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Even if you're not an animation fan you have to be impressed with what these guys do. I reckon it's their best 48 entry to date. The voice work was pretty bloody amazing and while I'm not sure how to compare actual actors and animated actors as far as performance goes, I'd say that they could have slotted into the best actor/actress nominations. Loved the end, for the right reasons.

Really funny!
This was an inspired choice to make the finals. not sure what else to say about it other than I really really enjoyed it!

What an awesome example of what great writing and great acting can do together. Wills' performance was so good that I think the finals audience were poised to riot if he didn't win best actor. Speaking of great acting, Andrew Munro as angry guy was also outstanding and could easily have been nominated too.

It was a work of art. Stoked it was in the finals and I got to see on the big screen. Some freaky shit.

What an awesome watch. If you had won Auckland I don't think too many people would have complained. Great take on urban legend, looked amazing and all the acting was better than good.

These guys are amazing story tellers and actors. Camera movement, blocking and timing were brilliant. Loved it.

I reckon this is their best yet and I would be very surprised if anyone ever pulls of a 'one shot' better than this in 48. Very very impressive. Congrats on the win!

Watched at the finals last night for the second time and liked it even more. The fancy spoons scene could be my favorite all time scene from 48. All three of the cast were pretty incredible but Josh in the scene where he is asked to leave the next day was a great example of a fine actor at his finest.

Loved this film. Looked amazing and solid acting. I thought it was a great take on fantasy adventure.

I loved this film and think it has some of the best acting from a cast I've ever seen in a 48hour film. Heat 22 was really strong and this film stood out for me.

This was by no means the slickest film of the heat. In fact it wasn't really the best at any one thing but I really really liked it because you guys clearly had an awesome time making it. It looked like the most fun film to have been a part of and that has a sort of contagious effect. You didn't let the story get in the way of a good joke. I reckon that is brilliant. "Get in the boat" was my single favorite thing in the heat.

Always a pleasure to see what iBeard dishes up every year. No male rape in their film this year which was bit of change. They had actual ladies in their film. Real ones. You guys always make me laugh.

Inspirational film would be very hard I reckon. They told their story well and got their inspirational message across well. Great production and I reckon Jason Fitch would probably take out actor of the heat if there was such a thing.

Another really good film from HaynesFilm Ow! I think this is my favorite one of theirs to date. A very good story very well told with good dialogue and solid acting. Very hard to find fault with it to be honest. I'm sure we'll see this one again.

I loved this film. My favorite of the heat and was gutted I couldn't vote for it. Very funny, very dry.