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Nice performances from the actors and some cool little effects and stunts in there too. I did get a little lost with the story though, and I thought the genre could of been integrated into the film slightly more for me to follow it better. Was a shame about the ending with the crew in the background but with the chaos of the competition it's something that could happen to any of us.

Another film that looked really cool and in terms of atmosphere I thought you really stayed to true to the horror genre. Great menacing performance from the main actor too, the story and pacing of the film did feel a little off to me however. Overall though a really spooky looking short film.

Another film with a tough genre but you guys really went to town with it, some great performances from the two leads and some funny songs in there too. Probably had the strongest reaction from the audience. There were a few moments were the audio was slightly out of sync but this is a really tough thing to get right

Fun film with a tough genre. Funny performances from the main actors and I liked the dating app effect that you guys went too. A funny ending that wasn't over done. This one felt a little short to me and I thought there were some moments where you could of expanded on a few of the scenes

Another really strong film from this heat, animation would be hard to pull off in 48 hours so I really commend you for going down this route.
Film looked great and had a nice story with some great funny moments. Wasn't overlong long and had a great ending.

Looked like you guys would of had a really great time making this movie, there were some fun set pieces and I liked the experiments which really showed the science gone mad genre. The story was a little hard to follow though in parts. Looking forward to what you guys come up with next year.

Great Idea from this team and I really like the musical doco style. Fun performances from the main actor and his fans and the audience really enjoyed the dad. There were a few scenes with a focus issues which was a shame. Musical/mockumentry is a tough genre but this was a nice effort.

Fun film with some really cool graphics and effects, really thought you pulled off the news look really well. Some funny moments from the guy in the elevator too. A few of the the handheld shots felt a bit rough but in saying that I kind of liked it especially in that long shot from the car to the building. Thought you could if shaved a few bits off though to keep the pace going especially in the ending with all the bread jokes.

Thought this film looked brilliant, really liked the the shots of the black liquid in the water rotating. Thought the performances were well done too. Didn't fully understand the story though, but overall a great looking film with some nice music.

enjoyed this film, had some strong performances from the actors and some nice shots. A bit of a crossover between romantic comedy and horror that worked well and when a few scenes got quite dark I thought the music and performances brought it back to its romantic comedy roots.

Nice idea and structure for this genre and some good performances, I too thought that the collision between the two main actors felt a little to easy and convenient. Also would of liked the montages to have a few wide shots but that probably come down to personal style. Overall though it was an enjoyable film and I thought the car scene was really well done.

Really liked the cinematography in this film, I really got a sense of the main character being alone especially in the outside shots. Good performance from the main actor too. Just wish there were a few more strong moments in the story to carry the film along.

Thought this was a fun film with some really good enthusiastic performances from all the actors, looked great but i thought it could of been a little shorter.

Thought the tone and cinematography in this film was really well done and the effects worked in seamlessly with the environment.

I did however think that the story could of been slightly stronger in parts and i could see the ending comming.

I cant really give a proper review for this film because as others have said the passage of scripture ended to quickly and i totally missed the punchline (partly my fault i apoligise)

Everything leading up to it though was well done and i thought the back and fourth between the two guys was really funny, you had some nice shots and i really enjoyed the use of night vision.

Thought the film looked really good and the editing in parts really added to the slightly creepy tone. The acting from the patients and the nurse was well done also.

I too was thinking shutter island as we moved further into the story so i did pick the ending but i did think that you captured the tone of the genre really well

Fantastic effort from such a young team and some cool moments between the characters, looked like you all had a fun time making it.

There were a few moments near the end where you could have picked some slightly different music to suit the climax of the film and the big reveal.
Look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next year.

Enjoyed the movie as a whole and i thought the actors did a great job with there roles.

I did however feel like the movie was in two parts. the revenge genre was great in the begining but as others have said there was a sudden change in tone when we moved into the barn/workshop area (which looked great) where it suddenly turned into a horror/comedy scene. On there own the two scenes worked well but together is was a bit too much of a sudden change for me.

Thought the idea was good and the performances were sound (some great looks at the camera and funny moments with the guys in the back) my biggest issue was with the sound in certain parts. i missed a few moments between the leads because the audio was down too low (audio would be tough on a moving bus)

And i thought the ending didnt quite live up to what you had previously set up

Cool idea and some great moments between the two leads, i just thought the films pacing was a bit slow in the first half and it would of been cool to see a bit more of the chase for the finale.

And there were few moments where the camera was slightly out of focus (we've all been there) but all up was a fun watch.

I thought the film looked and sounded great, and you really nailed what is traditionally considered to be one of the more tough genre's. Some nice bits in there with the dance and flag waving

Shame about the hardware not being used but i only really noticed it with drill part.

Good idea with some really good moments with the characters.

Thought you were slightly let down with some of the more technical elements (cinematography and sound) and there were a few moments regarding the time travel device and the characters motivations that could have been explained slightly better.

Thought you guys captured the tone of the genre (bit of a dickensian aspect) really well and i didnt mind that you started the film with with what would traditionally be called the third act.

As others have said i think you could have dialed back the close up/hand held camera look with some tripod beauty shots (especially of the location) to add a bit more polish to the film.

Thought this film was great and had some nice pacing and shots, perfomances were good too, but i did pick the ending.

All in all great effort though and look forward to seeing what you come up with next year