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I am a junior editor/Developing VFX artist. Love making films and giving honest feedback and critic i'm very good at looking at things from a non bias stand point.


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The movie its self was really funny and the editing did a great job of boosting that comedy level up.
Editing: The split screen idea was really awesome and creative way of showing us what was happening as they explained what they were going to do
the cuts between the different ways of them carrying the dead body was really funny i really enjoyed that part.
Some issues: The theme of the movie does get a bit lost since both of the characters agree pretty much straight away with each other and didn't bump heads.
The main actress (didn't get to see her name) did very well in being the awkward smart shy girl.
The main actor (didn't get to see his name) was just not up there when it came to acting compared to his fellow actress.

This film had everyone laughing and will have you laughing too.
Dialog is very good and the jokes land well.
Some issues that i noticed was the colour grading when it changes shots between looking at the 3 actors then to the the 1 lady on the left she becomes a lot more orange
and that pulls you out of the movie.