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Loved the colour grade and the shots of the film. Some of it was taken up by too much talking but really enjoyed the morals of the story. Will definitely be tuning in to see what's next. Some excitement could be added for the next time around

Another out the box idea and wow some great shots and such a unique story. It keeps the audience engaged and keeps the whole story entertaining by throwing out curve balls to keep drawing in the audience.

A superb film. Having the set and costumes done on time is truly a wonder. He really is qualified after all

Loved seeing what a team goes through. It is a nice change of pace and is a good time to reflect on all shown films.

Not a perfect film but by no means a bad film. It was only the editing that let them down but regardless of that they really thought outside the box. The story shows the ups and downs of what a team can go through and still being able to achieve something like that in the time frame is still something to be proud of. Look forward to what more they have on offer

A well put together film. Had subtle humor and was also a bit of an eye opener. Where were the rest of the v cans?

Superb quality. I cannot think of such a well put together peice with the acting and story was simply amazing. Would definitely watch many more times and it's the level I and many others should aspire to reach. How was the banana?

What more can I say but what a laugh that was. I was at edge of my seat in tears. Comedy done right and i'm sure a banging sound cloud to go with it. Whens the album lads?

Aside from a couple of homophobic moments it was a hilarious short story of a man making a mistake. As an anti-rom com about a man and his gay partner it still cracked a few laughs. It's 2018 it shouldn't matter what genders were used #equality

Really cool concept! Had some really cool shots throughout. Let down in execution

Good use of something as simple as a rubix cube.

With good relevance to the real world. Only let down was the overused cheap gags.

Loved the dystopian feel about it. It stood out as well thought out story that doesn't rely on comedy and succeeds in doing so.

By far one of the most entertaining films I have seen, could see and hear how much the audience enjoyed it when they lit up the room filled with laughter and applause. A few tweaks could be made but all in all a superb film and would recommend a watch!