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Super funny and entertaining, nice and conclusive. Felt complete and satisfying. I laughed a lot.

Ignore Steel Potato on this one. Filmmakers were pretty brave in that they tried a more serious and intriguing story rather than relying on comedy. Focused on a different type of friendship which was a cool take on the buddy genre. Keep it up ~*

Damn good. Great acting. Great puns. Consistently engaging and it looked super good A+

Very avant-garde. Loved the emphasis on female friendship and unusually tight framing of shots. Kid with the ball at the end was a highlight.

Yeah, so the sound was bad at the start. And I was like 'this is going to be a hard film to sit through'. But then it cleared up, and the dialogue was so funny that I cried. I was crying in the cinema (but in a good way) because of this film. Never break the fisherman's code.

This film was really cool. I enjoyed the idea of a world without shoes. How wacky. Great pogo twist. Catchy musical number.

A really brave film, created a tense, fairly horrific atmosphere. It's super tough to scare an audience in this competition but they did the job.

This film is art.

Nice take on the genre, the name tags were all we needed for the reunion back-story and we were able to jump into the story right where it counted. The acting was impressive, I wanted to see more.

This film was awesome, super brave to go with no-sound. It was refreshingly different to all the others and portrayed insomnia faithfully. The shot of the tv with static was so cool. I was super happy that they didn't do a 'reveal' at the end, the silent, dark doorway was a much stronger image. 48 Hour films tend to be all about the comedy so this was a tough audience to screen to, but I'm glad the film was in the heat. Keep it up.

This film was damn good looking. Did a good job of building character relationships AND an atmosphere for a virtual world within 7 minutes. I want to see more.

This team always does so awesome. How do they do so awesome. I hate them.

If this film wasn't disqualified, I would insist it reach the finals. A brave piece of filmmaking, particularly on the actor's behalf. I was a little confused by the grain effect thrown on the second half, but hey, it worked.

A really funny film with some brilliant acting, which did a good job of 're-imagining' the genre with a particularly literal interpretation. The awkward humour was great, and a little bit of technical smoothing would have made an even more awesome film.

I think this could be a great contender for best worst film - my favourite prize. Some pretty awesome art-department, and even some pretty swell acting, combined with hilarious technical mistakes. Really enjoyed watching it.

A film unlike any I have ever seen before. A truly unique vision.