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Great meta-doco with excellent timing. The required character this year was asking to have fun poked at it. I wasn't expecting all the special fx in the film, and was pleasantly surprised - they really topped off the ending. Nice job :)

What a cute film, really enjoyed this one. The little sister was hard to hear, but I think the meaning came across regardless. I loved the design of the friendly alien. The film ending with 'That's All We Have' was hilarious, and I was charmed by the film enough to give you a pass. Great job :)

I really enjoyed this one - loved the puppets and background scenary (especially the tongue in cheek writing on the bank walls). The voice-acting fit the humour of the film really well, and the medium let you have lots of fun action. Great job :)

Congrats on getting through the ULTRA challenge - it certainly put a lot of pressure on our team. And getting the 1-2 punch of having to make an ultra-musical! The singing made it a bit hard to hear the exposition of what was happening, but the plot was simple enough to follow along. I really liked the cabin location, nice work :)

Really well shot film - nice to showcase some of the countryside. Making a dog the main character must have been pretty risky for filming, but I think you did a great job on conveying to the audience what the dog was feeling. However I didn't find the lead human quite as compelling, and the film maybe ran a little bit too long in some places for the length of the story. Great job :)

Absolutely loved the colour in this film - great job. However, I feel like the polish on the images took me out of the Z-Grade genre somewhat, that's a bit nitpicky though. The plot and acting fell a bit flat for me, but I loved the costuming and alien props. Nice work :)

Wasn't too sure about the plot of this one, but the ride was fun. The film seemed to only loosely embrace the At Night genre, I would have like to see more shots that emphasized the time of day - the band audition and practice stuff could easily have happened during the day. I know it's easy to just use people's flats as filming locations, but I think this film could have been elevated by getting a good location for the band scenes. I enjoyed the music, keep it up :)

Pretty straightforward film about a crime of passion. Lots of style, I like that you went all in on the femme fatale costuming. Some of the inside shots weren't the best quality, but overall nice job :)

A simple film, exploring what you could do with one actor behind the wheel for the majority of the film. For me the sound fell flat and I couldn't really believe that the car was moving, and also thought it was a bit strange that another character enters the car at the beginning but we never see them. A lot of this film rides on the main actor, and I think he did a commendable job - keep it up :)

This film tickled me, it seemed like a classic 48 short. I love that you went all in on the crazy motorcycle shots and devils on people's shoulders. In particular I thought that the shot of the main actor flying along the ground was really effective. The story fell a bit flat for me however, but I did love the black wig being used to identify the main character at different ages.

I really enjoyed this one. So much work putting in all the futuristic establishing shots in! Great job. The story was pretty classic but pulled off well, and I loved the ending reveal. I also liked recognising all the various locations - Newtown represent! :)

Nice creepy Christmas flick. I enjoyed that the film committed to the real human being doll, with great long shots of the actor being dragged away. Loved the shot of the dad continuing to drink wine after the doll gets broken.

I thought that the end was a little bit too sudden and could have continued, but could just be me. Good job :)

I applaud the use of the 360 degree video - if you have the tech available to you why not push the limit of the competition? I thought the setting worked really well with it as well - the empty high rise floor with the camera in the corner let you see the panorama of the city as well as the actors.

However, I found it pretty hard to follow the plot unfortunately, possibly due to the audio being a bit muffled? All-in-all a neat concept - I would love a 360 48 film where you could spin the camera around to see the crew standing behind the action haha!

Really liked this one - the use of still images and freeze frames were good. This film had the best use of the wilhelm scream in this heat in my opinion - argh! argh! argh! arGGGGhhhh! :)

Really loved the music and sound design in this film - in particular I thought the sounds for the elevator door were just great.

Not too sure about how the app text overlay followed the character around in a jumpy fashion, but I appreciated the polish of the app and news assets made for the film. Nice thriller :)

A solid leading man kept my attention through this movie, with a good story and some nice shots. However, I wasn't sure about swing dancing as a fad, and sometimes the camera and audio weren't that great.

All and all it was a good watch, and your priest was hilarious (although maybe you weren't going for that...).

I felt that the audience was a bit more lost under the couch than the protagonist in this quest film.

One of the more unusual entries, I'm not entirely sure if the surrealist story and the green screen really paid off, but when you have an awesomely broken couch, I guess you have to use it...

I did enjoy the teenage wasteland ending however, as it drove the film into such random territory that I think it finished well.

Claymation! Awesome.

The story was written well to elicit laughs in all the right places. This film had the best use of the given line out of the all the films in the heat.

Producing a stop-motion film in 48 hours is a massive undertaking, but if you guys keep at it, these little gems will only get more polished.

I can't read the name of this film without smiling - the reveal at the end was brilliant!

This film really captured all the elements of a great old school cop show - the music and shots were spot on, and the obligatory car bonnet jump was pulled off well. The cops' comedic timing was superb, you should keep them on!

However, I would have liked to see more fp action after the reveal as there were hilarious.

This film had its moments - the small amount of fighting was acted out well, and the doomsday device with the bent wire was a nice touch also.

Ultimately, this film couldn't overcome the sparse plot and hard to hear audio. Some of the scenes also felt stifled by the camera angles.

A potentially good film ruined by audio. I can relate with this problem quite well (our film had delayed audio the entire way through last year).

From what could be seen and heard, the film seemed like a well written and acted piece. Like others, I felt like I was missing out on a good film by having a 4WD idle beside me.

However, some of the shots taken were superb, and I particularly liked the lighting used.

I second the motion of a director's cut if you can fix the audio!

Somehow a raisin on a string managed to be funny for the entire duration! Good work guys, very funny. I thought the bent wire was used excellently to allow the fly to steal a car (that crazy fly).

The story was a good one, although in execution had some strange additions (I didn't really know why the surfboard scene was included). The film was entertaining the whole way through, but the ending seemed to kill the story quite abruptly.

These guys totally hit the 'mystery' genre on the head straight away (with an awesome intro as well!).

The production quality was superb, and it just keeps getting better every year. The acting was well done, although the plot seemed to fall away throughout the film.

Getting the audience to laugh when you want them to is a fine art, but the humour was spot on in this film ("Call me" - classic!). I am looking forward for next year's entry.

The 48 gods haven't been treating you well, two musicals in a row! Good effort though, you didn't go crazy.

The movie played a bit more like a music video than a musical, but I enjoyed the lyrics when I heard them (auto-tune was a bit incomprehensible) and the dance moves were pretty fly. The cut shots to the pencil case sounds etc. were done really well.

Nice inclusion of a 7-minute time frame for the test!

Had me squirming in my seat! Excellent effects and set design - loved the use of the old tv for the surgery as well as the intro. Props for the props also.

The acting was well done, although the plot had me lost in some places. Overall, it embraced the horror genre well, and I loved the dark operation game finish.