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Beautifully shot but Musical stumped this team. If they went more silly than serious it would have smashed! Good stuff boys!!!

Interesting idea but real shame that actually glitches ruined film. Better luck next year team!

One of the better films of the heat but shame on disqualification. Weird shots and cuts through some scenes of the film but a solid and hilarious effort. The boy in the car was by far the funniest scene all heat! Tops stuff to all the Restraining Order Scientists!

Very similar style to their film last year. Intro scene was fantastic but film dragged from there. Visitors at the door got boring quickly and the blond melodramatic girl was not funny at all. Still Rocket Boy have done well to place in this heat! Well done!

Robocrop have a history of making some great films, but this year was a real disappointment. Their film Promises last year was far superior to their efforts this year. It feels like script was written on location and the film didn't really fit horror genre. Avoid effects if you can't pull them off such as the fire in the eyes. Better luck next year guys.

Quite a boring plot line and but enjoyed sneaky reference to all the teams in the heat at the start. Film went no where, it's a difficult genre but team could have produced something far better!

Film started nicely and carpark scene was well shot but ending let it down. Strange shots and audio issues also didn't help film.

Nice idea just a real shame about technical issues because film had potential. I enjoyed the park bench idea and the acting. Well done!

Great iMovie editing!!!! I love that software but the scrapbook effect didn't suit the beginning of the film at all. Next year you guys should create a film that doesn't need writing to explain the plot line. It should just flow and the audience should just grasp it! Good try guys!

Nice ghost effect and plot idea, but unfortunately wasn't executed as well as it could have with poor shots and cuts. The zooming out shot while the girl was on the phone was terrible but team has potential.

A typical Chromatic film. Crime is most certainly a genre they enjoyed. Film noir looked great and had some great dialogue but once again their film dragged. I could compare this film with their efforts last year as the whole film was basically dominated by one scene, this year being the interview. Some dodgy audio when the mic wasn't facing the character speaking but it's 48 hours so it happens! Predictable ending with twist wasn't as effective as it could have been but a good effort anyway!

Strange plot line but entertaining to say the least like always with WillyWilly YumYum. Same locations and plane lacked creativity from two years ago but still a shining light in the darkness of this heat. Shot Willy!

If there is a killer outside your house...don't go outside! Some parts built tension nicely but the plot line lacked depth. Poor use of prop and the boyfriend was probably the least comforting person. Team Intro was great with girls being excited about being hookers. Quality effort that!

He asked if I like Oranges at the start. I'm forever scared of Oranges now. What was going on here??? It was shot ok but terribly boring and repetitive plot and we all easily guessed what was going to happen at the end. It's great to see you are so comfortable with your body.

Worst dialogue I've ever seen in a film, but at the same time it was the best. That fight between the guy and the girl at the end was possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to me! Well done!

One of my favourites of the heat and I'm stoked with your placing. Sweet idea but the film did drag a bit. Just because you can make a seven minute film doesn't mean you have to make a seven minute film. It was there but just had a lot of filler. Can't wait to see next years attempt!

Would have gotten one star but the mullet bumped it up. Nice try from a school team with an alright idea, but plot didn't make a lot of sense and the random gypsy scene was very strange but I understand it is a school team and you have to try and involve everyone. Better luck next year guys!

Not sure how this won their heat but congrats anyway. I really enjoyed how the character was excited to see the red door later in the film, even though it was the 15th he'd seen. I'm not sure how the main character knew the door was the one leading to the party because they were all the same. Plot went no where but some ok effects. Wasn't really a musical as their was only one song that didn't really relate to anything. Really awkward ending but unfortunately it was one of the stronger films in the heat.

Got a good laugh in this film but only some of the laughs were with the film. Great establishing shot that also established the camera man. Wasn't a boring film and kept me entertained keep it up!

The team has potential with an interesting idea. Sound issues and dodgy cuts will pass with experience. Story is key in 48 Hours so next year really flesh out the script and get some direction behind the team. Can't wait to see what you guys produce next year!

Some nice shots and locations but real issues with continuity and audio. Story was everywhere but team definitely showed potential for next year. Keep going!

This was for sure a classic vault production. No one really knew what was going on but no one really cared because it was vault. Good stuff!

Audio and dragged repeated shots let this down. Slow-mo was great but acting was very poor! Tighten these problems up next year, and write another sweet concept and you could cause some damage!

I was waiting for a good movie all heat! Great idea, shots could be a bit better but otherwise impressed! Congrats on winning heat!

AHHH! So bad. Poorly edited, written and bad acting. This movie is the answer to a huge let-down.

Hard genre but bad concept and the one-shot was not very well planned!

Bad quality short, terrible idea with randoms following girl with guitars!

OMG this is so bad! Even if you are the editor how could you rate yourself so highly. Why ruin an alright idea with a girl singing too much by having random dudes playing guitar behind her. Bad use of slow-mo aswell!

Interesting idea! Very funny but just a real shame the cuts, glitches and some shot choices let you guys down. But if you guys are as creative next year, and really tighten your production up the rewards could be endless! Hope to see you next year fellas!

I could not stop laughing through this film, unfortunately I was not laughing with it. Bad story line, terrible shots but a lot of fun all the same. Thanks for bringing a tear to my eye!

Chromatic Abberation always create a quality short! This one was their best shot wise so far but the script did slightly let this down. The flashbacks got very old very quickly after the 3rd character. Would have been good to try and script some other aspects of comedy in there but otherwise really well shot and great way to end!

Interesting concept, but definately not my cup of tea. I hate watching stage shows, let alone one with one good camera and one terrible camera, and shots looking at the other camera operator. Slow-mo use was cringe-worthy and acting was very average.

Interesting idea, but I could even hardly class it as a film merely a recording of a stage show.

Solid opening and ending. Great use of leaf but shot choices and acting was very amateur throughout the bulk of the film. If this film was better story-boarded and rehearsed could have casued some damage!

Didn't make sense but congrats on funniest line of the heat. "This is such a shit film" haha!

I liked this film. Who was he talking to in his voiceover??? That part confused me, but still loved the actors and story was funny. The romance and comedy were definately seperate but still...IT ROCKED!!!

Slightly confusing, but personally I enjoyed this. I thought it was really well shot and I really liked the ending. Good idea for body switch but lacked story. well done guys. Me likey!

Me like this film haha. That car was awesome, I am so using it next year. Agreed with proffenton the fight dragged but was well edited. Loved Bobby Young, great way to expand on the EX bully. Well done, definately hope to see this on screening room as I would love to see this again!

Film had potential, but wasn't really a horror. Love the fact it was filmed at a real gig but even the stabbing scene didn't give me the jitters. Good attempt, and it is still quite a enjoyable film.

Well slightly cliche topic but was a good introduction...then I got lost. People went here, things were here and it turned into a mess. Still quite well shot but messy.

What happened? This film had a well shot introduction, but this film was just an introduction. Terrible use of prop but this film was going somewhere!!! Thumbs up to the director, well thought out film but you guys could have done AWESOME! if you had expanded.

Very much a movie for adults. Amazing location and costumes but definately lost my interest part way through the film. This film definately dragged. I can see how this won 3rd place audience awards as it would have been very enjoyable for a older audience. Still a well made film!

Slightly disapointed with this film, as Otherside has pulled off some stunners. Dodgy editing with some sound problems but story was lacking and in patches hard to follow. The freeze frame definately didn't suit the ending to this film but still had some funny moments. Still well done!

Very very very funny film. Loved the fact that it was all done by one man. Great one-liners in a very strong script. I would have rated this film higher but didn't like the rapid change in plots. From losing weight, to getting the girl, then swapping girl again made the film drag slightly, but still backed up with good one-liners. Thumbs Up!

A allright film. Good concept but did get dodgy in some areas. Definately some time issues, but understandable if made in 48 hours. Funny cross-dresser but not a amazingly well executed film.