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A nice take on the Romantic Comedy, don't think I've seen a mocko-romantic comedy in 48HOURS before.
Well acted, some GREAT lines of dialogue and awesome use of dead pan.
The camera work looked great. Nice minimalistic use of music. It was well edited, could've been tightened in places but not many.
All in all a great little short. The audience CLEARLY loved it, loads of laughs, and that also showed in the voting.

I'm giving you guys 7/10 just for the guy in drag... Hilarious!

Loved this short. Great dead pan. Awesome location.
It did slow down in places but the shooting, editing and acting were top notch. A brilliantly funny 'slice of crime' story.

I enjoyed the over the top narration and a few other bits, though all in all it was a bit weak.
Comedy is hard, and what might leave your mates in stitches because you know the actors, can just end up as dead air on screen.
I agree with exquire about the actors needing to interact with each other, you just needed to bring them together. A cliched 'AA' type meeting or a urban legend reunion might've done the trick.

Great little short. I initially thought it was funny but had no legs, but when the penny dropped and it revealed it's true erotic/superhero nature I was loving it. Such a brilliant idea to combine them both.
Great work guys.

Nice effort girls. I drew the musical/dance genre once and decided to go the dance route because it's so damned hard to do a good musical!
Though this short wasn't my cup of tea you can tell a lot of hard work went into it and it's a great attempt from ones so young. Keep at it!

There was some decent comedy here, but a lot of waiting around for something to happen. The end of the world maybe wasn't the best choice for you guys to combine with the one shot thing.
The inside location did nothing for me, but once the shot got outside it was much better.

The editing and story line let this one down. This film had lot's of laughs though and many an Irish joke.
I am still confused as to how the guns gave off so much smoke! And why the girl died from inhaling it? Not even in a John Woo film have I seen so much gun smoke.
Still nice effort guys