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A character suffers trials returning from a night out, covered by a guitarist narrator.
Beautiful cinematography, particularly in the opening shots which lent an epic mood to the 'what happened last night' trope. The sarcastic narrator/museum was a great move in a tough genre.
The dodgy audio on the few pieces of dialogue was a bit distracting, and the story dragged a little in the middle, but overall a great film that accomplished what it set out to do.

The risks and ramifications of time travel.
Great film with a clear and well thought out aesthetic. I also found the directing effective and nicely subtle. Overall the story was a little convoluted (perhaps a bit ambitious for 48 Hours), would have been nice to have a little more exposition.

A detective struggles to find answers in interviews.
This film had a very specific style which I felt was well executed. The pace could have been increased a bit, especially since many of the characters were largely interchangeable.

Two drug dealers out of their depth.
Great (though obviously improvised) banter between the leads. I got the impression that this was filmed without a complete story, which made it slightly muddled, but still a fun watch.

An android goes to great lengths to dream.
This film put a a lot of effort into costuming and production design which was great and a bit of a rarity in 48 Hours. I felt like this film was a drama (with a great story) which unfortunately tried to be a comedy and wound up being a bit unfunny.

An androids good intentions go a little too far.
I really enjoyed this film, it had some excellent gags without being too joke-heavy. The lead actress does an great job conveying the android persona.

A man's sleep is interrupted by a horse singing a never ending song.
This film was an excellent take on its genere, the direction was nicely subtle and deliberate. However is came off a little slow paced, and the song didn't really do it for me personally.

A prisoner awaits her fate.
A very well shot film, making excellent use of a few sets. This film deserved its cinematography nod in the finals.

A race against time for a young woman to find her boyfriend.
This was an enjoyable film to watch, and the drama was well mirrored by a few light-hearted moments. Well done on the team getting out and shooting in a number of different locations.
I've marked this down somewhat because the ending twist was a bit jarring and unbelievable, also some of the editing choices were a little clunky.

A young man struggles with life in a world of musicals. Absolute tragedy that this was a late submission, one of the better-realised and polished films I've seen in 48 Hours. The quality of the song-writing was extremely high and songs were used consistently and well throughout.

A vacuum cleaner love story. Really great concept for a musical! I felt the songs here were better than most, and looking back you managed to fit a lot into just seven minutes.

I thought this was a really good crack a non dialogue film. The plot was clear, while still leaving plenty of suspense.
Overall I liked this film, one issue was the limited locations, either move around a bit more, or at least pretend to by varying your shots.

A dark comedy about a young girl raising money for a project. An absolute delight to watch this dark comedy, with an excellent plot twist topping of an already hugely funny and disturbing film. Very thoughtfully shot from the young leads perspective.
Struggling to find a criticism, but I felt like the opening scene could have been more clear in setting up the 'missing' premise.

You guys obviously had a lot of fun making this one! An heiress travels to Africa to recover treasure, while being followed by the usual Indiana Jones type villains.
Creative use of available locations, however technical issues let this film down somewhat, make sure your shots are wide enough for your rather tall guide.

Nicely shot film with a mime the lead character in a (barely techno) thriller. Some cute kids and interesting locations used.
Unfortunately I felt like this film didn't quite stick to its genre, and the plot was mostly buildup. Don't be afraid to fill in the story a bit guys.

A Paranormal Activity style horror. Sound concept, but let down a bit by the boring setting (yet another flat) and some occasionally jarring editing.

The dreaded musical. I enjoyed what I could understand of the rap, but I got the impression this film was technically too ambitious. I'd love to see a full cut if one ever surfaces.

A gag or two in this one, particularly the 'London, England' airport shot.
Unfortunately this was let down by unlovable characters and a plot that was drawn out for too long.

What you get up to when you can't sleep. Overall a good effort for a non-dialogue film, this film had a much more realized plot than a lot of the 'talkies.'
The film was a bit slow to start and let down by occasional technical issues (Wellington wind). Overall a good effort in a tough category.

A series of interviews with androids to determine if they are destined for the scrapheap.
The dialogue here was well thought out, and I really felt for the older android by the end.
The film is quite word-heavy, and one less robot would probably have conveyed the same point less confusingly.

I thought that this was a great take on the 'obsessive relationship' film. Without giving too much away I'll never be able to walk down Cuba Mall the same way ever again! The exterior scenes were very nicely shot.
One criticism would be the scenes with the 'psychiatrist' were occasionally a bit exposition-heavy, as well as being 'filmed in a flat.'

48 Hours to save the world from climate change.
This film was laugh out loud funny! A ridiculous premise intertwined with a number of great gags meant that by the end I was almost taken in.
The repeated appearance of the birthday card was far and away the best use of the required prop I've seen.
However I felt the film was a little slow to get going, and mockumentary is a bit of a 48 Hours Cliché.

A man alone in his garage contemplates his life. This film was visually well put together, I was impressed with a number of nice directorial choices, the profile shot of the various visitors was a good one.
Heavy topic for 48 hours, not that that is necessarily a bad thing, but I felt like it consumed the whole plot. This film could have benefited from a little more drive.