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Starting off with a very clever title this film looks like it would have been enjoyable to make, but the genre didn't leave much room for this team to shine. The bathtub scenes, then in-bed scenes, all the singing etc was great, very clever lyrics, good harmonieees. But nothing too exciting. I've come to expect this team to push the boundaries, with well dressed and superbly lit sets, dynamic camera moves etc... these may even have been in this film, but they didn't have anything to highlight. I'll blame the genre on this one, and look forward to them getting something they can sink their teeth into next year. Nothing wrong with this film, just nothing special either.

Slick slick slick all the way. Last time I caught a Halcyon film at the heats was Crystal Palace a few years ago. This team are one of the OG's of this comp, and I'm sure they feel gutted about being DQ'd (empty USB)? Impressive filming, great lighting, large cast for the party scenes and a great performance from the young actors (especially the male lead). Well done guys.

Heavy use of Green Screen can make it hard to get performances, but the dudes face when he 'leaps / attacks' with the Samurai Sword were just plain awesome. I liked the floating mystic (Morgan) very 'mighty boosh'. Pretty damn good effort, can't remember too many details - nice splat at the end (spoilers).

Insane animation coming at you hard and fast, a visual mix of styles all tied together using the same hipster character as a common element. Whilst some individual segments may have struggled with their 'story' I don't think it impacted too negatively on the overall story. Nice payoff at the end with the room of Animators all waking up, nice touch with the floating credits above each name. I really enjoyed 'Film Title' looking forward to it's appearance in the screening room. I LOVE LOOPS are definitely a team to watch out for in the future, and if that means more stunning animation, then yay for us all!

This film had me thinking, in parts, of 'Blade Runner'. It (like a few in this heat) was played serious (something I prefer). An Android/Cyborg (with some wires poking out from under his shirt) is seeking the girl who doesn't sleep (Vic?) to... Wake up from a dream? Stop being a Cyborg? Was really human all along? The Android was Vic or was that meant to be the non-sleeping girl. I am sure I was following it at the time, but trying to remember back is a struggle. I'd love to get a 'Robot' movie and use it as an excuse to hot glue circuit boards and wires to cardboard, so a shame for me I didn't get to see you guys flex your 'Robot' creating skills. Good attempt, an enjoyable film.

The A Team announce themselves into this competition with their non-dialogue entry (and more literally in their Intro as a 1st Year team) loud and clearly (and silently). For a first year team these guys & gals had stunning production values and they weren't afraid to go all out in their pursuit of a 'serious' film by having the final scene reveal that the highly sexualised girl we've been following.... is actually a guy! This was once again the insomnia trait being taken to its hallucinatory extremes that so many (and myself) used. They played it serious, they had the skills to back it up, and I think it worked - well done The A Team, hopefully we'll see you next year.

Whilst I've seen the premise of a man at a bar, narrating a story that's actually happening around him (same time narration) I've never seen it done this well. The film looked really well polished... The lighting in the 'Red Bar' was awesome and the great camera and sound made this an easy watch. Smart casting on the old actor playing the Teacher (Mr Mackay?) and great use of him dancing as the backdrop for the Credits. It was a little difficult following who was who (regarding the current and ex girls at the reunion) but not having the time to portray characters is typical downside of a -7min film so not really an issue - I could still comprehend all that was happening with regard to the 'Reunion' and was pleasantly surprised when the guy got the girl at the end. I rate Team Tryhards up with Team Spielberg as 'teams to watch' in heat 19 (no offence the other great teams I didn't mention).

Team Tatsie (who emerged from the old Muckmouth team?) nails his specific type of comedy with this 'easy to love' tail of a Stuffed Toy Rabbit who comes to life... But only for four minutes (well, 3 & 1/2 by the time the narrator fills him in). Scenes of him living his short life to the fullest with booze, drugs & debauchery abound. Then facing life back in the toy bowl he commits suicide off quite an impressive building. Music & Lyrics were perfect for this film - nailed it. My only suggestion would have been to somehow work the POV shot into the suicide jump (throw a Go-Pro over the edge, tied to a rope?). Great Film, tightly edited, worthy of all the laughs it received... best of the evening perhaps

I'm a fan of Team Spielberg. Been in the same heat as them for a while, and Loved their One Room film a few years back. This year they got Musical. Some teams look forward to this genre, others (like myself) fear and loathe it, and this year was even harder as Timpson removed 'dance instead of musical' option. So Team Spielberg made a musical. I get the premise I'm sure (maybe not, was quite tired), which was Vic Meyer, the film composer's (working from home), is an insomniac who hallucinates (self projects) a 'negative' friend (we'll call her Girl #1). She also 'sings' to a poster of Mozart on the wall (for inspiration?? - cause they are close?? - because she's an insomniac?? most likely). She writes (with Mozart's help?) the score (which she's writing under pressure from some mega-bitch Director) only to have the Girl 1 tell her it's shit. So Vic/Girl 1 (herself) re-writes it super-last minute... but all that is to no avail because when the Director comes to collect the score, she hates it anyway... but not without first suggesting that she likes it for half a second. This is the payoff for the audience thinking that Girl 1's re-write saved the day. I'm no fan of musicals and can't judge singing so I'll not comment, but the film itself was fine. Perhaps creating a 'composing studio' for Vic (a little set-dressing required) could have added, also a huge imposing wooden frame the Mozart picture again might have helped. The acting was fine - not sure if they were singers invited in, or actors asked to sing - either way the acting was standard for a 48 Hours short. To end on a positive - I really love Spielberg Team Intro (second time now)... that's prize-worthy itself.

This filmed played it dark and serious with what's going to be a theme for the night (comp?) of very tired Vic's hallucinating 'negative' friends who drive them on. Saying that, I loved Vic's imaginary friend in this film - his lines had quite a 'thespian' edge to them. Not sure why you went with him having a toilet cleaning job, perhaps something else could have worked better. But a great strong choke that the camera holds on for a long time to end the film well. The guy that got strangled had quite 'animated' features. Well Done

My own film so won't comment - other than to thank my cast and crew again. Thank the others in the heat for giving me an entertaining night at the Cinema. We do it for the fun, which we had plenty of - so Team Red Apple will be back next year!

Was this a double crime film 1) Someone kills a dog... then 2) That dude at the Bus Stop steals it... Anyway, for crime #1, we're intro'd to the Dog Sitter, in town to baby sit a dog (that gets no screen time). She gets warned about a 'Samurai Sword Swinging' Neighbour. We meet him next (the Dog is keeping him (Vic) awake)... there are other suspects that don't get specific mentions such as the snobby female neighbour. Next up the sitter finds the dog dead and (I get a little lost here) calls the Vet, confirms it's dead, but then takes it to the Vet's anyway. Which worked because we get an awesome cut to her dragging a suit-case clearly holding the dog (once again, they've filmed this without a Dog). This is where crime #2 kicks in and we get our first 'Trunk Shot' of the evening (POV from dead dogs eyes)? I liked this film, thought it was well put together. One last question, was the Samurai neighbour imagining the dog barks?

I'm so sorry, I can't remember your film. As soon as someone mentions any plot / characters in these reviews It'll jog my memory and I'll be back to give you a deserved review. Tweet me a summary @corynz and I'll be back.

Sorry guys - this was suffering from lots of things...didn't make sense.. Gun-shots weren't helped with any effects. Animal masks didn't make anything easier to understand. If you were going for straight action (everyone shooting each other with a gun)... then it should have been more actiony. (I've seen fake blood in the shower a few times now.. are people doing it cause they don't want to clean somewhere hard... be adventurous... throw an old sheet on a couch and shoot someone in the lounge). Yeah - this was hard to like. Sorry - I don't wanna be negative but each to their own.

Starts off a little slow, was waiting for something to come together at the end...but it kind of petered out as a little confused. Needed wind protection for the mic. Keep at it :)

Again - because I'm a hater of comedy... I didn't enjoy this... Also it seemed a little crude (perhaps I'm a prude). But you can't fault this short... well acted...nice story, explained simply - perfect for a short film. Amusing voice-overs as each flatmate imagines their scenarios.. Great old guy with a pipe (relation to the nerdy dude?). Maybe didn't quite need the shot of the spunk on the leaf (again - I'm clearly a Nana). What was the quote by the dad "I'll paint a nipple on that bald head and titty fuck you" you know they had fun in the writing room with that. Yeah - well done... good effects for each of the scenes. Stand-out.

Nicely set-up... Throwing the brick around the world... Lifting the repo guy up to the ceiling... But then curtain man was a little let-down... Nice line about "well - that's unlucky". I did have actual lols when you are mid commando suit-up scene (fast cuts of putting on clothing, belts etc... then slow-cut to doing each others make-up... very effective) I think this suffered a little from sound issues as well

This was pretty damn good... Whilst I personally am not a fan of goofy staged fights (between the old 'karate' woman and the dude)... It appears the audience liked it. Acting was good... Locations were good... At the end the plot was easy to understand... they were on a mission - had to complete the tasks on a list... But the real treat was the switch to computer game... nicely played - packed the right punch to the small Sunday audience (also - loved the scene on the cliff top with the bearded warlock dude).

The cafe scene at the start was well acted. The reveal that it's the girl who wants her seemed forced? Still, it ended well. In-fact playing it straight as two girls in love rom-com could have worked? perhaps the twist with the guy being a patsy didn't work (for me) Also, Nicky keeps falling over... (unlucky became clumsy?)

I was looking forward to Team Spielberg... They are always ambitious... And the story was clear (girl took a leaf from a church... A curse starts to come true... She puts the leaf back... The mum chases her down (I liked the sickle)... But it just wasn't quite there for me. Good acting by the dad and little girl. Sound might have been an issue (cant recall... actually sound was an issue for most in this heat). Slick production as always... love your lighting - shows you make an effort.

I'm not big on comedy... So it was hard for me to like this. I get it - it's ammusing to see people dress up... I suppose If I ever got something like dance I'd panic as well. (Sorry that came out sounding harsh.... you all looked like you had fun making it - and the Academy audience seemed to like it... kudos.

Loved the cinematography... Dark warehouse... Good lighting... Actors seemed well cast... But couldn't get the story - sorry. The stars are for how pretty it was.

Woman steals a camera and records a day of amusing activates... Didn't get the 'facts' that were thrown in... But I enjoyed them anyway. Perhaps could have worked more if she was letting him in on a secret (she had a crush on him perhaps). Seems they just wanted to film some fun scenes... the daughter from the intro (chocolate) makes it in half way as well.

An 'interesting' film about the end of the world... Mmm - can't say much, bad acting, pretty static... I think they spent the bulk of their time green-screning in reporters around the world. Nice comet at the start... And good 'melancholia-esque' sound at the end... shook the cinema. Thoughts for next time - don't go too heavy on promoting V.