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Beautiful make up and some good acting. The story was a bit too simple for me however.

Hands down my favourite of the night (I'm including my own as well). I loved the evil Thomas the Tank engine. Too bad it was disqualified.

I really didn't like this film at the beginning. Towards the end of the film it ended up being one of my favourites.

At first I didn't understand want was happening in this film but overall I really liked the concept. I enjoyed some of the lines especially from the final character to be introduced.

I didn't really get this film. Having access to a church/coffin was cool but I feel like more could have been done. I liked the idea of trying to make a film without dialogue but it would have been nice to see the guy in the coffin with a suit on at least. Who buries their loved ones in casual/bum around home clothes.

This film had some pretty amusing gags throughout. I feel like it didn't really do the splatstick genre justice though. I did enjoy the paper/rock ending however.

A very loose paranormal film set in one room with four main characters who are trying to open a suitcase they inherited from their late father. The performances was strong but I thought some of it was a bit rushed with too much fast talking (as someone else has already mentioned), they were trying to fit too much in just five minutes. There were key moments in the story line which I unfortunately missed but I managed to get the gist of what was happening. The one paranormal aspect at the end was a nice touch.

This film was great! A child going around senselessly killing other children then taking a short break and drinking a beer, it was obviously going to be a crowd favourite. It did get a little too dark in the end which is probably the only negative feedback I could give this film. Great work, especially to whoever played the guy behind the bar, yours was definitely one of the best performances of the night.

I thought this was a good idea for a buddy film. I did think the acting was overdone and some of the gags were drawn out for too long but it gave me a few laughs and I liked the ending.

A obviously amateur film but probably my favorite in this heat. I liked the story, the female character stealing her flatmates food (amusing and something everyone in the audience can relate to) and then being kicked out and made to sleep under the bridge. The two characters reactions throughout the film was hilarious and they had the best use of collision in their heat. Please upload it on the website!

I really liked the action, thought it was choreographed well. The twist at the end seemed a bit weird but overall I did enjoy this film and wasn't waiting for it to end.

I really liked the look of this film, the use of puppets added something a bit different to their heat. Unfortunately the story line was weak especially in the middle where not a lot happened. Melvin 'the hero' wasn't really up against anything as there was no antagonist to help move the story along. The artist did however do a really nice job, the puppets were very cute and I thought the narrator was funny.