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Although this film was, in terms of cinematography, on fleek, I found the story mildly confusing. I loved the intercutting between the interrogation and the main story, but found it hard to understand how 'Vengeance' was a theme and also for what reason the guy was hit in the head by his apparent partner.

I can't say this film was as good as its predecessor, however it does a really good job at connecting the two thematically. The film looked and sounded great. My only confusion was with how and why the two characters were at the house. Although there was certainly a lot of tension leading up to it, the bomb difusal itself felt very low stakes, unlike in the first film, where other lives were at stake, and fleeing was not an option.

Really liked the play on the alien genre and thought a really interesting story was told.

Really well shot with some nice comedy, and I think the 'female' element was used well to comedic effect. Unsure though if the end credits were intended to torture us with their extreme length, or if you guys just really like thanking people.

A nice short film about love and deception, with some great moments of comedy.

Mostly an enjoyable film. Probably could've done with about half the amount of dialogue, as some of the back and forth between characters seemed unnatural at times. Try to really focus on the story being told and make sure every line of dialogue has a purpose. Think about some of those lines and see how you could've replaced them with just a single shot or facial expression.

A very interesting film. My top tip would be to add a bit of shake to the camera when filming inside the car, to better sell the idea that the car is moving. When the camera is perfectly still it just feels a little unnatural.

Loved this film. A perfect sequel that explores some very interesting themes of sacrifice and realisation. Was on the edge of my seat right till the end.

For the most part I really enjoyed this film. It's great to see how much story can be told without dialogue, even on a low budget.

Despite the obvious difficulties of shooting in low light, I found the visual storytelling very effective, however I believe there was a huge missed opportunity. Towards the end of the film, it felt like it was foreshadowing that the date would never arrive, having been in a traffic collision. The end of your film, however, simply left me confused.

Rather than having the date turn around for reasons that we have no indication of, I would have loved to see this film end on a bleaker note, as it felt like it was leading to.

I also don't recall hearing the Wilhelm scream during the film itself, which is unfortunate.

I was very excited when this film began, as I was expecting a mockumentary, or at least, a behind the scenes reel with a lot of humour. Unfortunately it felt like the whole film had no real purpose and you just couldn't come up with any ideas for it.

This film was incredible. The 'deleted scenes' felt absolutely like legitimate deleted scenes in the way they were edited. The whole film's story was very well told, with some great moments of humour, and very intelligent use of on set practical effects.

Great visual jokes at the beginning and interesting concept of the man shrinking down. I feel the witch didn't feel to much like a witch during her conversation with the man, but more like just an old lady. It would've been interesting to hear some more deceitful dialogue from her, so that she tricks the man into taking the potion, rather than the man just being an idiot who would listen to some crazy lady. Also, a very good use of Comic Sans.

A quite liked the use of locations in this film. Perhaps it was the intention, but I was left rather confused as to what actually happened to the lead. An interesting film but not too much of an attention grabber.

An intriguing film. I absolutely loved the shot of the ambulances lights reflecting on the number plate. A very smart use of resources there. Only thing I would say is that it felt like it was all over very quickly.

An enjoyable film with good dialogue from Mr Claus. Can't imagine Christmas is an easy genre, so I applaud you for working with that and coming up with a great idea.

I was very confused by this film. It felt a lot like it was a sequel and I was missing what had happened previously. The multi-location shooting was very impressive and the concept was really great. Unfortunately I just found it difficult to follow the narrative.

A good looking film. Where it fell flat for me was in the dialogue about going over the hill, where I felt it difficult to understand each character's point of view. Was mildly confused as to whether or not this was set in Christchurch, as I find it hard to believe anyone would get lost on the Summit Road, and there was mention of a highway. Then I was totally lost when the girl was suddenly at the top of the hill. Also unfortunate that a few cars and cyclists were in the background of some shots. Still, a worthwhile contender. Glad to see pizzafilm has kept a consistent aesthetic.

The beginning of the film was a bit jarring, as people who hadn't seen the first film wouldn't have understood the jokes, but as soon as the sequel begins, it's flippin fantastic. Absolutely loved the Trade Me jokes and the door knocking quick shots. Felt like a bit of an anti climax at the end though. Still, very sad to hear you guys didn't make the cut.

I enjoyed this film for the most part, however was a bit confused at one point when the colour on the lead's face changed and I thought we were in a flashback, but then we weren't. Then the colour stayed for the rest of the film. But other than that an interesting story and some funny dialogue from the Mum.

A very enjoyable film. Very good looking cat shots and well edited. My main concern is that it didn't really feel like a musical or dance film.

Very smart and creative humour. A good laugh the whole way through. The shifting white balance was a bit off putting, however.