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I purposely haven't read the other reviews before I've typed this as like to write then go back and see if others have picked up on similar things.
Nice opening with the sound only option which made the cut to the actress impactful, great way to grab my attention from the get go. Then a clever use of the silent pause while the camera lingered on the wide shot of the two actors before the dialogue starts this added to the mood you were creating. The use of the hand held camera, pan up and slightly canter angles also added to the atmosphere of the film. I would have liked to see perhaps a different color grading, maybe more of a washed out look which may have been a nice addition? The acting from the lead was strong and played her part really well and was believable and i was able to connect with her. I liked the script but would have liked to have known a few of the unanswered questions like, why was her drive so powerful to meet, what was his backstory etc, but I presume you wanted these unanswered and this was you intention. Overall the editing/sound and the camera work was tight and effective. I did find that the males voice didn't quite resonate with me, I personally would have preferred if he had more emotion and instead of being cold and staid in his delivery (possibly another stylistic choice?) This would have enable me to connect with both of them on a more emotional level and then the ending which was great would have had more impact. I did like the full circle narrative which tied up the film and surprised me which was effective and nicely done.

Ok, I've read the other reviews now I clearly didn't pick up that the other actor was death, sorry! Because of the genre I was under the impression that he was her lover/boyfriend who had passed over and was in someway the gatekeeper to her crossing over, hence star crossed lovers. Hope my interpretation now makes my comments make sense, look forward to catching up with Stu and team at the finals to discuss more :)

Cinematography had some really good moments and was reasonably strong throughout. I found that the story lacked any substance and din't really go anywhere, even if you had finished with a cliche ending shoot out or something it would have left me feeling a little more satisfied. Yep way too may fucks, yes you could argue that thats what it would be like in a real situation (maybe!) but for the sake of the viewer it was too distracting. Some thoughtful dialogue and a satisfying conclusion and you might have been on to something. Its a hard genre to try come up with something really different and cool. I look forward to seeing what you guys do next year.

Pretty well done film in all, good job! I thought the production values were really tight showed some good skills and great editing. Love that the guy actually looked like the dog as they say owners often do! Stuff to think about in the future would be that the story was not that original similar ones have been done before. I think if you guys had an original idea then they way you put together your film you would be a team to watch in the future. I would also have love the guy at the end to commit to actually eating, that would have actually bought the house down! Good job!

Nice snappy editing and love the couple of quick cut montage scenes with their nice shots and sounds. The acting was strong from the leads and the film looked polished. The ending tied it up nicely. What I felt let it down was a bit of a confusing narrative and almost a mix of too many genres. When it started I instantly was like great comedy, then when they lead went to bed it was like ok now its going to turn into horror, then all of sudden it was si-fi. So personally I found this distracting from the narrative, almost too much going on, it just got a bit silly for me and I just didn't get it. I watched it twice to make sure I didn't miss anything. The Scottish guy was great.

Hey great job here some very nice camera work and great use of music and a pretty good location. Yes wow great drone shot, well done! The acting was solid from the lead guy but I found the woman a little comical rather than menacing which would have added to the film. You almost nailed it but there were a couple of things that missed the beat. I found that you had gone for realism up until the point where Annie caught her jumper on the nail and then the film lost it's realism. I agree with the other reviewer about the guy taking the lead and the payoff at the end would have had more impact if it was her. But well done on a very solid film the Auckland finalists must be very strong I think you can't have missed by that much.

Yeah found the audio a bit hit and miss. I liked the colour grading and the letterboxing to give you film a more cinematic look. To be honest I found the narrative not very engaging although the housing crisis is very topical at the moment I don't think it makes for a riveting storyline. The actress was solid but found the back and forth between the phone calls lacked natural dialogue and what was happening for me didn't relate to what would actually happen in the real world and at the end there was no real payoff. But yes real time can be a tricky genre so well done for keeping to it.

I always look forward to your films and after your past films always expect something strong. With this film I feel it's not as strong as your other films. As usual it was shot well with strong production values, but I felt the lack of a strong narrative let the film down somewhat. Which in the past narrative has been a real strength of yours. It felt a little complicated with all the different characters. I know there was a focus on Victoria, but for me she wasn't the most interesting of the characters and I would have loved to see the narrative focus more on one of the others. All the characters were great and well acted and there was some great sharp comedic cuts with each characters story, like the pirate and caveman etc which made me chuckle.

Pretty cool concept and some clever animation. Good choice of music to build the drama. I liked your use of comedy and you used the required elements well. I the whole concept in terms of storyline was quite simple but at least it all made sense and tied in nicely in the end. The voice work of the characters was strong and this helped with the engagement of the film. The only problem was I felt that I didn't care about the characters enough, really hard to do with animation and in such a short time. If you somehow could have made me feel bad for Sunlady the ending would have been stronger. But it was definitely a fun quirky sort of film with some funny lines, good job!

Wow thats some pretty crazy stuff, well done! Really great use of graphics and green screen to go for that fast tone of the film and loved the eighties B movie feel and colour tones. I can see why it was nominated for Incredibly Strange award. Yes the original song is quite catchy, when it came on I thought thats quite cool and then noticed you had been nominated for the song so well done. There was just so much going on it was hard to take it all in as far as the narrative went but yes it was linked with the whole mind of the supreme leader and tied up at the end. Well done for getting something so complex completed in the time frame, quite a bit of work editing wise and graphics I would say.

(Reviewed from the screening room) Loved your intro this year very funny, wished you had uploaded along with your film! Tight film with strong editing and some engaging camera shots that followed the action, and worked well with the tension you were building throughout the film. I thought the lead actress was really strong and has some great natural talent. You tackled the genre of real time really well and as mentioned built this through strong camera work. I liked they way that you didn't really show the face of the electrician this also added to the tension in the film. The sound was spot on and the film had really good flow. The one thing I think was missing was the reason for the electrician to just happen to turn up and want to harm the children? Perhaps if it was set up early in the film that the boy was the son of someone wealthy or important and this was the reason? But overall a tight film with strong production values.

Cool scene at the start grabs your attention straight away, liked the soundtrack. Really nice use of the match cut, this looked really good, well done. Felt the bedroom scene went for a little longer than it could of, also it could have done with a little more lighting when the guy wakes up in the morning. Liked all the little comedy moments in the bathroom scene but also felt you could have cut the scene with the comb, I personally felt you didn't need that bit (although it fits really well with your team name!) Really loved the storyline of the pass card what a great idea, everyone has had that conversation at some stage and can relate to your idea. Great ending, well shot and edited. The main actor was very good and had some great expressions. Overall a really solid short and right up there with the best that Everything Sticks has produced over the years.

There was some quite funny dialogue with Harper in the drawing scene. Once again like a lot of the heat try and avoid using the school as a location. It distracts from the film and is unoriginal. The sound for the most part was good. The real star of the film was Harper who had some good lines and presence. The scenes were too long and dragged. Once again there is some good potential there.

These guys had a hard genre to nail and it did show a little. I really liked the make up in the film and the girl’s eyes were a great effect. There were some big sound issues at times and a lot of the dialogue was missed. The location got very boring quickly apart from one scene where it look bunker like, this looked good. I have a bit of a gripe about students playing adult roles, as it just doesn’t come off well. I felt the scenes dragged a bit too long. The music was too much the same and very repetitive. The team does have potential though as there were some good ideas.

Cool concept with the funny idea of conjoined twins. There were a few sound issues that distracted a little. I found the dragging scene quite amusing. The film had some good use of music that matched the theme well. The short could have been improved with some more controlled camera work. Loved the idea that major surgery was being carried out in a caravan!

Nice shots/cinematography and colour at start of the film. I really liked the pill scene very good. Cool use of graphics for conversation. Music a bit loud in the kitchen scene, which drowned the dialogue a bit. Nice match cut, well done. The film had a good storyline that the audience could follow. I liked what was done with the colorization in the “boy gone mad” scene. I thought it should have placed, it got my vote.

The film had a good set up at the start and looked promising. I really like the use of the required line, I thought one of the best of the night made me laugh. I thought the concept was quite strong, but just failed to deliver in terms of solid story. The special effect on the toaster was well done. The film would have benefited from better lighting at times. The use of the slow-mo for me was one of the best bits and the film had a nice twist at the end.

Great intro. The film started with a really strong song at the start. Nice camera work and cinematography, editing and sound. It was visually one of the better looking films in the heat. There were some funny moments and the film looked like it was going to be really strong, but unfortunately it became a bit too much the same throughout. I feel it was shot too much in the one location. The songs and singing were strong with funny moments but the lack of a solid storyline let it down. Difficult genre though.

Nice bit of comedy with the funny undies man, it drew a few giggles in the audience. I feel the film would have benefitted from a better location, rather than school. You have the whole weekend to go and film somewhere else. Funny transportation scenes with the dude on the loo, this was well edited. Good on you for writing your own song. The story could have been stronger. This had some potential and could be a school team to watch in the future, if they are still at school next year.

Nice costumes at the start with the two girls. I also enjoyed the cool bit of editing with two girls repeating back and forth. The background sound was distracting from the story. I also felt I got a bit lost in the story and didn’t follow what was happening at times. Nice use of blood effects in the end scenes.

Some nice graphics at the start of the film. The short would have benefited from some improved camera work and sound. Better lighting would also have improved the interior shots. The horror hallway was great with some nice editing and effects. I really liked the music box music and it added to the creepiness feel of the short. Good acting by lead girl. The use of music built suspense well. One of the best films in the heat, it got my vote.

The sound levels were a bit all over the place which made the dialogue hard to hear. The sound also peeked a bit and this was distracting. Filming and editing was a bit jumpy at times. And the wind noise was also distracting. There was a nice relationship built between the two characters, which drew a few laughs from the audience. I liked the homage to the Titanic scene. The short could have benefited from some lighting in the interior shots. There was no need to ram the “But I’m gay” theme to the audience all the time.

Some nice camera work at the start, supported by some good sound. The start was perhaps a little drawn out before anything happened. The scene in the park with the yoga drew a few chuckles and this is where the short started to come alive. There was a good tracking shot in the hostage room scene, which I really liked. This short had a story which you could easily follow which was good. Nice little twist at the end, that perhaps could have been built up to a little stronger.

Great intro. Funny with guy at the start, he had a good a sense of comedy. Some of the shots were a touch over exposed in places, but the shots were quite funny. There was some really awesome colour grading in places especially the bar scenes. Lots of WTF moments throughout the film like the guy in the bath with toast man! I really liked the soundtrack. Not sure if I really knew what was going on at times in terms of story, but maybe that was the intention. Some pretty cool cinematography in the bar some of the best of the night. This for me was a major highlight. Great match cut. The audience loved the short and it was very well received. Might even make the finals, its one of those type of films that would divide people you would either love it or not.

This was a short unusual film. The lighting not great and could have benefited from some additional lighting in the interior shots. The start was quite drawn out. Some of the edits were a bit choppy and the short suffered from wind noise at one point. There were however some really amusing moments with a couple of WTF moments, especially the brushing of the teeth soundtrack and car scene! Was it going for Best bad film? Some funny laugh out loud moments.

Location not great we tend to see a lot of shorts filmed at a school when a better location would be more beneficial to the short. Sound levels were all over the place, and this is distracting to the short. Funny use of prop, and the audience enjoyed it. Some nice shots at times. Music was too loud and drowned out the dialogue at times. Some amusing moments with the pile up of bodies. Good camera work in the chase scene, that was well done. Funny match cut made me laugh.

Solid camera work at the start. Cool location which fitted the genre well. The musical sound track was a bit overbearing, was it really needed? The atmosphere may have well been built better without it. Great broken leg make up, well done Nice and simple concept that worked well.

Nice shot with guys on the car at the start of the film. Some funny lines and humorous moments. I enjoyed the use of the prop with the bread in the mouth gag. Good sound quality throughout the film. I did find the film a little cliché and it was a rather predictable ending. Some good controlled camera work throughout the short. The natural bird sound was great and made it quite realistic. A really solid well made short, but just felt liked I’d seen very similar narratives in the competition in previous years.

Some nice editing and transitions in this short. Nice use of graphic overlays. I thought there was too much headroom in interviews and I would have benefited from better composition. Nice use of the stills throughout. I felt the story was very similar to “The Wham Initiative” by The Gentlemen’s Agreement a couple of years back, but not done as well as that short. It was very cliché and a bit too predictable. Interviewer audio level was too loud. An amusing film with some aspects done well. A few laughs throughout at times, but not enough.

Nice dolly work throughout the film and the sound quality was spot on. Cool use of the title cards, which added to the comedy in the film. Funny Chapter 2 scene, love the tension built in the car, with some well timed acting and good facial expressions. Duel scene was amusing. Loved the awkward moments. I didn’t quite get the time period bit interlaced with present time? The three actors were all reasonably strong. Real funny laugh out loud moments at times. One of the strongest films in the heat.

I really liked this and it was one of my favourites of the festival. Yes it was weird, yes it did have some really bad bits, yes it wasn't perfect but some of it was very cool and over the top. There were bits of awesomeness and bits of blah! a real mixed bag. The film had great atmosphere. I wouldn't be surprised to see it as a bolter for the finals.

This was one of my favourite of this heat. The idea of the deranged car was great. I thought you executed the plot reasonably well, there were a few technical mistakes but nothing that was too distracting from the narrative. I feel that if you had filmed some of the sequences a little better with some more pace, you would have had a very compelling short. Great job on a creepy wee film.

This was a very clever film. I really liked the idea of the switch in characters through a sneeze. It was well executed and the audience enjoyed it. It was shot and acted well. Good work.

Yes visually this was spot on. Nice close ups that were crisp and commanding. I did at times get a bit lost in the way the story was going, I would have actually liked to have seen a more graphic ending, it sort of built up with the machine/grinders but it was more implied than seen. Not saying it was a bad ending just not what I would have liked. Saying that this was a good watch.

I really liked this and it was one of the standouts quality wise. It was shot very well and the location was epic, I loved that house. The story was solid if not a little bit predictable, but you did it very well. It would be my pick for a finalist.

This was the film that made me laugh the most in all the heats. Classic 48Hours comedy fest! It's everything 48Hours is all about, goats and all. Hey thanks for the ride it was a blast!

I actually like the style of the drawings in this short and it was great to see something different in the festival. The story was strong and the comedy went down very well with the audience. It was a film that captured attention and was engaging. Great effort to be brave and try something out of the norm, it paid off. Could possibly be in the finals.

One of my favourites of the heat. You did a great job and it had a clever storyline. The audience really liked it and you tied it in nicely at the end. A solid film. Your intro was great too.

The costume scenes were really interesting and shot nicely and the actors did a good job. If you had played more on this aspect of your film it would have added a lot of flavour to your film. Overall a tidy film.

Some classic comedy moments here, especially the chocolate eating scene it gave the audience a big giggle. It did tend to drag in parts, but you looked like you had fun making it and this is what 48Hours is all about. Nice tension at the end.

There was some nice camera work here and the storyline tackled some good issues. Personally I got a bit lost in what was happening at times, but you did tie it in nicely at the end. Not one of my favourites of the heat, but the lady I was with loved it. It got her vote, so well done.

This was a great short with some really funny moments and a good storyline. The acting from the lead guy was pretty solid and the older lady was a gem! The audience really enjoyed your film.

Yeah this was "nice" little short. It had great atmosphere and some great eerie shots. The concept was pretty good, but yes it did fall a bit flat at the end. The close up scenes of the mouth from the side were a good choice.

I feel a bit bad for the Eh Team here. People are comparing their film to last years, which I suppose is understandable. Here's the thing if I look at the film in isolation it was very good and for me one of the strongest films of the festival. It was funny, shot well and the acting was great all round with the lead as a standout. Yes the story wasn't as strong as last year but compared to other films this year its right up there and should probably be in the final. Well done on what I thought was a very entertaining film that had quality written all over it.

This was a really strong film in parts and had a good storyline. If only Mr Foster had been an adult actor you could have really nailed it. I love the fast cut edits and the creepy scenes. Great job one of the best in the heat.

A real mixed bag with this short. There were a few editing issues and the film did drag a little bit, but some of the film did a good job of the genre. If you had halved the time of the film in the edit it would have been a lot stronger. Sometimes less is more.

This was one of my favourite of the first heat. Some great narrative sequences and well thought out script. Although the ending was a little predictable you handled it nicely. Good job.

Sorry guys this was a little bit hard to watch. The scenes went on way too long and didn't have a lot of point to them. It came across as the lads with a camera and having fun with it, which it looks like you did. At least something did happen at the end.

This visually had a really strong start with some nice camera shots. The story was reasonably well thought out and executed. It did tend to drag a little in places. I liked the song and the acting was competent. Great that you used age appropriate actors and a story that made sense.

The funniest film of the heat. The young actor did a great job and is one to watch for the future.

Visually one of the better looking films of the heat. The narrative was ok and tied up nicely at the end. My favourite bit was they editing in the time travel sequence, that was done really well.

I thought you did a reasonable job of the genre and it was amusing in parts. I agree with the previous reviewer it did drag a little at times, some scenes were way too long. The costuming was good and it looks like you had fun making it.

One of the stronger films in the heat. Great use of the go pro on the skateboard. You had a good narrative and followed it through to the end.

Quite a strange little film that was engaging in parts. I really liked the creepy song and edit effects, which was the highlight of the film.

One of the strongest films of the heat with some great comedy moments. It was shot very well with a tight edit. The acting was reasonably strong from all the cast and the story kept the audience engaged. I was hoping for a better ending however. Overall though a quality effort.

Amusing musical and had me laughing quite a bit. Strong performance from the singing nurse. You had a great location and used it well. It was one of the stronger musicals in the festival. Well done.

Nice way to finish the festival. Liked the interchange between the narrative and the slow motion of the swinging hammer. The ending was very amusing.

Some great camera work here at times, and the quality of your equipment look fantastic on the big screen. Nice special effects as well. I thought you were let down by a few technical elements but nothing major. Good concept. I think you guys will be ones to watch out for in the future. Keep making films guys, you will be great.

One of the best films of the night. It had some really funny moments and was well scripted. Some good acting, and I loved the intro at the start. I did however feel that it reminded me of "Only Son" winner from a couple of years ago, with the invisible person helping the protagonist with relationship advice. That aside you guys did really good job, you produce a mature film that the audience enjoyed. Well done I really enjoyed it

You guys drew what I feel is a hard genre. I like the way you worked with the time travel aspect. Good costumes which added to the film and the characters. I like the shot of the single face hovering centre screen, that was well done.

Well done guys there was some great comedy moments in this film and I enjoyed the song. Nice storyline and it worked well. The twist at the end was great and made me jump. Not sure how it fitted with the plot (but maybe thats just me). All three guys had a good sense of comedy.

I sort of liked it in a strange way. The camera work was a bit too distracting at times. Limited use of this would have really added to this film. However the storyline managed to keep me engaged. Some nice acting in parts as well.

I liked this film it had some great moments and the storyline worked. It had everything, from touching moments to some good comedy lines. I liked the use of your locations, good scouting. Nice bit of special effects near the end.

* Reviewed from the screening room.
Interesting take on the body switch, quite a simple approach but very effective. I watched the film twice and think I understood it better the second time around. I feel its a film the more times you watch it the more you can read or appear to read into it. The film for most of it was well shot and I felt the sound was very effective in adding to the suspense to the plot. I like the overall idea of the film, the use of the computer, the death touch etc. It was a solid film even if it was a little hard to decipher, but maybe that was the intention of the film. Nice to see something a little different that made the viewer wanting to know how is it going to end.

It was ok. Some of the filming was quite good but the noise levels were not great. The music was too loud in places.

Im rating this on the quality of the film which I thought you had some great elements. Film, colour, humour etc. But am afraid I have to agree with the other comments for all of you group to walk out was in bad taste.

Thought you guys had a great start very 70's cop style which I liked. I sort of got a bit lost at times with the plot. Great effort to get a plane in you short. Also good effort getting the shot from the air following the car.

Yeah some good special effects. Liked the cheesy ending. Very good 30's intro. Shame about the rendering but it was still watchable.

The film had some good ideas, but they were not executed as well as they could have been. With time/experience, and some better equipment you guys could do well next year.

Very clever the use of animation then crossing over to film, I really liked it. Nice use of the prop. Great narration from the children, a heartwarming story.

Nice work guys great use of tension to build intensity. Great acting by the guy with the box. Nicely shot as well. All in all, a great little short.

Some good ideas, but I got a little lost in the plot. I did really like the ending though it was a nice touch.