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Nicely shot, it really looked like a heist film, but I didn't get the story and the effects were non existent, whats the use of a gritty heist with underdone violence?

Bizarre and absurd in the best way, the silhouette parts were amazing (heck a whole film done that way would be charming as!), its lucky the live action stuff was also top notch otherwise it would have been a waste to not do this entirely in silhouette. Funny, good performances, well shot, for me easily a finals contender but admittedly I like the weird shit.

Not a musical, no explanations given and the effects couldn't carry the performances. Half the characters seemed to think they were in a comedy and the other half were in a serious action film so it was tonally difficult to navigate.

I didn't pay attention to the genre until looking at the review site just now, and to be honest I didn't pick up that the story had taken place over 10 years, probably because if either of those girls were taken 10 years ago Sean was playing a paedophile yet again. Good performances and the pacing/editing was fantastic. Shot really nicely too. The ending, dont think I liked it tbh. Ive seen too many documentaries about this sort of thing to find the ending believable. All the interior scenes with the girls were great.

Cute story, could have used a bit more work on building the relationship so we could see it "moving too fast" to make the reveal at the end a bit more solid. but overall this was enjoyable. Good job on convincing a church to let you stage a mass suicide! That takes some nuts!

There were a couple of laughs to be had in this film, but some were laughs at the film not with it. This sort of "what if" collection can work but it didn't work too well here due to the jokes not being great and the performers dont have much natural talent. Little to no effort was put into the Neolithic setting, park benches etc were clearly visible in the background. This definitely was one of those films that looked like you guys had fun making.

Oh and the blood on the leads hand (blood acquired during a "what if" sequence) was still there when it shouldn't have been and his hand was really obvious in that selfie shot, wash your hands young man!

Using who I am assuming is the most inept actor in your group for the lead role was somewhat inspired because it resulted in a really funny film. The story was super silly, but I liked it. The gore effects were awesome in places and terrible in others but this still worked for this kind of film. Now I want Pizza dammit.

I spent most of my time trying to figure out if you guys set out to make a silent film or not, because sometimes it looked like the style was used to fix possible production issues. The song that was being used seemed inappropriate, like it was chosen because it was foreign and therefore "funny" in a racist kind of way. Due to the filters and silent film style it was hard to see if anyone did anything particularly well on this film. The story did make sense, but I couldn't call this a Star Crossed Lovers film.

Simple premise that we have seen in this competition and elsewhere before. I understood the story, but others in my row didn't get it which seemed to come down to the VFX not quite holding up for what was required in this sort of story. I hope you guys spend some time finishing off the effects before uploading, it could be really cool if the arms and the TV show are fixed up.

Fun premise, in a longer format this could be a great story. Quite a bit of steadycam going on, sometimes to great effect, sometimes kind of pointless but using what you've got is always a good idea so thats cool.

This didn't really fit the genre, like at all, I get the reference in the title but he went nowhere near a school or even school aged people. I didn't understand the story. Some of the lighting was great!

The opening scene was brilliant, the old best/worst argument was served really well by the lead actors performance. This team put together a really solid film, high technical proficiency in all areas with a really clear story. While the story was clear I feel there was a dip in momentum when the wannabe killer took on the guise of a clown, he probably should have gone and killed someone instead of doing a silly card trick(a silly card trick that killed someone I could get behind!). And speaking of behinds, I feel like I've seen that butt reveal shot somewhere before... :p

Its pretty hard to fault this team, in fact the worst thing was forced upon them, bloody Wilhelm Scream!

Amazingly well shot, superb effects and a perfect subversion of the Christmas genre. Dallas is perfect as a sadistic Santa and Hweiling was a pretty believable oppressed elf who exudes hope. When she spoke at the end I shit bricks. If this isn't a national finalist I will shit bricks all over again for very different reasons.

Obviously a young team so it was good to see a mature actor playing the Mayor but it was undermined by using a high school student as a high school principle(the gag where he yells at the bomber was great, but he could have just been a prefect instead of a principle). I felt like this film was trying to say something deep about local laws and the nature of humans, then they went and ruined it by including a title card explaining exactly what they were saying and it wasn't deep at all, it was literal, what a shame.

Interesting use of scene transitions. Bad piss gag that didn't fit with the rest of the film (I'm pretty sure the residue from the strawberry milk would taint any sample, and good luck getting it to the lab that way). Nice idea and shot in a really appropriate way for the tone of the film, I could see this detective investigating a slew of holiday related supernatural murders.

I'm pretty sure you made the same film as last year! The location started off really weak, if the film started in the much better later locations the steam punk aesthetic would have landed immediately but unfortunately it took a few scenes before the audience could buy into it, giant plastic water reservoirs are not very steampunk! Your photography doesn't lend itself well to a steampunk fantasy either but could probably be fixed with a filter or colour grade in post, judging by the title card at the start I am sure that's something that can be addressed before its uploaded.

As always the costumes and props are the real stars here and it is always good to see your VFX.

I didn't really understand what was happening, I really wanted too because your lead was good and it was shot pretty well but I just couldn't connect with this film. My disconnect was so bad I don't even know how to review it really.

I really enjoyed this film, it danced around the issue it was raising and never explicitly told us what she was in trouble for, but that's GREAT because it didn't need too. We could tell because of the excellent performances - the tension was palpable. I'd love to see another case for the Department of Political Corrections because if you treated another topic this way and pulled it off we would be seeing some real talent here.

It was shot quit well, the location was nice to look at, the costumes all worked. The only technical aspect I wasn't a fan of was the computer scanning shots, but I am sure that can be improved upon later. Good job guys!

I saw Grae commenting on the forums about how he had made a weird movie. If this is your idea of weird then you are a depressingly normal person dude!

I think you tried cramming too many characters in here, a little time for us to connect with and understand the motives of the characters would have gone a long way. The character you gave the most time too was ultimately the least interesting(sorry Vanya, great performance though). The highlight of the story for me was definitely the addict, not only did he give a great performance I think it told us the most about the situation they were all in. I would love to see a version of this that isn't crammed into 5 minutes because I think all the issues I have with it stem from trying to get too much done in such a small amount of time.

Story was definitely secondary here, but I really enjoyed this film.

The effects on the boogyman character for zooming his victims away were on the whole excellent, there were a few shots where he was on screen too long which ruined the effect but the effort put in there was still clear. The character archetypes of the hapless victims were pretty spot on. I feel like the last shot should have been the first shot, that might have upped the ante in terms of us worrying about the characters and you still could have ended with the body pile in the cabin.

Fantastic makeup, the rapidly decaying victims and the slasher himself all looked movie ready - make a full length supernatural slasher movie please guys!

There wasn't really any science to this fiction. The best thing I can say about it is we had to discuss it afterward to understand it so at least it matched the material that inspired it. I'm hoping that the last few months of Yoobee do you good because this was a terrible advertisement for an education provider.

The decision on the rabbit characters part to keep his retainer in was baffling.

I did like the discount booze gag though.

I've had the pleasure of seeing all of this teams films at the heats, but this one, oh man I wish I understood it. I think you might be hamstringing yourself with the whole one shot thing because it didn't work at all this time. You'd think with all the extra time doing it in one shot would provide you would at least write actual songs instead of just singing the lines then chucking some uninspired keys under it. The singing was good but only underlined the laziness of the film making, the talent of the singer was not backed up by anything, the song itself sucked and the gag at the end was super predictable. I didn't enjoy this one.

You guys managed to nail the tone of horror comedy, it was shot like a horror comedy, but it never really felt like a horror or a comedy because the horror wasn't horrific enough and the comedy wasn't funny enough. There was never a real sense that the guy was in danger and the film really needed that to succeed, maybe if we had seen evidence of what happens to people when the ATT carry out their orders we would have felt some foreboding but instead all we got was some time to learn that the protagonist is a little weird. I really liked the main set, but it didn't gel at all with the call centres which were a little too discount Halloween for my liking.

There was so much potential in this film, you ladies can all perform that much is clear but like Jay I had a hard time figuring out the characters. I'm pretty sure the 5min time limit might be to blame because a character intro similar to something like Suicide Squad (sorry, its the most recent example I can think of) would have worked really well with the narration style of this short and would have cleared up the confusion early on, plus I am sure you lot would have come up with some solid gags to go along with it.

The prison cell was cleverly shot and about half the costumes were good too. I am keen to see what you make next year, but with all that talent on screen I would also like to see some of you split off to work with other teams so a majority of the kickass actresses aren't crowded in the same film.

A team after my own heart I think, I was cringing most of the time but only because you made the film I would have made before I went to film school. Terrible green-screening, way too much badly animated monarch butterfly, and Alduin to boot! Very entertaining, but I think pretty much all the jokes that landed did so because of the bad VFX. The VHS stuff was pointless, I hope you didn't waste too much time on it, but plugins are usually easy to wrangle so I doubt they were a big impediment to production.

I'm a bit torn about what I want to see from you guys in the future, do I want you to improve? Yes because you are clearly enthusiastic, but that might kill the charm of your lo-fi work. Metal Wizard says if you want any tips and are good at internet stalking, feel free to hit him up - he is a master at green screening and cheap VFX.

Oh and I almost forgot - the drone! Not many drone shots in Heat 14 this year, but I think that's because they were all crammed into this film, due to the nature of what this film is (glorious crap) the over use of drone shots worked really well.

A very strong opening to heat 14, which is ironic because this film didn't start strong. The opening was a little awkward but I was won over by the end of the first minute. Well shot and the locations were perfect for the film. This team has great comic timing and the actors that had to play it straight did a great job too.

This was very much an origin story, I would really like to see what kind of trouble those ladies would get into further down the track.

This film was amusing, but not laugh out loud funny, that might just be me not being into stoner comedies though. The simple but effective animation(the characters could almost be mascots for a brand they are that good) was cool but let down a bit by the sound quality. Really impressive that you got this done pretty much on your own Warwick but I have to admit I miss the lego movies!

Honestly, this is my favourite film from the finals, I can see why it didn't win but it was so damn funny. The editing and sound design was tight as f and the performances were spot on. It might have helped that I had watched all of PSUSY earlier in the day, this was like a different take on that.

I liked that the genre was one location and that the plot involved one person having to leave the location but really fighting to stay.

The major highlight for me was the mouth poos, timed pretty well too because it let you know what was happening as soon as things started to get weird and was probably 1 of the 2 most memorable things Charlie had thought beforehand.

Charlie's thoughts though were a bit much. I get that was your way of using the "thoughtful" character, but everyone thinks most of the time so that window into his head didn't really cut it for me with him being thoughtful. It really hamstringed the performance too I think. Having said that I still had fun watching this, if the first part pre the Trolls magic had been shorter I would have had a lot more fun.

One of the only films in the screening room that I actually wanted to watch twice. The reflections in the visor only stuck out to me on the second viewing, and the green screening fit tonally quite well. I hope it was as fun to make as it was to watch (that's a compliment, it was a fun watch).

I agree with Eyeball in terms of the production values and characters, but I don't think this had a coherent story, nor was it much of a horror. Sure it was a disturbing change in tone, but the change made no sense, why is one of her dates in on this? And who is she? The central character isn't developed at all in stark contrast to all of her dates. There is no tension, a little bit of foreshadowing (beyond your audience knowing this is supposed to be a horror) might have helped a lot, a question to the guys about recent disappearances and how it makes them feel or something. I would have loved to rate this higher based on the characters but the failing of hitting the genre and major tonal shift were pretty unsatisfying.

If you have a single location film and not the right equipment to shoot outside, don't make the location outdoors. Fingers crossed that was a lesson that sunk in for next time.

Story wise, you retread the same concepts quite a few times by the end of the film, but you only spent a few seconds on the totally not satisfying ending. Your time would have been better spent flashing back to the breakup or setting up a more satisfying ending. I was about to praise the performance but then multiple times she looks straight at the camera, such a shame and probably could have been dealt with in editing. If it was deliberate, your intention was lost somewhere, if you are going to deliberately break the 4th wall you need to use it to better effect.

I can tell you had fun making this and that's what really counts, but I don't think its possible to be coming up with all those puns and to pay attention to the camera at the same time because your camera technique was pretty terrible. Unlike most films in the competition though, the more I watched the better the film got, the technical failings kind of fall away as the punishment washes over you.

A cute idea, with a hart warming conclusion, but not a heck of a lot of substance. Telling the social workers story pretty much just by handing over a photo was really good, but I didn't find anything to really like here.

A wonderfully silly premise with a suitable style and performances that all fit together quite well. Obviously you guys have a lot of room to grow but so long as you keep your fun sense of humor I am sure you will grow into decent film makers. My main criticism would be that some scenes weren't pushed far enough, Mikes temper tantrum in the "shes cheating" scene could have been way more epic, pro tip, school furniture is really durable, throw that shit.

The initial chase up until (and including) the drone shot was awesome. Probably the best drone shot I have seen in the competition. But after that the only thing I liked was the use of prop. Setting up Charlie as a creepy stalker from the first shot and then playing that out with the final scene meant that I couldn't like the guy. If their initial encounter had them coming towards each other to remove the stalkyness (and possibly make Annies fall look more convincing) and if the final kissing scene was all Annies work instead of Charlie being rapey, the final shot would have been way more shocking because we would have lost a character we actually liked. The main disappointment I guess is that I know you can do better than that.

I liked the setup of the dystopia, the radio interview pumping into the location that the story takes place in was a good idea and was executed really well but it fell apart after that. There was one particular dolly shot that I really liked, up until you went for a pan on the dolly, your setup couldn't pull that off, it might have even looked better as a hand held shot. The story didn't really tie into the dystopia, the characters weren't likeable and the resolution was not at all satisfying.

Easily may favorite film from Mr and Mrs Jones. While the story elements of a traditional cat and mouse story were quite light, the role reversal of the animals and sexy cat animation more than made up for it. I particularly liked the Dairy Heir gag, it fit really well with the noir style. I do think that you should work with voice actors, I know doing it all yourself is fun but better voice acting would have raised this up quite a bit.

I found this hard to follow, the kids motivations didn't feel clear at all probably because the story line was quite 'cartoony' but the performances were reasonably straight. I can tell that some effort was put into shooting it in that theme, covering the adults face like an old Tom and Jerry cartoon for example, but the tone never really gelled together. If the boy had been a bit more over the top it might have saved it for me.

The bad audio was quite distracting, but some interesting shots (mostly of the guy calling into the interview) helped out a bit. I don't know what he was trying to achieve with his phone call though, I get that the interviewee was a bit on the blonde side but the caller didn't stop her from saying anything silly, the assistant who was on the phone was capable of sorting that situation himself (which he did anyway). Because of this pointlessness, it was hard to engage with what was happening.

I do appreciate the political message of this film, but it could have been handled better.

Cute and reasonably well put together, but does this actually pass the Bechdel test if the characters only motivation is to avoid being thrown out by a man?

Favorite gag: "I'm too poorly drawn to die!"

Steampunk adventure with some fun vfx. I don't really get what the protagonists were up to at the start and everything in the story was quite coincidental but it managed to stay fun. This team knows their steampunk but that seems to overshadow everything else to their detriment, worry a bit more about story and less about having 6 guns going at once.

Was a little confusing, the first montage made me think that the characters were already time traveling, but then suddenly the end of the world was coming up with no escape. The way he found Charlie was a bit nonsensical too but it was a cute film with cheesy performances and art department that matched reasonably well.

How you managed to get DQ'd with a film schools worth of resources behind you is beyond me, but your film turned out okay in the end(certainly better than our student effort back in the day). I'm not convinced you made a Rom com since it wasn't a romantic relationship but there were some really nice moments(usually involving spaghetti). Next year you will get it in time and probably make something better, I look forward to it.

A captivating performance from Everisingsun (AKA The Brick) but that's probably just me being nostalgic, but I think you guys thought so too considering that extended smile shot. A few editing mishaps and a story filled with characters that are impossible to love(all they do is moan or brag) left me losing interest. A happy ending could have redeemed this a little, instead you made your lead look like an ungrateful dick which is a mistake.

[Heat Review]Pretty hard watch with baffling use of prop, terrible audio and a fight scene that could easily have caused a car crash. Fingers crossed you didn't get in any trouble for that, if I saw a brawl in an overbridge the cops would have been called for sure.

The biggest issue though was the inconsistent tone. One second it would go out of it's way to be silly and then it would be dead serious. Dialling up the silliness probably would have worked here, seriousness just didn't work.

[Screening Room Review] The extra 2+ minutes of footage help the edit out a lot, it makes more sense and lets the first older bloke really shine. Its not a 48 hour film though(as per the rules it needs to be under 5 minutes long) so I have to stick to my first rating sorry.

A bunch of liars try to figure out who is telling the truth. I can't find anything to complain about here, really funny and they must have worked really fast because we ended up with one of their actresses in our film reasonably early in the evening. And really good use of mystery, I've had it 3 times and didn't come anywhere near the quality of this story. Great job.

The inner monologue of a homicidal maniac with a lackluster twist. Unfortunately these guys misinterpreted what a mistaken identity film is supposed to do, instead of the character having their identity mistaken and having to deal with that the film makers tried to trick us into mistaking the characters identity. Because of this we end up first of all thinking the guy is some sort or serial murderer and then later he's just an angry nerd, neither makes us root for him so when you throw in the bad audio, performances and editing there isn't much to like here.

Probably the best shot film of the heat, packed with gags and good performances. Using the required line twice was a mistake because the first time it was used was super weak, but the second time was perfect. The start was a bit slow and the hero of the story isn't at likeable at the start so it's a little harder to get into than it should have been, but as soon as the charity man turned up the whole audience was in.

As always a solid effort from Une, but that was not a horror film. It was presented like a horror film, and it had the makings of a horror story but it just ends before anything happens. It was funny, but still didn't manage horrordy either. I missed the use of the prop unless you count the inconsequential woollen sweater.

I still enjoyed this film though, and the actresses performance was top notch.

He's a murderer! This entertaining day in the life of a hapless fool who thinks he has killed his girlfriend opens with a fun shot of a girl being pushed in front of a speeding vehicle and the effect was pretty convincing considering the inexperience of the team. The cartoonish nature of the story matched the hammyness of the acting to good effect.

At the start of this film my initial impression was that the sound quality was pretty low, then in a stroke of brilliance their editor decided to remove all the sound entirely*. This resulted in the audience being able to fully take in some hilarious visuals such as a random man eating dog biscuits and a cat and mouse themed bdsm party.

*may have not been an actual conscious decision.

Reasonably well shot but the story wasn't at all engaging probably because the first half of the film was just the guys mucking around in their flat and they weren't up to the task of captivating the audience. I would like to see you guys make a film in your own language with English subtitles, you might have been more comfortable on screen that way.

Just because using a single shot worked well for you in the past doesn't mean it will work well every year. You lot clearly have some talent, could you show it to us next year please?

Metal Wizard appreciates that you used one more shot than last year, but still wants more.

Good clean fun, great costumes and effective visual effects. You do need to work on your dance moves, you will never pull that way.

Metal Wizard wants his armour back.

Great VFX, specially on the opening credits. The ending, which I will not give away here, was a great idea but executed poorly. The sound effects f'd it.

Metal Wizard disapproves of bread usage. Not only did it ruin the performance, it made him puke in his mouth a little.

It was like if David Lynch was a student with a shitty flat mate.

The good guys and bad guys were a little too alike, resulting in me wanting to see the "good guys" get knocked off. It certainly was black, but comedy didn't really factor. I know for a fact that if someone gets on stage and just lets rip with a bunch of profanity it doesn't make that person a stand up comedian, actors doing the same in a film doesn't make them funny either.

Metal Wizard had a prophetic lyric on the way to Heat 21, when he ate at a bar where he had seen a certain stripper do something untoward in the kitchen, lo and behold said stripper died in this film. OOOOOEEEEEEEEOOOOOOO!!!!!

If your hero was actually trying to accomplish something, this could have been great, but it seemed he was just passing the time which unfortunately means all we were doing was passing time.

Metal Wizard applauds your camera work when walking up the hill on uneven terrain, surprisingly smooth.

Good use of silhouette but not much else going for this revenge horror.

Metal Wizard disapproves of yucky blood, make delicious blood next time using cocoa, sugar and food colouring. It goes great on bread.

The cat and old lady combo is pretty much undefeatable. The old adage of "never work with children or animals" was well and truly proven wrong here, fantastic use of both! Seriously, how the heck did you get that cat to perform?!

Metal Wizard approves of filming animals pooping, your poop sentinel did an outstanding job.

It was more pseudo-science gone mad, but still a cool concept. I like the ending but having the whole thing as a revenge flick could have been really awesome.

Metal Wizard approves of shots that focus on the back of characters heads instead of the lead actresses face, with boom in shot to top it off. Magical.

This team has come a long way since last year! The friendship was believable, but I have a feeling this may have just been a normal weekend for the group, it was all a little too believable. (Which is a good thing really).

Metal Wizard approves of your cheesy bread puns(but he is lactose intolerant so he does not approve of cheesy bread).

The visual effects were good and creepy, but were let down when not all of them were creepy. With a little bit of an edit they would have been more effective.

Great intro to the film with some laughs and a decent performance from the infomercial host. Pity that the rest of the film was so boring. The same shock ending would have worked in the infomercial. If you were just trying to give everyone a role to play make them testimonials or something. Unless your shock ending was that after an entertaining intro the rest of the film was supposed to be boring, in which case, SUCCESS.

I spent most of my time trying to figure out the physics of the cup phone, if it was falling into the sky in China why was it also falling into the sky back in NZ? I may never know, this will haunt me for eternity.

Every year someone has to do a trapped in the toilet film, usually though they aren't this crap. Sickening (but good) use of prop. A friend suggested that our team enters next year as the Gozu Survivors Club Survivors Club. I think he was joking though.

This was my pick of the heat, the ridiculousness of the situation wasn't lost on the team and they hammed it up to the right level to have some decent laughs. Best use of the Harper character in the heat. I hope his V addiction isn't auto-biographical, I want to see more and diabetes is a terrible disease.

More time seemed to be spent on the credit sequence than the rest of the film, and even that seemed to mostly be stock images and animations.

I hear that the wrong version of this was submitted, gutted! Despite this I still enjoyed the film, it was weird enough to be engaging. I would be very keen to watch the finished version.

Didn't give any thought to the "film within a film" genre resulting in a complete lack of story. The team obviously wanted to make a horror, and they did but only because of the tropes they included. I can appreciate a team having fun making a film, but it didn't translate to a fun viewing experience sorry.

Great little film, if these guys re-shot it on better equipment I could actually see it getting into real festivals.

Thank people on the forums, not on here it fudges the stats!

As far as collections of sketches go this is an admirable effort, some hit the mark perfectly and some needed some reworking (the Morgan scene sticks out as a low light) but the highs beat out the lows.

After last year, seeing the same awesome team intro for the second time, I hoped for a new awesome team intro this year but was left watching the same joke for a third time. You lot have proven your comedy chops, I am certain you can come up with something as good or better, it would be a real treat to see something else next year.

Lead actress did an okay job of being a crazy spiteful ex, but the other performances were pretty terrible. Nice shot composition and use of scenery but the poor lighting on the actors ruined what could have been fantastic shots, some of the time it was really difficult to see the leading ladies face which is a shame because she was the highlight.

Attractive animation of some of the cutest dinosaurs I've ever seen, these characters need their own children's book. The voice acting/recording let it down, and the use of elements (besides the line of dialog) felt lazy.

Some really nice camera tricks/horror shots. Unfortunately the protagonist was not someone we wanted to like, he was the bad guy, so the suspense of bad things happening to him was ruined. If he had been a good guy we would have worried about him but instead I was just waiting for him to get his comeuppance which is not as satisfying.

I have been to every heat this year and I can say at this point, this movie made me laugh the hardest. You guys beat the other rovers hands down, I hope you had a wager on it!

Sure there is no real story, but not all art has to have a point. This is like a fever wet-dream from the mind of a wonderful narcissist. The poor production values enhanced rather than detracted. I would have given a 10 star rating but I want you guys to go even further next year.

This team didn't grasp the genre and seemed to just shoehorn everything in there to no good effect. "Did you hear that?" No, no I didn't because there was nothing to hear. I love your enthusiasm but please work with other people next year.

I'm just going to give 1 star to counteract the fanboyism from someones mum. real rating is a 5.

The music was over used, it fit the cuteness of the story but was grating by the end. Well shot, but most of the film should have been a much shorter montage, shorter is better when there is nothing actually happening with the story. Nice ending. I wrote "drugs" down in my notes but I don't know what I am referencing here.

This would have benefited a lot of the team had thought about the film that the characters were supposed to be filming. As someone who has to deal with people shooting things inappropriately for VFX regularly, the poor positioning of actors on the green screen made me cringe, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

As an atheist, your credits alienated me but I didn't mark you down for that.

genuinely funny film, but the title was too on the nose, would have come off better with a subtle title. Your mic is buggered, get a proper DOP, editor and sound person and you will make a great film next year.

A majority of this films value was in the twist ending. I liked the ending a lot, but it was very silly. camera work was ok, but as they admit, sound was a bit of an issue. Looking forward to seeing next years film, just work on more than your ending next time and when in doubt, cut scenes that do nothing. I seem to remember liking the song at the end but I didn't write anything about that down.

Best use of line in a non dialogue film and closest thing that I have seen to a decent non dialogue film in the comp yet (I have been to 13 heats so far, 10 more to go).

Story could have used some refining, punchline was obvious from the get go unfortunately. The bomb scene was out of place, if a bomb is going off earplugs are a bit redundant but I did giggle at the use of computer components as a bomb. Also, earwax, yum.

Bleak but entertaining. Good core concept that made for some funny moments but let down by bad technical aspects.

The tiger was a highlight.

Using a narrator in place of characters doing things is usually a sign that your story is weak, avoid it next time and we may get to know the characters a lot better. The editing was strange, but that was likely due to odd shot choices and terrible lighting. The characters were not at all believable.

I got a sense that this team wants to learn, which I didn't get from every team. Maybe try joining with more experienced people next year and then come back to your own team the year after.

My notes on this one are a little fuzzy sorry but here goes.

If someone is typing at a computer, it should be turned on. Learn about "the line", you had a line cross or two there which distracted me a lot. I also wrote down "why toilet" but you are far from the only guilty parties there. Not the worst film of the heat.

Didnt fit with the genre at all. Using a printer for those numbers would have looked much nicer.

Technical, acting and writing abilities seem to be lacking with this team. I suspect that the film may have all been shot on the Sunday resulting in a bad edit that was handed in late.

Why the lead looked for Eve in the mens bathroom is a mystery to me. The teacher scene at the start baffled me, it was the worst scene in all regards and put the film off to a really bad start, it could have been cut and not affected the story in any way (though it was the best gag in the film).

Great performances and a really fun idea. Totally reinforced my choice to never move to the country. The POV shot had a bit of a technical issue in that the camera moved so fast you couldn't see a lot but other than that, no complaints.

As of seeing 4 heats, this has been my favorite film so far this year. Good effects, fun story, good performances and subject matter close to my own heart. If you like bad guys with hearts of gold, this is for you.

The required line of dialog was silly but funny.

Awesome dog. Some major sound issues. I wasnt sure what was happening at the start but lots of fun.

Very funny and well shot. I didnt understand why the friends would have gone out and investigated the obsessive friend but otherwise I was happy watching this film. Had the single best line of dialog of the night.

The ending made me groan, but the song over the credits picked my back up. Some funny as performances.

I couldn't figure out what caused the break up, or who actually did the breaking up in the end, I could have sworn he pulled out of the idea and then in the next scene the breakup was back on. Confusing! Good performances when I wasn't being confused and the cast all looked great.

Could have used an epic sex scene.

Story was ok but the reunion aspect was very small, it was more of a supernatural revenge flick. good locations.

Unlike other reviewers, I found the musical aspect of this film satisfactory. Great concept, but the use of happy birthday is as far as I know illegal in this competition. Funny and well shot.

I liked this film, overall it looked great, had both light and heavy moments(neither of which felt out of place) and they made me actually feel something for the characters. The suicide prevention was awesome, cringe worthy!

The only thing I could point out here is in the scene when we see the protagonist get up to go for a walk, we see the masked figure in the mirror before he leaves for quite a while, it would have been much creepier if the figure had appeared AFTER he closed the door instead of disappearing after he closed the door.

This was sooooo far from being an action or adventure film and it had the worst use of required elements of the heat. Insomnia is not the inability to find your alarm clock, if the character had been an insomniac their clock wouldn't have been stolen because she would have been awake.

Started out ok but lost its way by the end. The lead was a bit of a dick but that was what was good about the film. A bit more practice and these guys could start making some genuinely funny films.

I know animation can be hard to do on this sort of schedule, but there was 0 tension in this race against the clock movie and integration of the required elements was lazy. I liked about half of the character designs but really disliked the other half and the voice acting could have used a lot of work.

An annoying character played by a weak actor makes for an annoying and weak film. Characters in the genre should grow a little bit but that doesn't really happen here. Some nice gags lifted me out of wanting to punch Gregg in the face and I guess wanting to make him stop was sort of the point but it didn't make me enjoy the film.

Seemingly improvised film about robots with VM syndrome. With a little more thought about the characters and their actual stories this could have been really cool but the actors just didnt seem to know where they were going. If the different characters storeies were more related it might have been more cohesive. The look of the whole thing I think was supposed to be futuristic degraded footage, I cant tell if that is a good thing or not. If sound had been less of an issue, the image may have been less irksom.

Some funny lines, and deliberately funny editing that worked. Great use of card.

Really needed a story, without one the effects used were pointless.

Because this was a story about film students and the production quality (mostly the camera, acting and audio) was so low I found this a really difficult film to take seriously. The "bad guy" was ridiculous, and they reused the same location for 2 very different places, and everything seemed way to coincidental in terms of the protagonist running into the people he is looking for accidentally. I couldn't enjoy this film.

Costumes, makeup and sets looked great, whoever was in charge of all that did a fantastic job.

I wish I was given my work computer to take home when I was fired :p

Not really a musical, repeating one line a couple of times is super lazy and doesn't constitute a song but I enjoyed the humor and story. It was well put together, in another genre this team could have shined.

Very well shot, good acting and amazing use of sound effects. Loved the makeshift set - though they were lucky they shot it so well because in the hands of a bad DOP or on a bad camera it would have come across as cheap instead of clever.

Story was minimalist, and not really in the good way. I look forward to seeing these people with a genre they are more comfortable telling a story in.

When I was handed a pair of 3d glasses I got pretty excited, I put them on and waited in anticipation. The intro was a cool 3d vortex, yay, these guys can do 3d.

To bad it didn't work in the actual film. I spent the first 30 secs trying to figure out if the film was in 3d or not (at that point it wasn't), so I missed all the subtitled dialogue resulting in me having no idea what was happening. That meant I had no investment in the rest of the film, and then when the 3d did kick in, it still didn't work.

The idea of downloading medicine was fun, but the scene leading up to getting said medicine was drawn out to long. I certainly hope broadband is faster than that in the future.

With the right soundtrack it would make a great music video but this film left me disappointed.

Good dialogue, acting and atmosphere. We only get to really see one side of the converging story though, seems to be a hangover from having the B story headed by a drugged up (and I am assuming here) prostitute. So I feel this is a fail in terms of being converging.

With the exception of being disappointed with the convergence, good film - watching as if its a crime film would be recommended.

Very cheeky use of genre, but that suited the team and their style perfectly so that is a plus.

For a film about music, the sound was terrible. Get a soundy on your team next year PLEASE. Alternatively, fire the person who was in charge of sound. The only sound issue that they DIDN'T have was sync, every other fluff up was present.

Some funny lines muddled with bad acting and video, this is what I came to see. Would have rated higher had sound not been such a distraction.

As other people have said, it was easy to follow. To bad that's because there wasn't much to follow.

A girl does silly stunts while delivering mail, then gets chased by crims who think she may have heard them say something that was not at all sensitive. Very clumsy use of mandatory character.

The acting put me off straight away, the principle and the teacher are simply terrible in the first scene so that put me on the defensive for the rest of the film which is a shame. Then when the teacher was in the same bathroom as the kid it made me think "wtf? can teachers use the same bathroom as students?". Then the teacher farted and used the mandatory line of dialogue, a lazy trick that I am sure we will see much more of in this years competition, well congrats guys, you are the first!

The kid did a good job, good choice on the film makers part to make him mostly silent.

The title cards seem to have been used to allude that this is supposed to be a crime movie, without them it would have been a revenge flick, something it is more successful at being. So not really a crime movie unfortunately.

Having said all that I did actually enjoy the film, the kid did a good job, good choice on the film makers part to make him mostly silent.

Comic book style speech bubbles and onomatopoeias did most of the work, and were quite well done. The story itself didn't have much going on and the main character annoyed me, but that is likely because I couldn't tell what was going on. The biggest laugh was for something completely unrelated to the story so I couldn't recommend watching this film.

Thoroughly enjoyable film about a man stuck in a toilet. Very silly premise, a bit lazy even but the use of "what if" scenes saved it from being pure potty humor. The only really bad thing that I can say is that the music totally drained out the dialogue in a few places but otherwise it was well made.

could have done with the zombie actually eating the brains, wouldnt have affected the story and would have been extra gross out factor which which is what this film needs. The dick wasnt gross enough, some fake precum lube would have done the trick.

Very well shot, but I had no connection to the characters so it was only an idea for the beginning of a good story, not a good story.

I would have to watch it again to pick up on the required line and to figure out which one Nicky Brick was, and I dont want to watch it again so soon.

I have worked with these guys before and I love them to bits, but I didn't enjoy this film. I was very well shot, but I didn't like the samey music throughout and the one thing I did like about the story was undermined by continuing after what could have been a really strong finish.

If your actress cant sing (she can't btw) either play with that fact or don't have her sing, she made me cringe a bit.

I know musical is hard from first hand experience, so I feel shitty about my review here, but its better to give feedback than to ignore it.

2 stories in one, so neither made any real progress or made much sence. Telling us at the end that it is inspirational does not make it so, and by the time it gets to that point the origonal story is pretty much forgotten. Well shot, but not well enough to make up for the incoherant story.

Nice choice of legend and an interesting/entertaining way to unfold the story(which was also good) but the technical limitations of the team really hurt this short, if these guys got together with some decent camera and editing people they could make some magic.

Petty much every V48 fantasy turns out like this, no character development and only magic progresses the story. Good effects at the end, to bad they didnt feature throughout.

Silly fun. Worst girls kiss ever but thats a good thing, very effective/funny!

I didnt find the film inspirational, so on genre it failed, but it was still a nice film. Camera person needs to watch flicker from lights (this can be seen and fixed at the time, but only by the camera person!) but appart from that did a good job. Good acting, though I could never be certain because it was subtitled, for all I know it was crap acting.

Lasiest use of elements I've seen in a V48 film and no real drama in the story, looked like they tried to cover that up with comedy but the jokes fell flat. Not even Dave could save this film.

Never really believed that the lead wanted to kill himself which undermined the punchline from the start. Made really well and I like how the cameraman managed to show character via simple movements like avoiding the fingers.

Josh is always hilarious, but he was superflous to the story which was unfortunate. Probably could have been quite chilling if it had focused on the protagonists relationship instead of being side tracked with comedy that was out of place in the setting.

Amazing visuals but no actual story beyond "sex in a grave yard leads to death". If the story could live up to the visuals it would have been amazing!

Lots of fun and it had one of the best child actors Ive ever seen, but without a doubt the worst makeup on a female lead ever, someone must have been able to see that on the day. Story seemed incoherent at times but it got back on track by the end.

Not sure why Brent is involving the team intro in his review of the film.

Knowing how funny these guys can be killed it for me, they chose a fad that they know really well but didnt do anything amazing with it (except for the ex bully). It was good, but not to the lofty standards developed seeing these guys do improv.

Could have done with way more of the dog poking scenes or ones like it, those were great.

The actress was great, but the story was a one trick pony. The freeze frame ending was pretty lame, an action shot of the woman stabbing the kid would have been awesome but they opted to ommit the violence for a shot of the sons cake which felt weak.

The camera work was also really good.

I liked the overacting of the lead actress but the other actors didnt support it in a way that allowed her to shine, it was like she was the only one familiar with this kind of silent film in the cast.

Protagonists are usually supposed to make some personal changes in a quest film and I dont think this guy did make any changes, but the moral of the story was not lost on me so I am going to be nicer in the future to make sure my beard doesnt run away on me.

Pretty gutting that the required line was inserted in a half assed fashion in the first few seconds only to be repeated brilliantly in the song.

Good man for being willing to shave of that magnificent beard!

Felt like "Darkplace", which I love, but would have been nice to have some sort of cohesive story. When I left the cinema I asked myself why there were 2 entries in the horror genre and then I realised that it was just one film with 2 (maybe more) stories.

I didnt get it at all, if we found out a bit more about why the two characters were doing what they were doing there may have been a story there but I couldnt find it. I was actually impressed with the ADR at one point, it was bad in some places but it would have been far worse without it. ADR is time consuming so good job on getting it done.

Man vs Intellegent baby, not fair on the poor guy really!

Charming film, the MGM homage at the start was brilliant but they could have taken a few of the gags out of the middle and it would have felt much better.

Let down by the musical aspect, but otherwise watchable, the lead actor was good.

Making fun of domestic violence is risky but they pulled it off, lots of awkward giggles that turned into genuine laughter.

This was good fun, like a bent "Kick Ass" who went from being harmless to homicidal. This kind of movie is what makes v48 hours so much fun.

Like others, I felt this was turning into a drink driving awareness ad. I feel it would have been better if it had gone that way because then there could have been a point.

'Breadcrumbs' is not a bodyswitch movie, so not coming close to the genre and not having any real point beyond 'try not to be a dick' really made this a difficult watch.

This was not a bodyswitch movie, there was no bodyswitching at all, just a remorseful guy thinking about how much of a dick he has been. The film felt like it was made by people who read more poetry than watch films because they didnt seem to know what a freeze frame ending was either.

Like a lot of others, I felt this was becoming a drink driving ad, and I really hoped it was going to turn into one so there could be a point.