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Loved the shots in this film at the start. Credit for trying an interesting interpretation of found footage, but I felt it didn't really pay off. The story was quite clever, but complicated and not always interesting. Like the man's explanation at the end as to why she was there, it was hard to follow, and wasn't clever enough to convince me. Also I didn't get a good impression of who the characters were either.

Pretty damn good for a one man film. Credit to you for accomplishing this on your own. I thought the acting was great the whole way through, and your location and props were superb. One thing for me was that the ending wasn't that good. I don't like unresolved endings where the main character is suddenly killed off by electricity. I think you could have come up with a more creative ending and possibly a story with slightly more substance. Camera was great for one shot, and I love the lighting. Just one last quick word of advice: the music didn't have to be that loud, and it didn't add much atmosphere. I might have picked a different track, and definitely lowered the levels. All in all very nice though.

Great film guys. Truly a hilarious story. The best part about this film were the song lyrics.
I can't fault you on any technical aspects either. Nice camera, and sound pretty good all throughout.
Definitely a finalist contender (depending on whether or not the judges get student humour).

Not the best inspirational film I've seen. It fell down on a couple of things for me. The most important one: It wasn't inspirational. It just didn't capture my attention and it didn't inspire me at all. I would spend some time while you're concepting to just ask: "Will the audience enjoy this film/find it inspirational?" If you ask yourself "does this film accomplish it's intended purpose?" Then you will find it easier to get a good idea and an interesting script. Anyway, the technical was good in general. One of the only films this heat with nice sound.

I quite liked this film. A nice concept for horror, but the script and story got a bit boring, and horror films shouldn't be boring. It started too slowly with all the establishing shots. No matter how beautiful they were they didn't add to the story, and frankly dragged on for too long. I liked your props though, and acting was excellent. An easy thing to improve would have been your sound quality, which wasn't great.

Loved the concept guys. Absolutely perfect idea for fantasy adventure! Humour was great too. But while we're on the topic of the story, why was there so little? For me this film lacked the "quest" bit of a film where the characters are struggling for something. It established the characters and ideas perfectly, and then went straight to the conclusion. Still a good film though, so nice job.

Just about the only Dunedin team to pick erotic thriller over superhero movie. So Kudos for having the courage to do that. I was pretty happy with the technical aspects of your film. Crisp sound, good lighting, and nice camera. The concept wasn't that great though, and I do sympathise, it's hard to come up with a good erotic thriller, but I felt the concept just wasn't clever, it was too predictable. With erotic thriller I would have expected to see more humour too. Not that the lack of it was a bad thing, but humour might be a method to add more cleverness into your film. Worth thinking about for the future, but nice film.


A great start to the film. Very funny. But I found the film in general was all over the place and had a lot of things that were put in there purely to make people laugh. In other words, I felt the film lacked a story, it was more a series of gags. None the less it was funny, so good job on that front. Technical aspects were all OK, nothing special, and acting was good in general.

Very funny film guys guys. Certainly an enjoyable watch. Best part for me would have to be the stunts. For a low budget 48 hour film, the stunts were great.

Technically, this film was great. I really liked your cinematography and the sound was crisp and clear. I liked the dystopian atmosphere you created, but it wasn't explained enough. I felt there just wasn't enough story for the "inspirational," ending to be effective. Also the characters weren't developed enough. Many shots were unnecessarily repeated which annoyed me. Editing was good though (apart from the repetition), I liked the filters etc. Good job all in all though.

I think I will be with everyone in saying: wow. Honestly, I would be surprised if you didn't get audience favourite. Absolutely hilarious. But those compliments also come with a "Dafuq?" The strangest film of the night by far. One question I have is: why German accents?
Anyway, great film to watch, even if it is crazy.

Going ahead and saying: good concept. Liked the character establishment at the start and the clever ending. Your cinematography was the best of the night. Loved your lighting.

Clever concept with the Scrabble letters, that certainly captured the audience's attention. In general I liked the acting, and you managed to add a nice bit of humour in at times. Good stuff on your sound, it was crisp all throughout the film. The camera was quite basic, nothing special, but it worked. Good film all in all.

Nice action film. Basic but solid. Music was good and so was the acting. I'm not to sure about the black and white though, that was an odd choice and I wasn't convinced by it, mainly because some parts were colour and some not. The sound might have been improved too, but that's more minor.

Funny film. Great editing and nice props. Unfortunately it was quite slow and almost boring at times. I would work on your story.

Good rom-com. Very awkward funny, and excellent acting! Big drawback for me was the sound quality.

A very creepy horror! A murderous child was a clever story line.

Nice way of doing one shot. I felt it could have had a more interesting story though.

Nice stuff. Lovely camera and beautiful lighting. Needed a bit more character and story though.

Pretty good film. Nice atmosphere etc. Sound wasn't great, but all in all good.

Great film guys, really funny. Especially impressed by agent Scott's acting. Thing to work on would have been your sound quality.

Good stuff. Story could have done with some work though. Voice was a bit hard to hear at times. The ending was also hard to understand. Not entirely sure which genre that you were trying to get at. Acting and camera were nice though!

Wow you guys, this film oozed style. Great silencer gunshot sound. Great voice over. Great plot twists. It was a "perfect" crime film.

The acting was very real, especially the person who did the voice over, really had me convinced. Costuming and set was also good, both gave the impression of an actual heist. A couple of things did annoy me a bit though, one being the amount of people killed, back stabbed and set-up. That whole aspect of the story was confusing and could have been reduced to allow for more wit such as the ending.

Camera was all good and the sound was clear too. Lovely folley.

Altogether a nice film. You took a big risk going for the rhyming considering how long it would take to script and the fact that it may just annoy the audience, but I think it paid off. I certainly enjoyed the flowing nature and laughs the rhymes provided. The voice over did get a bit repetitive and boring for me though.

Pretty nice film. When people get musical they tend to panic, but I liked the use of dance instead of the typical singing/dancing, and the dancing was done well. A big thing I did notice to do with your story was that the whole dance-battle wasn't really set up as well as it could have been, it seemed forced to fit the genre. Another thing would have been to maybe cut the documentary style start and intros to the characters as it wasn't used for the rest of the film. I did laugh a fair bit during this film, and I love the one line style jokes. In terms of camera work, I would recommend looking at your cinematography and maybe going for something different that static shots.

Some good and bad stuff in this film. On the positive side there was:
- Some beautiful shots (especially in the tunnels)
- Nice realism with the fake blood etc....
- Did have suspense and was exciting

And on the negative side:
- Story was strange and hard to comprehend motives
- Sound quality was not very good (wind noise + hard to hear what people were saying at times)
- Seemed more like a thriller than a horror, but that's not a big deal

Altogether though a good effort. Well done. The main things to work on would be sound and story.

Very nice job with the whole found footage thing, a clever interpretation to give the film some suspense. I wasn't a big fan of the ending though, it was hard to see what was happening with all the smoke, and the slow motion did seem a bit forcibly added. I think just a clean cut to black as soon as the fuse ran out may have been more effective and more mysterious. The acting was nice, and the script pretty well done.

A really professional film. Great props, costumes and acting. Although the script had lots of funny parts, I think it could have done with a bit more story. I felt there needed to be a goal or idea that was more prominent than just getting breakfast, despite how funny that may be.

Absolutely beautiful film! The best of the night! The concept was brilliant, truly inspirational. I loved the way it was established also, you took the right amount of time making what would be going on in your movie clear to the audience, and then you went wild with it. The acting was also very real and believable. The only thing that stopped me giving it 10/10 was the ending, from which I hoped for a little more spice, however, the ending as it is was quite clever and still lived up to the great standard of the rest of the film. Lovely stuff guys.

I did laugh a fair bit at this film. An interesting concept that dealt with the one shot film nicely. The camera work was a wee bit clumsy but that's what you get with one shot. Also, I could have done with a bit more substance to the story. I would suggest reviewing your script and asking: "Will the audience also find all this funny?" because as it was, I found the joke a bit overdone. However, I loved the wheelbarrow ending.

A pretty funny film, and a nice concept. Acting was pretty good too. The phone voice effect was OK but it was hard to understand what was being said. I think looking into getting more people on your might be a a good idea. More actors being the big thing for me.