgan's head (almost like an anvil from a Road Runner vs. Wiley Coyote cartoon), but then we still saw the character leave the house with a bandaged head.. it kept the film light as opposed to bleak / grim / default48hourfilmsplatter. Definitely some work to do visually but an enjoyable film nonetheless.

I liked the concept of this film, and I identified heavily with the portrayal of the university library as the hellish home of misery... However I wasn't too into the music side of things here, and the way the plot was enacted seemed a little clunky. The song writing / lyrics / dialogue was pretty cleverly constructed, but I felt the film didn't offer a whole lot visually

This film was ok, the effects of people pooping in & out of a time travel addict support group was pretty awesome, and as mentioned above, the use of the prop was really clever. I think we needed just a little bit more from the main character leading up to him 'knowing where he needed to be'. I thought the acting was really cool, especially the counsellor who lead the support group. I don't have a lot more to say about this one.. seemed o.k., but it didn't quite add up to the sum of its parts.

Weirded out that this was in Heat 14, but I'm trying to review Heat 16 stuff! Luckily, I was at both heats :3

This film was super awesome. I was into the lead actress' take no prisoners character and the way the cast took on the absurdity of the plot dead seriously was amazing. the Film looked good in lots of shots, especially the shot that looked upwards from the perspective of Morgan at power lines against the sky - this a shot I find myself idly looking at and sometimes filming on car rides and I felt super excited to see it realised/contextualised on the big screen.

I’m not really sure what is holding me back from a super high star rating here, I seem to remember some pretty poorly lit / shot interior scenes and sound issues - but on the whole I thought this film was dope, and I really hope to seem more from these guys in future competitions.

I mean I get that you guys are *killing* the animation game here - visually this film was easily the best of its heat - but the plot seemed basic and I found the Morgan-Foster-liar device pretty obvious...

I guess something to add here is that outside of this competition, showing the ship that has lured people to there doom to be called 'The Morgan Foster' isn't going to mean much to a everyday viewer. This seems like something worth considering in the future, if you’re going to invest a lot of time/effort into making something this beautiful, maybe make it adaptable to audiences outside of other participants in that years comp.

There was some good dialogue banter during the build in this movie, but once again, I wasn't really stunned or interested in the ending - which was then followed by a live action filming of an eye being punctured with a scalpel or something. This seemed like a pointless and basic way to include the prop in your story - I feel that if you can make a lot of cool animation and dialogue, you can figure out a clever way to incorporate the prop into the film.

I felt meh RE: this film. I mean it was a good idea for fitting in what you had in terms of resources (music stuff, band bro looking humans) with the against the odds film, but the implementation of that idea and the resulting resolution needed a bit of work. I enjoyed text messages on screen, that flowed nicely and pushed the narrative along, but the actual dialogue with the 'manager' seemed basic. The way that the guitar bro solved his troubles (by finding a guitar babe muse person on the beach and 'jamming' with her) seemed corny af, she was the only female character, and she had no depth/explanation/any thing and only existed for the completion of you plot... meh.

I feel genuinely interested in seeing the signed release form for the pilates lady filmed for your team logo film thing guys...

This film had a pretty classic line in it's opening moments, where someone plainly told another person that they 'hated' the way that person lived their life... from there on in, we saw the ‘Grace’ character (who was ‘the hated’) partying, and them skinny dipping; while a character (‘the hater’ woke up and hallucinated a dead, bloodied body on the bed next to him. The final shot of an under-lit/non-lit (to a level at which the image almost appeared to be made up of two colours: black and grey) beach and sky left me feeling mystified / puzzled so I guess you guys 'nailed it' in terms of genre at this point. I'm trying to justify my star rating of this film compared with what I’ve said about it, I think that feeling that confused, and that final shot of the sea were enjoyable in that they reminded me of Twin Peaks. Yay.

I was into this film for ~80% of its duration. I specifically remember thinking 'I like that this is a slow paced film, that is sort of hard to achieve when you are doing 48'. I felt relaxed during shots that showed the character walking around Willis Street / Lambton Quay / whatever street is on other side of that food court / the alley way. The pay off at the end of the film, however, did not really reward me for paying close attention to these earlier scenes; in fact I have little to know idea what really happened. Shout outs to the slightly non level shots of the main character entering and exiting an elevator of his building during early stages of the film, I genuinely liked the colours, lighting and 'intention' (?) in these shots. I also really liked it when he ran over the roofs and jumped off the roof.

This film seemed too short. It's hard to know whether this was intentional or if circumstances around making it in 48hours lead to an incomplete film being handed in, but what resulted seemed unclear and cut off. What I did see was some excellent shot framing, and some great, warm natural acting. Unfortunately this couldn't cover for the fact that I didn't really get what was going on/ there wasn't a lot to get.


Now that is done with, I can certainly give props to the writers here - you were very clever in your word play, and singers you were tuneful. This is no easy feat; our team spent a soul-crushing hour and a half on the Sunday learning this the hard way.* Your actors also had great energy and the seed of your film was original enough to warrant a good score (Sorry, but all of the above, in capitals, was factored heavily into your star rating today).

Unfortunately, you guys were let down by perhaps where you went following this seed. I think we needed a bit more from the central character, while I liked that he sort of 'went with it' at the end, or at least was resigned to having two FLURO-CLAD, TWO-DOLLAR SHOP-GOING, UKULELE WIELDING F**KERS in his ear (the man is a saint) I felt the natural option was to have a number performed by this character with THOSE TWO CRAZIES singing back up. Sound was also hella uneven in this one, which is always tough when you’re trying to record songs that are listenable at the same time as make a film in 48 hours.

*P.S. / note to reader / minor flex: we discovered that when singing isn't going to work, rapping is a lot easier. You cannot rap out of key. But this wasn't a problem, I was just trying to drop a hint in here as to what team I was a part of TEHEHEHEHHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

Super ambitious effort here, I think it paid off too. A scuba diver surfaces* in what appeared to be the Cook Strait, without any sign of his boat or help. After orienting himself using a compass, he swims some, and then mostly gives up sort of.

Following a bit of a pep talk (and a somewhat unintentionally (?) humourous moment where Morgan shouts at the passing Interisland Ferry which appeared to be literally 'kilometres' in the distance), the lead manages to 'will' himself home by chanting the titular line. The (post-production?) shaking effect here had me thinking that we were in for a shock ending with Morgan being mowed down by above-mentioned ferry (which I would totally sign on for), but alas see Morgan repeatedly, and with increasing effort, 'will' himself home (and into the past) where he naturally shows us his lying nature but repents, and hangs out with his/a (?) kid.

I was sort of totally into this one, but i really wished that the lead was a little more damp when he returned to his home, and i felt a good addition would have been a sort of jump shot effect thing where lots of water was splashed around him each time he transported to the home. However, how much you water damage your apparently lovely home is not up to me!

*Note to Reader: This shot of the lead emerging from below water may have been the most beautifully framed/coloured/composed shot of the heat.

I duno man... There was some super cool scripting here, and seeing him wield those ‘meatballs’ was pretty unsettling. But there wasn't really anything to write home about here. I earnestly can’t remember what the outcome of the main character drugging his two friends was, or what the significance of his prisoner in the other room could be, other than ‘this guy is twisted/evil and stuff’. Lighting was pretty av. I just duno man…

P.S.The flatmate was really into it tho; as in this was his FAVOURITE FILM OF THE ENTIRE HEAT: so all is not lost. He is currently AWOL but I will try and get him to make an account, I am very interested to hear/read his thoughts!

Hey filmmaker people - cool job! This had some real heart, and some great humour - not a little because of unusual linguist/witchcraft/tattoo bro (he had a lot of other cool job titles that slip my mind). I 'shipped the two leads, and the overall plot felt original despite the film before you having a really similar, ‘aquatic’ story line. I guess that tech; both visual and audio held you back a little and maybe dialogue could have been more even and humorous.

I really liked this films story arc, really fit in with the mystery genre oh wait this is the revenge genre film... Well it fit well with that too. Unfortunately the eye candy actors fell a little short of earning this title… my knee jerk reaction to the opening shot of their toned/tanned/intertwined bodies and neutral facial expressions made me thing of multi-coloured, comic sans ‘doge meme’ style titles overlaying the frame with ‘so act’, ‘tone’, ‘gains’ and of course ‘wow’. The structure however was super cool and the film looked really awesome (sound was more than a little off too, but hey: this is 48).

I earnestly didn't know where this film was going, however when I found out, I really didn't care.

Strongest of a strong heat; such a cool premise and 2.5(?) leads who really 'dove' into their roles. Only gripe would be how the film looked, I guess I'm superficial though... I liked the lead’s radio voice, and the pacing of the ‘undersea’ representative’s very first appearance with us being distracted by the ball...

Overall super-fun, clearly some gifted creative people involved - AWESOME!

I loved the use of mocumentary here, breaking continuity was fun and the film looked great and was well written. And skirting on Hitler humour was good too… I feel like a prude for saying this... but you probably lost three stars of your rating from the 'Auschwitz' joke... damn i feel like a loser for this but yeah… When the audience laughed and then caught themselves laughing in semi-horror at that joke/themselves for laughing I definitely felt *baaad*

But kudos for going there, you got a reaction out of me, and most of the cinema.

Yo, I heavily dug this. 'Noir' is well aware of its genre/style (the whole 'what is noir?' thing) and conventions / elements are represented in original and interesting ways here. I can't put my finger on what is stopping me from giving this a higher mark; it might be production value (superficial me, earnestly just want everything to look like someone spent a lot of money on camera stuff); it might be a slight lack of intensity or heavy mood. But this was super dope, would watch again!


But really, alongside this you had a clever story, and some really clever casting / performances. You had great props and costumes (bandaged face was great). I enjoyed watching your movie, one of the front runners in this heat.

I really dug this concept, a point of contention with some who I watched this with: it was corny but fun. My big but is... if your going to make a podcast based rom-com, sound has got to be your number one priority! With such a dialogue heavy concept (and by what I heard of the riffing between the Russian and Italian/French (earnestly didn't know) you had some real talent in the writing room) you need to be making sure we can hear what it is you've worked so hard on! Female lead sort of just 'was' but that seemed to be what the role required. I must stress, I really wanted to like/watch/hear this movie!

This was fun, both main actor and villian(ish) antagonist character were well acted (that laugh tho...), and visually the hero/anti hero's revenge RE: ringtone piracy were beautiful and well shot (see: sweeping / rotating shot thing around main character playing piano, and slow motion shot at climax of the film, the liar in general)

Sound very hit an miss, probably at its most even when everyone was shouting reveng-ish stuff.

Super weird and cool. Sound was pretty av. Cool colours and one standout shot looking upwards at main character climbing a tree.

Great acting from assorted weirdos; girls singing was awesome.

I don't one-hundred percent know if spoken word poetry performance qualifies as a musical, but by the time the main character enters a portal through a tent in the woods to a library, I really didn't care. I really enjoyed the humour and look of this film, and this edit in the film was just so simple and well done.

Would have been cool to have a bit more even dialogue sound for spoken word scenes at the open mike night, but this kind of gave the sound a kind of live, film reel crackle.. which was cool.

i had fun watching this film. female lead was especially awesome, cool character and awesome costume/prop stuff. yayyyyyy