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Funny ideas with a couple of nice twists, sound was pretty tough tho.

Great energy and pace, did all the right things while still feeling fresh. And some nice humor tucked away.

Some nice Z grade gags and good tempo. Farts never fail. It did seem faux-Z rather than true Z though.

Nice acting and lovely set and lighting. As with other review, the space abduction wasnt required. A really nice example of simple is good.

The creepy thing in the closet was well done. Nice Booshian feel to it. And the Playstation spar-ing had a Shaun of the Dead feel. I'm wondering how often knitting needles have filled such a role? The lead was nice and engaging.

Good fun and idea. Some good acting, costumes and location. I felt it was let down by the sound.

Beautiful production values and great location. Costumes lovely and the actors looked wonderful. The build-up and reveal was fine if a little bloodless.

Ok I had no idea what was going on - but in a good way. The fencing scenes were cool. The upside down all fours creature in the forest was creepy and strange.

Saved by a nice ending, clever props for the tickets and band parephenalia. Perhaps could have been a little snappier in the edits.

This was nicely done, good cast, great location, why is it always so scary when teenage girl silently appears just behind you?

Essentially one twist but told with heart. Locations chosen well as was the doll. Feet apparently not required.

Another great contribution from this team. The ye olde lift was great, as were the trousers. Nice use of dog and tattoo. Good hidden punch and popular kiss to wrap. Really enjoyable.

Great film, clever idea, signing was awesome -especially cutaway sequence, band was great, funny dialogue, nice buld to perfect dance sequence. Nice!

Didn't get the greenscreen but it was a nice crime cumuppance that built well and showed off welly nicely.

Nice simple structure and good build with the injuries.

Clever clever... Maybe too clever ...but nice songs and clever twist on the genre.

Nicely balanced and lovely light and set.... I just wanted a bit more of a denoument or however it's spelt. It's good to see clean underpants in this age of fiscal responsibility.

Fantastic, really fast and furious. The trick with the tie was great and the snappy dialogue was excellent.

This was choice... It started out all creaky but just built and built. The rejuvenator machine was clever, the main protagonist was madly good, the rejuvenator guy managed to work thru a very small leaf. Lots of fun.