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A great buddy film mixing it up with the crime genre. Got some laughs and the contrast between the mock crime and real crime was great. The ending tied up a bad-taste plot quite pleasantly.

The team could have better production value, but who has the money, I know I don't! It brings it back to the homegrown roots of the competition.

Obviously these guys had all the tech. The film got lots of reactions from the crowd. It fitted into the vast range of found footage films that focus on similar horror scenarios, so a bit on the generic side. All in all a pretty sweet film.

Fun film... Not much more I can say as it played out exactly how I expected it to, which isn't always a great thing.

Really neat film, after all I am a sucker for cutesy. You pulled off the one shot rather well. The opening and closing credits were really creative! Good job.

Great production value. Sadly tech doesn't lend itself to creativity, and that's what makes a great film.

Good job, the film looked great. You pulled off the post apocalyptic theme quite well. However it was a pretty generic plot.

A clever plot was the backbone to this film. But sadly silent films just don't do it for me. How un-cultured I am.

Wow. The stop motion was really something. Nice! It started average, but then the almighty quest began. Innovative film.
I look forward to the future of this team.

Huh? But brilliant none the less.

Haha. I have no idea what was going on here. Oh but the brilliant stories, what were they about. Who knows. Confusing, quaint film. 1point.

This film was a neat little silent film. But like Battleship Potempkin, it gets kinda tedious after you get over the novelty of a silent film.

It didn't really cut it as a musical. The plot was OK. I am afraid the army thing just isn't my cuppa tea.

This film was a blast. Loved the special effects. Well shot. Excellent story. It got my 2points!

Hmm. It was OK.
However the intro was fab.

The film started off a bit boring and generic. I remember the 48hour days of old. The superhero genre always involved a superhero having counseling.
AND THEN! The film got better. Great.
Good job Noise and Pictures.

It had many a pun. But it was rather tedious.
Great intro guys!
I look forward to your future pics, you have potential.

Aw it seemed like it tried to have a good moral. Nice.
What was the moral? Who knows.

A clever rendition of the B-Grade genre. Great jokes and a witty script. Green-screen monologs gave the film a great feel. And lots of blood.

'I paramediced myself out before the accident'

Good job. 3points.