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I like films, what can I say? Just caught onto 48 hours this year, now I'm hooked. Got a couple of favourites I'd like to share my opinion on! I didn't make it to all of the heats so forgive me if I miss a goodie! :-)


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Taking the crime genre to the next level, i really enjoyed watching what i thought was a light-hearted educational film turn into something of a propaganda piece. Hilarious costume and style.

Great technical work from this team, the film definitely looked the part. Story was good but could have been shorter and sometimes felt like there was a bit of filler to get to the run time. However a good twist ending.

Definitely the sweetest film I saw in the competition. Had a lot of great elements to use the puppet effectively, including its changing expressions. Probably the best puppet movie I saw all competition too. Nice work!

Great film! Really strange, in the best way. Really enjoyed the comedic elements, overall a great film.

This was the best film I saw at the Christchurch heats, really enjoyable watch. It has a solid plot that hooks you from the first two seconds, and keeps you laughing from start to finish. Looks like it has a great possibility of winning regionals for sure.