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Chess Club know their film making. Good acting, a few nice shots and effects and an obvious push for a more comedic take on the genre gave us an enjoyable watch. I felt the pacing in the middle was a bit off and the film may have been more effective a touch shorter, but that's just me.

Quirky, different and entertaining. A good take on the genre, and a refreshing way to make a short film.

I'm not sure if many heard the line, but when the South African tomato referenced food poisoning, I thought that was a nice touch!

Perhaps a first time film? It made very little sense at points; but never the less had some absolutely unintentionally hysterical laughs in it, especially in the last couple of minutes as the tension ramps up and suddenly the young girls are cussing each other out.

Keep entering the competition and working on your craft. Good luck next year!

Some well shot elements and a well imagined story were sometimes let down by the pacing and edit, but all in all a good effort, especially to do a period piece.

A very sweet and simple little film that flowed well and tugged a wee bit at the heart.

Crankleskank were given a genre that could have gone down any number of cliche'd paths and crafted something unique, dark, and a tiny bit twisted.

People have already commented on the story and the perhaps controversial aspects, so I won't add more on it; but what I will add is that from the audience reactions at the screening it is clear, to me at least, that the film was planned out to provoke the reactions it got - exactly where it got them.

In the preceding films that I read as aiming to be humorous, the laughs were achieved sometimes at the scripted place, but a majority of the time they seemed incidental; through bad choices, inexperience or circumstance - the kid on the tricycle rolling through a shot in the horror (I think) film for example had us giggling away.

To me Eggspiry Day is a black comedy, and comedy is found in different places for everyone; something I think this team is more than aware of.

So with that, and adding that the film has some very well shot sequences and strong cast, it was definitely the best of the night, and a strong showing for the Auckland final.