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Well shot, emotional film about a man who is struggling with a death in the family and the effect it is having on his wife. Great performances by actors and another really strong film.

An insomniac girlfriend tries everything to sabotage boyfriends attempt to get to an important job interview on time. Difficult to understand why she is being so cruel until the reveal/twist explains it nicely. Well done.

Always hard to shoot a movie in 48hours, but unfortunately I just didn't understand this film

Great acting - I think - film was entirely in French. Pulled off the whole crime genre with pretty much one actor, one shot and a couple of nice comedic touches. Was one of my absolute favourites of the heat

A woman escapes her tormentor, meets up with her daughter, only to get shot by an over-tired hunter. Might have benefited from a couple of extra scenes to give the film more coherency, but I thought it was well shot, well acted, and generally well done.

A feud between an egg stealer and a shotgun weilding family takes a turn when the egg stealer is run off the road on his bike and nearly dies in a ditch. From here the egg stealer turns into an android (well, he has an android eye), becomes a millionaire, kills the woman he was feuding with and smokes some pot. A few funny moments and one of the more entertaining films in the heat

Wow. This either deserves 0 stars or 10 stars. I'm still not sure which. It was definitely horrifying, but for all the wrong reasons. This went beyond R18. I've never seen so many exploding genitals in my life. Was all the urine necessary? What's with the horse? This movie was equally funny, terrifying and traumatising.

I feel like I need to wash my eyeballs but despite everything I actually enjoyed this film. And definite kudos for achieving so much with animation within the 48hours.

Nice homage to A Clockwork Orange at the beginning as two masked men beat a drunkard in an alley. Drunkard continues to be haunted by these men through the rest of the movie.Very nicely shot, great cinematography and properly scary. Top job!