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Haha well what the fuck was this.

Kinda grossed out, kinda laughing at the same time. Basically a guy takes a dunp, falls in love with it, then ends up seeing a therapist and having a 3sum with another more recent dump. Yea....

A couple of really nice camera shots here, editing was really good and had some origional moments. The sound was great, music spot on. The main actor was really good and convining and I found the therapists accent funny (And the fake mum haha). This was a funny film, it was kinda uncomfortable and I wouldn't watch it again for the gross out factor (freeze frame kissing your shit? Lol) but I enjoyed it and I recommend watching it.. once. As long as you are not about to eat. Nice wee film well rounded, good story, not sure what the point of it was but hey who cares haha.

Bahaha!! Directors voice “kick it” classic lol

A sad story, this tells of a bully who, after seeing a girl in the mirror (his imagination?) he trys to not be a bully, but can't get it right as everyone misinterprets him. At the end despite his failers to look good, he still does a nice thing while no-one is looking, then the girl appears in real life and he see's she is not in his imagination anymore.

Some pretty good acting here especially from the mirror girl, she reminded me of tyler from Fight Club in her role. The movie went along nicely and was well rounded, solid editing and nice story. I really felt sorry for Bobby when everyone was putting him down or misinterpretating his good deeds, and he had a good connection with the mirror girl. The editing really brought out that she wasn't there in real life well done. The end however was the best part, when he touches her face it really broke down the barriers that I had built up in their “relationship”, and it contrasted the rejection he had felt earler perfectly.. well done.

If I had any suggestions it would be to be a bit more creative with your settings/locations, tighten up the editing to be original (See Requim for a Dream or Fight Club) and make it more memorable (e.g. with a crazy character, locations). Apart from that you have really good story writing, acting, filming, sound, and editing skills, and If you try and break outside the box a little bit more you have real potential. Looking forward to seeing your entry next year!

This was another wtf movie.

A guy is telling a story to his mate about how he lost his baby.
He tramps through the bush, runs out of water, gets chased by a white aborigine, gets his cloaths taken off by a random stranger, finds his baby's kidnapper who throws rocks at him that turn into V cans mid flight, kills the man, picks up his baby, finds out its mexican, kicks it off the cliff, and comes to the conclusion that a dingo stole his baby.

It had some really nice locations and filming, I was blowd away. Not really suited for a comedy, but amazing all the same.. especially the camera through the grass and the quarry at the end. The story kept me entertained, a few unexpected twists and turns (I laughed at the mexican line) and some fun acting. Not really sure what the point of this film was... probebly could have been good to have a purpose! (was it comedy? Quest?) This really reminded me of films I used to make, keep it up! You guys have potential.Really looking forward to what to pull out next year.

Well this was disturbing, lol.

A man is alone in a room, thinking about his gf who some zombies took away. A zombie turns up and he smacks him in the face followed by a lot of blood, then they end up having sex, he shoots the zombie in the head, and adds a mark to a tally he has been keeping.

Some really good effects here, the blood splatter on the wall was amazing and made me sit up in my seat and play it again, and the zombie makeup was really good. Location was nicely done. I really liked some of the diting techniques used here, the split screen, cross disolves during sex and timelapse were well done. The music was also well done and fitted nicely.

Constructive critisism, I feel the middle speech lasted a bit long, you should have ditched the American accent and just gone with Kiwi. Also I felt like this could have worked really well if you concentrated on one aspect, here we see a little bit of action, a little thriller, a little comedy and a little porn. Probebly more focus on one aspect would make this film flow better. You have some really good filming and make-up/special effects skills, I think you coould make an amazing zombie porn film! Also I would much rather have seen a girl in the sex scene.. was a little uncomfortable. Nice freeze frame ending!

A woman loses her child, and spends the film getting more and more worried and agitated, only to find the child was playing in the back yard all the time.

This was a really well shot and well acted film. It really drew me in and the tension kept building genuinly. I felt like it could be a real situation, and felt really sympathy for the over reacting mother. The filming was amazing, a really good camera operator with stylistic, artistic and provocative shots, I loved how the shot never quite got everything in, adding to the tension. What stood out though for me was the acting of the main actress, she was amazing, completely believable and everything from voice to manerisms was perfect. The shaking hand with the bullets was really good, and her grief when she see's the coat was completly believable.

I feel like this film was good, but was more of an artistic piece rather tehn a story. You have real potential for future films, just try and make more of a story is my advice. Also I think it would have been really cool if you had set the locations to look like where the main acress is from, as it is a bit unbelievale that you would think your child has been kidnapped in NewZealand.

Well what can say about this film? I was really well made, pitty you didn't get it in in time you could have had a shot at the finals. Everything was amazing here, the acting was VERY convincing, story was original, well shot, good sound. I loved how at the shots after killing the men were only on the handycam, everything here was just great. I felt real tension and didn't know what was going to happen, and I also liked the start, good addition that made the film feel more rounded then if you had just shot it in the one room. Really solid effort guy, get it in next year!!

A woman has a 16 year old boy tied up in her room, she is his teacher, and forces him to drink alcohol until he throws up, explaining that it was partially his fault for her son dieing from drinking too much alcohol at a party. She has flashes where she thinks the boy is her son, but quickly comes back to reality. Finnaly she snaps and grabs a knife, presumably killing the boy.

Nice tension filled film here, making good use of the one room. I think the actors really carried this one through, it had a nice flow, kept me entertained throughout and didn't slow at any point. The female lead was really convincing, well done. The boy was good too (although he seemed to sober up really fast, and his by his reaction to the vodka you could tell it was water) , showed genuine innocence and confusion about the situation. The flashes between Bobby and Sammy were really well done, flowed nicely and gave us insite into the mind of the teacher. Some nice cinemitography here as well, with effective use of the focus. All round a slick production in every aspect, however if I had any constructive feedback it would be that it lacked that “something” special, it was a good film but not particully memorable or origional. Looking forward to your entry next year hope you really use your skills to think outside the box!

Oh my fucking God. I LOVED this film. The “knights” expression when he looks up after being told “I don't know who you are” is honestly the best acting I have ever seen. I think you guys should have won best costume too!

Really really good use of the wire, fitted perfectly.

A thought, I reakon it would have been really cool if when he gradded the wire it not only got transformed into a sword, but everything turned medievil (e.g. costumes etc).
Basically everything about this film was great, al the technical aspects were spot on, and I felt that what stood out the most was the origionality (e.g. the whole idea of the thing) and the acting, both the male leads were REALLY good, you should audition for shorty!

Well done, looking forward to your next year entry!

Nice use of the bent wire

Nice wee production here, loved the ending as you don't know who got shot. The inside shots of the car were well done. I felt like this was an OK film, sound and everything was fine, just for me lacked anything amazing, new or origional. It was also a tad short, and I didn;t really see the point of it. Despite this it looked really slick the acting was good and believable, and had good flow/editing, you just needed a good idea! Contructive critisism.. I think you could have added tension with exterior shots of the car irraticly driving as the guy gets more agitated, mayby a few flash back scenes could have filled the story out, and with such an awesome gun the ending scene should have been longer! Apart from that, a solid film that is well made, tells a simple story and I enjoyed. Looking forward to your next year film! Hope you really use your great film making skills in a creative and origional way.

WOW really cool location!!!!!!!!! Can I steal it? Haha. Some funny moments here, I loved the mummy movie!

So ok, for a mockumentry about clowns this could have been funnier, you have all the ingrediants here just.. lacked the energy. You hav e some slick production and acting skills, just fell a little flat for me, felt a bit dark and needed more energy. Constructive critisim: with the awesome opportunity to have scenes from movies it was largley wasted (except for the mummy!) You could have had clowns running around shooting eachother, anything really.. but they just ducked behind things and talked. Ok for drama but I feel some physical comedy and more energy could have been the only difference from this movie being an ok wee flick to amazing.

Wow grabbed my attention straight away with the cop uniform and dynamic actor, well done!
The mani actor was really good here, genuine and funny. I was plesently surprised when I found this was a fad movie (thought it would be drama). HAHA the Bobby Young guy was really good, reminded me of Joahna Off Summer Heights High! I thought the second policeman was also really funny.. the story just kept throwing interesting characters at me and moving along. The voice over guy was also really good, spot on. LOL shadbolt was a bit of a surprise! Wow really liked the addition of YouTube, great origionality! I found it really funny when the Patent guy was just like.. “stamp” straight after trying it. The rubix cude was also cool!!

This was a well made film in every aspect, I think there was just something missing that didn't quite make it through to the finals. Someone suggested that for “Chumping” it was the ending, which was memorable and funny. Perhaps a better ending was needed, or mayby a little more action to balance out the repeditiveness, apart from that excellent job! Keep up the good work guys, I enjoyed your film.

So this movie started kinda slow...

The bits I did like, when the Dog first started talking, when he said “Fuck off you slag”! (Reminded me of the start scene of treasure island in the Admiral Bembo Inn), the freeze frame/slow mo ending, and the dog's voice acting.

The bits I didn't like... pretty much everything else. I don't know why I just didn't like this film.. it seemed like a 10 second youtube video idea streatched over 7minutes and adding pretentious american actors. Don't get me wrong it was well made, I could see what it was trying to do, I just plain disliked it for some reason and did not enjoy watching it. You guys have some good rpoduction skills and the voice acting of the dog was great, plus a few awesome moments in the film.. looking forward what you bring out next year! (Hopefully I will like it this time! Lol)

A team of kid dectectives investigate an arson, end up getting kidnapped, but evntually saving the day.

Haha, I really liked this film. It was satricial, funny, and original. The writing here is what stood out for me, it seemed like every second line was cleaver, witty or origional and that's saying a lot. The actors were top notch, the whole thing had the feel of a hollywood movie 80% of the time through slick cinematography, sound was great, editing great (loved the batman style logo) and great ending. Ok so it wasn't ground breaking subject matter, but was very well made for what it is and made me laugh. It had a lot of twists and diologe I did not expect, and kept me entertained throughout with smooth transitions between scenes, a broad location base, and nice flow. Constructive critisism: The only thing I can say is apply your amazing film making talent (especially writing) to an interesting subject matter (kidnap/murder is interesting, but old hat) and you will have a finals worth film on your hands next year!

Ah the old musical.

Everything about this film was well done, except it just didn't capture me or draw me in. Costumes, singing, songs, acting, cinematography.. all really good but something just didn't quite click, I had no connection with the characters and the story was... meh. To be honest you guys are super talented and had so much awesome talent and materials at your disposal! While this is a good film, it is a shame to waste all this greatness on an average story. Some of the actors were fantastic, the old man at the end was great I would love to have him as one of my actors.

Constructive critisim is really towards the directors/whoever came up with the idea for the story. With such great costumes, location and cast this could have been an epic tale that grabbed you.. but ended up for me as just another film. A well made film sure, but nothing irgional jumped off the page for me. It seems like there are two types of teams in this competition: Ones who know how to make good films, and ones that have crazy origional ideas.. if you could just have a crazy good idea next year nothing will stop you! Can't wait to see what you produce!

Ok, so this was the typical film I have been reviewing, so i'll say what I said to the others.

You have great actors (the bruce willis/hat guy was great!, and all of you were convincing, articulate and fun to watch, especially Tane Menzies in the role of Simon) great ediiting skills (some really slick sequences towards the end there), good sound, cinematography, story writing and directing... so if you had all these great things why didn't I like your film? Well I did like it, it was OK, just not great. It wasn't great because the story was.. bland. It was about revenge, set in NZ 2011, a crime thriller, something we have all seen a million times on tv. If you sat down and thought up a crazy original idea and made it, I really think you could have finals material (Look at our film, the sound is all out, acting is terrible, but we have a crazy idea and we won a national prize) , My advice is (if you want any!) to think about what you are passionate about, what do you WANT to see on film? What film would you like to see if you cuold make a hollywood blockbuster? (Pretty sure it wouldn't be a crime thriller set in Dunedin) and then make it. Sure it might not be as good as a million doller production, but who knows with the passion and drive I see in your team you might just make something amazing, no pain no gain! And no risk no reward. Really looking forward to seeing your entry next year!

A nice wee musical here,

I thought the transition into musical was really good with the busker, very natural. Pitty it wasn't the first song.

The crane shot was amazing (after the second song)

Story was well writtem, props to the writters.

I really liked the flashback scene to school.
The romance down my pants line was really funny.

And just when I thought it was over I get an awesome dance off!! Great!

Really funny ending, did not expect it!

So this story starts slow, and builds up to a great finish. The two male leads were amzing at both acting and singing. Well done! Have no critisim, except it could have started with more energy, had more diologue/buildup between the rivalry (at the party), Mayby one or two minor characters to fill the story out a bit, and a few location shots (e.g. the party house).

Looking forward to your next year entry!

I left this review till last, as the film is so horrible I couldn't tackle it without either being drunk or desperate.. unfortunatly I have no alcohol so this is gunna be a bitch.

Ok got a nice wee musical intro from an Enrique Iglesias lookalike, not sure if he was gay or just had good fasion sense and a nice voice.. oh wait his SINGING voice is nice, he spoke an ruined the illusion of Enrique. You ruined the illusion! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I expect a better Enrique introduction next year with appropriate spanish accent found here ---->

Chromatic Aberration: WTF
Taurine Rising: Like “Blue Rising”, yay!
Superhero: WTF this is a shit genre
Chrtistchurch: YAY!

2/4, not bad!

As you can see here I am avoiding reviewing the film as long as possible.

OK... here we go. So a couple of lesbian schoolgirls start either fighting or making love, not to sure which, on a basketball court. The a fuckning V car drives in, a dramatic foot hits the ground... is it a V salesman? Is it the winner of the V car competition? Is it a V can? NO! Its fucking V MAN!!! who has the power to skip forward time to get to lesbian girls faster, and leap wire fences at the same speed normal humans do. VMAN grabs one of the lesbians (who were still having sex) and then.......................... heaven as his silky Adam West voice reverberates around the baseketball courts. “That's some attitute you have there young woman” He silkily purrs to the scared young girl, his word stimulation the edorphins in my body to ecstatic extasy.

I can't remember what happened next, all I could hear was his silky voice.. all I could see was his tighty spandexed body... and then.. he LOOKED AT ME!! And his eyes shon like litle clouds coming towards me. The lesbian fell uhnder VMANS spell, and ran away to the mystical land of off the camera, while VMAN starred longily and heroicly into the distance, his green spandex flexing like a million dolphins on crack.

And the scene changes! A mystical enemy base with scarry fans... and an evil bad guy! He is also wearing spandex... I think. Either that or a onesee pj suit. The Nacho Libre like character speaks in a tounge I do don understand (On second watching I found it was actually english, just in the bulgarian accent of the king from Chitty chitty bang bang). He is holding a big silver gun, and we have a nice 2 second panning shot of his stove. No comes the good part.....

bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom!!!!


A couple of oddly dressed and sexist news presenters (I believe christina applegate and Pee wee herman) are talking about something.. but i'm still thinking about VMANS voice (again second watching tells me that nacho libre is the bad guy and has killed 100's of people etc etc) It also shows that nacho is taller then the fuckin police board, and aparently his mask is actually his face as the police didn't take it off for the photo.

We then get the most cinematic, well acted, amazing scene in V48 Hours history. A Texas Ranger who has transferred to the Timaru Rangers (I can only assume this is Chuck Norris) tells us that “There aint nothing we can do to stop him” in an american drawl that gives William Shatner's T.J Hooker a run for his money. I loved this scene, I could have watched a whole movie of this one camera angle and guy (no shit).

So turns out its not “VMAN” it is “The V” , hmm I like VMAN, sound like “The Man!” Except in German. Ok so the hot newspresenter tells us that VMAN is the only hope at stopping the king in Chitty chitty bang bang, along with a picture of VMAN from the 70's giving the peace sign and smoking question mark shaped puffs of weed smoke. OMG!! OK I didn't see this coming but...

Pee wee herman IS VMAN!! wow, this changes the dynamic of the movie completely. Is hot presenter chick also a schoolgirl lesbian? Meh I can't be bothered checking. The plot fucking thickens!!

Ok so “Victor” (Pee Wee) runs round the corner and rips open his bowtied vest to reveal his spandex, I can't remember much after that... as he opened his mouth again. I believe he pulled his V product placement car out of his pocket and was driving alone.. he may have been talking to Kit from Knight Rider... or mayby I smoked some of VMANs question marks.

After some gps action from kit, and some music and stuff.. we come to the final showdown.. in an empty car park. VMAN exits the car and approaches King Nacho mask face.

They exchange evil words.... VMAN shows off his utility belt he stole from Adam West... Nacho pulls out a foam sword... VMAN turns his wire utility belt into another foam sword.. FIGHT!

After the fight going on too long with no punch sound effects and some batman inspired “SMACK!” logos.. Nacho picks up his silver gun.. oh NO!! He shoots invisible rays .. omg his gun is actually a sonic screwdriver from doctor who.. VMAN is donw, but no fear! He makes a V can out of wire.. the lesbians are nowhere to be seen... and then. It happened.

The V can roles over to a foot.. McGyver music cues in, and the camera pans up to see the wind swept hair of a corset wearing lesbian newspresenter called Bobby. She used to be a bully, but now she is called Taurine, catch! VMAN drinks the V, and has a dramatic slow mo rising scene.

Nachoe is cornerd... VMAN brings out his cloud eyes (Which I now deduct are weed eyes) His eyes kill nacho king man.. and we come to the last scene.

HIGH FIVE! (Between Taurine and The V)

Taurine - “Hey cool car, how about I drive?”

The V - “Sure thing pretty lady, catch” (Key sound)

Kit - “You have got to be kidding me”

Yes... you have got to be kidding me. Worst movie ever in the history of V48 hours, well done guys. Looking forward to your next year entry!!

nice little film here, be warned my review is quite predictable...

Brilliant brilliant art department, the costumes were amazing, the whole look of the film was really really good, reminded me of "Zoolander" and "Big"

Cinematography, impressive. Sound and music, really good.. I liked the plonky sound track. The story was good too... had some nice twists (wasnt expecting the wire mutilation!) and a good ending, and good direction all round. I felt there was alot going for this film, but what let me down was the acting. Don't get me wrong it was good acting, but with such a ridiculous story (and costumes) this film pathed the way for every comedic actors dream.. being over the top! You should watch "Periodic Elements" skip foward to 2:34 the acting style of this guy is what would have tipped this film over the edge from good little film, to jaw droppingly awesome! This plus a bit more character development (e.g. one of the characters going on a "journey") would have made me love this film. As it is tho amazing costumes and solid script still make me really like it. Looking foward to your next year film, and hope you take on some of my constructive critisism!

This tells the story of a girl who meets up with a girl she knew in high school for some wine, there is an earthquake.. but she finds her friend is fine.

This was really well made, the animation style was original and clever, and kept me entertained the whole time. What can I say about this film? Sound was good, fitted well with the visuals and helped drive the story along (for instance the munching sound was great), music fitted as well, the editing was solid. Cinematography was really slick here and helped bring the brilliant animation to life... the animation here was the main thing that stood out for me. However despite all these great film making talents I didn't like this film, here's why.

It had a terrible story. Alot of reviews say they like the story.. and I admit it was well written, just not a good story, it's like Jules Vern being forced to write two word per page childerens books. With slick animations like this and so much effort put in i was hoping for at least a nice yarn, and secretly hoping for some amazing story that would not only blow me away but also take advantage of using animation. "Limitless" and "Crank" spring to mind.. I would have loved a story like that, that messed with your mind and partnered with the animation in telling a truly surreal story. With animation you have so many avenues you can explore... things you can not do in live action films. A few examples are extream expressions, violent action, surreal moments, and unexpectedness (See Charlie the Unicorn on Youtube!). However I really felt let down here i'll be honest... a boring story coupled with amazing film making talent, a waste of such skill.

Also a more animated voice over (or more surreal - see "Waking Life" or "Waltz with Bashir", two amazing films that take advantage of animation to tell their story, and have solid voice overs).

I also didn't like the inclusion of the earthquake element, as you can imagine why. It's not too soon, just not like this.

Your team has alot of potential, the animation and visuals here (and sound) were finals material, I'm really looking forward to seeing your future work and I hope you really think outside the box in terms of what you can achieve with animation. I really suggest watching at least "Waking Life" (or just youtube it) as it has some inspirational use of animation.

First of all really nice cinemitography, was beatifully shot. Second I thought the girl with the short cropped hair was really good, had such a natural presence in front of the camera. her expression when te brown haired girl said about the shrink, priceless!

Really nice to see a story driven movie, bold move. All the characters we nicely defined and didn't really fit any stereotypes.

Music and sound, spot on. Like all the best films it was subtle and effect without being in your face. Nice use of the prop too.

Were the girls friends? I felt a good connection between them, really natural... almost felt like a girl myself watching it! Good acting by all the girls. I really liked the mix.

I felt... relaxed watching this film. I was happy with no action, I could have watched a feature film like this to be honest, amazing production by Peter Haynes. The ash urn really surprised me, nice ending! The editing I didn't even notice, which for a film like this is a sign of perfect editing.. well done.

A couple of pieces of creative critism,

- I felt a really artistic finsih would have been amazing.. the ash blowing away in the wind would have ended the film perfectly (instead of it sort of clumping out)

- The music at the end was slighty too "western" sounding.

Apart from that, great great film! I felt relaxed and free after watching it (perhaps the feelings of the girls portrayed back to me). I'm giving it 4 and a half stars... not because I didn't like it, but because as far as use of my time goes I feel another type film could have made a bigger impact. Looking foward to seeing your film next year! Ah I feel so peaceful at the moment just feel like drifting off on a cloud...

Good stuff, liked the intro. I was a little sceptical at first as it is a little cliqued and "clever" to make a movie about social media, however despite my reservations about the topic I thought this movie was OK.

The first diologe sceen felt so natural, the actress playing Bobby Y really came across as if I was right there talking to her, well done impressive job. The whole start conversation was natural, this is not doubt due to the script writters as well as the actors, the smoothness of this scene and natural "real" feel reminded me of the first diologe scene in "Limitless".

Slick cinematiography, I noted the camera got a bit shacky when she exits the house, nice.. real gave a sense of unease.

What was with the guy carying the giant bear! Haha don't know if it was intentional but best moment of the film.

So this movie was well made, well acted, wel directed, but i'll be honest I felt though that it lacked being interesting. This could have been a great movie with a better plot, but I thought the stalker theme was abit of a copout. A slick film that was watchable, entertaining, but just felt hollow. The story was ok, just left no room for any deeper meaning. You guys have alot of potential to make good films, I hate to see it wasted on the safe option... I'm probebly being a bit harsh but going for the safe option is what I dislike most about films! I look foward to your entry next year and hope you put your excellent acting and filming skills to more creative endevours!

I have said this in so many reviews this year, because there is so much talent out there that seem to make films with no passion but great film making skills... but my suggestion is get one crazy team member who is really passionate about filming and creative ideas, and then make their dream film! You have the power in your hands, now go use it!

[Watched this in the screening room]

This is the story of a man who is speaking to a mouse. He tells the mouse of a prince and princess.. and we find out he is jealous of the prince, and that he has kidnapped the princess. The film ends by him feeding the mouse to her.

I liked this film, quite a bit in fact. For me I saw alot of underlying themes. The main character was older then the couple, balding, and unshaven, while the prince was young, handsome and clean cut. I felt genuine sorrow for the older man, feeling like life had passed him by and that he wasn't good enough for the princess. It highlighted the sad truth that good things bring good things, and bad bad... I felt that the older man was nice, kind, and loving, and only rejection had driven him to this point of anger, jealousy and madness. In fact, I felt such a strong connection between the two lead actors that for a while I thought he was telling the mouse about his past self.. but hold on, maybe he was? Sure the prince wasn't his past self, but could have been a very close match, with the main character bitter about his age and apparent loneliness compared to when he was young. Or maybe he had been a loser all his life, maybe he had been driven to breaking point... maybe he never experienced love when he was young and that is why he is jealous. There is depth to this story, and I'm glad they didn't explain it further. It made me think about life, about what we take for granted, and about how I would tackle the hurdles life throws at you. I felt that the young lovers were taking it all for granted, would they feel the same if one of them were ugly? I'm sure they wouldn't.. however I feel that the older man would be interested in someone because of their heart not what they look like (even though he is handsome himself). I could talk for hours about the meanings and thoughts this film evoked in me, and haven't even mentioned the symbolism of the mouse, why is he talking to it? Why a mouse? And why does he feed it to the girl? Perhaps so part of him is now part of her.

The production elements of this film were spot on, big props to the cinematographer Allan George for creating a masterpiece to look at. I loved the lighting on the older mans face, bringing out his every expression and characteristic, and the shots of the young couple really made me feel connected with the story. The writing was good, it drove the story along and didn't bog down in trying to be clever, it just seemingly meshed into the film, well done. Editing, sound, music, all so subtly good that I can't remember any of them (In a good way!) the perfect example of how all elements come together to produce a piece of art, congrats to the director Ben Fowler as this film really feels like it has one goal, one common purpose and one direction. Finally the actors, they were brilliant. I loved the connection between the couple, I didn't doubt it for a second and they really brought a young naivety to the screen that opened up alot of avenues for thought, and the main actor.. very nice job. He fell into the character flawlessly and I felt a real connection between himself and the prince, himself and the princess, himself and the mouse, and more importantly himself and me, perfect performance.

If I had any suggestions it would be that the colourfulness of the mouse cage detracted from the story a little, perhaps if he was holding the mouse in his hands the whole time it would have been better. Also if the girl at the end had been in the shadow so we didn't know if she was the princess or not it would have garnered more mystery, and finally I felt the end freeze was weak, I would much rather a freeze on the older mans eyes, or perhaps on the girls eyes. Apart from that, a really splendid film... I am looking forward to seeing you guys next year!

[Watched this in the screening room]

Well firstly, really slick intro! A bit better then ours haha.

Nice location to start, and filter. Reminded me of "In cold blood" an epic playstation game I used to play in 2000.

So I freakin loved this film, it was amazing. It throws you right in seeing a dead guy on some train tracks, and the very first scene after the main title (in the house) is mind blowing, I didn't think i was in a Hollywood film.. this went one step further, I thought I was in real life. The music, the actors, everything in this scene is perfect. And the awesomeness continues. There is a story going on here, but it is overshadowed by the good film making (if that is possible). A girl gets raped at a party, and her brother and his mate are out for revenge, the kidnap him in a very creative way! I love the random conversation about vegans! This is what films should be like. And the "fingernails" dialogue, real props to the writer of this. The music fits perfectly, I love it when it stops when she says "Take his pants off:, priceless. And then when she is like awww "Pants!" I honestly think the writer of this deserves an Oscar.

So there is a chase and they end up killing him by accident. I like also how the movie doesn't end where it started but gives a little extra. The ending was amazing, completely didn't expect that freeze frame. Everything about this film was amazing, the actors were superb (especially the main actor with the shaved head), the cinematography was very very slick, music and sound spot on, editing spot on, was this produced by a production company? Sure felt like it!

literally everything was amazing except one thing.. it wasn't an interesting story! After watching this I just wanted to go tell all my friends about this amazing film about... this guys that beats up a girl and then gets kidnapped and accidentally killed. Yea. I think this film is amazing, the script blew me away, as did everything else. It just needed... to have an interesting story! Even if the same story was used but the whole thing was put in a unique scenario/location (e.g. 1970's New Zealand would have been great), this film is literally 9.9 out of 10, and I think one of the best in my experience with V48. Keep up the good work guys! Looking forward to seeing your future work, and If I had one suggestion it would be this.. next year get one team member who is a little bit crazy and let them pick the plot/theme/tone, then make the best movie, ever.

[Watched this in the screening room]

Starts of with two convicts and two cops in a car. They are chatting away and then bam! Well this one caught me by surprise! Didn't realise it was a musical until the tough guy in the back opened his mouth and instead of words out came beautiful lyrics on a beautiful voice. It picked up from there with a round of singing for each person (excluding sadly the guy with the beard.. was looking forward to his part!). Followed by the car stopping, and the convicts attempting to flee, and being shot in the ending freeze frame.

I liked this film, the minutes shot by and the singing was really good (especially the bald convict). It was a nice little story that was professional, well polished, and original. Good direction of the whole thing by Robert Holt as all the elements come together nicely. It kinda felt like it was shorter then it actually was (probably because of using just one location for the majority of the film).

Greg Inwood was charming and entertaining as the sheriff, I could easily watch him alongside William Shatner hunting down the bad guys in T.J. Hooker. I really liked the scene where his laughing subtly turns to sobbing! Something about his eyes is also pretty amazing, great expressiveness. Andrea Beryl has a sticking quality about her, a youthful quality trying to breakout of years of dull oppression.. I really felt connected to her character and that she had an elaborate back story even though it wasn't mentioned, great acting! The two convicts were I thought very well cast. I really liked how there was the young guy and the mature guy, thrown together into a social situation they usually wouldn't be in. It was the Jason Statham lookalike ta ht blew me away, i'm not sure if it was a voice over or his voice, but an amazing voice coming from that bald tattooed head.

A nice solid script, looks like some effort was put in here and paid off. The end is a little unbelievable but hey, it's a musical (and everyone is bobbing their heads!). Amazing costumes, set (the cop car) and lighting. Could be strait from Dukes of Hazard! Nice to see an original music score, very well done. While this was a great film, it feels like it would better for a 3min film rather then 6.

I feel it would have been better if

- The car was moving! even some light shaking would have been a good idea. I saw some shaking for exterior shots, however mayby it distracted from the singing.

- Some sweeping shots of the actors when they are singing, just to add to the grandure of the whole thing and keep the interest visually. If you want to know what I mean then check out the table scene from this entry from last year:

- More locations. This i think is the key, you had great actors, some solid cinematography, sound editing, story... everything a good film needs. It was original, just needed a bit more scope. If you had started in some jail cells even, the inclusion of one or two more sets would have made this great film even greater, and finals material. Keep up the great work guys! Looking forward to seeing you next year putting your excellent film making skills to (hopefully) more epic and grand film making!

[Watched this at the Christchurch Finals]
This film remeinded me of "Rear Window" Starring James Stewart.
A nice solid entry here, good production qualities, but what they nailed here was the whole feeling and vibe of the thing, and the acting.
I can honestly say I really felt sorry for the guy when the girls "date" showed up, the pretty girl did a comedable job as the love interest, and the lead was very good in his forlorn yet hopeful state. It was abit cheesy and predictable, but a minor point that can be worked on next year im sure!
Haha the eating well bit was awesome! And the exercises bit was really well done, the energy and shock value really helps kick the story off. Really nice when the music comes in with the girl, made it feel like ok this really is a film not just some guys having fun on the weekend. The mani actor here was really good, convincing and not over the top. I liked the situation he was in, it seemed really real, watching the girl he liked wit another boy (who hasn't had that feeling). Nice wee happy ending, good music (although a tad loud at parts) all in all a well rounded production.. you guys have a lot of talent and looking forward to your entry next year!

One piece of constructive critisim, with a film like this that relies on a simple story and not much diologue, it really would have been great to see a better set (for instance really sticking to one theme with the setting, and that theme being origional instead of 2011 NZ. You could have done New Zealand in the 60's or 70's or something), apart from that well dnoe!.

[Watched this at the Christchurch Finals]

I will write a more comprehensive review once it is up in the screening room.

This film was good, it combined flawless elements of production such as cinematography, sound, and editing (all well executed) with that magic element that a film/play needs to be memorable and great. In Hamlet it was the monologue "To be or not to be" , in Independence Day it was Will Smith, in Saving Private Ryan it was the cinematography, and in "Naughty Man" it was I believe, the combination of the Spartan beard and a cute kid. One detractor noted that the beard didn't portray a suburban dad very well, however I believe that the beard is part of what makes this movie great. Imagine it without it? It would be like "aww that sweet movie with the dad and the kid... what was it called? I can't remember because it fits perfectly into my stereotypical brain patterns." However with the spartan beard our brain is fried, it doesn't know what do to, so it imprints the film in our memories like a scalding knife in hot butter produced straight from the udder of the prize cow. But that's not all, there is also extremely deep random juxtaposition, and oxymoron(ing?) going on. The stimulation of creativity is rampant in this film when the goal/problem (the cute kid scared of the toilet) is confronted with a "randomly selected object or concept" , in this case, the spartan beard. Combine with this the symbolism of strength garnered from the big strong dad with Achilles beard (a sign of manlyness) contrasting the puny little boy in all his cute wonder, and you have "Naughty Man".

If more films had "spartan beards", more films would be awesome.

[Watched this in the screening room]

Wow what can I say about "Raptured", it blew my socks off in a way I never expected.

Firstly it felt like I was watching a movie, I felt like it could have continued on another hour and a half (I wish it had!) I was sceptical at first (odd choice of car!), but all the elements of great film making came together to have me in honest suspense. I felt like I have never felt in a movie before, that ANYTHING could happen. Usually you know what is going to happen, whether it is zombies or killer sharks, but here it was different. When the lead character (the young girl) runs up and we get a huge wide shot of the horizon I felt like a swarm of spitfires would appear on the skyline, then the next second I thought the house would explode... then the next that a giant squid would appear from the wave, it was truly a magnificent feeling that I hope I feel again in the future! (one way that would have reinforced the mystery and suspense is the clothing and car, if they had been more generic so I could not guess the time period). The cinematography had some brilliant moments, props to Andrew Strugnell, and the music fitted so well in the story that I felt it was pulling at the draw strings of my emotions rather than my ears! Sound, editing, story, acting and all other aspects of the film were solid and helped the film feel like one, a superb accomplishment in directing by Michael Gates.

Special mention must go to the father, who had a great screen presence and I felt was underutilised, and to.. the man. After waiting the whole movie for something to happen, I get a 2 second glimpse at perhaps the scariest expression on a man I have ever seen, best actor/actress in the whole thing! The two female leads were also convincing, I really liked the moment the mum looks through the window and hears "voices" (I almost got caught up in a whole new tangent there) and the daughter as the protagonist is well cast, not for one second did I believe she was not experiencing what she was experiencing on screen.

Constructive criticism, well obviously the car and clothes... changing them would have done alot for me in this movie. Also like many films it lacked memorability, in sits on the verge of my mind ready to tumble into my memory banks for ever, or slip off and never be seen again. I think the inclusion of something truly unique and original could have raised the bar of this film alot in my mind. (How hard would it be to add a giant killer whale leaping out of the water at the end? haha) Awesome effort guys, defiantly looking forward to your film next year, but this time maybe not suspense! I am in too much suspense waiting to see you put your filming skills to less nail biting and more eye popping!

[Watched this in the screening room]

This was an entertaining and solid film from Craig Bickerstaff, it tells the story of Bobby Young who is trapped in an elevator, and interacts with two characters, "The Operator" and "Abigail", through which he explores his internal self, and overcomes emotional hurdles. From what I took from the film the characters he sees appear to be in his mind. I liked this film, It had a lot of good points, was well rounded, polished, and executed. The production values were spot on.

The main actor here Anthony Zhou had an impressive subtle presence about him, he reminded me of Josh Hartnett in Sin City, and really pulled the character off well. A few minor errors in his accent aside, he was convincing and original. His wardrobe and appearance were spot on and fitted well with the overall feel and atmosphere of the film, and so did the look of both Tanya Christensen and Lise Baldwin so props to Kirsten Taiapa.

Tanya and Lise both had believable performances here, commendable actresses who really portray their characters like they have been living them all their lives. Tanya impressed me with her gusto and fiery performance, and yet it was so carefully restrained that I never felt she was actually there, which could have been a problem with a more provocative stance... I felt like she was only an aberration of my mind; a perfect example of collaboration between director and actress. I really enjoyed watching Lise perform, her eyes, facial expressions, and the delivery of lines just drew me into the performance, hanging on her every word. I really commend all three actors here, some of the finest I have seen in V48 Hours.

There are so many elements here that are just spot on there is no other way to describe them, from the beautiful cinematography of Luke Karamali that captured the feeling of being trapped in a lonely elevator, and sparks the imagination through lighting and unique camera angles (I loves the wide shot); to the original music of Carvin Knowles that fitted perfectly, not overshadowing the film but accompanying it in harmony with the visuals. Sound, editing, story and all other elements of this film seemed to mesh into one, a fine accomplishment by the director Craig Bickerstaff. In regards to sound, nice use of echoes, came in the second time just at the right time to remind me he is in an elevator.

What stood out for me in "Operator" was to be honest the production quality's, and skill of the director. The story was solid, but did not grab my imgination in the same way the other elements did, and while the film was entertaining and very well made, I feel like it was lingering on the verge of being a masterpiece. Here is a bit of constructive criticism, which I hope your team take in so that next year your film is even more amazing.

- Creativity: I felt that there was a spark missing, something memorable and new that leaves an imprint on the mind. Anthony Zhou did a brilliant job and is one of the main reasons I like this film, tapping into his talent a little more and showing a bit more emotion would have been great. The problem here was I instantly linked this film in my mind to "The Matrix" for various reasons, so wanted to see something new and unique (I was hoping the elevator would fall!) I suggest finding some crazy film student who is bubbling with creative ideas, and take a few on board. You guys have the skill and power to make ideas come to life, so use that!

- Length and editing: I felt it was a little long, and a little action would have helped. Even if the action involved sharper faster cuts (in the editing booth) just to keep the audience visually stimulated (as we are seeing the same room for the whole time).

- Story: Kinda goes hand in hand with creativity. I was hoping for something unique and exciting and got... good. But good isn't enough (unless your goal is just to win prizes), creativity is what makes film and art form. Your team has real potential, I think a story with a bit more ommmfh (for want of a better word!) could have really made your film memorable.

All in all a really good job by Craig Bickerstaff and his team, a great film that made me think, smile, and stand in awe. Thanks to the performance of Anthony Zhou it is memorable in my mind, and rises above the masses of forgettable films. Keep up the excellent work Team Spielberg, your film have the right stuff, and could easily be mistaken for a Hollywood production! Chuck in a random creative guy and you will be away laughing next year to the finals.

[Watched this in the screening room]

Nice team name!

We see the lives of some children, who hate their dad and stepmom, and miss their mum who died (apparently with a stake through the eyes), so become superheros in their imaginations to fight back emotionally.

What did I just watch? wow.

So at first I thought it was very odd.. and the kids were too young to be in such a serious film however it grew on me. By the end of the film I felt like I had been transported into a different world, through the brilliant narration of the lead kid, and the going in between real life and drawings, by the closing credits I felt like I was a kid, looking through the eyes of a kid and through the mind of a kid, very well done. I didn't even notice what the production qualities were because I was too engrossed in the film, I can't remember if there was music, or how long it was, it's like I just exited a dream world.

Well done on the acting in this, the kids did a supurb job (as well as the adults, especially the dad), I think the main kid should have been nominated for best actor! He was robbed of the title honestly. And the final freeze frame was the best moment I saw in V48 hours this year, pure gold. I hope to see your team next year! Second best film I have seen so far this year! 5 stars!

Will writw a more comprehensive review when sleep deprived

[Watched this in the screening room]

Reality tv following two guys, one is a bully, the other has a bit of wire.

Ok so average...... then he pulls out the freakin huge bit of paper! Awesome.This had a couple of cool moments, poking the guy in the tree with a pink sound boom! I thought the two male leads were good actors, well done. Apart from that this was juts kinda.. ok.

I wont list all the aspects, they were all ok, not great and not bad. I would hire the two asian leads! So good job guys!

[Watched this in the screening room]

I had this idea, to make a film trailer, i'm kinda glad I didn't. This just felt... not like a film. And even worse it felt like a non film I didn't want to watch the real film of. Solid cinematography, a bit of effort put in here... but really feel flat for me. The storyline evoked no emotion, or anything for that matter... you didn't know who the characters were, and half the screen time was taken up by either slow motion shots or words explaining that it was "coming this summer". I must admit I liked the "fake trailer" to "Machete", but this just didn't do it for me. If your film is only 3 mins long then It better be 3 minutes of awesomeness!

Hope you guys enter next year as you clearly have filming, editing, sound, and acting skills.

[Watched this in the screening room]

OMG i loved your intro, best intro I have seen to anything ever.
I believe this film was late being submitted.

This film rocks, its freakin awesome. REALLY good use of the line, brilliant cinematography, great acting (especially the video store guy) kinda looks like they had the uniforms before hand... bet they had a laugh when they got musical! The signing was freaking epic (and the dnacing army chicks). Really clever diologe in the songs as well (checking out my... chest press! hahaha)

OMG the sarge's laugh right before the epic wire challange, so funny!! Loved it! the use of the wire was amazing, totally wasn't expecting it.

This is by far the best V48 hours film I have ever seen.

[Watched this in the screening room]

I didn't like this film.

It was ok I guess, an ok idea and ok production values. The drawings are ok.

I think two things made this torture for me, firstly the repetitive nature of the music/"singing" , second was I didn't like the drawings. I would much have preffered some drawings with origionality, instead of being what you imagin being in every kids book.

The story was huge, they really thought it out. The whole thing was too long though, and just.. meh. I want to watch films to be inspired, shoked, to feel emotions, learn new things, this had noen of those qualities. Some good skill and talent here in this team, put it to creative use and i'll be keen to see your future films!

[Viewed this in the screening room]

Ahh the last duel.

A snazzy looking story about two guys having a duel (with pistols) in elizabethian england. It had good production qualities, however I felt was lacking.

While it had some good moments (the ending was pretty intense), and looked fantastic, the story was pretty weak and it dragged on alot. The acting was ok, a couple of forced moments there made me feel like I was watching a play. The element however that I feel let it down was lack of origionality, not meaning to sound harsh as it is an ok film, but lack of being orgional is just like copying other people, and where is the fun in that?

With obviously some good gear, costumes and location, a great story would have rounded this off nicely. I hope your team enters next year as your production is top rate, just try get some crazy guy on your team this time, or dream up something fantastical! Nice starting shot by the way (with the letter) props to whoever did the cinemitography and costumes.

[Watched this in the screening room]

So the whole film is set in a bathroom, we see the comings and goings of people, their interactions, and hear conversations outside the bathroom. Some sort of storyline involving the main guys boss being his wifes ex bully, ending up in the boss leaving after a fight.


This movie made me uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. Mayby it was because it was set in a bathroom (and you know its not leaving!) mayby the mirrors.. something about it. It also made me want to not get married! ha. Some good cinematography here, nice origional idea and execution. I guess I had myself wondering what was the point of that? Well if the point of the movie was to make me dread getting old and domesticated then you succeded!

The sound was ok, acting was ok, just a nice produced little film that got me thinking, not bad for a v48 hours flick. Still uncomfortable though...

[Watched this in the screening room]

I really liked this film!

So three guys go to the park where they usually hang out, but the other guy isn't there. So they start talking about where he could be, which turns into a musical for each new theory (kidnaped by a cult, a secret agent etc) accompanied by a little video clip.

I thought this film worked very well, a really good and simple idea that reminded me on "The Lonely Island" and "Flight of the concords". The film flows well and each new scenario was executed pretty well (I loved the secret agent bit). The acting was pretty good I must admit, non of this typical kiwi accent sounding weird on camera, just sounded natural. I guess the end was abit predictable, but hey sometimes thats what makes a good film. Thats just what this was, a good film. It wasn't mind blowingly amazing, but it was pretty good.

I think if more jokes had been written into the script, the cinematography was up to par (was pretty average) and if the musical bits had been recorded professionally then this could have been a real contender in the finals. However as it is its a great film showing the passion and spirit of v48 hours, and Im looking foward to seeing your guys entry next year! You should watch "Jack Sparrow" by "The Lonely Island" on youtube: , similar concept and a look at what your film reminded me of, and what it could look like if you guys got some good gear. Keep it up!

[Watched this in the screening room]

Liked your team intro, in the spirit of v48! (fun!)

So these two sisters are getting bullied by a boy (Bobby Young), the movie is basically them being bullied, plotting their revenge, and finally getting it in the freeze frame ending!

For some reason I really liked this film, it had a certain quality about it. Probebly a bit too washed out and the sound was a bit dodgy, but the acting was great from the three kids (especially the older sister) and I really liked the music and tone of the film. The inclusion at the start or older versions (I assume) was really cleaver, and the freeze frame ending was priceless! Probebly dragged on a little long, but all in all entertaining, origional and cleaver. Glad to see a film taht values a good story and creative artistry over ticking the judging boxes and looking flash. You guys have potential, I will be looking out for your film next year!

[Watched in the screening room]

So there is this guy who is trying to start a movement base around pieces of bent wire, he gets some follows, whos lives get better and stand around with wire. There are some bad guys that walk in slow motion, and then in the future some guy dies and gives his son his wire.

This film was... average.

Obviously they had some good equipment, props to whoever did the cinematography. It felt like an awesome film with a really crappy story and delivery. A good effort, but in my opinion lacking creativity and.. well creativity. This could easily have been a contender at the finalists if they just had a good story. The acting was passable, I liked the boy who gets beat up half way through. Kinda wasn't a point to the film and didn't evoke any emotion. However the skills are there, with some creative storytelling this team has potential (I'll be honest the cinematography was mind blowing at times).

[Watched this in the screening room]

Nice little intro. You look like you are from Wellington for some reason!

I loved the first shot of this film, don't know if the skacky camera was intentional but works really well and got me interested from the getgo. Wow stunned by some of the cinematography here, it really has the feel of a quality production. Especially the panning shot around the bed. Well done Cameron Betts! Hahaha really unexpected use of the wire! made me smile. The main actor here reminded me of Arnold Rimmer (from Red Dwarf) for some reason, mayby his awkwardness when he is with the boy. I felt like you should have added "There" after the "What have you got" Line, would have seemed more natural. Really cool when the car drives past and turns into a hand pushing the toy car! Impressive getting the sound right even by the ocean.

This was a nice film, I enjoyed it. It really didn't have a strong enough story in my opinion, but all the other elements were there. In particular Cameron Betts did a splendid job.

[Watched this at the heats]

One room movie I believe, a guy stuck in the room witha ceramic squirral.

This film was hilarious, the main actor did a splendid job (in his tophat) and the whole production came together well. Highlights were the cat roulette, and whoever was doing the voice for the squirrel! Not wuite in the WTF catergory for me (as it actually had a storyline) however very good work keep it up guys!

This is our film so can't really review it (so will go for the average of 3 stars here). However thanks for all the feedback keep it coming! We had alot of fun making this film and it turned out well, the sort of result (and feedback) we were hoping for!

So stoked to have won Incredibly Strange Best Bad Film award for Christchurch for our first year effort! Next year here we come.

[Watched this at the heats]

This film had some great cinematography, with a few moments there feeling like a real hollywood film. I thought this film was OK, but didn't love it as much as everyone else seemed to. It had good production qualities and the acting was alright. The guy with the cowboy hat seemed a bit out of place! (cowboy hat in NewZealand?)

I really loved the satanic guy, especially when he turns his back and you see he is naked! Quality entertainment there I must say. All in all a solid production, however I feel it lacked creativity and that "something" that makes a film memorable. Kinda just seemed like a film that you watch and you are like "oh that was good it ticked all the boxes". Good job though, high quality film and I believe this team has the potential to make a really mind blowing film with a bit of creative input. Well done!

[Watched this in the screening room]

Nice word play on "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett! Obviously some theatre crowd in your team.

First thing I noticed was the quality of camera, not the best. However that doesn't detract from the film for me, as it is not a creative element and can be easily fixed. Nice opening music sets the mood well so well done to Kevin MacLeod for that. The music throughout was very good, even gave me a fright when the preacher grabs the pretty pilates girl! (Stacey O'Brien, who did a great job acting her part when she is trying to get out the door) The preacher is convincing and well cast, he surprised me with acting chops he put into the "Goddam"! and I love his expression at the end! however it was "Brother Gabriel" (Matthew Poucher) who really caught my eye at the start, the actor had a presence on the screen that really blew me away, a quality about him that could easily translate to a hollywood production. The other actors all did well, especially Marc Tamargo who had a great energy about him.

I liked the editing style here, really kept me engaged. Solid cinimetography by Megan Green with some really nice moments towards the end after the Preacher puts on the halo, however with the epic speech it really would have added an element to the film with some intense closeups and panning shots.

I enjoyed this film and watched it a few times to catch the good moments, a solid piece of work from Joy Green it looks like you really brought the production together well and I would hire you as an assistant director any day. I felt you had a really good cast and crew, who had alot of potential that we can only see bubbling on the surface. I am giving the film 3 out of 5 stars, ultimatly the performances and music make it watchable, however I feel the story was lacking and not entirly origional. Here is some constructive criticism. I think you should definatly compete next year, and with some minor tweaking could create a finals worth film.

- Cinemotography: A good camera does make a difference to the whole feel of the film. I think introducing some interesting shots and angles could have made a big difference in building tession here. While the filming was spot on for delivering the story, some creativity could really bring the story to life. Those moments when the camara angle was great really drew me into the film, especially the last shot. Solid job by Megan Green I would hire her to do my camera work.

- Story: The story was ok, it dragged a little in the middle with perhaps to many bible readings. I think more of the end was needed (for instance the girl trying to get out). I would really have liked to see some closeups of the peoples emotions as the rapture is coming, however solid story with some good diologue moments. Really funny when the preacher trys to speak with his mouth full! Keep up the good writing Rebecca Freeman, Joanne Hall, Matthew Poucher, Sasha Lipinsky and Joy Green.

- Costumes: Really nice job on Satans hand, all the constumes were convincing.

- Editing: Keep doing what you are doing! Good job by Marc Tamargo, Joy Green and Nic Green.

- Sound/Music: Also spot on well done Kevin MacLeod.

- Acting: Adam Maynard, I liked your performance it was solid and convincing and reminded me of Geoffrey Rush, will some work on your accent and remembering of lines you have potential for leading roles. Sasha Lipinsky, well cast, your performance gave me slight shivers down my spine (in a good way!), you would be perfect in a horror, loved your quiet intensity. Matthew Poucher: As I mentioned earlier real gold here, your manirisms and presence infront of the camera really drew me into the film, I feel you could tell a whole story without speaking and still keep the audience entertained. You would fit right into a Robert Rodriguez movie without breaking a sweat! Well done. Natasha Melbye: I really liked you in this, you had a look about you that really fitted the film well, a look in your eyes that suggests forlone hope. Reminded me alot of Nicki Clyne. Stacey O'Brien: Loved your performance, good delievery of lines and really convincing acting trying to get out of the room. Gunna be bias here and say you were really hot! Keep it up. Trent Pedley: Well rounded actor here, good intensity when you threw yourself down, and I liked your facial expresivness. I think you have real potential and would be perfect playing a solider in a war drama. Marc Tamargo: Really great energy and funny guy, could easily cast you in a buddy comedy! You reminded me alot of Danny McBride in Tropic Thunder. Keep it up! And finally Nic Green: Well, nice hand! Good drumming down of the fingers there, wouldn't want that hand on my shoulder!

Special mention to Joanne Hall, I don't know what you did but I loved everyones hair in this!

Joy Green: Overall I liked your film, really good direction of the whole thing. In fact I have changed by mind after watching it through a few times I am going to give it 3 and a half stars. My suggestions are keep that team together, work on your script being origional, get some creativity behind the camera angles, really push your actors to the limit (I saw alot of potential here) and get a good camera. You and your whole team have something special about you, a certain spark that has the potential to go on to great things. Keep it up! If I has your team I would be a very happy director and already I can think of so much you guys can achieve together.

[Watched this at the heats]

This was in the WTF category, but was enjoyable (for a one time viewing only!)
Had the crowd in stiches, especially at the end where we actually got some visual to accompany the audio!