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Not as good as last year's film and generally expected a little more from this very large and well funded team. Rom Com is hard to pull off, and from that perspective it was good, and it got a few laughs from the audience. Technically well put together.

Cool idea, and parts were well executed for a 'best worst film' type feel. The gas burner and the zero gravity were gold. Pacing and narrative let it down overall.

Had some good laughs here, with the guy on guitar stealing the show for me. Not sure it really fit in the genre, and some of the audio was off. Great use of the match cut.

Good, but a little predictable for 'shock ending'. One of the curses of only having 2 actors. But overall, well done.

As classy as always. One of the problems of being in this heat is coming up against Cinema in Decline each year. This year's film was the complete package for a 48Film - writing, acting, cinematography, sound, editing. Bravo, looking forward to seeing this one again.

Had promise as a music video, but failed to live up to that promise. Not sure it fit in the genre, no coherent story or character. Only saving graces were the look and the initially funny use of bread, which was then taken too far.

Excellent concept, and started out as a cute story but quickly descended into toilet humour complete with sticky fingers (and worse). Could have been handled better with a 'cleaner' script, and the build up was all in anticipation of the 'revenge', which was a genre that never really eventuated.

Good idea but ultimately let down by too much repetition and humour that didn't quite work, as well as a terrible visual gag for the required 'prop' element.

Think this one will be audience favourite of an average heat, and it was a breath of fresh air. Great to see a young actress in the lead role, and excellent use of comedy and a twist on 'kid' TV show elements to tell the story.

Great to see an animated short! The squint Eastwood intro set the bar high with some genuine laughs to be had there. More could have been done story wise though, and the audio needs improving where animation is used. But I admire and commend the use of animation, would like to see you guys back again next year.

Loved the concept, great simple idea with a cool start and finish. The middle and main portion was lacking though, and the humour didn't quite work for the most part. But probably the best film in an otherwise disappointing heat.

Only real redeeming features were the good use of (bad) green screen and some humour that worked. But overall made very little sense story wise and the humour didn't seem to catch many people in the audience. Also not sure about how the required elements were worked in.

Excellent use of horror elements, especially the kid, that was truly creepy. Not sure about the genre here, didn't seem to be quite right, and the sound could use some work, but overall a good first time entry and hope to see you back again.

Quirky and cool, but trying a little too hard to be a 'good bad film' to be either truly good or bad. Great use of elements, but felt forced to call it a puzzle / mystery story.

Quirky and cool, but trying a little too hard to be a 'good bad film' to be either truly good or bad. Great use of elements, but felt forced to call it a puzzle / mystery story.

Some good laughs to be had here, good all round film. Didn't really think it fit the genre and wasn't sure about the story overall, but I did really enjoy the characters - especially the one guy who kept starting fights.

Decent looking film, but a little too serious and forced for its own good. But the biggest loss of points come from the lack of a rush for a "race against the clock" genre and a general lack of care for incorporating the required elements.

Didn't really enjoy this one, thought the time travel element was forced and a bit pointless, the humour was a miss for me, and the characters were unlikable. Good effort but didn't take me there, sorry.

Easy the best looking 48 hour film I've seen this year, the production values of this one were head and shoulders above everyone else. The subject matter was serious, the fantasy element was great, but I didn't think the Morgan character really fit the required profile and the other elements felt a little forced. But definitely put this one on your watch list.

Excellent entry again from cinema in decline, who are one of the top teams to watch. Not only high production values each year, but also a great sense of humour (possibly the best of 48 hours). This year's entry only doesn't top last year's because of the ending - shock ending yes, but could have concluded better. Still thumbs up!

The worst film I've seen during the heats, and not in a good way. This had no redeeming features and I'm surprised to see it on the list. Also disappointing given how funny the film was from this team last year.