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Top notch all round!
Very funny and definitely relatable situation for a many people: the dropkick who doesn't take a hint.
Mint. Absolutely mint.

I'm pretty sure this film is called "Punch you into next week man VS. Kick you into last week man: The Final Battle"
And holy shit, what a great film.
Fresh take on time travel with superheroes!
Super funny.

A pigeon and a dove wonder what happened to their puppet friend last night.
Super cool, and smart animation. Sound was amazing.
Mint hair-do on the seagull.
Great comedic timing and voice acting, very funny.


I ran from K Road to Skycity to see this film and was not disappointed!
With it's great cinematography, sound, script, acting, direction, and everything else, it's one of those rare gems that can be played outside of the 48hours audience, and still work.
No car explosions though....

It's hard to believe this was made in just 2 days.
Sure it doesn't have Hugh Grant in it, but the payoff at the end makes the film.
Bald faced cheek have done it again.

I'm giving my own film 4 1/2 stars YEEE.
Because I know it's not the best thing we've made.

We weren't disqualified at all, there was a mix up, and we're trying to sort it out with Ant.