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Very fun to watch but could have been done much much stronger.

Lead actor was hilarious.

Cool idea, could have been fantastic with better actors.

Funny idea, the movie dragged on.

Incredible, incredible... incredible.

Overall, just kinda boring.

Fantastic film, but I'm uncertain how well it would hold up to watching it a second or third time - once you know the ending, that's it.

This made me really sad.

Not very good until the final joke, which is fantastic.

My favourite film of the entirety of heats 1, 2 and 3.

Not as good as everyone is making out. Cool idea though.

Best take on the Science Gone Mad genre of Friday night

I feel like this team ran out of time to make a film so just kinda... came up with... this

The best film of Heat 2 by far.

This film was absolutely awful, until the final 30 seconds or so came along and saved it!

The only buddy film I saw on Friday night that stuck to its genre. Good work.

A lot of fun for the first half, but after a while it outstayed its welcome.

Even though there were sound issues the whole way through, from what we saw, this seemed more like a fantasy story than a black comedy - remember: stick to your genre!

Just another film I didn't understand...

Hilarious, great match cut, not super memorable overall.

Absolutely hilarious. Such a shame this was disqualified as well...

A cute film, and very happy, but didn't end up amounting to much.

everything about this bored me to sleep, the sound levels were all over the place and the camera was amateurish.

Easily the best film of this heat, such a shame it was disqualified.

An enjoyable film, with an incredibly predictable and cliched ending.

I wonder whether the reviews have been a bit less harsh on this film because of the obvious editing issues throughout? Overall, it was still a solid film and a great concept, but would have been better given more time to make it.

I had a hard time understanding this one too.

While quite an enjoyable time, I feel like once we knew the shock ending, the rest of the film didn't hold up quite as nicely.

While highly entertaining, this one wasn't memorable by the end of the night. The final scene was a laugh though.

Of this heat, The Park Bench is one of the ones I liked most. The camera could have been of a higher quality, and the team could have spend more time working on sound, but overall it was a godo movie

I really didn't get this one at all.

I don't understand all the negativity on here so far! By far one of the most entertaining films in this heat.

Absolutely the worst film of this heat. There was no progression for any of the characters, the genre was portrayed awfully and cliches abound.