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For all the gamers out there learning new controls, this struck a cord. Loved the gameplay-come-reality plot too. The use of the health bar with the bread for replenishment was a crack-up. Nice work.

I enjoyed the interplay between characters, reminiscent of blame tossed around in a flat over food. Applauses for special effects are in order! Great film.

A laugh-out-loud ending! Fun use of the Black Comedy genre. I love that the audience is left to their imagination for the method of extermination through the use of potatoes and bread!

I enjoyed this one. The story was easy to follow and I loved the parents' pursuit to relive their youth through the hopeful enthusiasm of their children and music. I thought Harper's reclusive character was hilarious. Well done guys.

Really fun use of "found footage" to piece together the story. From the point of the discovery of the body in the shopping trolley onward, I didn't follow the story so easily- surprised by lead character's reaction to the situations unfolding.

Creepy! Great shock introduction with the loose fingernail. I got the idea that the loop of bad fortune needed to be broken, but I can't decide what was the turning point that made the lead character's fate clear. Thumbs up for the gore/horror factor and great soundtrack.

A little bit hard/frustrating to follow. I thought the characters who lived behind the couch were hilarious though.

Loved this film. Easy to follow. Cute storyline. Lots of laughs. I'd easily watch it again and again.

Good use of soundtrack!

The fact that the Kiwi Intelligence was after the Prime Minister was both ironic and very funny. Impressive headshot splat effects, and very good use of soundtrack too.

I felt this was the best shot film of the heat. Loved the B+W, and camera close-ups, angles and tracking/pans. Visually very good.

I felt this movie was an excuse to kill someone. The 'tormented' kid was not appearing to have felt tormented until the final kidnap and kill. I noticed we never really saw his face either, which built the scare-factor well.

The opening was hilarious - the (German?) character gladly prances and flexes his authority over the kiddy school playground. Prolongest out-of-tune crooning was very funny also. Interesting mix of spoken and sung wording. An overall funny entry!

Great use of colour to determine the past and hopeless present. Powerful delivery of lines from Bobby Young character. Slightly confused about the ending though - didn't understand why her clone was on the floor.

I enjoyed it! Followed a 'Last Man Standing'-type game. Was entertaining. Loved the boot opening and misfortunately closing on the character.

I enjoyed this one. I love the start of the film which uses a shot identical to the ANZ "We Live In Your World" commercial - the woman with high-heels at pace downhill with her massive dog and a can of V at hand - LOL!
Some great laughs, and great misleading *ahem* suggestives.

Good used of music. I enjoyed the principal character's character - cast well. The story came full circle which was satisfying.

One of my favourites for this heat. I enjoyed the feel of the movie with the characters confined to one classroom. Opened up for some funny situations and character-types exposed. Nice work Infufficient Funds!

Good film! Thought it was funny to watch our BULLy character take on traits of his former life - similarly to The Nutty Professor with the traits of a dog.
How on earth did you manage to get the bucket fountain all red like that? Either you did it, or someone was having a blood-bath.
I loved the shot of the bull character through the windows of the train as it was departing.

As the name suggests, our lead character was definitely after it! Some whisperings of 'whatta psycho!' in the cinema - clearly portraying an insecure character. Some long dialogue that felt like it was 'going through the motions' of an arguement. Otherwise, easy to follow.

One of my favourites. It was sweet, and I enjoyed their rhymes. Nice entry! So sorry it was DQ'd also.

The photographer/investigator character was cast very well. Enjoyed the humour in finding the characters in exactly the same position as the photograph taken.
Didn't quite understand the ending photograph though.

I loved the beginning - instantly the audience was taken into a party scene with all the rubbish conversations and antics, then leading into the bathroom. Impressed with costuming.
A great finish to the film that left the audience laughing throughout. Nice work, definitely one of my favourites for the night.

Loved this one. I could follow the story easily, and gave me proper goosebumps. Well-picked soundtrack and lovely cinematography. It was also a pretty serious film. Not all mysteries explained which was most of the suspense.

Good concept for body-switching.

I had some great laughs out of this one. Enjoyed the dialogue between characters - and props to the sound editor for a convincing demonic voice. The careless/shockless reaction of the family to the unfolding massacre occurring in the room was hilarious.

A cool superhero ability with a sucky side-effect - fun idea! I felt the 'save the day' ending was weak however.

Clearly having fun on set. The reaction of the wimpish secret lover over the recent engagement was very funny.

A cool and fun film. The zombie who didn't exactly know he was a zombie - very funny.