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Soooo funny, awesome guys, proud to be from Timaru! Lots of camera shots/angles, crazy costumes, interesting power the super hero had…and Bobbie is a bit of a Babe, she needs to jump to the other Timaru team to further her career…LOL kidding. Story was great, I think what you produced is what V48hour is all about, having fun and making people laugh! Wet my pants when the wire was made into sword! LOL

I was really excited about this film, I was getting into it, I was thinking this was good camera work, tight, awesome in fact. My only disappointment is that I felt it had a great build up, but then it ended, a little more padding or story line would have made this even awesomeer!

I think you guys should be proud of this one! I was most impressed by many components. I agree with the others about things getting messy but overall there was lots of variance, didn’t really know where the story was heading which I like (nothing worse than a predictable movie) awesome! I think your team has huge potential for great movies!

I thought the concept was very well thought and extremely clever. Had very good scenes, I did enjoy indeed. I felt there could have been a little more, but then its only 48hours! Well done guys!

When I began watching this I gulped, and thought holly hell, what and incredible location, and the effort behind all the costumes! Incredible…I felt the main actor performed very well, so looks the part (the others did too of course but he was noticeable). Original props, and overall well developed script. I was a little confused with the quality of the imagery in some scenes, unsure if the camera operator had the correct settings??? To be honest I was so engrossed in the actual movie that I really need to see again! Well done, I really really enjoyed it

Some extremely entertaining scenes, I thought there was a depth of cleverness with this film and I enjoyed it…didn’t know where it was heading which was really good! Liked the actors, the doctor with those long looks was classic, she was a honey too and the gay receptionist acted the part well (maybe too well..LOL). Was a little confused with all the affairs, but entertaining. I assume the bent wire was the broach? Possible a better end may have helped and tightening of the shots…overall I enjoyed well done guys

Interesting concepts, some very clever scenes. I enjoyed, but I did have to think a little too hard to what was going on…. Saggy breast…SOOOOOOOOOO funny! You used several locations which is good, I felt the first scene with lady talking (although she did a good job) bored me a little. Good effort, much impressed, welldone!!!

I LOL at this, white abo’s LOL, main character had great charisma on screen. I think it was an incredible effort for first-timers and I believe we will see great things in the future from you guys. Good audience reaction should make you guys feel really proud!

Overall I enjoyed this film. I felt the main character did an awesome job and had the appropriate presence on screen. Being a bloke, I shouldn’t mention that a small lump was growing in my throat as it was sweet. I felt the shots could have been tightened and the story seems to be familiar in that the result or outcome is typical; I think if a twist was applied then the potential would have been greater. I did really enjoyed, very clever, well done guys