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This started promisingly, with a classic horror set up and a great lead performance. However, a couple of songs/scenes went on a bit too long and the lead actor went missing for a few minutes. Two or three minutes shorter and it may have delivered. But there were energetic performances and a great effort with the dreaded musical/dance.

A very enjoyable, emotional, funny and satisfying film. Good, believable set up, good script and good performances. It was dramatic and engaging, and there were some very funny bits. I loved the balloon proposal scene. Overall a great film.

This was great fun. Someone had some fun in the editing suite, but it was planned well, and looked like a good weekend. There were some really funny moments, like blowing up the sister, and some nice set-ups, like the face-off in the back yard. There were issues technically, but that didn't override the overall enjoyment for most of the audience.

This started well and carried it through to almost the end. It was well made and entertaining, but the ending, the identity of the murderer, was either extremely unlikely, or I missed something (which is entirely possible!). It certainly was a shock ending, but a shame because the rest of the film was great, and was building well. The acting was also good.

This was a classic 48 Hours start to the heat with plenty of jokes, cleavage and pants around ankles. The mistaken identity was established well at the start, but it became more and more implausible as it went on that the fake Ramsbottom wouldn’t speak up. Still, very entertaining.

Nicely shot story of a brother and sister thrown together by their deceased father on a quest to find some treasure. A mad/funny couple attempt to stop them by challenging them to combat (playing Twister), asking them a riddle, and getting them to cross a river without getting wet (they go across a bridge). The treasure is actually the brother and sister reconnecting. On genre and entertaining.

Another WTF special (what was it with this heat?). A brief short about, um, some characters in a Victorian-era brothel??? Two girls kissed, one girl was in the bath, a guy got told off???
Fun times but absolutely confusing and confused. Lovely.

This was a story about a woman who loved ballet dancing, as evidenced by her dancing around her house. She keeps hearing her mother’s negative and critical voice in her head. One day a letter arrives. It is from her mother explaining how she wanted to dissuade the daughter from becoming a ballerina for her own good (I didn’t get all the details here), but that she really did think that she was a good dancer.

I liked this a lot, although it probably would have been stronger if it had cut a minute or two out. Really good example of a dance movie.

This was filmed in plasti-cinema – plasticine people in a plasticine town. I’m in awe of anyone who can do this sort of thing in 48 hours – manipulating the figures alone must take so much time, let alone creating a story and script. The story was good, although a tad confusing and complex, and the narration was in the form of a rhyming poem. The characters were believable and overall it was entertaining.

This movie seemed to have two distinct parts, both, I think set in the year 2067. The first part was a guy getting “through the zone” – running through the ruins of building with a maniacal machine gunner killing off his co-travellers. I guess this was the Road part of the movie. The second part was a guy plucking up the moral strength to rescue a girl from two thugs. A wise old man helped him with wise old sayings.

This film was in the WTF category but I loved the animated bird, even if I had no idea what it was there for.

This was a surprisingly touching tale of a romance between a man with anger issues and his girlfriend/partner. They communicated via sticky notes – he used yellow and she used pink – mostly stuck on the fridge door. This was a really effective device. The pair broke up and reconciled before a successful marriage proposal. Nice work but unfortunately disqualified.

This started with some mood shots of a back yard, intercut with shots of a guy sitting at a desk drinking whiskey. Then we lost pictures as the screen switched from black to white periodically while the soundtrack (mainly heavy guitar music with the sound of water – maybe the whiskey?) played. It had its own charm and everyone cheered every time the screen switched to white, just because of the sheer unplanned brilliance of it all. Genius? Probably. Repeat viewing? Not without serious medication. Unfortunately disqualified.

I can imagine Body Switch being really hard to achieve convincingly. These guys tried hard with a story of someone who switches bodies with a successful singer so he can “be someone”. The plan fails.

This was pretty hard to follow and suffered a bit with audio issues. But I guess that just added to the charm of this heat.

A musician (I guess) auditioned three very bad musicians for… something. He then turned into a superhero and locked them in a garage, forcing them to listen to each other’s music. Not sure how or why the musician needed to be a super hero…

Some nice lines and gags, but too confusing and too lacking of a plot to draw me in.

As usual, a seriously hilarious short from my favourite lo-fi team. This short happily set up the WTF flavour for what was to come in this heat. Actually it was so entertaining and engrossing that I didn’t even realise it was a one-room film. The main (and only human) character was so well-conceived and believable in a kind of WTF way, and the cat and squirrel both seemed more than inanimate objects.

What happened? Not much actually, but it was a glorious 7 minutes…

Two guys are walking down the street. One gets kidnapped by thugs. The other guy tries to find him. When he does it turns out a teacher he had at high school really wanted him, rather than his friend. He ends up in the garage being tortured by a Mexican.

The plot moved along well and the Mexican was really funny.