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There was some great editing in the running scenes, but.
It fell apart on the robot costumes and vfx.
The highlight for me in this film was seeing the DJI drone fly past, but with a futuristic drone sound.
Great to see something high concept.
I'd like to see in future some smaller sets with more rounded technical.

Great costumes and a great use of the environment.
Although I was lost on the story, I did believe in this futuristic world.
I didn't fully understand what I was seeing.
However, I know some of the audience did. So maybe I'm just a bit simple and like simple story's.
Next time, I'd like to see characters that are a bit more fleshed out, and more clearly lit.
Great cut on the blink at the end.

It was classy and art house.
Which is especially hard for a duo.
It finished looking very much ungraded (which many films are, but this kind of needed it)Overall, it was fun. Albeit a bit predictable towards the end.
Not all the shots seemed to aid the story.
And story being king is something I'd like to see this duo work on.

Awesome use of wind.
Great overhead shot.
Great travel shots.
That van seems well loved as we saw the entire team leave in it afterwards.
Those tradies were absolute babes.
This film narrowed the gap in differences between men and women.
I loved it for that. Very few films manage that.
Next year, I'd like to see the camera feel a bit heavier. There was a hint of 'home movie' to it, which is probably the only reason it didn't overtake Plant as an audience favorite.

It stands alone.
Unlike any other 48 I have ever seen.
Again, not much dialogue.
They got one of the worst genres available, but because of the scenarios being 'imaginary' got around a lot of the things that would have ruined the story.
Simple set up. Excellent pull of.
If you see one film this year. Make it red river.
Just as entertaining would be the recording judge ness got of the audiences reaction.
Next year, I hope they do ultra. This comp is too easy for them.

Loved the use of public domain.
The style was strong. It was great to see not just a hit of a style, but full blown 60's noir sci-fi.
The werewolf makeup was great. Same can't be said for the octopus.
The characters were really fun and distinct.
The stoners, the science teacher.
The top and tail over arching story about being sick of looking after the flat mates.
Initially I was worried the end was a lame "oh it was all just a dream" But became pleasantly surprised. To make it a winner, it needs more on the sound design. But I'm always glad to see people Lean hard in a direction.

Some of the camera work was fun. Especially the Kendrick Lamar styled tilts.
Unfortunately the editing and the sound could be a bit jarring.
The setting was convincing as a full school at the start, but began to slip by the end.
Great Ideas, with some classic flossing, and leaned really well into its genre.
Would like to see some lighting and camera movements come into play next time.

I loved this world.
Very few words from our lead. The story needs very little exposition, which is the mark of a great film.
The filmmakers have an aesthetic that I can very much get on board with.
poorly timed smiles and hands that don't appear where they should.
My notepad has written on it twice "great sound design"
Hard to pull off a high concept like that in such short time.
Keep up with the Acronyms.

You would have never have guessed this was a duo.
Tack sharp images, in an "out-there" location.
It leaned very well into the fantasy genre.
The thing that takes this from 'just another duo film' to something really fun, is the score.
Written, sung and composed by the duo also.
Great images when eating mushrooms.
We couldn't hear the last two lines, which we feel were needed to make the story well rounded.
It's great to see another duo with a great unique taste.
This film really did start to feel truly magical.

An excellent concept.
Camera: Spot on.
Sound: a tad soft.
It's a shame when the audience laughs so much you can't hear the following punchline.
Weird critique. But take it as a compliment.
The use of wind wasn't so obvious.
The alien and Tane have a wonderfully strange chemistry.
I enjoyed the physical comedy. That is a hard thing to direct. Well done.

The only thing I wrote down in my notebook for this one is
I was too captivated to write.
We're only 3 heats in, and I'm already picking it as city winner. (I'm not a judge, soooo I can't actually make that happen)
I was nervous to see what these lads created with their famous composer entering in a separate duo.
Yes, it does lack the wonderful music of entry's past.
However, it's not score heavy, so doesn't miss it too much.
It has the classic clean tripod-ed look of 'Davy's Dump' and the couch kumara shorts. The soft light and quirkiness lent nicely into the Side by side split screen that Ultras need to pull off nicely.
An excellent use of split screen and great use of physical comedy, with almost no dialogue.
However, that may also be its short fall.
We do get to the end, and feel a tad lost.
But that almost doesn't matter as we enjoy the journey so much on the way.

Everyone loves to see a dog.
Most people love seeing two ripped dudes make-out in a tub.
This film cuts straight to the sex and then proceeds to become a bit of a clown car.
It packs as many people into a room as it can.
A few great one liners and a cameo by Hamish, who, I still have no idea how I know him..
But I do.. and he was great.
I'm sad to see this film DQ'd. But. It's a competition.
Good luck next year lads.

Gutted for this team. Ultra wiped another team out.
The things that still show through in this film is that the story had promise.
Sadly, Cine didn't take advantage of the split screen requirement in a creative way, other than it's first shot. Where other teams opted for a fairly static image on one side of the screen, using two square images. Cine went for a 4:1 ratio look and took the difficult editing route by showing the same people talking from two different angles on what must've been different takes on the same camera.
It's clear that they had a great set up but what was submitted had no sound mix, or VFX in a sound and VFX heavy film.
Cine tends to stick to the same formulas. An unhappy person who comes across a revelation and ends up in a neutral feeling world, so I was very pleased to see some risks being taken from this team. Although, unfinished, the piece is an exciting look into the way that cinetrance works and a step in maybe a new direction.
I'll give some stars though, because, as usual. Production quality was second to none.

True to its genre and beautifully set up.
Characters felt genuine.
However, again. Exposition heavy. I would like to see this team challanged with a silent film, and see what they would create.
When they did do physical action, the comedic side to this team came out.
What comes to mind is the cow hearding scene.
A contender for my favorite line with 'get in the bin'

Great lines in this. In particular
"missed a comma"
However, the Gay, the Christian, and the Hippy in me were all a bit offended.
A great core of an idea, where many types who wouldn't meet, collide.
But to try something this ambitious requires some more technical ability.

Great Camera. Great Score, although it was artlist.
Unfortunately I wouldn't have called it a dance or musical.
And if you're going to go as far as to do the cancer thing, I wanna see some 'Shave your head' commitment.
The lead actress was captivating. Wonderfully directed and the use of split screen was really fun.

Sci Fi

An animated film using maori characters and no dialogue caught my interest immediately.
A 3D/2D taniwha gripped my imagination instantly.
And then. It was over.

Didin't seem to hit Sci-Fi. Never felt complete.
Would be a winner if it was just, maybe, twice as long.

By a long shot, this film had the most well defined and beautiful characters I've seen in a 48.
I empathized immediately.
Such a complex array of emotions to pull of in a 48, and I wonder if it was too many.
A BEAUTIFUL overhead shot. Smooth camera work in the bush, which is tricky.
The use of wind was a pivot point to the story line and the locations were great.
In future, I'd like to see this team try something a bit more risky.

The style and idea was great.
This I heard from other members in the audience to be one of the favorites.
I didn't feel the same.
Story is king, and this lacked a basic middle.
It did though, stay legible. If story can be worked in a bit better, then it'll be sweet.

I have respect for a film that takes great shortcuts.
The title of 41 dollars does that instantly and puts us in the world.
However, this is another of those films that tried to hit something beyond what it understood. Age the actors 25 years and it would have been very compelling as our character starts to let go and say goodbye.
Ultimately story is king, and I found this to be very sweet.
I'd like to see 41 dollars add a little more depth to its imagery. Pull characters away from walls and add elements into the fore and background.

Essentially a conversation over a door.
Exposition heavy, which can go really well, but relies on nailing the sound.
Which is the defining factor about this film. The sound was both great and terrible.
Legible, but the score and mix seemed a bit all over the place.
Most 48's drop the ball with how they finish. This one didn't.
A real nice twist at the end.

I wanted to look away, but the camera work was too nice.
I was afraid from the clean look of this team that they were a highly polished team forced to do something gross.
The use of an artists recreation showed that the directors weren't afraid to atempt spomething new and spontaneous.
Hard to fault other than to say, it wasn't exciting enough. The stakes were'nt very high.
The story was rounded. The eyes changing when the feces worked their magic was excellent. Many locations and a great use of stock imagery.

Essentially, a man chases down a girl with a quad bike.
Love the location.
Brave use of outdoor locations.
The POV's were a great way to build tension, but the editing does need some work.
Fun watch overall, so give us some production value next year and we'll see a 5 star soon enough.

A great use of world building.
In a scifi world we hear about concepts that we never really see, but just simple slogans about the ziphards on sunny sunny zonk did it for me.
Ideas are there. Give us some more production value next time.

Uncle hoover was some fantastic voice over work. Great perception from the director of the differences in dating between our generations.
The sudden and only flash back to the rugby field gave the film some nice depth.
Add a star for great pick up lines, Otis.

Fruit zombies.
The Zombie theme makes many of us worry.
But this film went on a mission. an adventure.
Four clear characters with different traits / costumes.
Loved them.
Would have liked to see a better end to it.
Brave use of fog. Not sure if that was VFX or real, I couldn't tell.

To Hell with this film.

touching the sacred kumara name is a bold move.
Payed off.
To be fair it nailed its genre.
Great Audience reaction.
Great lead actor. His interaction with camera was wonderful.
Editing wasn't precise, but it worked to the theme.
Simple. Wonderful. Hard to watch.
Kinda wish they hadn't done it.
I'm conflicted.
Love it.

Fit its genre, and is an absolute standout.
Musical is a feared genre. This team went full volunteer on it.
Often VFX is used in a subtle way to enhance a shot. But this team used it in a wonderful over the top sense.
I thought the piece would end at rap, but it went on, with several cursed scenes.
The highlight for me was the ingenious use of camera when the cop is looking down then back up, the camera follows no matter how many double takes she makes.

Killing Kate is pure fun.
Straight into its genre.
Once this team has its technical skill up there, it will smoke up.
The ideas and tone were hilarious.
A great, GREAT, use of physical comedy (the sleeping bag and gun trip)
The 'she knew my name' line was absolutely stand out, along side characters such as 1920's gangster teen in bright green t-shirt.
The Katana start and finish was an excellent link

Art house. Always a risk in a 48.
The post apocalyptic ideas came through strong and some big points should go to this team for getting taxidermy animals into parliament.
I wish that this team had based the characters on teenage ideas. It felt a bit like Teens imagining how adults act.
Very good use of emotive imagery.

Bus Stop played into their field well.
Very Well.
A simple idea pulled off hilariously.
A great punch line. A great lead actor.
What stood out from the other teams in the same heat was that the imagery was clean and clear and specific to story telling.

As always, squint Eastwood delivers.

I very much appreciated how hard creating all the new characters must’ve been, and stepping away from the iconic and beloved, and now famous kiwi hero’s gaz and baz.

Proud to see ethnic diversity ie. the worm

The film maker is clearly someone with good taste.
They dislike Corriander.

A step up on this teams film from last year.
normally make this film a contender for best cinematography but after seeing Latitias work in ‘three willy’s film, it’ll be a tight race.

Although this film has great bonuses like, being one of the only films with readable sound, tasty visuals and a story vaguely making sense I was Disappointed that it hadn’t gone hard for the ultra requirement.
The child actor was playing an immortal, not a child, and was arguably not the only lead.
I’m not a judge, but it wouldn’t qualify in my books.

Kickass performances all round.
Will and Sarah are absolute babes. I want to see more of them!

Solid concept.

It’s what I love about the 48 is when a piece like this appears.

I can agree, the camera and sound required some help. if those components were there this would have been a winner

BUT the Lo fi makes this film great.
The most laughs I’ve ever heard in a 48 piece.
I believe this should be a finalist.

This was my favourite film out of all the heats I have seen.

The hunchback bush dude was a fantastic character. Had a real Jemaine quality to him.

A very satisfying ending to a film that halfway through I couldn’t figure out at all.

Making the film work without a lead, and submitting regardless makes me think this should go straight to finals.

Stoked to see the required elements made it in too.

Good chemistry between the leads, and I thought the dragging shot was super creative.

Surprised to see the start shot at night.
This either meant they shot super early or super late.

The ending and killing of a lady left me unsatisfied.

But I heard some one scream with the stick impact so it had the impact the creators intended.

Clever. So so clever
I think I would have enjoyed slightly quicker pace and better SFX. The make up brought me out of the moment a little, however if it had looked too real I may not have been able to watch.
6/7 Because this game is about concept and the concept was kickass

I’m only dropping stars because the edit and sound was a little untidy


The cinematography was surprisingly clever.
And I really appreciate the mocumentary style and boner jokes

Absolutely on genre.
Sharp. Beautifully shot. Well directed. Clear and simple story.

Very little exposition used or required to get it across the line.

Like taking ecstasy to the eyes.

Also, the only film of this heat I could clearly hear.

I enjoy this team every year.
Especially happy to see how heavily into the children actors requirement this team went, when some of the other ultras tried very hard to get by with the minimum requirement of child actors, the child in this was very much the lead.
Pete was a classic. They know their audience very well.

The sound left a little to be desired.
We were left wondering if we’d just seen a squint eastwood. That could be good or bad. I think it’s a good thing.

The ending was satisfying, the artist clearly wasn’t too worried what other people thought, which was satisfying.

Really very much loved the big nz lil aus gag