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Watched online. Pretty good short video and the story was easy to follow, but not too obvious. The characters seemed to be missing a bit of personality, which as another reviewer mentioned, worked for the android character but made Victoria and her boyfriend seem fairly bland, and their acting felt a bit stilted as a result. Giving them some more natural dialogue and some personality quirks would have given some good contrast to the android's attempts to appear human.

On an unrelated note, Vic's hair looked amazing at the start...great colour! The character could have done with a sassy, redhead personality to match it!

Watched this on youtube. Guts on being DQ'd.

Disturbingly awesome. I felt sorry for Piss Horse, and nice to see him/her? happy in the final shot.

Classy. Great team intro. Stylish and cinematic.

Well made and executed (excuse the pun). Strong acting, strong story.

Awesome! Very funny, very clever. Great use of naked men.

edit: forgot to mention, best use of pubes in any movie, ever!

Nicely done. Very, very creepy premise.

Awesome effort. Loved the animation at the end, great location and props. Liked that Vic Meyers wasn't an actual person.

I liked this, though the story had me a little confused. Overall pretty good though.

Had some funny bits in it but let down by being predictable in parts.

I loved this quirky film. The beards were awesome, outfits were fantastic and the songs were pretty good too. Great job!

Loved it! Very 'Flight of the Conchords', great lyrics and very entertaining.

I liked this. Really good effort with a challenging genre. Anything with a horse head in it has got to be good right? Nice acting from the lead character.

Nicely done, bit sentimental at the end, but great premise and the cyborg actress was really good and looked very robotic.

This was one of my favourites out of a very competitive heat! Well acted, lots of laughs and the nicely finished.

Nicely made film. Great acting from the two young girls and the android. Brave choice to show the drowning.

Good effort from some young film-makers. I liked the playing cards in the plastic bags as evidence, and the ending was quirky and cute.

Pretty good effort, nice premise, story could have used a bit more work.

Clever take on the genre, an entertaining short movie.

Thought the lady who was the insomniac had a good singing voice, but this film didn't seem to go anywhere for me. Tough genre though!

Some great fake American accents here, nice take offs from other movies. Bit predictable in parts, but great effort overall.

Great acting from the female lead! But to be honest, I didn't get what happened at the end? Plus there were some editing glitches that were distracting.

Good work here. Story nicely told, and good take on techno thriller genre. Acting could have been tighter, but kudos on having the male lead showing off some mean abs in the beginning, good man candy for the ladies...

Very funny and well done! Amazed at this being able to be produced within the short time frame, awesome work. Particularly liked the scenes with the police. Nice premise and story.

Edit: re: 48review's review. I thought the jokes were more about prison sex, as opposed to being what I would consider rape jokes, though I respect your right to see that differently. The crass humour was in line with the type of animation used, though not to everyone's taste, I thought it was executed and produced really well.

Best team intro from this heat! Entertaining, though I feel like a psycho-evil cat would have worked better than a tentacled monster.

Fairly good effort, nice storylines. Script perhaps more suitable for theatre than cinema.

Great intro, very funny. Some good moments, and well acted.

Thought this was pretty good. Some funny moments, and ended well.

Very cool, original idea, well executed. Ended on an excellent line of dialogue. Had some very funny bits. Well done!