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"It's time to rectify my rectum."

The idea of rebellion could have been explored a lot better, though I get what the team was going for.
The ending really ruined it for me. I don't at all buy the suicide and I felt like it wasn't built up to at all. There was really an "Oh dear" moment in the audience when people realised that was what was happening.
A decent performance from the lead actress and an alright voice performance from the mother.
I think that if the film had ended without showing the mother's face, it would have been more effective.
Again, the ending really came out of nowhere and was a real downer in what was really close to being one of the stand outs of the heat.

A really fantastic take on the "film that takes place over ten years." Really creative and hilarious.
A lot of the camera work felt like it could have been a bit tighter and some of the murder attempts were a little too ridiculous for my liking.
Fantastic physical progression of the characters, it really felt and looked like they were getting older as the film went on and some really solid performances to go with this.
I really liked the attempt to link the beginning to the end with the juice box, but I feel that the lollipop would have been more effective as it was the first way one of the characters tried to kill the other.
Really great twist with the voodoo doll and a lot of clever and creative aspects to the story that made this film entertaining and very funny.

While the concept was fantastic, the execution felt quite ham fisted with serious moments being undercut by weird choices in dialogue and performance.
A lot of the camerawork was incredibly janky and the editing felt disjointed and uneven.
The connection to the characters was broken very early on in the film when it is revealed that one of the characters had cancer.
There is also a sub-plot about leaving people out which had no impact on the film and was shot in a pretty cramped and claustrophobic.
I love the attempt at a darker tone here, a lot of entries opt for cheap laughs as a pose to leaving an impact, however this film didn't quite hit the mark and really dragged during the montage section.

Some really solid editing here and there, but the score felt very upbeat and out of place quite often.
I wasn't really sure about the message of the film seeing as the protagonist is cast out from the group for playing uno correctly, while there's a character in the film who bullies another member of the group consistently and faces no consequences?
The entire time travel aspect of the film was really convoluted and I wouldn't have been able to guess the genre if it wasn't said at the start.
Effective use of the puddle and really fantastic juxtaposition between when the characters are friends and when they aren't.
The colour grading was, I hate to say it, awful. It gave the whole film this sort of washed out salmon-coloured tint which wasn't particularly appealing visually.
The camerawork and editing meshed really well for the most part and there were some fairly solid performances from some cast members, and some less good ones too.
I would love to see the team develop their narrative skills and work on integrating the genre more elegantly into their works in the future.

Overall, a real Ruckus of a time.

Really really solid performances, especially from the Murderer.
Excellent comic timing, but the film didn't really have a lot to offer more than that.
There were a number of sequences that went on for way too long such as the sequence with the torch, and the chase sequence at the end.
A solid comedy, but not the best film on the technical side.

This film reminds me of where I was a few years ago. I think this team has a long way to go but they really shouldn't be dissuaded.
Oh God, now I have to talk about it.
The plot was incredibly convoluted and it wasn't particularly clear what was going on a lot of the time.
The scene in the science classroom was quite hard to follow but I got the general gist. I really think that this team NEEDS to sort out their sound design to make more movies like this because the audio was peaking like crazy.
It was shot nicely for the most part, though there were a few shots that lingered a little longer than was necessary.
The love story felt very rushed and not at all developed with one shoe-horned in "I love you" put at the end.
Good concept, poor execution.
Please try again next time because I felt the heart in this movie and how genuine it was. I feel that that's something missing from a lot of entries this year.

I love the extensive use of slow motion with epic guitar over the top, I feel that it really added to my enjoyment of the film, however
I had no idea what was going on for most of the film. I feel that the team really need to work on their narrative/ story telling skills.
A lot of it felt quite improvy/ everyone wants to get a joke in which is common in 48 hrs entries, especially this year.
I am excited to see this team develop their skills and produce more work in the future. This is a really solid film to build off in that regard.

A real shame that this team was disqualified, I think that this film shows a lot of promise and with some practice, this team could really be great. The film looks fantastic and sounds good. The message while played to great comic effect does feel as though you're being beaten over the head with it a little bit (how do you walk with hands so heavy?)
Overall, the team shows a lot of promise and I look forward to seeing what they produce in future.

Some really fantastic visual story telling here played to great comic effect. I would love to see this team get their hands on some better gear, but they definitely do fantastic things with what they've got. An absolutely hilarious romp which I really enjoyed from beginning to end.

I found this film really quite charming stylistically and in terms of performance and plot. It's really great to see some entries with a message and some theme exploration even if you don't quite hit it on the head and some of the editing is quite janky. Some great creative transition shots in there and definitely a clear and relevant idea being explored.

Not a very strong entry from this team, with a lot of what felt like ad-libbing to camera in a vlog like style.
I would love to see what this team can do with a solid script and a bit more work put into some more inspired camera work.

The film while funny was a very generic 48 hours entry that took no real risks. The editing was nice for the most part, but a little janky at times (same with camera work).
Really great sound design and intentionally terrible music sections. It drags a little bit in the middle, feeling quite repetitive at times, but pulls it in a bit towards the end.
This team is so self aware it's great.