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Loved the pink shorts! Zombie dude concept love thing was a good idea, acting was at times a bit awkward & story was meandering & slow. Team was obviously not pros but shows promise especially as they had the hard musical genre and didn't seem very musical.

Liked the idea, good effort all round, ending lacked punch & could have been shorter. Acting was not professional but good effort. For first timers the team looks like they have promise.

A very slow start & went nowhere for sometime but once in the loo all was revealed. It was a choice concept for a story & was one of the few with a complete story. Some decent acting, looked like everyone was having a great time, only real criticism from me was it needed to be a bit snappier (maybe better editing) to keep my attention as I found it dragged on to be truly funny.

Hugely funny start with the planking fad! Laughed loud at some of the shots but it totally went nowhere with the story. Was muddled & confused & really bad blurry picture. Some acting seemed good through the blurry haze but hard to tell.

Definitely one of the best, nicely shot, good acting from what seemed to be non professional actors, it built up suspense & had me on the edge of my seat. Wouldn't mind being taught by those teachers!

Loved this film, the tall dude was brilliant, really liked the idea & story it was just let down by a confusing ending? Maybe I'm just dumb & didn't get it!

For me this was in the top 2, totally loved the twists & turns, good acting all round from gritty to comedy, loved the flashbacks. Looked pro. Its hard to remember it all as it was first up but remember being really impressed

One of the top 4, had some great lines, good acting, great effects but for me was let down by the sound and a weak ending. But a very clever idea

Really just seemed like a bunch of stoners turned the camera on themselves & made a movie, very repetitive and weak story. I liked one of the actors who had a crazy vibe (spa pool man) but apart from that award winning crazy it was a bit of a jumbled mess. Looked like they had a great party though in the making!

A good effort by what looks like a bunch of workmates. Looks like they had fun & the lead actress was very good, but a weak story let it down

Really difficult genre - musical in one room. A shame this was disqualified as was very good under circumstances, just lacked a really strong story for me to make it from very good to great. Great actors & singer though & loved the off hand intro!