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"Honey I'm home" Housewife black humor colored movie

Nice production values with some nice images all around.. wardrobe/AD top job too.. to make that 60s feel and look..


a bit too inconsistent, forced and blocky flow & action.. and cheesy walla walla to fill the theater with laughter.. when nobody else was laughing.. and the story and how it was laid out was a a bit disappointment.. think I caught some out of focus shots too though.. and sound could have used a bit 60s treatment for added value.. and music could have added as well...

I liked the random lines such as What was in your V etc.. but sadly it all didn't save the flick..

Next time please some tight concept, script and execution.. and leave the bits out that do not matter and are not surely audience teasers/pleasers..

"What was in your V?"

Sigh meant three stars and not 3 1/2 - will put this to compensate sorry..