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A great little short. Its a shame about the disqualification. I was impressed about the choice of lighting. Was executed very well, and the tone and mood was consistent. The only thing I found was the train station property comment gave it away for me, so I saw the end coming, and I guess when you have a genre that people are expecting a twist it makes it quite hard. You did a great job at building that contrast enough to deceive people :). Overall enjoyable. Great effort

An old lady invites a deceitful contractor in to do some work around the house. She has a daughter who suffers from some mental illness. The story reveals that the old lady is killing people to feed her daughter her favourite food, meatloaf. Easy to follow story, although I felt it very predictable and comfortable for something of that genre, it was well shot, and the contractor was done very well and believable. Great effort.

I don't know if it was intentional. but man, I thoroughly enjoyed the action. It was so absurd that it went to excellence. I can't wait to see it again.

A man is broke and needs to sell his leaf collection. His case gets mixed up with some other "collectors". Predictable ending but solid and clear storytelling. Audio and camera shots were nice. Pretty good for a "middle-aged cameraman" :D

A sister and brother take a shortcut to school after they miss the bus. The brother finds himself in a scary forest scenario and meets various strange creatures. He then chooses to be turned into a white rabbit and gets suddenly run over. Great to see other mediums being used than live action. Nice use of warp effects. Good effort

A guy has woken up in a chicks bed from last night. Fantastical characters appear and make his journey to leave more interesting. He then decides to stay with the "girl". Had some funny points and interesting characters. A simple concise take on a fantasy adventure. Well done

A guy is diagnosed with some fatal disease. The only known cure was a leaf that may or may not exist. Had a dark moody feel with some nice graphic elements. Good effort.

A couple break up and their friends try to get them back in the scene. They find themselves back with each other. clear and easy to follow. People were laughing with it, not at it, which is a good sign. Had a lot of funny moments topped off with a nice warm glass of milk.

A detective is tasked to locate a stalker, and finds out he needs the help. Nice job at one shot guys. Seamless transitions from car to walking shots, which was very cool. Nice and simple. Solid effort.