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So this was a rom-com about a teenage girl who is obsessed with tennis and a particular sexy movie, so when a young burglar breaks into her house, she wants to seduce him in a style imitating the movie she loves. Great performances by the young actors. I am not sure who the woman on the internet was, and frankly, her involvement was a bit creepy. I found myself really wanting to watch that hilarious tennis movie!

This one was done kind of Blair Witch style, and they definitely got a creepiness going. I think the time travel thing may have been that it was a camera that records things out of chronological order. Or maybe not. I wasn’t really sure about that aspect. Cheeky use of the line!

Wow. This one was unique. It started off with previews for upcoming films, which looked awesome (giant baby terrorises Brooklyn)—loved the model work! Then the feature presentation was three guys in a fight for some reason, and they were throwing around a ball and a baby. I loved it!

Did I catch that you made that in 4.8 hours for some reason? Why? It was very rough, but charming. And the ending was definitely a shock!

Mockumentary style story about a guy who has written the perfect song. The narration was done well, and I particularly enjoyed the scientist character. It was generally entertaining, but didn’t really grab me.

Nice cinematography, but I didn’t really understand what was going on. I got the impression it was a split personality scenario, but were all the characters the same person?

A fun little film. The characters were well-developed and likeable. The Morgan character was defined a liar (and I loved that final little lie reveal at the end!).

Very slick and tidy and had me engaged the whole time. I didn’t see the ending coming, but when it came, it made good sense, although the very last bit didn’t fit so perfectly. Sadly, I don’t think that mentioning the fact that you need revenge is enough to make it a revenge film.

I thought it was good looking with a unique atmosphere. But I didn’t quite understand what was going on well enough to enjoy it. The fishbowl in the seatbelt was an audience-pleaser!

Very slick. Great cinematography. Good energy. It got a lot of laughs. The plot was sort of stream of consciousness (sorry, pun not intended). My main complaint would be the handling of the genre. You definitely committed to the musical, but I would have liked more than one song and transition in and out of song mode as well as mouth singing rather than in-the-head.
Best credits ever!

Pros: Good attempt at a serious story without cheap jokes.
Cons: It was a race against the clock where the protagonists mostly just had to wait, so it wasn't very exciting. The ball seemed irrelevant. The radio voice.

Pros: A fun concept. Good acting.
Cons: The ending wasn't strong. The character didn't seem changed by the experience.

Pros: The neighbour. Good commitment to the genre (lots of blood and body parts, half naked woman trying to escape). I liked how we never saw the killer's face. The recycled mouth close-ups were funny.
Cons: The ending seemed quiet. Perhaps a scream or a hacking sound would have added a bit more drama. And a quicker pace would have made it more exciting.

Pros: Some fight scene camera angles. The line about "experience in the economy". The ad for Wellington. The quality of the images in the ads.
Cons: Nudity was gratuitous (even though the beach scene was cute). The ending was unsatisfying.

Pros: Story! I loved it. Use of line. I liked the ending.
Cons: There were a few times I couldn't comprehend dialogue because of sound problems. Use of prop.

Just fun! I really enjoyed watching this. This team has won Wellington Best of the Worst in the past, and it kind of feels like they are going for that again with pointless foreign language, bright wigs, and chastity belts. So I think they probably achieved what they were going for.

Pros: Great editing. Great energy. Very engaging. The shirt removals!
Cons: I just didn't understand the ending at all. Maybe those cut in shots needed to be a little longer--was I meant to know who that was?

Pros: Some beautiful images: slow motion flowing white dresses, lots of shots with the sun coming into frame and washing out the shot in a dramatic way, and good contrast of the darkness of the real world and lightness of the dream world.
Cons: I didn't really like the reinterpretation of the genre label. And I would have liked a bit more story.

An entertaining little film. Some good comedy moments. I was not really impressed by the ending.

I could hear a lot of people around me enjoying this, but I didn't really like it. I guess the premise was okay, but then it didn't really go anywhere. And did you only use the ball in an irrelevant post-credits shot? On the plus side, I thought the Morgan character and her friend Crystaal were fun characters and well acted. Also, the opening shot was effective.

Complete nonsense--but I get the feeling that's what you were going for. The sound make it very hard to understand what was happening. And it felt very long and slow at times. The women in the forest were awesome!

I loved the team intro! It was a fun film to watch with some likeable characters.

A fun story. I enjoyed the acting. And it didn't feel too long like many in the heat did. It was shockingly lacking in morality though!

This film used stylistically twitchy cut-outs of photos for its animation. I guess the plot was that a guy has a really boring life and ... I don't want to spoil the ending of shock ending movie. It got laughs for being ridiculous. I liked the pigeon scene, especially the extreme close-up of the eyes. It was creepy. I thought it was going somewhere, but no.

Good start, good acting. Visually, this film was amazing a lot of the time. Everything inside the house looked great: the walls, the circling piano shot, the preparing for revenge montage... There were some great shots. The sound was bad at times. And ending didn't really do it for me.

I really, really loved the premise of this film (with the help of a guru, guy has to learn to use words properly to compete in a spoken word competition). There were some really funny moments. Production values were good enough to keep me engaged with the story. I wish at the end we had some indication of how well he did in the competition (audience reaction, etc.).

It was a clever idea (android chances upon a program chip that makes her realise she is an android and therefore will have to be replaced).

This was my favourite of the heat. Good acting. Good light entertainment. And some really funny bits that stick in my mind (especially the scene with the parents).

This was hilarious. I especially liked the scene of hiding under the car. The writers have a good sense of humour.

I really liked this one. A musical about a trippy drug trial with some funny moments. Good easy watching.

Well paced. Good makeup. Interesting idea. Quite watchable.

Some decent acting (especially the prostitute). And everything was easy to follow (thank you!). But immobile-man’s-quest-to-get-laid has been done so recently (The Sessions), so the idea didn’t feel original or interesting.

Silly silliness through most of the film. Then crazy silliness at the end. I can’t figure out whether the end was obnoxious or hilarious.

I’m not the most observant movie watcher, so I’m not sure whether I followed what was going on. Was that woman putting something in guys’ drinks to make them obsessed with her and unable to sleep? If that’s the case, then it was a kind of boring film up until the last minute, when it got interesting.

An interesting scenario and easy-to-follow plot. Ticked the boxes, but didn’t really make me feel much.

Great 1980s looks. Fun to watch. Shame it was disqualified.

This one was fun to watch. I really appreciate when I don’t have to make any effort to follow the story. Some good light laughs as well. You did a really convincing job of making it look like the dog was having trouble sleeping. I’m not a dog lover, nor a fan of talking animals. But well done.

There were some very cool visuals in this one. And through the 7 minutes, the audience slowly came to understand what was going happening to the lead. But there wasn’t really much development of plot or character.

I actually liked the black-and-white poker scene. I didn’t follow very well what was going on in the seperate stories, but around the poker table, ideas seemed somewhat clear. The story I created in my head involved each of those characters having money problems and going to gambling as a last resort. You know one of them is going to end up okay and the others will be even lower, but who will it be? And who deserves it most? But I think that was just the plot in my head, not in the film.

I liked the hacking scene. And I kind of liked the CGI black sun in the sky. But I didn’t feel like I knew what was going on well enough to care about any of the characters. I was much more interested in the sun than their struggles.

This felt like a music video. Music and no other sounds. Unconnected cool-looking clips, which alternate and come back from time to time. I didn’t pick up on any story. And I didn’t notice a Vic character or the line of dialogue. And I have no idea what the title, “Pigman” was referring to. So despite the ambiance it had, I can’t really rate it highly.