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As a man with a beard, I 'got' this film.
Simple but effective, well done guys.

Very nice... a unique idea that carried well through the film. At first I thought the ending let it down... until the scene that followed it. Good job guys.

Some nice visual gags but the plot didn't flow as well as it could have. Pretty good, but not your guy's best work.

Example of a serious film done well, great performances particularly from the lead actress. The abrupt ending let it down somewhat.

A low-fi gem that epitomises what this competition is about for me. Would love to see this one get in the finals... but I know it probably wont.

"you ruined my pictures, now I'm going to ruin your ability to live!"
'nuff said.

On the way out of the theatre I heard members from the team pondering if the dolphin squeak was a good idea. I can tell you that it was.

Not bad, but if you're going to do a story this simple (and unoriginal) you should have the characters up and moving a bit more rather than just cutting between the same 3 shots over and over.
Plus the fact the man spoke with an old-timey Jimmy Stewart type accent, while the woman spoke in a flat kiwi accent was just bizzare.

A real shame this one was disqualified. Some interesting animated inserts and solid performances made this a unique film.
The woman who played the devilish temptress... schwing!

I liked this one a lot, you guys have great potential. Loved the idea and the bosses performance. If it were a little more concise and lost the planking ending this would have been a contender.

A few horror tropes but nothing really going on. I give it points for being concise though

Simple idea with a twist executed well, good job

Pretty good. Nice cinematography and tongue in cheek humour. Plot was a little convoluted.

Pretty rough but the Chinese burns line got a giggle from me.

A few interesting scenes such as the aforementioned shower opening and the waterfront plunge, but story wasn't particularly strong

I thought I was watching a bunch of stoned idiots mucking around with a camera, until I realized this was the same team that did Dirty Bird (which I really liked), which leads me to believe the whole thing may be a performance piece steeped in irony. Either way I found this plotless and obnoxious (although that may have been the point)