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This film had a great overall feel and style to it which helped the story along. A couple of great gags helped reinforce that this film doesn't take itself too seriously and the main actress did a great job.

The ending was clever if you didn't think too hard about it.

I'd love to see this team back next year trying for a bit more polish in their production values, I think they have a lot of potential.

Overall I enjoyed the majority of this film and it kept me intrested throughout.

It didn't seem like cringe comedy or gross out to me however, and there were a lot of loose ends either poorly explained or not wrapped up at all, like the cow subplot.

It was somewhat redeemed by some genuinely funny moments and the best use of overhead shot Ive seen this year.

All in all a good effort.

Another good film from this team. Some great moments and generally a solid script but it could probably have been edited down a little shorter and tighter for better impact.

It did do a fantastic job of selling clapping hats, I really want one now.

While I don't think I'd classify this exactly as cringe or gross out comedy, it does have a definite charm and is a well put together story. Everything makes sense, there's some decent production values and a great little original song. This is one of BOTUs best efforts so far, I wouldn't be surprised to see it do well in the finals.

This film had a great premise and the team made a bold choice to encorporate not only extra genres but a voluntary musical. While the ending was a bit obvious from the get go and the team could have really pushed it further and whackier, it was a clever idea and an entertaining watch.

This film was entertaining but could have been tighter and better scripted. The length of some of the shots gave too much time and left you poking at the plot holes. That being said it was a great way to tackle kids as the main characters. I do wish you hadn't made the little girl cry for that ending though.

Having a baby makes me appreciate this effort far more than I would have in previous years. I enjoyed the creative use of editing to create multiple characters and think this was a great result of an ultra duo. Some tighter cutting could have made this much more impactul but a great effort nonetheless.

This is the sort of film that leaves you with an eye twitching and your brain misfiring. The content and animation style fit together perfectly and while it's not really my cup of tea I can totally appreciate the art of its creation. That pimple is going to haunt my dreams.

While I found the twist in this film fairly predictible from the setup, I was very impressed with the idea. For this film to have come out of the star-crossed lovers genre was truly a good shake-up and the sort of thing teams should be doing with their allocated genres.

A story about a secret behind the back of the main character. While it was concise and clear in its delivery, the film premise has been done many times in the past, and lacked an original twist. Overall the edit was good, and the audio and video were both fine, but not spectacular.

In this mockumentary style film we followed a drummer through a few days of his life, and it stood out for some great cinematography.

The idea was very solid, and it was very enjoyable to watch. This film could have benefitted from some snappier editing in the start, and a few things were perhaps a little unclear but overall a great effort and a brilliant ending.

This film about alien lovers on earth had its moments, and fit squarely into storytelling structures and its genre. It felt long in parts, and perhaps the ending could have been a little punchier, but it was obvious the group had fun and we enjoyed watching it.

Horror is a very difficult genre to work with, and hats off to this team for giving it a good go rather than trying to go for a horror-comedy.

This particular horror follows a pair of homeless people who are staying at a church. I thought the character of Charlie had a good amount of depth to it, it was interesting, though it lost a bit of intrigue towards the end. Massive kudos to the young man who appeared briefly, he was truly quite creepy! Overall some of the acting was a little strained, and the film could have been condensed, but a good effort!

Oh boy, what to say about this film!

This dystopian story where everyone has four legs (It was unclear whether it was a fashion trend or some sort of mutation) was immensely entertaining, with a nod to popular culture as well as George Orwell’s Animal Farm. While there was not a great deal to be said about the story or editing, the execution was in the realms of so awful that it was immensely entertaining and everyone enjoyed it all around.

A film about a girl confronting a haunted past that was sadly disqualified.

It had a haunting, surreal feeling to it and a very attention grabbing opening. Because of the style of it, the narrative got a bit lost and it was sometimes difficult to work out who the characters were or what was going on. There were unfortunately some playback glitches and jumps but the music echoes around your head for a solid hour after watching it and it was a pity it was disqualified.

This home-robbery-gone-wrong definitely fit into its genre, and had some great moments.

It could maybe have been snappier, and several moments felt a bit long, but it was a solid, coherent story that made sense all the way through. Some great gags in this one and the humour fit the genre very well.

This film follows a pair of conjoined brothers through some of their daily activities.

The premise was entertaining, a neat and original idea, and definitely left field take on the bro movie. It could have benefited from a slightly stronger plot line, but the acting was entertaining and the sound quality clear.

Overall neat!

I had a very difficult time watching this film. Although the characters were clear to understand and the simple story made sense, the painful gory graphics were a bit too much for me.

Amazing job on behalf of the special effects team who obviously did their job beautifully, and the lead actress did a great job. A bit more story development might have been nice, and I felt some of the violence might have been unnecessary to the plot, but that may be personal taste.

Loved the animated intro except for the extra frame at the end which is singed onto my eyeballs.

Good job on the grossness, it was to the max!

‘Zebra Crossing’ was an interesting take on the ‘Film within a film’ genre, following a story within a story about a young girl and her stuffed toy.

It’s difficult for a young team in this competition, as most of the actors are likely to be the same age which can complicate some storylines. This film suffered from that a little bit, but it was good to see that they did what they could to try to make the lead actress look younger.

I thought the little zebra toy was a key element in the film and it could have used a clear close-up, it took a while for me to connect the toy with the character in the story, as I couldn’t see it very well.

I enjoyed the tone, and thought the story was quite clear and easy to understand. Some of it could have been a bit shorter but overall the delivery was fine, and it was one of the few films in the heat that I could say I remembered the next morning.

Sideways Productions are well known for their sleek production values and elegant stories. This year’s entry was far left field of their usual work, but it was still an excellent, enjoyable film; if you’re not intimidated by a little – ok a lot of poo.

The story follows a group of friends trying to set a mini-golf record during a bachelor’s party. They get into the usual trouble as the film unfolds.

It was a bit crude, and there were points where I wished for an extra set of hands to cover my eyes and ears at the same time, but it was still very enjoyable. The audience seemed to love it, with laughs and groans in all the right places, and the film was fairly well shot and cut together, which meant the story was tight and well presented.

I’m not sure I’d watch it again, but that’s due to personal tastes, and it’s by far one of the better films of the competition. This team will go far and they did a really amazing job.

The storyline follows a condition/infection/disease which can be contracted by time traveling. After a very successful joke about public transport and one or two good moments between some of the actors, the momentum of this film fizzled out.

Usually titles detract from a film’s overall production value and this definitely contributed to the problem that was ‘The Dreaded Blaargh’. It’s difficult enough to do a futuristic set design in 48 hours, and adding vintage-style title cards and making it a silent film made it difficult to suspend reality.

The story was clear, and some ham handed acting helped the audience laugh with it, like it was intentionally trying to be cheesy. A few funny gags helped move it along, and the two turban toting characters were quite funny, but it still felt like an uphill struggle.

The story in this film made sense for the most part, but some very strange production choices made it rather difficult to really get into.

‘Trust’ was a really captivating post-apocalyptic film about a father and son’s struggles. Some great acting, good camera and editing work helped reinvigorate an otherwise unoriginal story.

Shame it was disqualified.

It tickles me to see another team attempt puppetry, and 'The Tale of Sir Foster's Wife' is a film I enjoyed more for the style than anything else.

The story appears to closely follow 'The Marriage of Sir Gawain', a medieval ballad about what women want. While there was a disclaimer at the beginning that it was an adaptation, and despite the story itself not being subject to copyright, following a story or myth so closely feels against the spirit of the competition.

The shadow puppets were delightful, despite the film overall seeming a bit dragged out, but the cutaway to the live-action flowers were disjointed and the metaphor didn't work very well.

I enjoyed the story itself but a few shorter editing choices might have made it better, not to mention better framing on the shadow puppets.

Nonetheless, it was a brave thing to do and I hope to see more puppets from them in future!

It’s difficult to create a period piece in a 48 hours film. ‘What a Guy’ did a really good job of this with their narrated glimpse back in time.

This type of storyline has been explored a lot in the past, and it feels like the team liberally borrowed from Stranger than Fiction, but it was nonetheless a charming piece. It only caused a problem by setting a precedent for the ending of the film, which despite their “shock ending” genre, was rather predictable from about halfway through their film.

I really loved the vintage vibe, the tone was set beautifully and apart from an unfortunate scene against a very modern looking Auckland skyline, they really strived to take you on a journey back in time.

Overall a very enjoyable piece, if a little derivative.

Who knew you could have so much fun with some googly eyes, glue, skewers and the contents of your fridge.

‘V is for Vegetables’ was crazy, it was silly and fun, and it was a fresh (pun intended) take on the revenge genre. The characters were enjoyable, though some of the dialogue seemed a little unrefined at times.

I felt the beginning of this film and the end were both very strong, though I feel like the middle could have used a bit more polish and would it have been nice if the characters had slightly stronger feelings.

The accents were very entertaining and the accessories used really helped to emphasise the punch line when needed.

Many films suffer from being too long in this competition, but this is not one of them. Despite a few shots that were longer than they needed to be, the overall length was pretty good, and made for an enjoyable film.

This film was very strong, and was both funny and very captivating. The doctor tells a woman that she has exactly 24 hours in which to get pregnant, or she will never be able to.

Eggspiry Day was captivating, providing an unusually good balance between heart-wrenching sympathy and outrageous gross comedy which will leave you on the edge of your seats. The lead actress took us on an emotional rollercoaster and did an amazing job.

It made you laugh, cry, groan and cringe in your seat, but despite a less-than-surprising ending, everyone was still hissing and groaning when it was revealed.

It was a fantastic film, well thought out and had the audience wrapped around its little finger.

Baby Love is a film about the unusual infatuation with a man by a mystery narrator/spectator in the room.

While the idea behind this film has merit and there was some audience empathy, it was confusing and difficult to follow. In an attempt to misdirect and provide a surprise ending for viewers to what is really a very obvious conclusion, the film confuses and dilutes the story a little bit, losing some of the gags that are revealed in the narration later in the film. I also found the use of acts to break up the story a bit unnecessary and jarring.

It’s a cute story though, and a cute delivery with a very adorable ending, even with the knowledge of what’s to come, it’s something you can get into, and didn’t need quite so much awkward misdirection. Technically it was sound and there were some good shots and cuts.

An enjoyable watch, but could have been a little clearer.

Cracked Lens evidently lacked the resources to pull off a musical, but they managed to make an entertaining film with the resources which they had.

This film follows a person living daily with ‘musical tourettes’, treated to a mockumentary-style statement and example format.

Technically it was not brilliant and for a dance film there was a distinct lack of music. Despite the story being clear and easy to understand, everything was fairly linear and predictable.

I enjoyed the Peculiar Condition of Morgan Foster for a number of reasons, it has a rough and unpolished vibe which makes it rather endearing. The few dance moves the character used are very common and simple, and they translate easily and were well received by the audience, who gave this film a number of laughs.

Not a bad effort with some funny moments and gags that the audience responded well to.

Christian Bale & the Batemans were onto a good thing with their film, ‘The Taste of Friendship’. Some technical issues detracted from this film, but it was still an enjoyable watch.

‘Taste of Friendship’ follows the story of a university student looking to find some new friends. An unfortunate confusion between the word meet and meat causes this film to take some hilarious turns.

It was reminiscent of an episode of the popular series, ‘IT Crowd’ called ‘Eat me’, and we find the protagonists’ lack of information fairly entertaining. Despite the technical issues and sound problems, the story comes through reasonably clearly and the characters are well fleshed out (pun intended).

I can forgive the film a lot of its technical issues (it is 48 Hours after all), but I felt they didn’t really hit the genre. There was perhaps one scene of gore in the film, and it was very small and contained. I had trouble deciding whether the genre they had picked was horror or splatter, and really I felt few elements of either.

The characters were funny and had real personality, and I enjoyed the fun which the team poked at the whole situation. The premise was fun and it looked like they had a lot of fun making the film.

Overall it was an entertaining film; just try not to sprain an ear or eye muscle trying to catch the bits which are difficult to make out.

Chess Club are always a point I look forward to in this competition, I really enjoyed their 2011 musical and was thrilled when their 2013 robot film got into the finals.

This year however, I was somewhat underwhelmed. While the film itself was okay, it missed a lot of that fun, zany humour and surprise that this team is so great at delivering.

The film follows a washed up street magician (closely based on Chris Angel’s mind freak) who is kidnapped by a man that does real magic in order to help him fight evil.

The story was fairly linear and predictable, the fun moments felt a little too short, some of the other moments ran a little too long, and it would have been nice to see a few more visual effects shots and magic tricks. The ending was similarly quite linear and held little surprise, though it was well choreographed and interesting to watch.

It’s difficult to distance yourself from a team’s previous work, and there were some great shots in the film. The reveal of the villain’s face was hilarious and got a lot of good vibes, and the mid-turn reveal of the magician with the ball stuck with me as a pretty great shot. The supporting actor gave the film a particular amusing zaniness and overall it was fun to watch.

While this film was not the best of the heat, it has something to offer and is interesting and amusing to watch.

A man gets a new flatmate who is a little over-friendly.

Audio: 4
Video: 4
Story: 3.5
Acting: 3.5

Pros: Bald Faced Cheek do some hilarious films and this year's is no exception. A nice blend of witty, offensive and downright out-there humour. I immensely enjoyed the ending which really set this apart from your average obsessive friendship film, of which there are many this year.

Cons: It was very much the same thing they do every year. Having seen this group's films before, it's difficult to get into the characters when you remember them from previous years' films. That being said, it was only a minor issue.

Overall: Another brilliant film by this team. Their writers have a great sense of humour, though not as offensive as some previous entries.

PS: I loved the giant cupcake.

A man purchases an android woman to fulfil his wishes, but is not quite satisfied.

Audio: 2
Video: 2.5
Story: 3
Acting: 2.5

Pros: It was a very cute film, had some funny moments and the split screens worked well in places. The first android lady was fantastic, she had real personality which I thought was brilliant, some excellent acting there. I also really enjoyed the song over the end credits.

Cons: A few minor sound issues, in general not as "polished" technically as it possibly could have been.

Overall: Some great visual gags and a good story. Could have been a bit more development technically, but overall a solid film.

A man is in a polygamous relationship with two ladies.

Audio: 3.5/5
Video: 3.5/5
Story: 2/5
Acting: 2.5/5

Pros: A refreshing premise in this film, I liked the beginning. Some good visuals and sound too, which is crucial for a non-dialogue film.

Cons: It was difficult to work out what was happening. I struggled to work out which of the women was leaving and why. It's such a difficult genre to get, perhaps the montage of them happy could have been a bit shorter and a bit more time put into clearly developing the plot points.

Overall: Everyone loves a good threesome, but it felt like the story was a bit confusing beyond that. Some nice visuals and sound.

A man is sent to jail when his lover mysteriously dies after they commit a robbery.

Audio: 3
Video: 2.5
Story: 1.5
Acting: 1.5

Pros: The voiceover wasn't bad, use of props was quite good (curious whether they dug the grave or just...borrowed one?). The masses were impressed by the card un-ripping. Some of the shots were interesting.

Cons: As a mostly serious film, I think it could have used a bit more treatment, grading or just lighting to set the tone. Some of the plot points were a little odd too, and I had trouble working out why certain things happened.

Overall: A good effort and some nice set dressing. Maybe a bit more story development would have been nice.

A dark film about love, depression and suicide

Audio: 2.5/5
Video: 2/5
Story: 2/5
Acting: 3.5/5

Pros: This film did a great job with its tone. It's so hard to set a serious tone among all the humorous stuff in a heat, but this hit the nail on the head. There was a brief funny moment with some god bothers, and it didn't detract at all. I thought the scene in the bathtub was well done and very poignant. People around me were commenting that it was a bit too dark, but that's a stylistic choice and one that I think was well executed.

Cons: I had a bit of trouble with the story. The masked man and the card seemed a little odd and superfluous. I had trouble working out who had died and why. The video was also a bit dark and grainy in places.

Overall: A really nice achievement of tone, some unfortunate story issues and a bit of grainy video.

A film about an expendable henchman who doesn't want to be one anymore

Audio: 3.5/5
Video: 3/5
Story: 1.5/5
Acting: 3/5

Pros: Some great visual effects, a good punch of Battlesoup trademark humour and decent sound and video.

Cons: Perhaps I'm biased here because I love these guys (You should check out the BattleSoup YouTube channel) and had some pretty high expectations.
As such, I feel this falls far short of their usual standard. The story actually felt a bit dragged out in places, without mentioning a similar "bad guy who's sick of it" animated feature we all saw advertised late last year, and not a single person gets hit by a car despite some great opportunities (What's up with that?).

Overall: Some good shots and some awesome BattleSoup Gun em' down scenes, but overall it fell flat for me. Definitely missed Tom in this one, but it was a nice surprise to see Sean, who did a great job.

A film about a solution to the global recession.

Audio: 3.5/5
Video: 4.5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Acting: 2.5/5

Pros: Visually a pretty great film. This team goes above and beyond each year to bring something unique and this was no exception. I loved the use of an actual website created for the film, and was impressed with the costumed actors handing out 3D Glasses at the screening. The underwater scene was interesting, and some snappy cuts did a lot for this film.

Cons: I'm so gutted I missed out on a pair of glasses. I was sitting up the back with another reviewer and by the time we realised there were glasses, we both missed out, so I can't comment on the 3D (though I did nab a pair off someone as they were leaving, so hoping to see it in 3D in the screening room). If we took the website and 3D glasses out of the equation and looked only at the story, I'd be a bit disappointed. It's OK but it's nothing spectacular and I thought they could have been a bit more creative with the ending.

Overall: A stunning film to look at, I love how unique this team is every year with their offering. It was definitely the most interesting film of the night visually, but the narrative was a bit boring in places.

PS: Plugging in a glass of water via USB would be a great prank.

An insomniac searches the house for a beeping alarm clock.

Audio: 3/5
Video: 2.5/5
Story: 1.5/5
Acting: 3/5

Pros: Some pretty great acting. I enjoyed the half-crazed look in the main actress's eye, and a lot of the cuts were quite snappy. The audio was also pretty good; I think a good percentage of the audience was annoyed with the alarm clock sound, appropriately so.

Cons: The ending fell a bit flat for me. It answered the how, but not the why, which left me in a bit of a lurch and seemed a bit weak. I also didn't gel with the use of prop, which seemed a bit forced. I don't imagine this will be the last "noise keeping me up at night" film we'll be seeing.

Overall: Some great moments, decent sound and good acting. A bit more time taken with the story might have been good.

A mockumentary about a dedicated accountant-turned-neighbourhood-watchman.

Audio: 3/5
Video: 2.5/5
Story: 2/5
Acting: 2.5/5

Pros: It had some pretty funny moments. There was a great leap over a fence and a Cluedo gag which got a lot of laughs. The scripting was great in places and the main actor was appropriately overdone. While the age of the main character didn't fit the actor, it didn't actually bother me in this case.

Cons: It felt a bit long in places, and a bit more attention could have perhaps been paid to the way it was shot (lighting, framing etc.). The ending was pretty well anticipated by the time we got there, which ruined the reveal.

Overall: A good attempt. A bit more planning and storyboarding might have helped this film, and perhaps a more unique twist on the ending.

A goblin goes on a quest to find the elixir of life for his wizard master.

Audio: 2/5
Video: 3/5
Story: 1.5/5
Acting: 2/5

Pros: Animation! I love animation, and some of the visual gags here were great.

Cons: I was however bothered by the lack of originality of this short, a very similar film has been done in 48 hours before. I also missed what was written on the bottle, would love for a team member to step up and tell me because I've gone through other people's reviews and can't find anyone who caught it!

Overall: Some funny gags, but generic story and ending cut off too quickly.

A man is in a new relationship with a girl but is shadowed by his obsessive best friend.

Audio: 3/5
Video: 3/5
Story: 1/5
Acting: 3/5

Pros: Some very hilarious gags. I loved the bongo drums, they were well played, and there was some excellent acting. The story made sense and apart from a few grainy night shots, it was visually ok.

Cons: I felt this story was very unoriginal. It's a very generic concept and I doubt it's the last we'll see of it. They really didn't take any risks or come up with any new ideas to add to the concept.

Overall: A very generic storyline but well achieved.

A film about Robots who have a glitch which they treat like a disease...I think.

Audio: 1/5
Video: 1/5
Story: .5/5
Acting: 1/5

Pros: Some of the glitching shots were quite funny. I also liked the angle, it was interesting.

Cons: The story was really not very clear. I had a hard time knowing who was human and who was a robot, and it wasn't clear enough for me to be sure what exactly the story was about. It also felt long, a lot of the talking heads could have been cut for a much tighter film.

Overall: A cool idea, some work needed on execution.

A film about a guy walking to Queen Street??

Audio: 4/5
Video: 4/5
Story: 0/5
Acting: 1/5

Pros: This was a very pretty film. Some good audio and video, and I really loved the "through the eye" shots where the same shots in the daytime and night were superimposed, it was very cool.

Cons: Non dialogue is hard, I get that. But I really had no clue what happened in this film or why. There seemed to be a lot of very large holes in the storytelling.

Overall: Some very impressive visuals, but a very muddy storyline made it quite difficult to watch.

A man gets fired because he's old and doesn't know what Wi-Fi is.

Overall: 2/5
Audio: 1/5
Video: 2/5
Story: 2/5
Acting: 2/5

Pros: Really well polished start to the film, and the audience seemed to laugh and "aww" at the correct times. The Vic Meyer character was incredibly well done.

Cons: Lost its track a little as it went, and led to quite a weak ending. The singing was also not great, though I understand it's difficult to do a musical in 48 Hours (I notice they took out dance).

Overall: Had some great bits, but didn't quite make sense in the end.

A Horror film about a girl and a doll and a room.

Audio: 3/5
Video: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Acting: 2/5

Pros: Horror is a difficult genre, all my sympathies go to people who get it, because it's so hard to pull it off. This film was pretty good considering. The choppy style of the edit and the lack of narrative really helped it a lot as a horror film.

Cons: It was a bit confusing, but I think that's OK. I can't really give it more marks for the script. Montage films are quite choppy by nature, but you have to be careful to still get your main points across.

Overall: A good effort. They did well within the genre. I feel sorry for the person that had to pin all those paper sheets to the wall, which gave me a bit of a giggle.

That's Fab is about picking up the wrong shopping bag and where it can lead you.

Audio: 4/5
Video: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Acting: 5/5

Pros: This film had a great script. The acting from the villain character was absolutely fantastic, and the other characters delivered some great performances too.

Cons: There's not much to criticise about this film, it was very clean and well delivered. It was very similar to another film, but the ending saved it. Perhaps do a bit more with your lighting and video quality, just for that last polish.

Overall: A hilarious film with great acting and story, watch the similarities to other films, hope to see some sweet lighting next year!

A man has to protect his perfect mix from falling into the wrong hands

Audio: 3/5
Video: 2/5
Story: 3/5
Acting: 3/5

Pros: 10 Trucks have a particular style of things looking a little bit bad, which is fine. It actually adds to it, because it increases the humour value of this film. A lot of cheesy lines and acting, but done well!

Cons: Might have gone a bit overboard with it. The sound really could have used a bit more work, and some bits seemed a little dark.

Overall: A funny, silly film, not trying to be more than it is. I also really love their team logo animation.

A film about an extreme postwoman

Audio: 4/5
Video: 4/5
Story: 3.5/5
Acting: 3/5

Pros: This was one of my favourites of the heat. I enjoyed the montage of mail delivery and the great interactions the actress had with other cast and her environment. Some great shots and snappy cuts.

Cons: The ending could have been stronger. While the fact that she's running away from people makes sense in that she's just being extreme and pretending they're chasing her, but after a very nice montage at the start, the ending seemed a bit rushed. The text halfway through also seemed a bit unnecessary, and the film would probably have been stronger without it.

Overall: A great premise, some good shots, more work needed on the ending.

A film about a child being expelled from school after soiling a teacher's...reputation.

Audio: 3.5/5
Video: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Acting: 4/5

Pros: This was a stellar film, excellent technical quality, and the story and pacing were great. The child actor in this film did a superb job, and it didn't feel too long.

Cons: This film was played out of order, a stylistic choice, and something that confused the people around me. Personally I got a bit annoyed at the title cards splitting the film into acts. It didn't add anything for me, but instead fragmented the film.

Overall: A brilliant film with only a few small snags.

A film about a hit man who has trouble sleeping.

Audio: 1/5
Video: 2/5
Story: 1.5/5
Acting: 1.5/5

Pros: The little graphics and speech bubbles overlaying the video were quite funny. There were a lot of laughs over the bedtime kiwi, and I think this is a contender for best bad film.

Cons: There video and audio were not all that great, and the script seemed to have a bit of trouble coming through. The problem with portraying boredom in film is that the audience can become bored themselves.

Overall: A few issues, but it got a fair number of possibly unintended laughs from the audience.

Audio: 4/5
Video: 4/5
Story: 3/5
Acting: 4/5

Pros: I really liked this film, their edit was pretty snappy and it got audience laughs in all the right places. There were some great camera shots, and the lead actor did a great job. Some of the ideas put forward were also very clever and it had polished video and audio.

Cons: The structure seemed a bit choppy. The bit with the toilet paper could easily have been a film in itself, and the resolution seemed a bit rushed. There were also several great scenarios for leaving the bathroom, and most of them were better than the one that actually happened. The ending fell a bit flat.

Overall: Highly entertaining, some great camera work and the story was overall pretty good.

I'm always a fan of claymation, but every time I see the medium in 48 Hours, it always seems unfinished, not surprising considering the time frame.

This film followed a pair of military men on a plane arguing over who killed the dead man they found under their seats.

There are a few great lines sprinkled through an otherwise awkward storyline. The use of prop was quite good, and despite the fact that it was similar to a film they previously made, it came together and stood on its own. The lip-synch was fantastic, and the team stuck to it through the whole film.

After the screening, a few people mentioned the reference to the two characters being alone on the plane, an obvious omission of the pilot. It created a plot hole that most of us assumed would be wrapped up in an ending that never quite got there.

That being said, congratulations on claymation in 48 hours, great job.

I must say I was a bit confused about this film. I could have sworn I'd seen the intro before, but the film was completely new to me.

The film follows a rather unfortunate Nicky Brick who plans to propose to his girlfriend on a camping trip. Because he's so unlucky everything goes wrong.

If there is any comment to be made, it's perhaps about the overuse of the unlucky trait, though it worked in the context and this film would perhaps stand alone better, away from the expectation of the compulsory elements.

I was pleasantly surprised with a very light and funny storyline. The idea was solid and simple, and they executed it well. It managed to be funny at unfortunate circumstances without making you cringe, and it was well wrapped up.

At first I was a bit concerned that this film was simply an excuse to throw a party on Saturday night, an impression which didn't entirely inspire me with confidence. Luckily, some lipstick blood and a fancy news title later, we got into an actual story.

This was an end of the world film about a virus killing the population off, and a group of teenagers trying to escape. There was a definite lack of legible dialogue, and some bloody corpses that looked suspiciously smothered in lipstick.

The V plug was a bit shameless and overdone, something which would have been much better suited to the 48 Second contest had it actually occurred this year. That being said, I could tell the team had a lot of fun, and I hope they both enjoyed and learned something from the experience. Looking forward to their next entry.

This school team didn't exactly start off in the best of circumstances. After a fire at their school on Saturday morning I could have excused just about any offering from them, but even though the team was disqualified, they made a fantastic film.

Paranormal Dancetivity was a very clever dance film about dance-loving ghosts preventing the object of their torment from sleeping. They did a great job of using what they had and definitely came out on top.

There were some brilliant shots mixed in with some really average ones which would have been fine in a worse film, but stuck out a bit here. The ghosts were creepy, the cut was snappy and the story was clear and concise. Overall a very enjoyable offering, it was very disappointing to see it disqualified.

This one-shot romantic comedy appealed to me, despite several prominent issues.

The film follows a girl on a journey to find love, who has various bad experiences with men on the way. What makes this one shot film particularly unique is the fact that all the characters are depicted by different umbrellas, creating some lovely and colourful imagery.

The film was very well shot, and definitely intriguing, but the delivery could have benefited from proofreading and amendments to fix up the pace. Several of the lines were quite strangely phrased and the rhythm was often broken by dialogue that didn't quite fit.

This was the first one-shot film I'd seen this year, and I think it's still one of the best ones to date. The concept is clever, the execution is great and the story isn't bad, it's just a pity about the writing.

This film was definitely one of the highlights of the night. The brisk pacing was quite neat, and though a few grating lines detracted, there were a lot of funny moments.

In 'man versus machine' style, a second hand printer takes revenge on its new owner, springing to life in retaliation for a few hard thumps.

A number of well placed quips and clever printed messages gave the printer a life of its own, and sent the audience into bursts of laughter. As an action film, it's probably not the most adherent to the genre, thought the action sequences it did have were quite good.

All in all, it's the sort of film that really doesn't try to be more than it is, and delivers well on what it has.

Not bad.

This was the first offering of the Fantasy Adventure genre in Auckland, and it was not the most auspicious start.

Even if we put the sound issues and pixelation aside entirely (let's briefly assume they made it in Windows Movie Maker and their lack of professional editing package is not their fault), the script didn't make much sense and the whole thing was almost impossible to follow.

The film consisted of a romp around the battlements at north head, some sort of leaf-necklace reference and a brother/sister rivalry over a power which was never fully explained, or perhaps it was, but we could neither see nor hear it properly.

A sword fight was the highlight of this film for me, featuring some real weaponry which added a nice touch, and the team deserves credit for writing an original song to fit within the storyline, though I dare say the time might have been better spent by improving the storytelling.

Romantic comedies are one of my favourite 48 Hours genres, because many teams really play with the theme, leaving the audience feeling happy and a bit silly in the end.

In this film, a stalker librarian has a fixation with an 'Average Joe' who visits the library. After obtaining his address under the premise of updating library records, she begins stalking him, and sabotages his dates with other girls by 'taking out the competition'.

There were a few edit issues, some of the closeups seemed to continue action that hadn't quite started yet, and there seemed to be a few black frames where footage was missing.

While I found the casting choice a bit distracting from the plot of this film (not really sure why the girl didn't just ask him out in the first place), the actress's performance coupled with clever shot framing did a lot to breathe life into a less than original premise.

This film definitely didn't feel slow, which is a common problem in these heats. There were giggles throughout the cinema and it didn't feel slow, which is great. I'm a big fan of puns, so the ending definitely made me smile, and this was one of the better young teams so far.

All in all, a good effort.

A lot of end of the world films this year have opted for "giant lens flare ending" as a plot device. While this film wasn't short on giant lens flares, it was refreshing to see some thought put into the specifics of how the world would end. Clearly it takes a massive geek (and I mean that in a good way) to come up with kinetic bombardment from space followed by robot killing machines (also from space). I think this film was meant to be set in the future, so it would have been nice to see that communicated in some way other than voice over, but with a limited amount of resources this team did what they could and did it well. Awesome sound design! Ending felt a little anticlimactic, left us wondering if maybe the ones who didn't make it through the first day were better off after all. Turns out resistance really is futile.

When inspirational was announced as a genre this year, it was preceded by a screengrab from Shawshank Redemption. Now, I'm not expecting a masterpiece like that to be made in 48 hours, but it did seem like a clear signal to teams that the scope of inspirational should be broadened way beyond films about motivational speakers. This team didn't do that, but let's not dwell on it, they weren't the only ones.

Cardboard props and general wackiness are two ways to get my attention, and I enjoyed both in this film. Unfortunately that attention then has to be held with an actual story, and that was slightly lacking. There was an interesting voice over moment at the end where the main character decides in a cruel twist of irony that real inspiration isn't at all about "getting inspired". I couldn't agree more. I like this team's enthusiasm, I like the props, and I think this team could probably make something inspirational with a different genre. Sadly, this wasn't it.

A cool little twist on an otherwise mundane premise. A group of young adults move into a flat and somehow decide to film everything from their petty disputes, to taking a leak with the the toilet door wide open (seriously a cinematic highlight). Here it gets interesting though, as we start to learn that not only are they not alone, but that they are sharing the same space (and/or time) with doppelgangers of themselves. Some very nice work flawlessly duplicating characters in the same shot. Took quite a while to pick up speed, but the ending had just the right mix of unexpected loose ended weirdness to leave viewers very satisfied.

Where to start, art department or cinematography? Both blew me away. Amazing props work, and very brave use of under lit scenes. So many times I've seen people try to pull that off and just end up with noise, it takes some real skill to make it look as good as this. The story made sense, which is an achievement in itself when writing a genetic reanimation crime film, but I was hoping for a little something more at the end. Enjoyably comic performance from the scientist character, even though it didn't quite gel with the more serious tone of the film. Will be watching out for this team in the future.

Wow, were these film-makers professional stunties? Definitely a lot going on in that department. It's great to see people tackle proper action sequences this year, I feel like we're getting to see something we wouldn't have otherwise seen with the more sedate genres. Obviously the talent is there. Unfortunately let down a fair bit by quiet dialogue and overly loud music. Interesting ending too, I guess Nicky wouldn't have been unlucky if she didn't have to slog through a sequel to beat the bad guys!

A nicely shot fun little film about growing up and realising that dream job isn't that great after all. I don't think you have to be as unlucky as Mr. Brick to identify with the main premise. I must admit I thought the genre was found footage, not one shot. Well set up at the start with some found footage, lost its way a bit in the middle with a series of painfully unlucky events, but just brought together again with a quirky ending. The moral seems to be "if life isn't all you expected it to be, just say you robbed a candy store when candy gets spilled on you, it'll make for a better story!"

I'm not entirely sure, but I think this film centred around the revenge killing of a group of murderers (picked off one at a time) by their undead victim. A confession at the end leads to a predictable use of the compulsory line, but the death scenes themselves were very bravely executed. The bathtub and pile of leaves being the most memorable, and actually one of the most subtle uses of prop so far. A little hard to follow in places due to muddy sound and visuals, but with so many young teams this year it will be amazing to see how far they've come a couple of years down the track. Bonus points also for coming to the heats scary mask costumes, always great to see people getting into the spirit of V48hours!

This was a very silly film, about a husband who's obsession with planking was affecting his marriage. His wife insists he see somebody about it, and Bobby Young, a therapist who was previously a planker herself, attempts to cure him of his obsession.

There are some funny moments, such as the therapist holding up two pictures, one of a horizontal man, one of a vertical one, and getting the husband to point at the one that isn't planking, which he's unable to do for most of the film.

I found bits of it confusing, I guess I didn't really understand why the wife hated his planking so much, or why she didn't notice when he was very obviously getting depressed once he stopped. Decent sound and camera shots, nothing special but didn't detract from the film.

The ending was definitely something, and I hope the actor wasn't hurt making it.

This film was a bit misleading. The team used a pair of young actresses giving their age in the intro, leading everyone to believing it was made by a pair of girls who were twelve and thirteen.

Going in with this assumption, it was a really great film, about a girl falling in the bathtub and the ghost of someone she had bullied taunting her while refusing to help. Unfortunately, it seems that these young girls, while they did a fantastic job acting, were not the core of the group, which actually comprised of an older and more experienced group of people. While this was pointed out somewhat in the credits, it still left me feeling a bit cheated.

I did however really enjoy this film. The use of prop was actually quite elegant and not over forced, and it was very pleasantly short. It didn't linger more than it had to, and it went from point to point smartly. The camera work was good and the sound wasn't too bad, and though the story wasn't particularly original, it was well executed.

A shame about the misleading team intro.

This was a very fragmented and confusing film. Essentially, a girl kills somebody who murdered her friend, and then is subsequently run over by a car.

Although this film had elements of revenge in it, it was a bit convoluted and didn't quite gel as a revenge story in my mind.

I would suggest next year the story writing be emphasised a bit more, to make it clear to the audience exactly what is happening and why.

Spartans made a good effort of fitting what was essentially an epic story into a seven minute film. This film was about a pair of archaeologist friends going in search of a tribe of indigenous New Zealand pygmies.

'Rover Crump' had some great humour in it, as one of the archaeologist had spent the previous three years in Australia, with lines such as “You don't spend 3 years in an Aussie bar without learning to fight.” Unfortunately, when they got on with their quest in the bush, the sound really needed to be re-recorded, and was difficult to hear at times.

The double twist at the ending was not particularly original, and they obviously borrowed a lot from the Indiana Jones series, but it was well received and the film was entertaining. I enjoyed how much life was put into the different character's personalities and the way they worked together. The story flowed nicely, and despite the audio issues, it was still easy to follow.

This film left me dazzled and confused. A lesbian couple and another woman who's relationship to them is never quite explained, move into a house owned by a rather sleazy landlord. The film plays to the masses with a lot of touching and stroking among the lesbian couple, and a cut to them cuddling in bed.

They hear strange noises, and cuddle up to their seemingly unrelated friend in the other room, then the next day find out there are lawn spirits who won't let anyone cut the lawn, and that his wife was a hippy who managed somehow to merge with the lawn. As bad films go, this one was quite funny,if you like very low-brow humour. All the characters in this film were well developed, though I remained confused about the motivation of the friend character.

The lesbian couple proceed to have a seance on the haunted lawn, which released the wife of the landlord, who asked the girls not to tell her husband she was back, and proceeded to a three-way lesbian kiss. This definitely played to the audience, who were whooping in their seats.

'Lawn People' was easy to follow, and although it was definitely bizarre, it wasn't confusing and it was pretty original. Some of the shots were nicely done, and the over-acting fitted with the general mood of the film.

Horror was probably the most limiting genre this year, it doesn't have as much leeway as others, and you practically have to make a scary mood. Not many films managed to be genuinely scary, but this one did the job.

I liked the non-linear storyline and that the accident is only brought in midway into the film. The biggest problem I had with this film was how dark it was in the night scenes. It was incredibly difficult to see anything, and I found myself squinting a few times to make out more detail. A horror movie at night doesn't have to be pitch black, and selective use of lighting can show and hide things to remain mysterious.

Though this film was not particularly original, it followed the horror formula well and came up with a decent and easy to follow plot. It was coherent and the mood was set pretty well, there was silence in the cinema.

This film left me a bit confused. After a lengthy nightclub scene with a bunch of old men and a young foreign girl, the next morning she announces she's being deported that very day, and her much older male friends take her on a tour of Auckland's sights.

While there was definitely driving in this one, I wouldn't really call it a road movie, as the destinations were far more prevalent than the journey itself.

The age difference between the actors really grated on me through this film, and it was never really explained. Overall it was a bit long, and a bit curious, but it made sense plot-wise which is something, and the cinematography wasn't bad.

This was one of the few films which had a superhero being a classical superhero. There were some great shots in the comic-style introduction and though the story was very linear and predictable, there were some funny moments.

I particularly enjoyed the villain's exclamation “foiled again” when he was covered in foil by the hero. There was also a very good hook in the middle where the villain calls the hero, but being magnet man, his phone keeps getting repelled by him. There was also a fantastic piece of dialogue by the villain; “All of my life you've tortured me to the heart of my soul's heart”.

The magnet man theme song was very catchy and amusing, and the whole thing had a really rough over the top feel to it, which added to its comedic appeal.

I loved how short and sweet this film was. It was about an ex bully being arrested after he and a boy in a wheelchair fighting over a ball on a basketball field. The ending played first, and then the story of events leading up to it unfolded.

Team Moko wrote a concise script, with good camera work. Despite some of the acting being a little over the top, it wasn't too bad and didn't detract from the overall impact of this film.

I felt that, in an effort not to give away the ending, plot holes were introduced, like where the wheelchair boy got the chair from and why he was being wheeled over to the basketball court, but the overall impact of the story made me forget about those things a little bit.

The theme was original, and it was a great take on the crime genre. I thought it was very clear and delivered everything splendidly to the audience.

This film was pretty slow, and really weird, but quirky in parts. This team of young girls turned searching for a missing phone into a quest, complete with level titles and boss credits.

Unfortunately, it was a bit too long, taking almost seven minutes of screen time for someone to think about calling the thing to locate it. They tried to integrate the in-game level idea, and included a brief biography of each character, but overall it was long, laborious and could have used some cheesy eight-bit graphics and strengthening of the game level concept.

I did rather enjoy the “gamer girl” character, who I thought was rather funny, her nose constantly in a gaming console, and I also enjoyed the long text messages she would send by punching all of about four buttons on her phone in lieu of speaking, which she never did.

Some funny bits, but overall not a very strong story. Perhaps next year, write 10 or even 15 really brief one-line stories and think about what would make the best film.

As far as I was concerned at the time, this film was about a man who has some sort of lung cancer or something that makes him cough blood, and he's trying to hide his illness from his family and co-workers. He gets a box which supposedly contains some sort of cure, but collapses before he gets a chance to open it.

It turns out, I missed the plot completely. This film was actually about some sort of terrorist scheme to send a virulent and deadly mutation of swine flu to important people...and apparently one somehow got to a dentist. The problem was, I was a bit too distracted by the weird compositing on the television, where the TV was out of focus and yet the picture was completely crisp in the first shot, that I missed the important information about the terrorists.

It really goes to show that missing a little bit of this film can derail you completely (pun intended, there was apparently a train wreck in it too which I also missed) but overall, it was pretty good, and the story I thought I saw was cohesive. Great job on making two films at once!

This film was a body-switch movie about a couple who were having a baby, and the body switch was from the woman being pregnant to the man. I use the term woman rather loosely, as both characters were male and the one portraying the pregnant lady looked like a transvestite they'd picked up from the dodgy end of K' road.

They swap what is obviously a very lumpy pillow and the man supposedly experiences what it's like to be pregnant in an effort to be more sensitive to his wife. It was disjointed though, and it took quite a bit of brainpower to come to even that conclusion.

The idea was interesting and original, and the odd casting being the elephant in the room helped it retain a bit of charm, though I'm not sure everyone felt that way.

I can imagine getting the genre Road Movie as a bunch of teens who aren't allowed to drive can be a bit daunting. The idea of pushing the car along was amusing, and it's definitely one way of making a road movie without having to drive a car.

The story was a bit disjointed and overall slightly missing, and sometimes the dialogue didn't quite fit the age of the characters, but the biggest problem was the audio, which made it really difficult to hear the actors.

They had a few great scenes, especially one in which the car rolls backwards down a hill and they all go chasing it, and a few scenes which weren't quite fluid enough, notably the scene where they all stop pushing because the driver has been mean to them, which we didn't really see on screen.

A good effort for a young team, and I look forward to their contribution next year.

This superhero film followed the love interests of a small, introverted man, who had relationship issues due to the fact that his girlfriend was a superhero who could turn into a piece of wire at will.

It was more of a romantic comedy than a superhero film, though it definitely fit into both genres, and the narration was quite clever, especially the scene where the man explains how it was obvious when Wire Rose (the superhero/love interest) was not 'in the mood', and we cut to a shot of a piece of wire in the bed.

I loved the twist at the end, though there was a bit of overacting that gave it away earlier in the film. Some nice colours and good cinematography here, and I admire them for tackling a romance in addition to their allocated genre.

A wee bit long in places, but a good watch.

This POV-style horror gives a fresh new twist to the tired old "found footage" handycam horror trope. If you're the kind of person who enjoyed the POV sitcom peep show, but thought it could be improved by having the two main characters getting done in one by one, then this film is for you.

The end of the film was pretty stong, but the non-linear storytelling was a bit confusing and seemed more of a stylistic choice to highten tension rather than an essential plot device.

“B'en in love?” was a bit of a train wreck, and you couldn't help seeing the humour in it because of that. The story was about a boy who goes through a breakup and then has a new girlfriend.

Notably, my favourite line was during the original breakup, when trying to find out why he was being dumped, the boy asks “is it my mole?”. I loved that this group were able to use a physical feature of one of their actors and work it into the dialogue without making it seem mean or misplaced, and it was a hilarious and well executed piece of dialogue.

Unfortunately, the rest of the film was a bit too long, the actors seemed to meander and babble through their lines and it was hard to give the film complete attention. I recall the ex girlfriend coming to see the boy at one point while the parents were meeting each other, getting him alone in a room and putting him in a compromising position in an effort to upset the new girlfriend, but I honestly can't remember how the issue was resolved.

If the film was cut a bit shorter with punchier lines and better defined personalities, it would have held my attention more, but the lead actor did a good job and the film had its moments.

The message in this musical was actually quite refreshing. There have been a lot of films which have brought revenge down on Bobby Young, our ex bully, and the message of “That was a long time ago, it's time to get over it, let's have a beer” was one I loved.

The score was a bit shaky in places, but also funny, cheesy and carried the story well. The idea that a bully is confronted and blames a bigger bully for his actions was also original, though I was surprised more films didn't address it.

It's never easy getting musical, and this team came away with a film they can be proud of. Some great moments and original themes, despite the cheesy music.

This film was a little bit confusing. We follow the interrogation and conversations of Bobby Young, who is being accused of killing his girlfriend or wife, who has a twin sister. Through the film we follow various friends and relations of his expressing their absolute doubt of his guilt while the detective thinks he did it, which we discover at the end, he did.

That's kind of all there was to this film. I can see what they were trying to do, paint the character as innocent while he was guilty all along, but in the end we were given no motive for the crime, even a psychopath has a reason for killing someone, it just wasn't explained very clearly what happened and why.

I think were the ending a little more clear, this would have been a solid film, there was definitely not much else wrong with it other than the confusion in the plot.

Some good camera shots and a reasonably finished looking performance, a pity about the ending.

Doing a fad film is not particularly easy, considering that no matter what you do, there's a high probibility that it will end up a bit gimicky. Whanau Marama threw themselves into this with gusto, and covered a range of fads.

Notably, they were the only team to really touch on 3D Television, which was quite a good idea. The sequences covering that were well done, and their obvious spoof take on explaining it was hillarious and well thought out, I especially loved the red/blue glasses being used to watch one of the new LCD 3D TVs.

Like many other fad films, they gave planking its share of screen time, and I rather hope the guy who fell off the apex of the roof didn't hurt himself.

Overall a decent movie, though it was a bit long here and there. The audience got a kick out of it and the boys looked like they enjoyed making it, which is always good!

At first I really didn't like this film, I thought it was more of an “Aunty making a home video with her kids” style thing that didn't really belong in a cinema, but then someone told me I was being stuck up about it, and I had a bit of a think.

This film featured a female adult lead, and a bunch of little girls dressed as angels with guns. At times in the film, it wasn't very well cut and you could see the older woman reading out the lines to the little girls which were then repeated, but you know what? I'm going to get off my high horse and say I enjoyed this.

Sure, it wasn't the best thing I've ever seen, but I've seen much worse over the week from full grown adults, and in the end this had a certain appeal to it. The children were cute, and there was a certain naughty charm to it when the script, obviously written by the adults of the group, called for some outrageous lines that probably went over the wee ones' heads, but got tremendous laughs from the audience. Notably, a small boy involved, when questioned about his whereabouts said he was “driving my Holden in West Auckland trying to pull some chicks”.

Not the best camera work, acting or anything else really, but I enjoyed it, I wasn't bored, and it left a smile on my face. Great work from the young ones and the adults for involving them in the 48hours experience!

Revenge Unlimited was a really simple joke with a great punchline that was turned into a film. Its no frills approach to the cinematography didn't detract from it at all, but rather gave this film a really home-grown, grass roots feeling.

It was simple, well paced and punchy, had some fantastic gags, and didn't try to be more than it was. The blindfold and hot dog scene was a great example of what you can do with innuendo to sail over a child's head and reach the adults in the audience, which was well done and a refreshing change from some of the films in this heat.

The ending was great, though I was a little confused at first. Everything came together though in the end, and though I'd suggest solidifying the story a bit more at the end to really deliver the punchline, it was overall, a well composed film.

This was the second film I've seen with this theme, and perhaps my review is a bit biased because I saw the other one first.

After the brilliant film Me vs Googleplex came up with last year, my high expectations probably put them at a disadvantage in terms of my review. The film was, as usual, beautifully shot, well graded and had some fantastic acting, but there were some plot elements which I didn't think gelled together quite well enough.

For example, I found it a bit strange that the main character, upon becoming a woman, decided (after a brief squeeze of her breasts) that she wanted to eat copious amounts of food. I didn't understand why that was important, especially considering that the male character she swapped with was relatively thin himself, the sudden urge to binge eat seemed a bit strange and was never quite explained.

I think I also missed the motivation for the switch in the first place. Surely there are easier and better ways to take a break from your life than to switch bodies with someone in order to be stuck inside a house in front of a TV with a list of food you can't eat and things you can't do.

That said, the lead actress did a brilliant job of appearing unused to her body, and she really had a sense for her limbs and how to look awkward that sold the body switch quite nicely.

The ending took a very serious note and was very gory, but again, I'm really not sure whether to like or hate it. I'm still very undecided about this film, I definitely didn't like it as much as last year's entry, but standing on its own, it was at the very least a solid film.

This film was unfortunately out of sync, I'm not entirely sure what the problem was but it did make it a little hard to watch. That being said, I liked it anyway.

We follow a tightly wound businessman who is travelling to Hamilton for a conference. After stopping behind a bush to pee, his car gets stolen. This one's a bit weird and implausible, because he's in the middle of nowhere, and his car is stolen by a very well-to-do looking lady in high-heels, which had me a bit confused.

He gets to a nearby town to make a phone call and gets robbed, which made a bit more sense, but the the story was all a little up in the air. He obviously doesn't care about getting to Hamilton anymore, but neither does he really seem to have a new goal or motivation, and I think the story suffered a wee bit near the end because of it.

I liked that this team made an effort to do a grade, but it was a bit too heavy and inconsistent in parts, which made some cuts a bit jarred. Then again, what's a 48 hours film without inconsistencies and technical issues?

Overall the story was engaging and I would love to see this one finished off and re posted after the contest. Looking forward to next year's entry.

Bully Gone Good was a very confusing film. Ignoring for the moment the American accents, it felt a bit like the ending had been written first, and then bits were added later so it would make sense.

I liked that this superhero film was actually about superheroes and villains, there's been a strong tendency this year to focus on retired, jaded, proverbial and pretend superheroes rather than embracing the genre and this film was not guilty of that. The costumes were colorful and superb, and I enjoyed the effects, some of which were digital, some of which were just stunts, but they were all quirky and funny.

The simple, ungraded style of this really added to its appeal and I really enjoyed the feel of it. My favorite part was the dive through a ring on a bouncy castle in order to teleport, it was funny and the whole audience was laughing. A few audio level issues made it uncomfortable to watch at times.

Some bits didn't quite make sense until the end, like the video store boss slapping one of the heroes when she asked for time off, and bits of it were unclear.

It wasn't the prettiest, funniest or best written short, but all in all, it was a cute budget production. Nice to see the superhero genre embraced with some resourcefulness.

Doodles was a cute little story about an office worker scanning and emailing his doodles to a colleague/love interest. It was very cute and was one of the best Rom-Coms this year, really embracing the genre.

I do get a slight feeling of deja vu, as if I've seen this film before, and it's a nagging feeling I couldn't throttle. I had a bit of an online look, and this concept's actually been done several times before in one way or another, which I guess is fair enough, it's hard to write something that hasn't been done before, but it did disappoint me a teeny bit I must admit to note its similarities to the June 2009 short "Post-it Love.

There was also a wee bit of confusion in the middle when he was drawing things about other people, I couldn't quite work out whether he was drawing what he saw or if what he drew ended up happening.

I can't remember anything about the compulsory elements which is a great sign that they were integrated quite well and not at all showy or forced, which is not an easy thing to do when an audience has seen them many times already.

It was a cute, well-developed short and everyone was gushing at the end. The cinematography was really nice and the whole thing seemed well polished, well paced and well written. I loved it, and definitely got a case of warm fuzzies at the end.

I admit I didn't really groove with Tuna Town's film this year. It was a cool little concept to have a terrorist called Ahmed "Bobby" Young, and I was definitely amused when the terrorist and FBI/CIA/Whatever agent engaged in a dance battle, but I just wasn't grooving with it as a dance/musical film.

The film had it's moments, the dancing girl visiting the terrorists was quite funny, and they had some good suspense shots of the FBI/CIA/Whatever agents coming at them, but overall it was just a bit too strange and disjointed.

The blood splatter effects were a good effort, though the audience was laughing due to them being obviously done in post.

A laugh is a laugh though, and this film got a few. Good effort and looking forward to next year.

This film had some great moments, and was fantastic in its absurdity. A police officer gets framed for robbery in retaliation for a childhood act of bullying. He and his partner break into the accuser's house in order to find evidence that he was framed.

There were some great moments and some very silly moments in this film. I loved the use of the wire and the sheer absurdity of their escape from the house.

The ending was rather abrupt, which was really in the same style of comedy as the rest of this film, and worked well.

Overall it was a simple piece, but effective and amusing. It could have had a bit more meat to it, but I don't think it suffered too much because of it. There were some fantastic camera shots and some good acting, and it came together nicely.

I think the problem Winlove Adventure Brothers had was that everyone had really high expectations after their 2010 film, "The Pool", which was very simple, funny without trying to be, and had some very creative uses of the compulsory elements.

This year's film, while quite good, was a bit of a letdown in comparison. The plot was a bit too complicated for my taste, and I felt as if it were trying to squeeze too many developed characters in the time it had.

The premise of the small boy with the hump was a little overdone, and most of the characters seemed a bit over the top. I loved the acting of the neighbour character, he emoted really well and it was very easy to get a feel for his personality. I'd go as far as to say his performance was better than last year's.

It was a good story, and original in it's own way, but unfortunately for this team, their film will inevitably be compared with last years and found wanting.

Still, it had their quirky humour and some nice camerawork and ideas, and I'm looking forward to next year.

This team impressed me with its ability to create a full-3D film in 48hours.

The story was a one-liner, but it didn't really need more than that. It was clear, concise and to the point. Unfortunately, the story is not an original one, and that was probably something that prevented them from winning the audience over.

The continuity was good, though the 3D looked a bit rubbery and floaty, and I'm still unsure whether it qualifies as a dance film.

Overall though, I enjoyed it, and it was memorable. Looking forward to their work next year.

This was a clever little film about a pair of detectives investigating seemingly unrelated crimes comitted by the same person.

I thought the characters in this short were really well fleshed out, and had personalities of their own, which is a hard thing to do in 48 hours. The jaded detective and rookie trying to fit in are a stereotype, but they had their quirks in this film which really helped it along. It's a pity the lead detective actor didn't quite manage to make his character convincing, going from a bit too uninterested to very over the top.

I Fought The Law had some brilliant little quotes, and managed to really push an anti-smoking agenda, which as a non-smoker who gets smoke blown into her face every day walking down the street, I absolutely loved.

The twist at the end was fantastic, and subsequent joke hillarious and well pushed through the whole film.

Overall an enjoyable watch and I can see why this won audience favourite.

Steampunk Zombie 2000AD was a cute silent-movie style black and white flash animation about a zombie filled world.

From what I gathered, Mr Young was a Zombie Slayer married to Mrs Young, who's task was to get attacked and look worried a lot.

The thing about silent films, is that because you are alternating words on the screen with footage, you have to keep the text short and sweet and make up for the words you can't say with the acting. Yuckbear seemed to take the silent film theme as a way to do less animation and tell the story with words.

The words were too verbose, and not on the screen for long enough. It was far too much reading for my brain at 9pm on a Sunday night and I had a lot of trouble keeping up.

From what I can surmise it was a pretty average zombie film, without any sort of interesting plot hook, which in the end I didn't actually have a problem with. The formulaic story really made up for the simple animations and the fast text I couldn't read.

Some nice drawings, I really liked the style of Mr and Mrs young and the zombies, though I was a bit underwhelmed by the lack of steampunk which was promised in the title.

Still, Yuckbear was one of only a few teams willing to brave the Animation genre and that definitely deserves some props. The animation that was there was nice, and I enjoyed the style of it at least.

Considering this team's intro, which insisted the team was made up of writers, I was poised for a really original story with fantastic use of character and elements. While this film was entertaining, it unfortunately didn't deliver on story.

The general concept was about a society in which everyone had been hit by the "nice" virus, where everyone was helpful and polite about everything. But stating it's an airborne virus and then sending your unaffected characters waltzing through the town, eating the food of those that are affected without any consequences doesn't really stand up to the premise of the film.

It was a cool idea of how there were a few assholes left who were all hiding out together, and they were in search of them, but this story didn't have much originality beyond the initial log line to offer. Our unaffected victims find others like them, and then decide they hate them and go away again (but not before what seemed like a rather unnecessary poo in the food shot).

A great premise, but the story could have been more thought out and coherent, which would have made this a much stronger film. Still, a good effort, some decent cinematography and an overall enjoyable film.

This film bored me for the first bit. I thought the "stuck in a house while there are zombies outside" was overdone and was not looking forward to watching another six minutes of it.

Then the zombie appeared and the film shifted to a "man teaching zombie how to be human again" film, which I thought was a little bit like Resident Evil and a bunch of other zombie films out there, while slightly more interesting, still not original.

And then the main character started making out with the zombie. At this point my jaw dropped and didn't lift back up until it was over. It was weird, sickening and very original, and despite my disgust I couldn't quite look away.

The way this team executed a story about revenge on zombies for killing someone important was utterly brilliant, I was spellbound and it really made me think about an aspect of being alone in the world that I hadn't quite considered before.

The thing that let this film down a bit for me is really the obvious. If you exchange fluids and things with a zombie (and at one point the zombie did bite him) how do you not become one yourself? That point was never quite explained, and despite the whole thing being a fictional concept anyway, it left be a little bit unsatisfied with the believability of the whole thing.

A great film, hope you're not squeamish.

This funny little film featured a bully who had been fitted with an anti-aggression shock collar by one of his victims and embarked on a quest to remove it.

I thought this film had some great aspects, and some not so great ones. It was a little tedious in parts, the plot was lacking substance and some of the acting was a bit overdone.

However, the ukulele-toting minion character was very entertaining and his performance practically made this film. His expressions were fantastic, and his lines had a lot of personality which the bully character was sorely missing.

Great use of the wire prop as a shock collar, I was getting a bit sick of seeing lock-picking wires, and this was a fresh take.

A more fleshed out script with a few more plot hooks, some better camera angles and more personalities into the characters would really have made this film pretty spectacular.

It was original, clever and funny, and I enjoyed it tremendously, especially the closing narration "He still remains on the Most Wanted list of sexual predators". Zany, irrelevant and utterly hilarious.

This was a really clever concept. A boy who plays rough with his sister's dolls is transformed into a marionette.

This team did a great job with getting the strings to come down from the sky, and the acting and makeup of the male lead was fantastic.

It was a bit slow in places, a bit dark in places and a bit hard to hear sometimes, but the story was still clear and well presented. A bit of polish would have gone a long way.

Overall it was an original take on body-switch but the cinematography let it down a bit. Still, an enjoyable short.

I really think this one's a contender for best bad film. Some of the script was so bad it was hilarious and I think just about everyone will remember the hula-skirt-toting voodoo guy with big smiles and a lot of fondness.

Overall, if the long ambling walks in silence had been cut down it would have made this film even better, and it certainly had its moments.

Pretty enjoyable, the story was predictable but strangely executed and not all of it made sense, that combined with the indifferent attitude of the characters gave it that weird charm we associate with Best Bad Film contenders.

double post, sorry.

Despite only being at it for the second year, Kappa Patrol has really stuck with me as a team I remember well, because of the sheer absurdity of their films.

Last year's offering, True Hauntings, was a film I really loved, because it was (possibly unintentionally) a clever parody of Ghostbusters. I loved the style of it, the age of the actors was hillariously innapropriate and there were some fantastic one liners that were so cheesy and over the top that everyone laughed and loved them.

This year, Kappa Patrol went for something a bit more original and not as closely tied to a particular film or story, and lost a bit of that parody vibe that I thought True Hauntings had. There was still plenty of wildly age innapropriate acting, and some funny scenes, but where True Hauntings was short and sweet, Real China was a little bit too long, and the jokes were thinned out by periods where nothing was happening (yes, I thought the walking scene was far too long and pointless).

That said, the film still got a lot of laughs, and I'm looking forward to their work next year. I think Kappa Patrol is a great contender for Best Bad Film and the guys are great at it.

Perhaps if they get a bit of time before next year, some pratice with another story would be good. Cheeze up the lines a bit more, add some continuity issues, make it really clear that it's a parody of a serious film, and I think they'll do something amazing.

Bus Stop Love is what you get when a bunch of bros get “Rom Com” as a genre. All and all, it was a vast improvement on Sydney Manson and the Magical Glasses, their 2010 Musical, and was very enjoyable to watch.

The personality of each character was solid, especially the one that liked to watch his friend sleep, who was hilarious. The bus stop scenes were well constructed, and the double punchline, while a bit brutal, was great and had the audience going.

Well put together, not as polished visually as some other films, but that didn't detract from it at all, and it managed to not be too long, which is a common problem.

Well done on a great film.

Lune noir started off strongly with a lovely split screen shot, some funny actors and great lyrics. The problem was, it didn't maintain that quality all the way through.

The story was about a man who had two girlfriends who didn't know about each other. The whole thing was relayed with bouts of song and even a little synchronised dancing which was quite good.

Upon realising they were dating the same man, the ladies made the only sensible choice, and decided to date each other. There was a massive cheer for the first on-screen female/female kiss of any heat this year which, considering the theme of many films so far, I was surprised we didn't get to earlier.

Some good shots, funny pauses and great lyrics, slightly brought down by the weird double homicide ending which gave it all a serious turn that muffled the sense of amusement from the rest of the film.

One of the actresses was clearly a stronger singer than the other one, which created a little bit of unbalance considering the script seemed to call for them being evenly matched in every way.

I enjoyed it, the ending not so much, it was nice to hear a good score and some solid singing, and overall it was quite good.

Mimey Vice had a lot of unspent potential. The idea of clowns vs mimes in some sort of turf war was brilliant, but unfortunately it wasn't explored as well as it could have been.

There were some great moments in this film, the best of which was a clown getting angry and throwing his tiny car into the bushes and the subsequent reference to the family car being dented in the end. The mimes were definitely silent, but there was just not much there. They could have mimed a wall and thrown the clown into it, beaten him with an imaginary baseball bat, etc. Had we replaced the clowns and mimes with rivalling gangs, the film would have simply been a bit boring and disjointed.

However, fair is fair and it was a good idea, and there's something I just love about the idea of a world where everyone's either a clown or a mime. The story did suffer a bit, and I never worked out why it was that the mimes killed the clowns in the end. You see, it wasn't really a clown and mime movie to me, it was just a bunch of people dressed as clowns and mimes, without the traits that define these two character types.

Overall, a great idea which toppled a little in the execution. A valiant effort though.

Kill therapist was pretty predictable after the first shock of the film. Why we have so much sexual content this year is a bit beyond me, but I really thought that the drugged anal raping in this film was just a bit much. I was definitely a bit disgusted and I guess it delivered on the shock value of that first scene.

But after that, there was nothing there. It was a predictable revenge ending, where he follows the guy home one day and kills him, nothing special, nothing overly brilliant, except for a few funny freeze-frame captions, and I was somewhat disappointed.

Ladies oh Ladies obviously has a very slick production crew and the film was beautifully shot, but they really needed to think past that initial shock and make a film with a bit of originality to it. The acting was good, cinematography was nice, lines were fine, but overall it was just a bit meh.

After watching this film, I was very disappointed that it was disqualified. It started with the most gorgeous dawn shot I've seen so far, mist through a field and the sun peeking up over the trees, and we cut to a pair of samurai walking through the picture. We soon discover the film is a comedy, about a talkative and inappropriate samurai student and his master, journeying to deliver a letter.

After the first shot, the shots become a lot less epic, much closer and less interesting. It's probably an unfair thing to say, but after the sheer beauty of the first shot, the rest looked rather mediocre. It was still well shot, nicely graded and appropriately paced.

We follow the samurai who walks along chattering as his silent master (or mistress in this case) follows. There's just something about the acting in the student character who is overly cheerful and ignorant which makes him loveable. He makes multiple references to his “slutty master” who is also very wise and silent, and there are some fantastic one-liners that sent the audience roaring with laughter. In one scene, the student, who had just been scared away by a thug guarding a fence, exclaiming “Were you trying to teach me a lesson? So sluttily wise.”

It's hard to explain this film without ruining it, it's definitely one worth watching and has some fantastic dialogue and characters, it's guaranteed to make you laugh.

The great thing about this film was that it was zany, over-the-top and a bit bizarre while still being quite fun, unfortunately that also meant the plot was a bit hit and miss, and the motivation came a bit late into the film.

We follow a pair of red-light (traffic lights, not prostitutes) window washers who use roller-skates to get from one car to the other. I thought this was the fad, but then they went on to talk about collecting rings. Now perhaps this is some sort of roller sport thing I am not familiar with, but it confused me exactly what the fad was.

About halfway through the movie, there seemed to finally be a bit of conflict, with the characters going to a skate-off of some description and requiring a third player. After a call to their usual third who cancelled, they had to convince someone else to join them.

I have to say this has been one of the funniest and most grotesque ex bully references I've seen, the plot hook being that the ex-bully had lost a testicle somehow and become mellow and less aggressive. Which is fine. The fact that they kept cutting to the missing testicle all bloody and cut off, sitting on a piece of card made me a bit sick. While refusing to participate in the roller derby at first, he eventually agreed after getting harassed by the member of the other team making a quip about his missing testicle.

But, the roller derby was won, and the one-balled ex bully won the day and proved he was still macho, which threw the first half of the film out the window and made it unnecessary story wise. This film did however get a lot of laughs, it was fun to watch, and it looked like Lugosi had a lot of fun making it.

While this film had its moments, overall it was far too slow paced and hard to watch, and sound issues meant the songs were hard to hear. Some of the music changes were jolty, parts of it were out of sync and the lighting was really even and boring.

This team took the plunge and voluntarily made a musical after receiving their one-room genre, which didn't pay off at all. The entirety of the film was about a group of people who gather to play monopoly once a week and all seem to hate it. The songs were a bit mediocre, and depressed rather than impressed, and the lighting and sound had a lot of issues.

There were brief bits where it kind of worked, linking in the end of each person's lyrics with the card they pulled off the chance pile in the game, and especially with the harmonica man, when one of the characters pointed out to him that he hadn't addressed the elephant in the room, which meant, he hadn't sung. This got a few giggles, as the line almost broke the fourth wall and was rather funny. The song that followed was quite amusing too, as the character began singing about how much of a bully one of the other people around the table was, while his harmonica kept getting confiscated.

At that point, the film developed some sort of weird mutated charm and I almost enjoyed it, but the overall bizarreness, difficulty to hear and slow pace of it all just dragged it back down. Looking forward to an improvement next year.

This was a film I enjoyed. I liked the blend of humour and seriousness that the film had and the way it put forward its message.

Natural selection was an interesting film, about a boy in the back of a class who keeps imagining he kills his fellow students, who are all interrupting the teacher. The motivation got a little bit fuzzy for me, because the student was evidently smart, and able to answer the teachers questions, but he wasn't really paying attention, so I didn't understand why the disruption bothered him so much, and in his imagined fight-sequences, he's attacking the teacher too, which confused me even more about why he was imagining the fight.

I imagine the team tried to play with the idea of natural selection, the title of the film and the subject which the teacher was explaining, and tie it in somehow to this school-shooting theme, but I'm afraid it went a bit over my head. Perhaps I was just thinking about it too hard and tried to make meaning where there was none.

However, it was all done with some lovely shots, some great sound, and some excellent gunfight sequences, and I really loved the way this team used the freeze-frame ending.

This loveable film about dole bludgers who suddenly get cut off and have to find a way to pay the rent was not only hilarious, but hopefully spread a message too.

I love a story with a good moral, and this one seemed to scream “get off your lazy asses, you bums” which is a moral I'm always quite in favour of. We have a pretty over-the-top film here, with over-the-top acting and over-the-top characters, but it really is quite charming. Our ex bully is now some sort of pacifist monk, whom our mullet-toting dole bludgers accidentally anger by stealing his nanna's handbag. Of this I am pretty sure, because we watched the scene of her getting robbed and whacked upside the head three times.

Some of the shots drag on a bit, and this is another example of a good movie that could be much better by loosing a bit of fat. Overall a good story, a funny ending though a bit weak, and a great laugh.

I really loved Limp Squid's film. It's quite possibly my favourite of the body-switch genre so far, and despite not being as pretty and well graded as some films, it's very solid.

The main criticism I have of this film is about the pacing. The narration worked and most of the story was rather general about the main character's job as a confrontation expert, who would switch bodies with a person in order to complete a task they didn't want to do, like firing someone or breaking up with a girlfriend, which was great. But the punchline and plot of the story really should have been based more strongly around this particular experience with the current client, because without this distinction, it ended a wee bit more abruptly than I would have liked.

That being said, the ending was hilarious and brilliantly timed, and the theatre was roaring with laughter. The pace was good, the shots were great, the script and punchline hilarious, and I very much enjoyed it.

I'm not entirely sure how I managed to enjoy this film and still end up a bit queasy at the end of it, but there we go. Like Mike made a great film, which was hilarious in its own way and it certainly had the audience going, but it wasn't a horror film. I think this team missed the genre completely which is a pity because it really was a great film.

We follow the inner dialogue of a very aggressive and vicious, yet equally tiny little dog who keeps murdering other animals. We hear him swearing and being relatively grotesque about his actions and inclinations, as his owner and her boyfriend find two dead cats in the yard (there was a third, but he ate it).

Basing a film around a dog means you really have to work with your camera shots, lighting and sound to create the illusion of a performance. Like Mike could really have pushed this, brought their angles higher or lower depending on whether the dog was supposed to look dumb or look evil and it was a bit of a missed opportunity.

That being said, The story was solid, and the ending (while a little bit strange) worked. I'm not sure what they had to do to the dog to get it to walk as funny as it did in the ending, after it had been supposedly lobotomised, but I hope the most it suffered was a mild case of humiliation having to wear whatever that was on a big screen.

Overall, the audience was laughing, and it left everyone feeling good (though slightly nauseous). The idea of lobotomising a dog with a piece of wire made me a little sick, not to mention the thought of eating and killing cats, but I laughed along with everyone else nonetheless. It did lose points in my rating due to the missing genre which was very dissapointing.

Lens flare did a great job with this road movie. There were some lovely shots at the beginning, and the story flowed well through most of the short. Some scenes were just a little bit too long, and the ending let it down a bit, but it wasn't bad.

The characters in Copy That were very well portrayed, from the delivery guy, to the two criminals, to the faceless operator of the delivery company. The acting, the script and the Cinematography were all nearly flawless. I say nearly because this film was a bit spoiled for me by the ending. They had to work the compulsory character in somehow, and the result was a bit ham-handed.

While I can appreciate that Bobby the thief bleeding to death was a bully the delivery driver knew from childhood, actually saying “I never told you my name” was unnecessary and sent the audience into a fit of laughter which almost ruined the mood. The delivery driver's line was cheesy too, and it was like using a sledgehammer to drive a nail into wood, hit and miss, and you look really silly doing it.

Overall a great film, really compelling and well shot, it's just a pity about the ending.

I can only imagine the terror of being a school team and getting the news at 7pm on Friday that you need to make a musical in 48 hours.

This film played to the strengths of the team. They wrote a story about a class having to write a paper, and most of the cast played students. I imagine this gave them room to really play with the story and the music, and all in all, it paid off.

I doubt any of their teachers will thank them for the rather unflattering portrayal of a biology teacher, but despite a teenage actor for the role, it wasn't quite so grating as many other films that have cast teenagers as adults. The character is brilliantly-over the top, an old and bitter cane-wielding man who threatens his class about the deadline for a 2000 word essay; “If you miss it, I'll chase ya!”

We cut between adventures of the class furiously trying to compete the task. A female Bobbie the bully steals the smart girl's work on the pretence of getting help writing it, and a boy from the class battles distraction and procrastination in an effort to finish his work. The smart girl furiously runs towards school, where the two girls engage in a fight in front of the teacher, over the top of a desk, as the boy slides under them at the last minute in a brilliant slow motion shot to hand it in just in the nick of time. We end on a hilarious freeze-frame of both girls looking horrified.

The score was well put together, and the smart-girl's song worked beautifully substituting words for sung wailing. The music was placed well and fit with the storytelling.

The cinematography could have been a little bit better, the framing closer on the characters at times, and some of the acting was a bit overdone, but it was a silly musical, and it came across well as such. A great effort from a school team!

This school team didn't quite get there with this film. It fell short of the desired mood, and the story was really rather jerky and disjointed.

The film centred around a boy waking up at home after a party only to find out there had been a murder the previous night. Instead of going to the police, his friend convinces him to take a look at the crime scene and see what he can remember. They go there, waltz on in without encountering any police or danger tape, and begin rummaging.

The bulk of the film follows the friend pointing at objects within the room, which lead to flashbacks of the original kid remembering things occurring with the victim, who was a bully, in relation to those objects. I either missed a lot of plot cues in this film or they were absent, I left wondering exactly how the killer had related to those flashbacks in which he was supposedly revealed.

I do however have to credit this team, they had a pretty fantastic punching shot in their film. I'm hoping that nobody was hurt doing it, but it looked great on the big screen. They also did a great job of basing their story around the actors they did have, avoiding the strange mismatches of teenagers playing adults.

Overall, the pace was very slow, it could have been sped up, and the plot could definitely have been shortened and strengthened. But it was a school team film, and I admire these kids for their willingness to stand amongst adults and professionals and give it a go.

This film started out so well, we had a beautifully executed montage at the beginning, great camera work and cinematography, and everything was looking fantastic....until the plot started.

The film centred on the idea that elite families of superheroes were controlling the world and running out of some resource that never got explained. In order to avoid running out of whatever this was which was vital for some reason, they had to kill ordinary people who weren't superheroes. It was a bit disjointed, somewhat strange, and rather difficult to follow at times.

Early on I found myself comparing it to Soylent Green, which subsequently ruined the lovely montage at the beginning. The hero's girlfriend, who is not a superhero, gets chosen to be one of these victims, who are of course misrepresented as lucky, chosen individuals, and when the hero suddenly finds out, everyone apparently seems to have known, except our hero and his girlfriend.

After a fight scene on a tennis court, where we see some rather cheesy Dragonball Z style fighting (though I give them credit for dragging it out like that particular series), the hero finds himself tied to a chair by his family of superheroes who insist that he can't tell the rest of the world about this killing of people which everyone seems to know about anyway.

Young teams are capable of making some fantastic films, they just need to remember to work within their capabilities. This was an epic story, which they had to rush through and miss things out of, and they couldn't set the tone in time. It's very important to cast age-appropriate characters, this is not high school drama class any more. If you don't have access to adult actors, don't write a story which requires them, keep it short, sweet and simple, and you can go far.

Wire Phobe is a charming film which sits very solidly in the Rom-Com Genre.

The casting choices were hilarious, with our bully, a very large adult man cast as a school boy with a fear of wire, and the rest of the cast consisting of teenagers. It contrasted beautifully and left us giggling away for the entirety of the film. The Edge of Your Seats made a great show of stereotypical bullying, with some fantastic toilet dunking, wedgies and booby trapping.

Of course, the bully falls in love with the sweetest girl in the school, who loves making things out of wire. In order to have the girl, he must get over his fear of wire and his bullying ways. The wire theme was a little bit forced, but really, nobody much cared. It was jammed in our faces with such good-natured humour that we really couldn't mind.

At one point in the film, our fed up victims rig a hallway with wire across it like laser beams in a James Bond movie, and the Bully is suddnely swapped over for a smaller, more lithesome body while he navigates the trap in true master thief style, reappearing as himself at the end. The audience loved it, I loved it, and I'm sure the judges will love it.

It gets very comical at the end, when the girl he has been trying to court offers him an elaborate wire heart as a gesture of her affection. Now I really don't know if this was intentional, but this particular wire heart crossed over in the middle and curled at the ends, forming a very penile shape inside it. The whole audience burst into laughter, and left everyone giggling through the credits.

This is a great film, the cinematography, while not overly slick and fancy, was very well done, and the pace was good. This is one of few films that I didn't think was too long, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Poor Fractured Radius, they always seem to be a bit misunderstood and suffer in their ratings because of it.

First off, I enjoyed The Office Quest, far more than last year's entry, "Professional Dancer". It was less grating and far less gratuitously silly. There's no doubt that every year this team brings very high production values to the table. Their shots are lovely, their lighting is great, their actors don't let the team down, and I get the impression that these guys work really well together.

I'd love to see Fractured Radius take this competition seriously one year. I think they'd produce an amazing film if they weaned themselves off the disjointed jokes, absurd story lines and zany characters. The Office Quest started in a typical environment and got stranger. Our protagonist is sent on a mystical quest by a voice only she can hear, and her workmates become characters in her journey.

The disjointed character who criticises every body's claims of where they've been is shoved down our throats in true Fractured Radius style, and is repeated again and again until it's funny. By which point it isn't anymore.

That said, the storyline made sense, for the most part is was cohesive, and they had a clever twist that far surpassed their vampire quip last year. As always, their cinematography was beautiful, but most importantly, I wasn't bored.

It's always hard reviewing a friend's film, but I am going to try to do this as objectively as possible, and as fairly as I have done other reviews.

I knew in advance that Dog's Breakfast were going away from stop-motion Lego and on to a serious live-action film, which helped ease my disappointment a bit.

I really didn't like their film as much as last year. While generally OK, the cinematography was pretty rough in places, and the audio got a little fuzzy. Some of the acting was a bit over the top, and the lines didn't always seem natural or comfortable to the actors.

However, Dogs Breakfast do have a wicked sense of humor and a firm grasp of irony, and while some were a bit confused by the ending, I didn't really have much of a problem grasping it.

Sure, they left themselves a few plot holes trying to create twists, and the story was a bit generic, but I had fun watching it, and it wasn't a struggle keeping awake as it was with some other shorts in this heat.

This team's bursting with creativity, and I think the animation medium really helped them express that last year. There's just too many immaculately polished films out there which left this one looking a little shabby.

Let me start by saying this film was not bad, in fact, it was almost very good. The cinematography was nice, the mood and lighting well achieved, and the acting wasn't bad.

I did however feel that it suffered from a case of bad casting which made it seem far more pretentious than perhaps was intended.

Most of the time, a script has to be read very carefully and avoid poetic and overly complicated wording so that you don't come across as alienating the audience like a sign card that says "Ha Ha I'm smarter than you." Casting an older, wizened actor who really has that look of being world-weary and a bit eccentric would have helped by miles, as opposed to your mid-20s looking actor with healthy rosy cheeks who didn't look like he'd really had time to suffer that much, and instead of world-weary writer, we ended up with the portrayal of a pretentious, angsty university student.

I know casting is hard, and writing a good script is harder, let alone getting actors with an ability to breathe life into the words, but with such an emotional piece like this one, it was really important to get just the right person in that role, which unfortunately didn't happen. Some of the dramatic pauses were a bit too long, and the whole thing could have benefited from a bit of a trim.

The room and props were a little off to me as well, it didn't give me that typewriter-era feel to it. I expected a low, cone-shaped lamp hanging from the ceiling and cigarette smoke adding atmosphere. I looked around a bit and it seemed more of a modern setting with the typewriter thrown in for dramatic effect.

That being said, the imagery was lovely, the story was solid and the ending was well filmed if a bit obvious. Overall, a good job!

I was very impressed with this film. So far, the school teams have been struggling to make a compelling movie which made sense, but Green Bay High School nailed it, and are the best school team by far up until heat 6.

I loved the montage of the fight sequence juxtaposed and perfectly complimented by the dance moves.

Some areas were a little weak, for example, I couldn't quite work out whether it was the bully or the victim who was also the dancer for some time, but I found it really didn't matter.

It was well paced, thoughtful and really touching. It's hard making a serious movie, and this was an example of a good one.

Well done Green Bay High School!

Usually I try to make a few positive notes about every film, but unfortunately this one really scraped the bottom of the barrel.

I really love the superhero genre this year, it's given us some of the zaniest stories so far. On a general note I quite enjoyed them.

This film was approximately seven minutes of a man with his underwear on the outside in some sort of dress talking to a stuffed toy and himself dressed in a different yet equally unappealing costume.

It dragged on for ever, and was a perfect example of why seven minutes is a limit and not a target.

While it's always good to see non-professional teams give it a go, and I have a special admiration for small teams, I would recommend these guys do a bit more research on what a good story needs for next year. Limited equipment and resources doesn't mean your film has to be terrible.

This film was hilarious. A very well-constructed parody of the MasterChef series, and I picked that up without ever seeing a single episode of it. I enjoyed the French guy, thought the car thief character was really well fleshed out, and quickly adored our loveable grassroots superhero.

But oh, Backyard Studios, you naughty kids. Don’t think nobody noticed that your identity thief disappeared after the first half of the film. I really thought you were going somewhere with her, perhaps she stole the judges identity, or one of the other contestants in a similarly devilish plot twist, but no, she merely fell off the face of the earth. While it made for an unexpected ending, it was unexpected like looking through my wallet and finding I didn’t have the 5 dollars I thought was in there… I felt disappointed and a little bit cheated.

However, this film was funny, very watchable and incredibly amusing. It got my vote, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This film had a decent amount of momentum to start with, some nice dialogue and a passable (though slightly cliché) premise. I enjoyed how seamlessly some humour was added to such an obviously serious script, and I thought the use of prop wasn’t too bad.

Unfortunately, it all unravelled a bit at the end. I was watching this film rather intently, keen to see where they were going with it, and the answer seemed to be nowhere. The disjointed lines didn’t help, and I didn’t quite understand why there was somebody stalking them in the forest who didn’t much care if they lived or died, leaving me with a sense of indifference which caused me to pass over it during voting.

Still, with a bit more polish and some attention to the ending, this could probably be fleshed out into an enjoyable film, and it was by no means in the bottom of the barrel for the night.