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Hmmmm.... not sure what to think with this one. I liked the story but not sure it came off they way it was intended. Could have done with a bit of atmospheric background music. I enjoyed their film last year a lot more. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing what you produce next year.

This film made me laugh quite a few times. "Cheese!". I thought the shots were well matched and the editing was tight. Good work.

Funny funny funny. I had no idea what was going on at the beginning and sometimes had trouble hearing what the actors were saying but I loved the ending. Once again a funny story. Come back next year WAN Clan.

Great dialogue and the story was awesome. Hope to see more of Through the Lens in future 48Hour events. It amazes me that what the younger lack in technical ability they more than make up for in story. Remember that: STORY IS KING!

I always enjoy Pastafarian shorts. They are quirky and different. Well done with such a small team. Great film.

A great film from Touching Cloth as per usual. Funny with a touch of crude. But I don't think it is their best work to date. I have a feeling that they may have run out of time for filming and editing as the cinematography seemed very 'safe' and editing needed to be snappier to keep the pace of what the two main characters were saying. Overall though I found this an enjoyable film and in my top 3.

Well done Rubber Soul. I loved it. I'm not sure I'd classify it as a short film, more a public service announcement but still it was a great video. I loved it all. We've come to expect amazing editing and cinematography (and the obligatory drone shots lol) and as always the editing was great. It has a very strong message that needs to be told and shared. Get this video to the right people and let them use it to spread the word.

I loved the use of B&W vs colour in this film. Yes, I agree that I as worked out the twist before it was revealed but had I not know it was a horror, than that might have been different. I would love to see this team carry on in subsequent years as I think you have a real talent.

It takes balls to do a real short short film. It was a great wee film and gave me goose-bumps at the end.

If you are going to over do it with the required prop, this is the way to do. I was laughing so hard at this simple, stupid film. And please take that as a compliment, K.I.S.S. I loved every moment of it.

Awesome awesome little film here. I enjoyed it so much. I thought the story was great and well rounded. The twist of having his mate chase him to after getting the wrong impression was unexpected but totally worked. Production quality will get better over time with this team. Keep up the amazing work and you will go far.

Not at their usual standard this one. I felt it more of a comedy than a mystery. Sound issues aside (which may have been theatre venue's problem rather than the actual films production quality) it felt the cinematography also fell below Rubber Soul's usual high standard, although the opening shot with the time lapse aerial sunrise was stunning. Dinnie was awesome as always in his role. I know Rubber Soul will take this one as a 'lesson learned' and come back next year in full force.

I've enjoyed other films by this team more than this one. I don't think it hit the Musical genre well at all. Nicely shot and well edited but for me the story fell short.

Enjoyable film that I thought could have been half as long. My two biggest problems with this were the reflection in the shop window when he was the last man on Earth and also talking to the camera if he was the last person on Earth. I like the story though.

My pick of the evening. It ticked all the boxes for me. None of required items seemed forced and it wasn't all about bread like some of the films. I loved the match shots, a clever way of using the 'match cut/dissolve'. Snappy and well paced and the editing and cinematography were awesome. I felt the opening dialogue was a bit long winded but the ending and credit roll were very funny. A complete story and a different take on RomCom.

Well at least they got their film handed in on time. Apart from that I don't really know what to make of it.

Great film. Loved the story and the cinematography was great. Would loved a bit more from the Suit but the concept was awesome. great work and hope you do well at the finals.

This was my favourite film of all. I think that they totally reinvented the Time Travel genre. Very original and the Hungry Hippo was a very clever way to use the ball. The voice over guy nailed the accent. I would love to see these guys go through to the finals. I love all the films they have made. They have very clever scripts every year. Well done to you all. Animation was top notch for non-professionals making a film in a limited time.

Great work Bruce. Loved the YouTuber take on this film. Great aerial shots and loved the 'forgotten microphone' while taking a nervous pee. Friends in high places always helps but a great take on the dance genre. If you could have got more airplanes in there if would have helped it even more.

I thought this team nailed their genre. A literal race against the clock. One of the only films to not make Morgan a bad guy, but someone you could empathise with. And hard role to act since the character didn't have any dialogue. Beautiful cinematography that showed off Taranaki's beautiful scenery. This film is definitely in the top 3 for da Naki!

Nice film and well edited. Great use of music but some of the audio was a bit dodgy imo. Looking forward to seeing more from this team.

Great film and very funny. Nailed the 'Film in Film' genre, but when you have all the gear it makes it a lot easier. Dinnie da man as usual, he makes these films great. The ending seemed like a cop out to me as if the script didn't have an ending. Loved the Fresh Up advert take off.

Shit happens, but these folk threw it right back at them all. Well done. Nothing to laugh about but great story. You guys are only going to go from strength-to-strength cos you have the basics nailed.

This team just embodied what V48HOURS is all about. It isn't about who has got the best camera, the best sound, the best special effects. It is about getting across the line in 48 hrs with the best you could have hoped for. Team Random did this in the most dedicated way out of any of the teams in Heat 2.

"When the going gets tought, the tough make a short film!" Looking forward to your entry next year!

Well done you lot! 'Well Strung' was was funny and fitted the genre perfectly. The style you seemed to go for worked, but seemed a little too "Shortland Street adverts over the summer break" sorta thing for me. Nice short but needed a little more story for my liking.

I agree. Some great special effects but not really making their genre clear. But then again, look at From Dawn Until Dusk. Did that make anything clear?

I know what you mean with the audio! A real shame. But the cinematography was amazing. Obviously a lot of work went into making their shots. The lack of audio didn't do it justice. But as Bruce said, the audio was there on the official copy but it failed to make it to the DVD for the heats screening. I also say it was the 2nd best film looking film in the heat but with the audio missing we didn't know what was going on.

Can't wait to see it in its entirety at the finals. No wonder your are Touching Cloth!