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The infomercial at the beginning was really funny. Great acting and graphics. Well done

Great idea for this genre but maybe a llittle difficult to pull off in such a short time frame. A good attempt from a well respected team. Chumpers was the inspiration for our team to start! Thanks guys.

Ahhhhhhhhh! Yuk. Toilet humour at its most litteral.

Another well done production from the Goodfellas. Some slick shots, particularly with the drone shot at the openning and closing scenes. Really well filmed throughout (Really hate clowns though so I spent some of the time behind my scarf!!!!) Liked the way it all made sense in the end.

This was a very difficult genre to have everything tied up neatly. This team did a good job at a difficult task. The female lead was a good with some believable moments. Well done!

Short and not so sweet film! Man eats girlfriend...new girlfriend throws away old girlfriend....man eats new girlfriend. The End. Did help with my diet as I dont think I will be able to look at a burger for a while!

Interesting tale about a new addition to a group of flat mates. Lots of communal teeth brushing (which had some funny moments). Really liked the character development (particulary the topical John Key moments with the pony tail fettish). Well done!

Very unusual take on the genre. More bizzare than funny. Not sure what you guys were smoking when you came up with this concept....but it must have been some good sh*#

The female lead's acting was good. The character development was also good as we felt that we had got to know them. Quite a creepy twist at the end. Cool guys....Well done!

A slick animation about the Russians beating the USA to land on the moon. But the astronaut and cosmonaut breaking down the barriers and becoming friends. Very simple but enjoyable little film....Well done!

Grandma......you are a star! Loved the story......not sure about the fence shot! Probably deserve an award for the most uncomfortable use of the prop though!

I agree about the editing of the dance scene! Very smooth and very entertaining.

Really clever movie. Well done! We particularly liked the way you introduced it as a film about the feelings related to playing tennis, the serve etc. Going from there to the fact it was the ball talking was genius,

We thought it might be interesting to share some of the thought process to our film as there are a few reviews concluding that we were out to make a musical whatever genre we got........Really Not! As none of us have been certified insane (recently)! Our actual problem was.......how do you make a shock ending movie when the title frame tells everyone that it is ......... a shock ending movie? We concluded that the best thing we could do is to try and make the audience forget that it was a shock ending movie by convincing them that it was a different genre as they viewed it ....... and musical seemed the most distinctive.
Also our line was "Not with that..........you're not going to make it in time" nothing said we couldn't re punctuate the line and add extra dialogue at the end of it. Thanks for reading.......grrrr arrrrrg can never remember how many r's to use!

Good attempt at the genre without being too cliche. I like the twist.

I am not sure why I liked this movie....but I did! Just very silly and funny. Not sure we needed so many below the belt shots though.

Cool movie! Particularly enjoyed all the movie references. Lead actress was very engaging and cup cakes looked yummy.

I really enjoyed this film. I thought the acting was of a high standard and the cinematography was sound! Good luck!

Cool concept. Liked NZ take on the eighties. Some awesome effects to create an older look to the film. Well one.