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Great creature effects and the seizure/bile was very well done. Well shot and edited but the plot was a little thin for me. The characters motivations for doing what they were doing weren't clear although that may have been intentional in a horror cliche "Don't go down there!" way.

I'm no expert on what can/can't be done over a weekend with 3D animation but this seemed like damn impressive work. This film managed to tell an emotional story without any dialogue. The plot was a bit simple and formulaic and it brought to mind aspects of 'Wall-E'.

Not much of a story to speak of here as an Angel comes down for a woman for some reason? This team were definitely ill-prepared for tackling the musical genre but kudos for giving it a go (and making up for it by repeatedly exclaiming "This is my musical" ha ha). Some gorgeous shots unfortunately let down by some technical issues.

Very strange film with all the performances delightfully hammy. I liked how everyone bought into the gimmick and gave 100%, not least the lead's bravery in the final scene on what was a very cold day! I'm a bit confused how this fit the 'film spanning 10+ years' genre though.

Interesting take on the afterlife movie, though it look me embarrassingly long to figure that out... I enjoyed the stereotypical millennial snobs chatting over coffee oblivious to their surroundings and there was a nice sombre mood hanging over everything.

Wacky in all the right ways, the sleazy weirdo looking for a partner to take to Earth 2.0 was hilarious. Also provided some of the funniest moments of the heat (the murder out of nowhere and the woman breaking her ankle from a gentle nudge were great!).

I thought this was really well done. The lead actor gave a convincing portrayal of a man conflicted about his feelings and the facial effects on the computer were a nice touch. Obviously comparisons can be made to 'Her' but the ending genuinely surprised me despite the early hints.