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Someone's always got to take the required prop to the extreme and this time it was ewe.

Lovers yes, on the run no.

A really classic-48hours feeling short. Very funny, but also sort of shit, but probably intentionally, so maybe that makes it even the funnier..

Really impressed that you took the Bechdel option, I feared everyone who hit this genre would make a Bro film. I didn't particularly like the dialogue at the beginning, but I get what you were doing.

Really nice animation. Liked that you left the Steven joke unsaid and let the audience find their own way to it. Great work.

Really good looking short, very nicely put together. Loved that tear. Solid.

I enjoyed the montage of murders at the end.

Wonderfully strange, I thought you did a great job. Very nice performances.

Well deserved winner of audience favourite. Great writing and performances, very funny. When I saw Cat & Mouse in the genre list I thought it looked like a nightmare but you did a great job.

Equal parts awkward and funny.

An ambitious short from one of the real danger teams in the comp. Good performance from Tom Furniss. Not everything was totally successful, but it was another solid effort from this crew.

You got black comedy and you went for it. It's a tough genre, so kudos for that. There was a lot of cringing around the audience, and I know that feeling very well from my more dangerous shorts, so good for you in embracing the foulness.

What can I say, I love this team. And I've loved them ever since 'In search of Bigfoot' in 2008. Their performances are always top notch, and this time around I'd say they also had the most polished production in the entire heat. I'm sure there are a bunch of drone shots in the comp this year, but this is the first I've seen and it was super clean and well used.

Really fun team, totally charming dialogue and great interaction between your characters. Was this your first time? Very well done. Welcome to the comp and I look forwarding to seeing what you come up with next time.

(A deal's a deal, you get all the stars.)

The credits were some of the best I've seen in the 48hours comp, so great work to whoever did the graphics. Wasn't so keen on all the raw meat, but I get that the story was meant to be gross.

Really nice, very charming, and quite weird little short. Lots of nice performances. Enjoyed this one a lot.

Charming conversational dialog, pretty good performances. And it was great to see someone doing something with the old Forde's Bar location, even if it was a double murder.

Really clean animation, great work getting it done in 48. Nice motion, ok voices. Pretty impressed.

I wonder if we combined the most ever elements all into one? Prop, character, trait, line, song, technical shot, narration, exposition, all rolled up in and focused on a single performance. I'm completely delighted with this year's short, and gratified by the response.

* Note: yes this is my team.

Bullshit downvote in an effort to counter the bullshit upvotes.

Great performances, very funny, and they delivered the widely predicted ball shot and then some. Excellent work.

Whatever the connection they were trying to establish between the older male & female leads (they were meant to be together because they shared a lot of interests, but then the short didn't capture any onscreen spark between them, so who cares that they eat the same food?). The thing on the grass kind of creeped me out too, so that definitely didn't work. That scene in the kitchen practically made my ears bleed (this was probably a Crystal Palace sound system issue). The younger pair worked really well on screen though, and they probably saved the short with their lower key performances.

A woman is tormented by the one who knows her best. Losing her mind (or gaining another?). Lovely staircase, gorgeous clock, and a tennis ball that kept turning up. Fairly tidily produced but the build up to the payoff was rough and it just never really popped for me. Great team logo though.

You can tell this team wanted to get Musical, and decided to make one whatever they got. Should have ended as soon as the "shock" happened (the effect for which was well enough done, but would have been sold a bit better with appropriate sound effects), and it could have happened a bit quicker. If I recall correctly they blew the required line. :(

Horror film: bad, much too dark. Too many shots of the floor. And much too long. But the comedy that followed/contained the horror was fantastic, quick paced and funny. "Your whole life is a lie, you're Asian but your name is Morgan Foster!?" "I'm adopted, dick!"

Seems like another team that had a great time making their short, it lacked a lot of technical polish but made up for it with charm.

Really excellent short. Very cleanly made. Very funny, and great story. This won the audience favourite in heat 6 and deserved it.

Had some very funny moments but it was badly put together, badly acted, and generally quite hard to follow. You can tell they had a good time making it though.

Typically polished Fractured Radius short.

Hilarious short thanks to several great performances. "I'm a doctor."

Splashing blood around doesn't make for a horror. I liked the shankings - and the shanker seemed to have a lot of charisma - but in the end I was left feeling a little flat. I think it was actually the pitch scenes that were the problem.

Even so, it was good fun and quite well put together.

It felt like this team were set on making a ghost story and just tacked the Urban Legend bit on as an afterthought.

I enjoyed a couple of the ghost shots, and liked the 'failure to pay for the office lotto ticket' bit, but found the blood on the windshield incomprehensible, wanted to shout at the screen during the parked-in scene, and frankly had a bit of a hard time deciphering how everything went together.

Blood-soaked, well produced, lots of fun, and a good twist.

After watching 'Love Story Sessions' it's clear that Simon Ward has firmly cemented his place as one of the absolute finest actors in the entire 48hours competition.

Genuinely delightful short, pitch-perfect performances all around, great warm humour, unexpected twist, and I think it was actually much better than last year's short.

Excellent work.

Perhaps I'm the only one who was a bit put-off by the overly enthusiastic kiss between the unlikeable protagonist and his out-of-his-league girlfriend that opened the short, but thankfully it was interrupted by a timely phone call before things could get any more squishy.

The theme of the short is simple: relationships are damaged rather than enhanced by the use of modern communications technology.

It's definitely a widely held belief - I doubt there are many people who haven't ever thought of their cellphone as an anchor, or who sometimes feel like they'd get more done if the internet connection went down. Many of us dream of being able to leave our work behind when we're out of the office. But of course it's not so easy. We're all hyper-available, hyper-connected, and hyper-distracted.

Unfortunately there isn't time to address the broader issue in this short, and we focus on one slightly dysfunctional relationship instead.

Good work all around, but the actor playing the cult leader had the "preacher voice" down pat, great work, definitely the stand out performance in the short. Hopefully he's back again next time, and given a role with a bit more room to move.

Don't know if I should give points or take them away for the gratuitous and uneccessary MacBook smashing, but it certainly did send a message. Excellent smash, actually, bent the screen over fully backwards in a wonderfully wince-inducing manner.

Lovely kiss (and a nice counterpoint to the awful one that started the short) featured at the end of the credits, elicited "awwwww"s all around the audience. Great timing.

Excellent opening sequence, if the short had ended there I would have liked it even more, but it went on too long, and ultimately the payoff just wasn't that great.

Fun take on the horror genre that didn't take itself too seriously. Could have used slightly snappier editing at points, but that's only a minor criticism. The bit with the turps didn't match the tone of the rest of the film, and the ending was generally weaker than the rest of the short, but I still really enjoyed it.

This was a complete disaster. I don't think it was even edited. Just seemed like they'd put all their clips into the timeline and hit render, so we get multiple takes of the same shot, including failed takes, audible direction, shots where it cuts midway due to people walking through the frame, and even what appeared to be an accidentally shot piece of the crew taking a break.

It was funny to watch, but that was exclusively due to being a complete trainwreck. I'm quite sure it would actually have been worse if it had been edited better, as what small charm there is in the disaster would have been completely lost.

Terrible sound completely ruined this one for me, it's a shame as I get a feeling some of the completely cracked scenes would have been funny if the technical problems were solved.

Beautifully made puppets, and many excellent and hilarious moments, but it felt perhaps a little over-long. I wasn't sure if the many awkward moments were meant to be quite so awkward.

Also, didn't feel like it was really in the spirit of the 'one shot' requirement, tough to pull off with puppets and animation, but the concealed cuts just needed a little more polish to get away with it.

Still, gutted I couldn't vote for it as it was definitely my favourite in this heat.

The first most obvious thing with this short is that the actors' performances are excellent. It's great to see Tama Boyle finally given some legs, with this role really letting him show off his chops. At long last 48hours stalwart Andy Conlan has a partner he can really work with.

Also excellent:
Long-time Fractured Radius writer Ryan Sproull did a fantastic job with the script of this short.

It's a bit hilarious to see some people's reviews suggest that he's ripping off some years old 48hours short. It's called Tilting at Windmills as a direct reference to the material that really served as this short's inspiration: Don Quixote.

So, if you think this short is similar to another, it's because that one was also inspired by Don Quixote. We're all influenced by other work. If you think you don't stand on the shoulders of giants in your own work, you're delusional.

Not so good:
The set for the first few shots is bad. I'm not sure if the intent was for the bare white walls to send a message of institutionalisation, but regardless of intent the message I received was that they couldn't find a better location. The sound is quite variable, and particularly dodgy in some of the outdoor park shots. And the video seemed badly overexposed at points - a member of the team has claimed in the forums that it was a projection problem, and while I didn't notice the problem to anything like the same extent on other shorts in the same heat, it may be a fair defence.

Also not good was the ending, I wonder if perhaps they ran out of time in the edit suite, but whatever the cause the denouement is rushed and falters. It's a damn shame, as it's clear that some of Tama's strongest performance was in that closing scene, and it hasn't been allowed to unravel cleanly at all.

Of course some of this criticism is quite picky, but that's the price the more experienced teams have to pay - when you're an old hand, and especially when you're a professional team, you're expected to be more well rounded. And here there are elements of the production that just let the script and the actors down.

Anna, I made this film, it's a Revenge movie. Rape-Revenge is a noted sub-genre, see Jodie Foster's The Brave One, Gaspar Noé's Irréversible, and others. These aren't meant to be easy films to watch. Frankly, if you only want to see RomComs, then don't go to 48hours heats.

Regarding Irréversible, you'll also note 'that scene' is something of an homage, shot from a similar angle, but not nearly as long (the attack in Irréversible is over 10 minutes long, and extremely violent, and one of the most difficult things I've ever seen in any film). The angle means it's really not nearly as gratuitous as people's memories lead them to believe.

(There are also much more comfortable references to Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and The Big Lebowski.)

Exactly what is it that made you think we were treating rape as funny? If you thought we positioned this as a comedy you have a problem. We played it straight, and we treated it seriously - as the shocked audience should have shown you.

Another very enjoyable film from 48hours stalwarts Fractured Radius, great performances, and lovely production, but they've made their recurring mistake and opted for goofy jokes instead of sticking to their (chosen!) genre.

When they played it straight in 2008 they won the Auckland comp, so it's a double shame that they continue to opt for the jokey approach.

(Full disclosure: I am a former member of this team, and love them all dearly.)