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I loved the tent blowing in the wind!! The story was nice but For some reason I thought this was the coming of age movie!! Haha I think I was lost for most of the night!!
I loved the stars on the iPhone I thought that was very cool!!

Very cool story guys!! I thought in beginning here we go a movie about making a movie!! Lol I actually thought it was your intro until it kept going!! I actually ended up really enjoying this number!! You guys had my vote!!

This was a well thought out storyline. I enjoyed the theme and thought the ending was great. You guys had my vote tonight!!

You guys are obviously very talented movie makers!

Work on your guys sound next time, it can make a movie hard to watch.

I enjoyed this movie!! Haha and in such a short time you were able to build suspense!!! I actually got a genuine fright from this movie!!

This was very well done!! Great use of the split screen!! I didn’t vote for you guys only cause I’m not crazy about sexual themes but I’m sure you will do well!!

For a quick minute I thought this was the time travel movie!!
Had some funny moments, and was easy to watch!

I really enjoyed the idea of this movie!! The main girl was great!!

Didn't get this at all.

I was looking forward to a feel good Xmas movie!!! Was extremely excited to see this movie but it got too weird for me!!

This was out the gate and I loved it!!!

Nice movie!! Enjoyed it!!

Cool technical aspects of your movie, I remember watching your guys part 1 of this movie good stuff!!!

Cool radio station story line, and nice use of the scream!!

Didn't really enjoy this movie , but the haircut conviction at the end was great!!

This movie seemed to get a lot of laughs which is awesome. The costumes cracked me up:)

Cool movie, just ended a little too soon for me.

Ive seen a very similar storyline to this a few years ago in the competition.. Movie was ok..

cool location.. Bit of a boring storyline.

Puppet movies are sooo not my jam!!! But this movie was cool!! Sheesh man, did you guys just have puppets lying around ready to go for this? Lol had we have gotten this genre we would have been using stick men!! You guys are obviously very talented!!! Good job!

I really liked this movie!! It was one of my picks of the night!! At the beginning I really thought to myself damn.. That is a really bad made up old lady!! Lol then the punks came and I thought wow, lol they really hit the spot for them!! The story was cool, and was one of the only story lines of the night that I got from the beginning to the end!! Really loved the music and the way you were able to go in and out with it making it sound like it was coming from upstairs .. Good job guys!

Hmm.. Took me a wee while to remember what movie this was.. Well put together movie but the story line lost me.

Cool man, thought this was great!! The story was cool, had a nice little giggle at the end!!

This movie lost me from the beginning!! Though it was put together extremely well .. I didn't really enjoy the story line.

This was a kinda cool little movie. I liked the take on run away love, and liked the play on house prices you had going on. Had some good giggles.

I liked this movie!! A few years ago, my team got horror and found it really hard to make a shortfilm that would stir emotions of horror within an audience. i thought this movie was done well and had elements in it which did create a kind of scary feeling for me. Well done.

This was the first movie of the night to grab my attention!! It was so very well done , great camera work, good editing, and an awesome spot to film!! The story line was cool, but the ending was kind of a rip off? You guys had a huge chance to add some creative flare but instead went for the easy flight mode option which just reminded me of those story lines where the character wakes up and it was all a dream rather than actually writing an ending.

All round great job of course, that was just my 2 cents:)

This was a cool little movie.. I enjoyed it.

The story line for this movie was absolutely out the gate!! Good laugh.

This was my least favourite movie of the night, I didn't understand it at all.. I must say however, there seemed to be an element of mystery in this movie that I absolutely wanted to come into fruition but never did.

This was good fun.. Didn't really enjoy the concept of the story, but the movie as a hole had charm.

Some good make up in this movie, and the main character did a great job!!

that was sugar at the end right?

Loved this movie, was a good story line!

I appreciate the genre you guys got.. Laughed at the toilet humour though I didn't understand what was going on with the dead/alive guy.

Very obvious that these guy were in a class of their own!! Very flashy shots, and a really impressive creative story line!

I really hope the mince didn't get wasted!!

This had good humour, all of the actors were fun.

I'm sure very creative artsy types of people would have loved this short! It was very strange.

Liked the potential this story had, the actress was good.

Very clever animation.