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I felt worried for the dude engulfed in a ball of flames! Considering how long it went on for! Despite deciding to disqualify themselves, I think it is definitely in the middle of the competition.

Expected big things from Macshane and team. Boy! Did they deliver. Very clever comedy, great one liners, plenty of awkward moments. High production value, best yet. Only gripes I have is the characters didn't interact when they converged and that the conversations had by the crooks in the car weren't to each other but was one from each team of crooks. Only because that confused me when they both turned up. Nothing eluded me that they might be from different cars. But have still scored you highly.

Sound and exposure issues in this one. Really enjoyed the pace and action. The gags were hilarious if not cheesy, but felt intentional. Good to see an Aoraki student going solo.

Would like to see it online guys. Was very confused throughout but it all became clear at the end. Nicely scripted and put together.

A lot of technical issues plagued this film throughout. Story had merit. Heavily graded probably due to exposure errors. But I enjoy watching your guys films. This team is of Polytech students too.

Plenty of shots in this film. Looked great. Horror lighting was good. Certainly a film worthy of a second viewing and the ending provided many discussions afterwards. The random dude at the end was shit but I liked it and my points come from the idea and shot selection.

Expected a hell of a lot more from this group considering last years "Scumblood" had some great writing and shot beautifully. It seems filming was rushed as well as editing. It should be been tighter and the camera work should of been more cinematic and less ENG. With more resources than most other teams, I expect a solid effort.

I loved the low light shooting and slow motion effect. I was very excited to see the reverse action of the film and hoped it unfolded like Coldplay's "The Scientist" music video, but it didn't. I enjoyed the end of how they first met, but the story did drag and could of been shorter or more interesting. More of a music video than a short story, but I score it very highly based on visuals and technique.

This film is about boring old Neville who is turning 52 and has nothing better to do than spending it with his cat, until he finds a camcorder on a park bench. Him and his friend set off to return the camcorder to Nicky Brick.

I really loved the cinematography of this film. It's not hard to film the beautiful landscape of Queenstown. I love the banter with the home owner after they found the bunny suits.

Framing was nice. Acting was good.

But the not-so-good, the second-half wasn't as beautifully shot and the scooter failing was too quick. The ending was a letdown, as Neville and his friend went through this epic journey to return the camcorder and gave up quite easily when the receptionist denied them.

But I'm just being picky. Loved it!

I really enjoyed the humour in some of the dialogue and the fight scene at the end. Great costumes. Great effort.

Hope to see more in the coming years.

I loved the end where it is revealed that the characters were all pawns in someones e-game and the end of their world was when the dude got bored of the game.


I felt lost and confused all moments leading up to the end. Things to work on would be sound, and shooting into back lit windows.

Not my cup of tea what-so-ever. German accented children with kiwi parents? Siamese twins joined at the wrist, one girl, one boy? I thought the Von Trapp family would break into song and dance. Sound was inaudible at times.

Dafaq? Was all I could say at the end, nobody could like fairy bread that much!

But in saying all that. It wasn't terrible. Just not a stand out. It appears you have your fan club though.

The most psychedelic thing I have seen/heard since Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, the album. Great improvement from last year. A pity you didn't cross the line before 7pm. A great effort. I bet your mum is proud.

I cannot believe this was all put together in 48 hours! It was truly amazing. Seemingly endless resources, endless talent from a team of SIT students?

The film had a well-polished feel and high production value. I loved the classic screaming gag in the car and the Mainland taught of the 09.

Your team intro was epic.

I really enjoyed the storyline. It was a basis for a killer adventure. The acting was surprisingly good. I liked the camera movements and angles. Some sound was too loud in places and the later-in-the-day shots were too dark.

Look forward to more short films from SUITE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great potential as an idea. The in-car camera work was good. I thought the pacing was a little off. It maybe needed narration or more set-up on who or what the white lady was.

An obvious direction for the found footage genre. Audio wasn't the best. The yellow colour grading made the final shot hard to see. The slo-mo went on a bit I thought.

Beautifully shot if not overexposed with the full-on sun staring shots. Loved the poem/rhyme narrations and the reveal of why one person was chasing the other.

Great job. Finalist contender in my opinion.

Writing reviews is like writing school reports.

A very well thought out film. Great concept. Simplistic. The idea deserved a higher production value and less straight cut camera work.

But great film. Definite finals contender!

A very poor middle section really let the story drag and slip. Sound and lighting notable enough to turn off half way through. Can't remember the ending, maybe that says something.

Tough weekend with only one team member. A cute story. Terrible sound especially telephone convo's. I really enjoyed the V in the ice cream and the cute, but predictable ending.

A few sound issues and a 'WTF' moment of Grandma turning up, but I really enjoyed the intentional terrible dance-off and Grandma's backflip to save the day.

I also enjoyed the tv news story shot and Grandma's "I did that" line.