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As this was a large team, I'm sure they'll do well with the audience vote.... but most were left confused about the story

I'm glad I didn't have to clean up after making this one!!! Ha ha ha !!! They must have had a lot of laughs making this and I had a lot watching it.

Interesting take on the survival genre, had to laugh at the use of the female character and the audience seemed to enjoy watching

I actually really like this film, the story was told well and they achieved some big laughs while hitting this tough genre..... great to see a family having fun
This was the team that thanks to HP, won Guy Williams as a cameo appearance.... I like that they didn't "over use him"
.... nice subtle drone shot at the end too

The funniest film of the night

This was my favourite film in this heat, made me laugh out loud and it escalated into an action scene that nailed the genre. I'm looking forward to seeing it online so I can have another look

It's always very hard to make a thriller and build suspense in a 5min film but a great effort

This team may not have access to all the fancy equipment which lets down a well performed story with a couple good gags

A lot of work for just 48 hours, some good acting, and hard to put together some serious content in a 5 min film, well done

Really funny take on this new genre with some great gags

A hard genre and thus team didn't disappoint, the best line of the night with some great actors

One of my favourites with some fantastic effects very well done in the 5min .... Got my vote!

Great story, well executed

Audience favourite ..... Really?!?!?!? Large team = more votes I guess

This movie had the most laughs before turning dark to give us the shock ending, well executed, this team cracked me up last year too, looks like they have a lot of fun making films, well done

Same story is done by a team every year......

Same story is done every year......

A classic take on this genre, simple but affective

I was a little confused, not sure they achieved their genre

My favourite in this heat, nailed the genre, I'm surprised they get more audience vote?

My favourite in this heat! Funny, great story, looks like they had a lot if fun making this film...... I'm very surprised they didn't get further with the audience vote? Also nailed the genre

A simple concept executed well, perhaps workout scene a bit too long, but this was made up for with the dancing clock

Solid laughs were had and the funniest use of the line

Nice touch to shoot this is one shot, would have taken lots of practice

Great Story Line, and a few laughs, enjoyed this film

A good attempt at a tough genre and hard to fit this story into 7min
some sound issues (as did my team though)
A team this large is always hard to control.... but also means a great chance of winning the audience vote


I really liked the way they added the line of dialogue, good attempt at a tough genre

Cool editing

Cool editing

Simple storyline that worked well, some sound issues to be sorted but a fun movie to watch

A lot of work here for 48 hours, well done, funny and inventive, shame it was disqualified

My favourite in this heat, some great laugh out loud moments and the gag real through the credits was a nice touch, looks like they had a lot of fun making it
A little more time spent on editing would have finished off this film

One of the best in this heat, a few good laughs and a creative concept

Disappointed it was disqualified as this was a very funny Rom Com
Well shot and unique idea

Enjoyed this light hearted film, and now I want to visit Kumue

Great take on the "found footage" genre by these first time new comers
Sound FX finished it off nicely and well chosen music
Looking forward to seeing more from "Random Head Scratch" in years to come