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Well shot, good audio and a solid finishing gag. Well done! The audience really reacted to your finish!

Poor audio let down what looked like an interesting story. Tough break guys. I'd be interested to hear if it was a fault that you could fix for your own 'director's cut'

It is hard to review something like this. It reinforced my own 'no greenscreen during 48Hours' policy.

HandCranked made the wonderfully entertaining 'Club Mud' back in 2009. What happened guys?

I'm going to give you one positive: the end scene was actually very good, and the audience understood what was going on in that one scene (even if it seemed out of keeping with the rest of the film).

A bullying quit line call centre romance done in stop-motion animation. Combining real world environments with your constructed office space was cool. Well done.

What can I say. This was really quite well done. Sure, there are a couple of technical issues (focus and sound) but with an exceptionally strong performance by your lead (well done Mark) and an engaging story you can look past them.

Congrats on a fine effort, and my sympathies for the disqualification.

Variable audio and delivery made this one a tough short to watch.

I've assumed that you only had an onboard mic. Cut to a close up if your actor doesn't have the volume to project across the room - that way you get the camera close and we can hear him.

Great short which ticked all of the boxes.

Great aesthetic, great story and emotion. Linemen have done it again by creating a story we actually care about.

Well done. I'm sure you'll be in the finals.

Funny film, with some clever shots and not so clever props (intentionally so - so we can forgive).

Loved the car scene and the cousin line - and so did the rest of the audience.

But I agree with the other reviews: why did you bother with the underwater shot?

Some good gags carried this one through and kept the audience interested. And who can resist a good couch burning joke?

But... some autofocus moments held you back. A small negative in an otherwise good film.

I liked this a lot, and your team intro was cool. I'm looking forward to seeing more of you guys!

This was fun to watch. Really pacy with a solid edit. Other people have mentioned the sound effects, and I have to agree. The pencil case zipper was inspired.

But... I couldn't understand some of the autotune so I get the impression that we all missed some good jokes.

Freezeframe moment was wonderfully purile.

I loved this one. The different takes on music were well done, especially the metal moments. The whole thing sounded great.

Hats off to these guys - got my three points!

Really cool sets on this one. It was cool to see the surgery on the screen in the background, a simple but very effective way of selling the whole procedure. Made for a very convincing scene.

The freezeframe ending didn't do it for me though.