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a manic effort from this team with some extremely quickfire cuts and a blown-out audio track that feels like someone's yelling at you on a webcam (in this case this was positive, contributed to the whole vibe).
really bizarre plot- everyone kept disappearing any time the interacted with indoor plumbing? wasn't much of an issue, enough gags had merit of their own (the clap light and the cop costume being the most memorable for me).
great use of the farm bike (is that what they're called? i'm a confirmed townie)

Lots of laughs from the crowd when the meta-concept was introduced- very true to life in its representation of the Friday night writing stage.
The main problem with this one for me was that you stuck solidly to the 'behind the scenes' concept for so long before introducing the obviously fictional aspect that I was seriously wondering if you'd actually made a film at all. There were moments early-on where it was hinted at (a mention of "weird people outside") but I think it could have been picked up on sooner. Will expect a sequel next year!
the chloroform tea towel was a stand-out prop for the heat.

didn't catch the premise of this one as the dialogue was pretty quiet and we're dropped right in the thick of it. Some sort of Big Brother programme? anyway it doesn't really matter as it soon becomes a BATTLE ROYALE as the cast fight for the affections of.. some other character.
a cavalcade of oddities: a dendrophiliac Cornholio guy gets covered in bird shit, a guy in a Slayer shirt and some brave sound design featuring the Wilhelm scream and the best foley work in Hamilton this year with the gunshot.
The bulk of this film is seasickness-inducing first-person POV footage of someone running around with a gun- which is reminiscent of footage shot in elsewhere in NZ earlier this year so it leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth.

This one is mostly about overcoming shyness and reaching out to people but then it ends on a bit of a downer as the whole thing is revealed to be just a "what could have been"-type daydream.
worked the technical requirement of the "climbing a tree" (aka overhead shot) into the story really well, and then got a cool 360 from up there. Also featured a noteworthy 'do it in post' digital zoom

I liked the title cards- like a silent movie or something.
I can't remember much about the plot of this film- there was a love triangle or something? I do remember the mad climax with lots of bodily fluids being spilt left right and centre.
Great make up for the dude character and the special effects make up on the gnarly wound. the hard out use of emojis was a good signal for the love interest and the non-sequitur irl 'yeet' meme stood out (although my young person friend said that that is now out of date- he is pretty old though).
also shout out to Jake Hughes for the live drumming! cool

Some good camerawork with plenty of tracking shots as a guy is tormented by a menacing spectre.
Lots of the film was pretty overexposed but on the plus side we got lots of good lens flares out of it.
The metronomic score was utilised pretty effectively considering the genre the team got.
the thing I remember most about this film though is the protagonist kept an important (maybe? couldn't see it properly) photograph next to the sink- it'll get wet there!

There's obviously something in the water as the other 'Nature Run Amok' has uncanny similarities to this one! (full disclosure: I'm in that other team).
A lone woman menaced by an unknown force in a vaguely post-apocalyptic setting.
the team that made the other one!)
I'm finding it difficult to review this one without referring to our one because you used so many ideas that we were also spitballing. You are far more competent with practical effects than we are- the finale with the vines coming to life and all that looks great, and the branch breaking the window was a really cool shot.
The fourth wall breaking was quite bizarre and didn't sit right with the rest of the film- breaks the immersion in the setting you've created.

Lucky draw with the genres presented this opportunity to SnowForge to make a sequel to their 2016 hit.
Different enough to the original in that it's now a more straight narrative film rather than a documentary-style thing, but still lots of the same jokes are brought out. The story is developed quite well and the difference between the two brothers is nicely shown.
The stunt driving sequences were great and the costuming (idk what else to call it) for the big brother was really good. A pretty slick production that's set itself up for a threequel.

winner of the coveted most sweary film award.
another GROUNDHOG DAY-type time loop thing? as with most time travel movies I found it a bit hard to follow. I thought there was going to be a play on the audience's expectations and that the two dudes were in a relationship, rather than the protagonist making a move on his mate's girlfriend as first implied (might just have been the line "I can't do this anymore!" that lead me to think that..). I thought the ending was a bit weird, but having the film continue to play out over the credits filled in some gaps in the narrative.
Good production values- great sound design in particular. Excellent commitment from the lead actor jumping into that manky and presumably freezing pool.

This team takes a tried-and-true approach to the dreaded musical or dance genre- just make a normal movie but have the protagonist dance around instead of walking or whatever.
Great set-dressing for the party scene- you know the party's over when the fairy lights are turned off. The shaving scene also got audible gasps from the audience- it's a shame the horror genre was not here this year as you obviously show a flair for that. Liked the constant reference to "going out with the boys".
Ultimately the plot was not plausible because my understanding of young people is that they don't talk to each other on the phone (or even face to face?).

this had me guessing what the heck it was all about for a while, and it did drag a bit as things didn't appear to be coming any more clear. When things did click, this film tickled me in a way that I can't quite put my finger on. Something about those screaming inanimate objects. It also seemed like this was made by a very small team- possibly even a solo effort? well done

starts with an ad for the eponymous contract killer and then we follow someone who's just started working for Buddy.
Buddy's character was played very well because almost immediately I was hoping he'd get killed off for being such a dick.
The lighting was flash, particularly in the interior 'stakeout' scene. Some jokes, a good action-movie one-liner and effective use of comic sans font.

laughs from the get-go (the tracking shot on the man-bun got me.. although on second thoughts the intro was very funny too!) in this father/son reunion movie.
an uptight dad getting help from his randy old therapist to get to know his 17 year old son he's only just met.
Kind of plays out as a reverse of the more 'traditional' coming-of-age film as the dad makes steps to relate with the teen.
Enjoyable performances and the silver fox make-up and costume of the therapist was great.
Technically very proficient with gratuitous focus-pulls and an overhead shot from a really tall tree.

A document of a group of friends going on a road trip and complaining about getting stuck in endless traffic jams in and around central Paeroa.
Unfortunately some technical issues hampered this film- particularly problems with the sound that made it very difficult to follow plot points (especially in the first scene inside the car where both pairs in the front and back seat were talking- there could be another way to show the interruptions and rifts between the friends than having them talk over each other).
I did like lots of the editing choices though- lots of jump cuts jerking the audience around in this weird way and a few great zooms.

'don't judge a book by its cover' story set around somebody getting in the wrong uber.
strong Kath & Kim vibes from the driver- nice touch.
best use of green screen for all the driving scenes, imparted this charming jenkiness to the proceedings.
Lots of people were climbing trees to get that overhead shot but did you guys climb a lamp post? seemed pretty high up whatever it was!

This one is so good.
Really swish editing in the opening montage, as well as extremely impressive props and costuming (i hope nobody gets fired for borrowing work stuff!)
But what's really outstanding is the sheer malevolence of the antagonist. The film has a really evil, heavy vibe that could be drawn from many sources and is open to interpretation (I was picking-up a strong anti-euthanasia message).. I'm having a hard time expressing how much this one got to me- it's just a stone-cold real good, grimy horror.

A cop on probation (idk) is given a shady contract from a sultry-voiced CIA agent to track down a tween criminal who's broken into the crypto-currency vault at the Pentagon (man I love that).
you really had to be on your toes with this one- was throwing all sorts of stuff at the audience from weird, unexpected angles. Can't say I was following 100% but I enjoyed the ride!
Some great content- like chopping up batteries and constant butterfingers in the wind. Also really liked the alarm lighting- well done to the best boy grip.

From the second scene onwards this becomes more of a 'NZ Bear Grylls'-type thing, ripping into those survival dudes who you know are being followed by a catering crew and all those other luxuries.
Has a real improvised feel to it- like you guys were filming ideas as they came to you (especially the chicken scene) which I really like, but does mean that the film lacks cohesion.

Ultimately delivers a good message that I didn't expect- the vibe was so dark for most of the film.
We open on a child drinking OJ in a bar at night while his mum plays internet solitaire in the background.. then it turns out he was actually just sitting at home in the dark in the middle of the day (don't take this as a negative thing- this little quirk really tickled me).
There's a long as dairy shot that always seems to turn up every year. this one had really smooth camerawork and this bizarre focus/sound effect thing going on which was cool. also a classic interaction with the shopkeeper- tres verite.
the red-light shots of the 'demon' were well done and there was a really sweet drone shot (which i was expecting to see more of.. but i guess few of us in the Waikato have got drones!).
the dialogue was maybe a little overwrought/teenage angsty but i guess the point of the film is that that sort of stuff shouldn't be taken lightly.
also on reflection I don’t think this really conformed to the real-time genre.

gutted you fellas missed out on cringe/gross-out comedy but still managed to deliver plenty of gags here.
draws from lots of fin de siecle films, most clearly MEET THE PARENTS but also demonstrates a familiarity with the oeuvre of the Farrelly brothers (surely missed out on a THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY-style semen joke with the shaving foam!)
competently-executed and was a big hit with the crowd. I really liked how it was male nudity that brought the characters together in the end- lovely

Frankton train station takes on metaphorical qualities as someone tries to break a cycle of events that brought them to death.
Thought that the prop action wasn't going to get better than the olde pocket watch but then there was an actual coffin? woah.
the lighting for the interior scene was so moody- really fit the vibe there. the song (which I'm gonna assume is an original composed for the comp) was a real stand-out too.
the story probably went over my head (hard to catch all the subtleties first go-round) but somebody said to me it's pretty similar to some television serial they've got on that internet television they've got these days.

an homage to AMERICAN BEAUTY (yeah you know the shot) opens this one as Hamilton's Mena Suvari sings her love for a plastic bag.
This was a slick production, everything looked really nice and some super-smooth camerawork throughout.
Really loved the thick as New Zealand accent in the singing and also the thorough use of the best dump shop in the country.
When the 'best use of non-english dialogue' was announced i thought there'd be heaps of shoehorning in of foreign dialogue- turned out that hasn't really been the case but man i cracked up at your random portuguese-sepaking (or spanish? lo siento) dude at the end there. and a fantastic post-credit shot too.

Have to mention Camera Child's intro again- another great one and they always seem to be in pretty varied styles and contrasting to the feature! (at least I'm pretty sure it's this team that always have the good intros- my filing system is an absolute disaster).
Starts with an Attenborough-esque voiceover like a silly Chris Morris-style "enviromation"vpiece about the wind being turned off in 1903 and it being replaced by wind machines.
Really loved this concept and the execution with the blowing into the microphone was so well done (esp. the corresponding varying intensity of blown-out wind noise on the soundtrack). It was pretty funny that it's these dirty buggers in charge of the wind.
Unfortunately after the introduction of the concept it didn't really go anywhere and it did drag a bit in the middle. Also the tummy rumbling noises made me certain there was gonna be a fart joke in there but it never arrived (unless i totally spaced out which is possible)

This one has such a pay-off, really well-written in that the whole thing clicks together at the end. Really appreciate the fact that you could tell a cohesive story in such a short time (it's gotta be like 3 minutes tops?). It might be better than I realise cos I couldn't understand the last little bit of dialogue- I still like that you chose not to have subtitles!

A deathbed promise sees some boys go find their father. First of all- great death bed scene, hit all the key points required.
the dialogue was a bit low in the mix and hard to hear at times. the day-for-night shooting under the bridge was really cool (was just thinking to myself the other day that you don't really see that sort of thing that often anymore) and there was great commitment to the stunt work from one of the leads (that first slip in particular- yikes!).
There was a hint of conflict or drive or something in the plot when one of the characters wanted to give up, but ultimately the story was a bit baggy. Good use of run-down farm and central Morrinsville locations.

big DELIVERANCE vibes here as a couple of lads go down south.
Great abundance of jokes bashing southeners (I've met some before and they're all like that), loved the laconic performance of the car owner. Have to mention that the car was totally wrecked- brilliant use of that asset. Excellent pyrotechnics (shot Big J)- spectacular. also really enjoyed the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE dinnertime vibe.
cracked up at the rewound 'backing out' shot- great way of getting around what I'm guessing was a lack of coverage (we've all been there)

House sitting for a weirdo takes an inevitable turn..
having wind as a required element this year has been really great- good blown-out dialogue on the doorstep.
Chekhov's gun case and bodies in the basement apply here and thankfully you delivered.
The whole package here was classic 48h- brilliant performances and scripting. Love that at the first sign of danger they go for the gun (which was beside the cereal?).
the police lights were cool and the last line cracked me up "god damnit it's the police"- abrupt ending but nothing more needs to be said eh

So a pseudo-Bieber or something goes undercover in a small-town NZ school. This story was delivered with an expository voice over.
The secret nerd costume was great (definitely looked like a nerd) and it was a good throw hitting him in the head with the rugby ball. I also liked the teacher played by a child and the hard-out product placement of the maths textbook.
feels like there was a missed opportunity when the bullies didn't learn their lesson when the nerd's secret identity was revealed. and surely some of that music was copyrighted- gotta watch that!

This one plays out kinda like Blind Date meets The Bachelorette. Some pretty good eligible men here- great goth representation.
the thing i remember most about this one probably just happened in my head- Chad kept touching what looked like a deep dish pizza (which was put straight onto the table), but then it turned out to be the place mat? it just really freaked me out.
Anyway I liked all the bread crumbs all over Bo, this is an obligatory complaint about some patchy sound quality and i'll finish off with commending your fat chicken intro.

A video dating service for those with a taste for princesses. Lots of piece-to-camera interviews mixed with some behind-the-scenes/outtakes.
Took a while for me to warm to this one cos of the kinda mockumentary-vibe but I got swept up with the manic, anarchic energy that takes over.
Really lewd gags delivered thick & fast and lots of humour milked from the princess' inflated views of themselves crashing against the narrator's dry attitude.
Effective editing but a few sound issues (the dialogue was sometimes a bit quiet). The "natural wind" was funny and all the performers really committed to the silliness of their roles.

class opening with one of the smoothest dudes we saw on the big screen this year.
i enjoyed the little things in this one: the text message, the old man hat and the attempt to have a picnic in the pouring rain.
but what i liked most is that it leaves enough room for me to interpret this film as being about a girl who goes back in time to have an incestuous relationship with her grandfather thus becoming her own grandmother (surely i'm not the only one? right? thank goodness)

a weird, anarchic little freeform film that just does whatever the boys wanted it to do.
funny sequence with the toast at the start, also some pretty buzzy SFX and a great "crap, we forgot to put a puddle in!" shot (i'm inferring here).
would probably have benefited from some more (any?) structure, but it seems like you had a fun weekend!

would be interesting to take a survey to find out how many audience members phoned up their granny after seeing this one.
bratty kids are summoned by their sassy grandma for what (unbeknowst to them) is her last day on earth.
has a few good lines ("she'll probably just talk crap about the war") and a wacky and effective ending.

this is the film for you if you've ever thought that the 48hours is lacking movies about doorknobs.
a door-to-door doorknob salesman gets some swag that helps him prey on housewives but in the process forgets where he came from.
an odd film with an odd ending. alphonse is a suitably outlandish name for the main man's brother.

the monster here is one we've probably all encountered - a shatmate.
the antagonist was definitely gross so turning to black magic to deal with him was entirely justifiable.
unfortunately the story is a bit saggy and could have done with some tightening - like a zentai suit.

a mockumentry following some vapid couple.
quite enjoyed the suitably-hysterical performance from the leading lady, as well as utilising the mockumentry thing to get some egregious boom-in-shots.
nice use of the silhouette too, another one for the 'dude fucks a car' theme.

this one was really wholesome in comparison to all the other SICK FILTH that i was subjected to over the past two nights.
loved the shot of loverboy's face from across the river and of course the brilliant delivery of the classic "DAD YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!".
the dialogue was very quiet but the story was simple enough that we got the jist anyway.
lovely ending!

primitive man encounters an iphone 4 which i guess is still magical technology to him (not us moderns though).
well i liked the bits before he found the phone best - spearfishing, foraging and all that. there wasn't really much to get the audience into the story.
the costuming for the lead was odd - of all the films this year this is the one that would have benefited the most from full-frontal male nudity.

really bizarre. the premise is a pun that surely must have been done before in the comp (i haven't seen it though) mixed with some not-so subtle advertising for hamilton's premier speed/thrash metal band's second album.
the clip from the 'documentary' really cracked me up - what tv station would commission such a dreamlike interview with an admitted murderer on the loose that also features him killing the crew? whatever, i went with it.
great wig on the 'old' man.

a kid who gets bullied for coming out sets up a confession-box in the literal cupboard.
what surprised me most here was that these kids are making fight club references - that movie's older than you are!

really simple set-up here, a spy vs spy thing with heaps of swearing and a really good back-and-forth between the leads.
silly fun.

funny 'gotcha' with the opening titles.
there's been heaps of entries filmed in churches this year but this one has the churchiest-looking church so you win that prize.
it's essentially one scene of a goldfish's funeral where the padre has to act as a plumber (which he does with gusto).
quite funny and blasphemous enough so good on ya.
and some stretched-out credits just to make sure we get to exactly 5 minutes runtime.

an oblique-sort of musical that takes place in some nightmarish parallel-universe where people put actual worms in their ears.
oblique because the 'musical' part comes in through the setting/jobs of the characters and the film being structured around parts of a symphony (or something idk anything about music i just watch movies, man) rather than, y'know, actual songs.
the earworm anatomy at the start was cool and i really liked the main man's principled anti-coldplay stance.

this was pretty interesting - there's no other film like it this year in hamilton.
we follow a necklace as it is variously misplaced or passed on to different owners through the years before being reunited with its original owner. simple and effective use of prop and an older actress to convey this.
there's no dialogue and the humans aren't really in focus - more like a few snapshots of moments in various lives.
was expecting a lord of the rings-type bit when the necklace fell in the water!

glad to see an animation - this one looks great, really nice textures and lo-fi as hell which was pretty endearing.
the motormouth protagonist just blabs on and on as the rather absurd action takes place, and it all sort of piles on until you're swept away by the sheer amount of silliness. good fun, excellent voice work!

'be careful what you wish for' is the message here when our man steals easter by running over the eponymous bunny.
pretty funny - the father/son phone conversation particularly stands out. some nice gore and a touch of blasphemy for good measure.
the pacing was fairly sluggish which unfortunately holds the film back.

the opening scene was cool - the b&w filter made the shed a suitably grimy-looking place for some mad science.
after the caveman (i guess?) and modern girl become friends the film's basically just a montage of the ex-popsicle figuring out how to do stuff. very abrupt ending!

took me a while to get what was going on, but i was on board once i got it! (i liked the characters names listed in the credits)
a dystopian nightmare where the internet's some sort of VR-thing enmeshed with the real world.
as i was watching the film i made a note complimenting "give me money!"-actor on their commitment to lying on a wet pavement but they were usurped when someone got in that yuck bath! hope you got a hot chocolate or something for that

one to go alongside those sleazy english docos about the chick that married the eiffel tower and that dude who fucks cars.
a funny little mockumentry about a woman attracted to inanimate objects. some great sight gags and puns ("get stuffed"). nice use of the puddle too.
loses its way a bit after the set-up, but it's carried by a strong lead performance.

edit: most of my complaints have been addressed so this can pretty much be disregarded. that’s what ya get for jumping the gun.

ok, so from what i gather this one was not shown because it has drug use in it. it better have been 5 minutes of someone ACTUALLY smoking ACTUAL p for the team and their film to be treated like this. this team showed up to the heats hoping to see their film but were pretty gutted when it didn't play. it would have been a simple courtesy to have let the team know beforehand so they didn't have to battle rush hour traffic on a miserable thursday evening just to be disappointed.
also considering the fact that earlier in the evening we heard "fuck" about 5000 times in 5 minutes and witnessed an EXTREMELY crude masturbation scene (not to knock the teams that did this), it smacks of inconsistency. SHAME.
anyway, top marks to slippery weasels because they must be doing something right to provoke this kind of response from the man. keep 48 hours weird.

like, literally, star-crossed lovers.
nice and simple story that does everything it needs to, can't fault it there - kind of allegorical too? could be, it leaves enough room for you to read into it a bit. good to get some more use out of the church's nativity backdrop too!
and of course the incredible SFX make up! wow

a busy last day at school completing a sort of 'bucket list'.
i liked the introduction of the third character, the jewellery/accent combo differentiating him from his classmates.
other than that it's a 'list' film, not much to really grab on to unfortunately.

having access to a real church and coffin was cool. but the budget didn't stretch to slabs in the morgue so the bodies were just chucked on the floor.
a valiant effort at telling a story without using dialogue, just a shot of a 'newspaper' for exposition (which unfortunately i couldn't really see on the big screen).

brilliant intro (how come hardly anyone in hamilton does these? how come i have to say this every year?)
gloriously potty-mouthed film that's done as if a bunch of boofheads were live-streaming the end of the world (as implied by the great title).
very funny (low-brow as but don't pretend you're above that), jumps around the POVs of the main characters (each delineated by their social media of choice) and punctuated with a pitch-perfect music video pastiche. very impressive, simple & effective SFX too.
the little bit towards the end where you kind of get an external perspective of the leads all filming themselves holding cameras at arms-length really cracked me up.
a nice little final scene ties it all up neatly.

the weird thing about this one is that it's borrowing from heaps of movies (eg. sesevenen... mostly just that actually) but none of them are splatstick so it doesn't have that classic splatstick vibe. but there's plenty of gore and it's funny enough so in my professional opinion it qualifies! (plus it has the obligatory visible blood-hose at one point)
plays out as a cop procedural spoof that has heaps of great puns and a fantastic visual gag in the finale.
there's a lot that i liked here: it's got probably the most effectively signposted flashback i've ever seen in the comp (slap a school uniform on the actor and apply a b&w filter... boom) and has the SICKEST zooms (of heats 1 and 2 anyway, but they're pretty hard to beat so i'm gonna prematurely call them the SICKEST zooms in hamilton 2018)

conforms to its genre purely by virtue of being made by a bunch of high schoolers.
that aside, it does have its moments. EXCELLENT stunt work with the foosball on the ute and fireworks going off right there. this dumb-DIY stuff is really one of the best bits of the comp.
there's another thing i love about the 48 hours that this film has, and this one requires some explaining- if i was a judge, i'd scrap every single award category and replace them all with one prize: 'best performance by a parent roped-in at the last minute' and this year foosball god is a bloody shoo-in. so that has earnt you another star.

running around in the rain with a macguffin (that is bizarrely made irrelevant early on but then not really? idk).
they kept calling the genie (who had a great used-car saleman vibe) fridge man which is ringing some bells.. are food patrol creating a universe to rival marvel?
a nice scene at karangahake (i hope you picked that rubbish up) and some unfortunate dubbing issues (although combined with the fedoras reminded me a lot of those old italian crime movies - this definitely worked in your favour)

unique take on the monster genre - an allegory on accepting others' differences.
this is a really slick production, pretty much as good as it gets in 48 hours. REALLY loved the puddle shot - great example of integrating the required elements with storytelling. the monster costume is really cool too - has a homemade vibe but fits in with the polished nature of everything else.
sorry to say it though, too saccharine for my taste!

really promising combination of genres - and for the most part it delivers.
nice team intro and then a great set-up as we rap through the plan. when it comes to the heist itself unfortunately a lot of the momentum is lost and it does sag in the middle. it all picks back up when the rapping starts again and we're treated to a very well-choreographed fight scene. also well done to the costume department - the simple trick of wearing the masks upside down made the characters look really unnerving.

call me a cynic but i'm always surprised when high school teams (or any team in the waikato, let's be real) treat non-hetero romance like it's normal and not something grotesque.
a brief high school relationship between a local and an exchange student has consequences 12 years later.
so ultimately this is a comedy, and it's pretty funny too. the "stolen look" that ignites the relationship was hilarious, as was the explanation of Luca's dodgy accent. The stand-in for Venice in the final reunion scene was great - nicely chosen location. I'm also glad that Te Aroha College are making absolutely SAVAGE break-ups something of a tradition ("I do want to go... just not with you").
unfortunately should be disqualified as there was no door slamming.

sick stunt driving. setting the hospital bit in the school cracked me up for some reason - made it seems like a paediatric ward (which i suppose is where a dead minor would end up. hmmm...)
so the guy did technically come back from the dead, but as soon as he did we went to flashbacks from before he died and then never came back to post-resurrection which was a let-down to say the least!

the stand-out here is the naturalistic dialogue - uncanny in its banality. the jump cut from day/night on the couch was cool too.
the bill murray-stand in here was really unperturbed that he was living the same day over and over - and so was i. didn't get what was supposed to be happening.
that the 'repeats' had to be sped up to fit in the 5-minute limit (ok i'm speculating here) tells that with a bit of tightening up, this one could have been better.

has that crucial element of horror where it basically tells you what is going to happen right at the start: dude buys some doodacky that alters his brain chemicals that specifically tells him not to use all 5 settings at once at it will cause neurological damage (SPOILER: he gets neurological damage).
really enjoyed the interaction with the flatmate "fuck you bro, this is gonna be awesome" - classic line. love that shot over Resolution Drive and I really believe that some cyber-zombie could wonder around Rototuna without anyone batting an eye, so it's somewhat realistic i guess. the shot of the insinkerator was really well done, everyone knew what was coming next.
And of course the silhouette shot..... extremely tasteless, crass etc. but someone had to do it! if the judges weren't cowards (you heard me) this would definitely win that category.

risqué treatment of mental illness (I'll tell everyone you're going through depression") but it was such a non-sequiter that it came off alright (read: i laughed at it).
didn't really get the time-travel aspect of this. there was some pretty choppy editing too HOWEVER in some weird way I dug it- thought it added a lot to the film so.......
great close-up of real tears and "being sad on the roof" is such a great idea and i hope some hollywood big-shot steals that idea and puts it in every teen movie from now until the end of time.

first film to play of the year and it was nice to see that this team wasn't put off by the rain (a lot of teams filmed outside which makes a nice change from non-descript flat interiors!)
two guys (inadvisedly) summon a demon, the inevitable happens. fairly simple film, the initial scene was fun - nice dialogue, editing and a cool little blood sacrifice. sort of loses its shape from there though.

This really favoured horror over comedy. While the ghost was pretty simple (the sheet of the title), the lead's performance and the music had good creepy vibes and the colourful lighting was close enough to Suspiria for me to dig it. There's just one piece of comedy that's used to deflate (ha) the tension before he final shot turns it up again. Dialogue was muffled but there wasn't too much dialogue.

I had pretty high expectations after reading this one's title and it did not disappoint: total trash from start to finish.
The plot's as thin as you'd expect but the team really relish the opportunities the Z-grade genre affords them: sick combat rolls, concealed clipboards, buxom badasses, UFO SFX courtesy of the warehouse stationery, an appropriately-moustachioed villain and the absolute BEST zoom in the Hamilton heats milked to perfection.
Great romp, probably the only film that was close to getting a standing ovation before the title card had finished.

A Breakfast Club-type setup here with a bunch of kids from different tribes thrown together at detention.
The 'princess' character gives a good performance in the sense that she doesn't let anyone else get much of a look in - which I suppose is what those kind of people do. Laughed at how blasé everyone was about the first death. The story was a little hard to follow but the after-credits reveal of the mastermind was nice - I liked that a lot.

A killer picks off the guests at an all-night V party.
The killer's mask was good, the first shot of his face being particularly scary. The drowning in the sink was a good kill. Flashbacks to what are presumably the victims antagonising their eventual murderer don't really clear up the narrative - same goes for the reveal of the killer: were we supposed to recognise him? was he one of the guests at the party? Very hard to tell all those white men apart from each other.

Inter-dimensional blinking around Rotorua.
Two time-travellers locked in mortal combat are helped out by simple yet effective teleporting SFX. The costumes were cool and the female protagonist's ability to run across paddocks in those heels was very impressive. Funny moment when the reason for their fighting is revealed and the torch gag was great. Some sound issues in the final scene make the dialogue hard to hear.

Stoner comedy as some choofers get locked in their car.
Chemistry between the two leads was undeniable and there were some impressive, surreal setpieces (particularly looking under the seat). Unfortunately the stoned banter gets dull after a while and there wasn't enough of anything else to sustain the piece. The smoke in the car was impressive and the realistic bong sound was appreciated.

A 'bootboy' gets drawn in to the doublecrossings of a band of robbers.
The chanting at the start was funny. When the robbers have taken the car things get a bit loose - the story needed some antagonism to give the events a bit more meaning.
The final interaction between bootboy and the female robber was good and it was nice to return to the party at the end (where no one mentioned that the car was stolen?)

On Santa's secret service. Elves deal with someone who ate Santa's biscuit.
This was a good looking short that boasted great costumes and makeup on the elves, as well as the most authentic-looking Santa of the heats.
I was lost as to who the balaclava guy was and also what the elves were doing to the guy who triggered the original 'black bauble' incident.
I'm no expert in cryptolanguages, but that sounded like real Elvish to me... have an extra star if that's true because that is commitment.

Gleefully tasteless puppet incest musical.
The puppets looked really good and the film was well-produced overall. You can get away with a lot when you don't have actual actors on screen - pretty gratuitous sex scene in this one that really adds to the ribaldry. A few other gross-out gags (the kitchen-aid shot in particular).
The musical component was pulled off really well - a shame it was the only one in Hamilton this year!

Shady hitmen get a government contract to take out the notorious tax dodger S. Claus.
Good set-up with some familiar lyrics being used to great effect and a pretty good pun thrown in for good measure.
Slips in the middle when it's one long shot without any variation - needed something else to keep the interest up. The back-and-forth didn't work for me and I was surprised to hear a reference to what must be a decade+ year old webseries - what a blast from the past.
I really liked the credit "sound loser" because holding a boom mic has to be the most humiliating task on set. Even after you said the Sound Loser lost your sound I'm still going to think of all Soundies as sound losers from now on - thanks for that.

aka "The Hangover"
extremely slick short, looks excellent. Great photography throughout and the lighting in the bedroom scene was excellent.
Very good 'psychological' concept - fantastic visual metaphors for the progressing stages of the protagonist's hangover.
Some of the jokes went over my head though :(

Guy rescues the girl from the baddies.
The boss bad guy and henchman were a good duo - suited their roles. I liked the smash cut but then immediately showing it to be a hypothetical lessened the impact a bit (even when it is shown to have actually happened). Bad guy 2 knocking himself out by running into a tree really cracked me up, and I liked how the title was incorporated into the structure of the film.
I also liked putting the victim into the boot of the car when the boot's not a separate compartment.

A girl is haunted by a bad decision after a party.
Good to see a team putting their best foot forward and opening with a backflip. The party scene was convincing - great lighting and editing there.
I found the start difficult to follow but it became clear what was happening soon enough.
I wrote "weird music" down but now I can't remember what that refers to - maybe you do.

This one really went places.
After a short argument ("Do you have my phone?" is probably the silliest question to ask the person who picks up your phone) a woman crashes her car and is transported into a not-so wonderful fantasy land.
I was amazed because I thought Candyland had closed down and I'm not going to verify that just so this film retains some of that magic. The antagonist was channelling Willy Wonka at his most nightmarish and even managed to make a lollipop seem menacing. Great dolly zoom - didn't see any others this year!

Quite esoteric - I never ended up understanding the story but there were plenty of clues thrown around so I suppose it just needs another viewing.
I liked the drone of the soundtrack - gave the film a meditative sort of quality, and the scene shot at night looked great - the black & white photography really shone there.

Nicely photographed film that hits all the noir tropes: black & white, a voiceover that sometimes gets a bit philosophical, cigarettes, night-time driving and a dash of casual misogyny.
Impressive work for a team with only two members. The ending seemed like a bit of a throwaway - I wasn't completely convinced that the protagonist wasn't a bad person!

Picking up immediately after the events in the first film, the corpse gets a meatier role in this sequel.
The continuity was impressive as everyone had the same costumes and it kicked off at the same location. The gore looked great and I thought the Wilhelm scream was very nicely utilised.
Didn't quite follow or understand the reasons for the zombie's change of heart - that 5 minute limit is a killer.
Good on ya for being the only Ultra team in Hamilton.
TRIVIA: my mother texted me on shoot weekend and said someone was on Ann Street making a film with Mormon characters in it.

Something of a cinderella story here where a put-upon cleaner plots against her slacker colleague.
With the z-grade genre so much of what would count against you is part-and-parcel here. Choppy editing and sneaky looks into the lens abound - the story could have been a bit tighter. When the vengeance comes it's not from where's expected. A good effort for such a small team - it's hard work!

Makes up for the rest of the films' distinct lack of cannibalism.
Had to strain to hear the dialogue but luckily I caught the chef's excellent line after he opens the door. The horror vibes were there - you invoke a really creepy atmosphere in the kitchen with the washed-out colours and the chef silently sharpening his blades. The horror gives way to humour after you pull the ol' switcheroo and reveal what meal was really being prepared - a nice little twist to incorporate both elements of the genre.

This is a tough one to review. If there's an INCREDIBLY STRANGE award in Hamilton this year, this will be very hard to beat.
It's a mess of purposeful technical defects, a bizarre storyline, non-acting and a pseudo-video aesthetic.
Don't know if I liked it per se, but you get points for sheer incomprehensibility and a different take on the genre than the other z-grade film of the night.

4 brothers attempt to unlock their deceased absentee father's inheritance.
A very talky film - not much in the way of visual dynamics but the four leads are well-defined and all give solid performances.
It's got the best smash cut we've seen in Hamilton (so far), but I was a little confused by the ending - there's a chance that I just missed a key line amongst all that fast-talking.

Really lush stick-puppet film. The colours of the characters and backdrops were really nice - fantastic art direction from this team.
Once we're into the story it starts off well but sags a bit - largely because there's not much conflict or resistance to the characters achieving their goal: they go on a walk and aside from one little backtrack they arrive. However the endings of both the fairytale and the framing story are great. I loved the budget Wizard of Oz "you had what you wanted all along" resolution and as someone else said the scream was very well-integrated.

Short and sweet - the bulk of the film is a rather one-sided dialogue between an interplanetary immigration official and an illegal alien. A great, manic performance from the bureaucrat complemented very nicely by the straight-faced Jovian of few words. Beyond that there's not too much else going on here which is a bit of a shame as it's a good concept that had the potential to be fleshed out a little more. That said, the original music was very nice and there are some great special effects (both CGI and practical) so the film still satisfies.

Essentially an extended chase scene following some shady exchange in a car park (classic).
Some of the sound was a little quiet, including dialogue and muffled punches but thankfully most of what you need to know in this film takes place before your eyes.
Really liked the ineffectual attempts to slow down the pursuer. And of course the reveal... well done - you earned that awful pun.
One part did almost make me suspend my disbelief... who the heck unwraps a kebab like that?

Two mates overindulge one night and have to make their way home.
A simple premise that suffers a bit from being dragged a bit too long: there are a few good gags in there (one particular line had everyone laughing) but there's also an over-reliance on one or two sight jokes that made the film feel a bit repetitive.
I did enjoy the really gnarly headbutt and thought that the two leads gave pretty good performances - it can be hard to keep up acting inebriated for so long but you both did well. The ending was nice too.

Something really charming about this one. A fairly simple story of tension between besties/flatmates that just clicked with me. Definitely rough around the edges but there were a few good gags (the evicted character ending up under the bridge, for one). What really got me though was the collision with the kitchen doorframe: an inexplicable mix of throwaway "let's just get this requirement out of the way" combined with extremely deliberate acting and framing... I can't explain it but it was delightful - one of the best moments of the night.
Also I hope you guys didn't drink really drink that milk that expired August 21st.

Really slick action here: well-choreographed fisticuffs mixed with great gunplay effects and vehicular carnage. The sound effects were so crunchy and added to the visceral fights. Even the Wilhelm scream didn't even seem that out of place here. Overall a very well-produced short.
The ending was... bizarre, but whatever, I'll go with it.
And same as last year, you guys get an extra star for the intro. A shame that practically no teams in Heat 1 or 2 made an effort with what are often the highlight of the night!

An elaborately-moustachioed man is blackmailed by a mysterious big-brotheresque figure.
Quite liked how the plot is slowly revealed as the backstory is pieced together. The fight at the end was quite good - really felt like a heavy punch.
The little monologue bit by the brother verged on the comical with the repetition of "You chose..." several times in quick succession (not necessarily a bad thing). Also a pretty risky move returning to the bank you just robbed in the car you escaped in to visit the ATM!

Dangerzone nail z-grade by throwing every trash cliché together in a sci-fi cop disasterpiece.
Lots of good things to say: the cast obviously had a ball and ham it up to perfection, every predictable plot-point is hit and the villain is great (I didn't think it was possible to make a nazi robot any more unlikeable but punching the shrub was a step too far). Really loved the special effects of the robot's guts, inventive use of a bottle-capper and the "donk" sound effects when the nazi was punched were a nice touch.
My complaint here is kinda backwards: it could have done with some more technical errors. Still, the unintroduced "partner" character was a pretty solid trash staple (and the obligatory awful Irish accent - perfect). Overall: needs more zooms.

A relationship is hampered by a menacing third-wheel.
This is a slick, well-produced short - the crew know what they're doing and it shows. The scene in the cupboard stands out in my mind as probably the best-lit shot of the night and the drone-shot of the endless suburbs was a nice touch. It was the performance of the 'bad seed' that was the highlight for me - a brooding, stark figure who contrasted very well with the other characters (costuming was good in this regard).
What lets it down is the writing. Some clunky pillow-talk opens the film and there were a few gaps in the narrative (understandable when you've only got 5 minutes and need to push along). After the 'reveal', what we've just seen unravels a bit too: the female character was acting like there were two other people... it's hard to explain but the flashbacks and the rest of the film don't quite read right in my head after we learn who the bad seed really is (I might just need another viewing though).

Santa/Mario's done everything he needs to do before Christmas and gets a bit bored. Thankfully there's some neighbourhood kids to befriend. A little misunderstanding before everyone makes up and starts to play... until a somewhat incongruous final bloodbath. Still, had me laughing which is always good.
The story's told in a silent film-style with title cards which was a bold choice. It doesn't detract from the film and is probably quite a good thing to do if you don't want to worry too much about sound issues. My biggest complaint is that the film felt like it could use a bit of trimming to get the story moving along faster. Still, a good effort in what I imagine is a pretty hard genre.

Have you ever heard of Ladle Man? Not long after two torch-wielding girls try to scare each other with the eponymous legend, the man himself conveniently appears behind them. Rather than being an out-and-out baddie, Ladle Man turns out to be a misunderstood fellow who can't seem to stop killing by accidentally touching people with his ladle-hand.
I really like this one: over-the-top accents, great visual gags (looking through the letters in particular), lots of blood (and milk) spilling and heaps of zoom shots. Hard to hear what Ladle Man was saying at points but that's the trade-off when you've got a main character wearing a mask.
Great final scene and nicely set-up for a sequel. Well done.

A girl is remarkably unperturbed after finding an alien in the bush and begins to teach it how things are done down on Earth.
The bulk of the film's a montage of the alien learning human ways, but by the end it's learnt enough German-accented English to freak out at an incompetent waiter.
It ended quite abruptly but the brevity and simplicity of this one was appreciated.

What can I say? This film has it all: child-on-child violence, underage drinking and extremely dangerous DIY pyrotechnics.
An unknown caller with a voice disguised to the point of unintelligibility tells an obliging young man to kill everyone. Despite being out in the country he finds no shortage of victims.
This one was a crowd-pleaser, everyone in the room was on board from the get-go. I've got to give a shout-out to whoever's dad it was that gave the performance of a lifetime in the garage/bar scene.
The only bad thing I can say about this is that there are a few scenes in the middle that are so dark you can't see anything, which is odd considering that the following nighttime scenes are fine. Still, this one's a banger and my favourite of the night.

The montage at the start had me thinking this was going to be a superhero story - turns out it's more of a supervillain tale. Fridge Man goes around stealing things from fridges. He can also teleport too (maybe?).
Had me laughing at the break-in scene (very graceful), I also really liked the Wilhelm scream followed up by the painful-looking collision.
The story was a little difficult to follow. It's non-linear, dropping us in halfway through before taking us back "two days earlier". Unfortunately nothing that happened the day before yesterday helped to make clear what was going on. It was hard to hear what some of the dialogue was, but luckily most of the story was told without speech - a tricky thing to do but something I always appreciate.

This one was well put-together. The editing in particular was a highlight: punchy and fast-paced with an excellent smash cut: from the sinister reveal of the pipe in the assailant's hand to the aftermath of its use on the two victims. The colour-grading on the flashback scenes was a little off - I understand what you were going for but it didn't quite work for me. An unnecessary Americanism also rankled me: it's called a boot, ya jerk!
Coming full-circle back to the church was a nice touch at the end that tied it all together nicely.

An intriguing opening film for the Hamilton heats. A guy is pursued by a variety of villains and drugged by mysterious captors.
The car graveyard was a great location and the 'reveal' was well-handled, coming towards the end and answering the main question of "what the heck is going on?". Solid story and few technical hitches.

A guy who looks just like a famous youtuber is accosted by fans who inexplicably give him wool, a locked iPhone and a knife (blade first).
The 'youtuber' bit was spot-on, very authentic-like. But surely using video game footage gets you into a legal grey area?

Nice take on the lovers on the run genre - they're on the run... FROM EACH OTHER.
Cat and mouse escapades when an unfaithful couple keep bumping into each other on their illicit liasons.
Funny physical gags throughout lead to a reconciliation in the Gardens.
Loved the little Charlie Flowers jingle too.

The opening civil defence warning was nicely deployed, leaving us in a bunker with a group of survivors. Tensions quickly mount in the confined space: completely understandable if the only thing to eat is kidney beans.
The story plays out in a series of "video diary"-type vignettes, with the group's changing dynamics documented.
A good use of location but the characters could have been fleshed out some more.

Absolutely SAVAGE opening sequence. Admittedly hilarious but how the joke was played out for the rest of the film was pretty tasteless.
This bro movie hinges on betrayal and definitively un-brolike behaviour leading to bloody revenge. The final bit's OTT soap-opera qualities were appreciated.
I'm guessing this one was DQ'd for using, amongst others, a Spice Girls track. Come on guys!

Opens with a gruesome torture sequence before we're thankfully thrown a break with a hilarious escape from captivity.
The rest of the film plays out as a series of persons of interest are questioned. A fantastically played red herring definitely threw me off the scent, and the story comes to an end quickly, never overstaying its welcome.
sick stunt driving at the end too.

Funny little work about some guys plotting revenge but never quite getting there.
Great gags throughout, hilarious performance from the guy riding shotgun and the best use of swears I've seen this year (not exactly creative, but quantity definitely counts for something in this case).
The special effects were also fantastic and the minor changes in the run-through of the plan each time were clever.
And congratulations on spawning a catchphrase.

I always love a bit of black magic and the opening invocation scene was a great example of it.
The players all looked the part: Ray looked exactly how I imagine a demon hunter to look, the girl definitely got her dress from the same place as Linda Blair and Charlie Flowers looked just like a guy with hyper-sensitive psychic abilities.
The house interior was very spooky, suited the vibes nicely. Story could have been tighter but it came right in the end (after the forest bit).
I gotta say though, that the demon was probably the least evil demon ever: too much heart and humanity!

Some 'what if' hypothesising leads to a spooky story-within-the-story.
So this film looked flash as: very slick and sweet use of drones. The chemistry of the mains was brilliant and the banter down by the river was both funny and natural.
An abrupt shift in tone when the story was being told was handled very well by the playful coming back to the real world. Spooky ending too.
And if that was real money this is probably the highest budget 48hour film ever. Good work.

Charming romantic comedy with unexpected pay-offs.
Two rivals join forces to get what they want: one wants to finish the assignment and the other wants the girl. But it's only later that they realise that what they really wanted was right under their noses all along...
First off: sweet pointy 's' thing in the title sequence (you know what I'm talking about). Lots of gags (loved the anime tear drop irl) and a fully sick zoom in the first scene.
Jokes aplenty ("You should hear his puns" although to be fair it was one pun over and over) and one of the most savage dumping scenes committed to celluloid.
Perhaps not the most technically adept film of the night but it had something special about it that made it my pick of the heat.

School shooter runs amok in this clunky piece.
Some comedy gold to be found in the students sassing the teacher ("I was busy, man") and if this was a real-time film then this school has incredibly short periods.
Biggest drawbacks here were some stiff acting and a loose storyline.

While this DRIVE spoof is essentially one joke, it's saved by the fact that it's hilarious.
Flash cars and sock puppets. The opening was spot-on with the night-time driving montage, synth music and day-glo cursive font.
Lil bro was very funny too.

Very good voiceover opening that told us that the world's gone down the toilet ever since a mysterious "them" arrived, leaving our protagonists as the only ones left.
This had me going, thinking we'd get a gang of punx as the baddies but unfortunately they were MIA.
While it did have a few laughs, the story never really got off the ground. A shame seeing that the start was promising.
A convincing dystopia-atmosphere though.

Opened with a brilliant little gag which nicely lets us know who's the comic relief.
Kind old man turns out to not be so kind in a little story-within-the-story told beside a roaring fire. The young and old Charlie were well-cast, they looked just like each other!
A good-looking short but it meanders and does not stick to one location.

Cool opening sequence with a siiiick jump over a gate.
Really well choreographed fights. I particularly liked the whole look of the carpark fight scene with the orange lighting.
I get how it was a puppet movie but I think that a bit more story would have helped.

Small-town detectives deal with a case that might be a little out of their depth.
Loved the opening which led to meeting our earnest cops. After forensics finally gets his phone out we learn foul play is involved.
Obviously a lot of fun was had hamming it up to play these absurd characters. The table-slamming that led to some sort of Mississippi stand-off was a particularly memorable sequence.
Brilliant 'occult' twist ending.
And you did a great job, murderer.

DIY psychotherapy as our hero takes on the minion-onsied devil on his shoulder.
Funny throughout with very charismatic performances from all involved.
Not sure if it fits the genre but I'm too busy chuckling to be bothered.

The highlight here are the performances: uniformly brilliant. Nana G was a fantastic old granny (her best bit being the cup of tea scene), the divas were full of sass, Charlie Flowers transcended the whole "this is [character name], they're very [character trait]" by ramping it up to 11 ('Thoughtful Weekly' almost had me in tears) and the Fashion Designer was hilariously camp. The grown-ups didn't do too badly either!
The story was also nice and tight, some excellent foreshadowing brought the story full circle and the thoughtless neighbourhood kids getting their comeuppance up the end. The ending almost had me going (poor Nana G!) but thankfully all's well that ends well!

I suppose that the old adage "never work with animals or children" doesn't apply when your team is composed largely of both.
A lovely story well-told through a mix of stop-motion animation and shots of sheep larking about a paddock expertly edited together. Very impressive as I can't imagine sheep take direction too well.

A nice atmosphere was built at the start with the muddy dialogue, blurry shots and creepy music.
Wheels come off a bit in the middle when the victims are split off from the main group, but a very nasty twist at the end redeems it.

Really well-produced short that was visually slick and told a good story to boot.
Well-composed and interesting shots from the get-go are a sign that this is a team that knows what they're doing.
Maybe over-ambitious to break such a short film into chapters, but it still managed to work. I especially enjoyed chapter 2 - very spooky vibes.
Not much more to be said apart from a shout-out to the editor (particularly in the club scene) and nice company car.

Dream analysis loaded with symbolism (that went over this reviewer's head).
The lighting in the dream sequences was excellent and the shots overlaid the fire made for some really fantastic imagery.
The therapee's acting was also a stand-out.

The most out there version of Charlie Flowers we've seen yet - as some sort of hyper-intelligent monolith-esque ball of wool nudging humanity (I guess) along, helping us not only evolve but rock the party too.
Very impressive effort all-round: nice music and excellent animation.

A really great effort at what is one of the hardest genres to get right - you guys nailed it.
A little yarn (ha) about the lengths Charlie Flowers'd go for love.
Very funny gags, both visual and verbal (crochet needles and puns come to mind) and a hilarious GHOST moment.
Diverse locations give it a nice bit of visual variety too.
My one complaint is that while Mr Flowers was very thoughtful in getting the girl of his dreams, he broke the shearer's strike and so is nothing more than a scab and class traitor who cared not a jot about the demands of the agrarian proletariat who will quite rightly have him up against the wall one day.

Creepy art lover gets busted in this short head-scratcher.
Tension built at the start unfortunately doesn't go anywhere. Some funny moments at the end with the voyeur character.

conform'd: brought to you by THE RAMONES
poseur flatmates channeling Tim Roth and Gary Oldman trashing the place and getting on another flatmate's nerves.
This film had a lot of great moments: hilarious use of the prop - probably the most punk wool can get. The little PSA about the true spirit of Christm- er, punk was also brilliant and I really hope The Freudian Slits book some gigs cos the song was great.
I also like the self-mythologising you guys are doing with all the little references to your previous films - building your own little universe. keep it up!

A classic apocalyptic camping trip (pretty committed to be carrying beer crates around in an extinction event, but whatever)
Quite understated beginning but this ended up being an asset as the film wore on, culminating in a really great ending. Some earlier shots had kinda flat composition but the final bit looked incredible (shadows and some nice camera movement). This, coupled with the sound of a plane(?) really took my fancy in a way I can't quite explain. Stink that she might not get to repopulate the earth though!

A topical twist on the zombie movie: Fascist demagogue and HBHS old boy (how appropriate) Ronald Bump turns the populace into mindless slaves using Pokemon Go.
A committed performance from the lead, a grand fountain and some sweet super slow-mo is the order of the day here.

Loved the intro - pitch-perfect perfume piss-take (pour homme).
Weird little Fight Club-thing at the train station (nice spot). The mistaken identity didn't quite come through for me, but the film looked slick as and the fights were really crunchy: excellent sound design and choreography.
(you get an extra star for the intro)

A fantastically OTT wink got the crowd on-side early on, helped by some inspired wardrobe choices ("Want some of my umbrella?").
Brilliant chemistry between the father/son duo and the standing in the playground in the rain was hilarious.
while I could guess at why our man was running from love, it could have been made a bit clearer.

First of all: sweet ride.
Good effort for what could be a tough genre. 3 guys break into an ex's house on a recovery mission.
Good bustle and energy in the raiding scene: lots of action going on and excellent use of space.
Some great visual gags (with a nicely incorporated rack focus) and a few funny lines - including a gross-out last line that had me a little embarrassed at how much I laughed at it. that can only be a good thing

This one made great use of the location: caves and ruins helped the creepy vibe a lot here.
The circular nature of the story was very nicely done, however the sound was a bit iffy at the start (but it cleared up by the end).
Definitely a mystery too.

so the schtick here is that any Hamilton team that drew 'dystopia' already had the set dressed for them.
Great montage at the start - gave the film some local colour which led onto a sort of poetry jam in Garden Place with some great calls and plenty of opportunities to drop microphones.
Very funny performances all round in this clever take on the genre.
It should probably be used as an advertisement for Hamilton in the same way that they called Greenland Greenland and Iceland Iceland.

An absolutely fantastic horror here. Everything was perfect: the sound, the POV perspective, the colour, the location, the vibe, the editing.
Extremely visceral opening when the protagonist falls off the slab and just never lets up.
A masterpiece of minimal storytelling - few details but very evocative, everything necessary to scare the pants off any audience (I'm sure I heard some "oh no"s from the crowd tonight).
This one is going to be very hard to beat. Excellent work.

Hilarious take on those "Police 10/7" type things, this time tackling the heinous crime of movie piracy. I love the title and the narration is so over the top but fits perfectly ("TOYOTA CORROLER" had me in stitches).
And for such a silly short it has probably the most high-brow film reference I've ever seen in the 48hour.

A very well-done take on your Harold Lloyd-type film. Charlie "Chaplin" Flowers goes through a series of trials and tribulations in trying to deliver a birthday card to his mother. Some brilliant visual comedy (I'd list examples but basically every set-up is great).
But was that bald guy really that bald guy who's running for mayor? if yes, 1 star - don't encourage the bastards!

I was enjoying this one within the first few seconds: the change of music right at the start was well done, quickly followed up by a couple of great zooms (I love zooms) and the wackiest transition effect of the heat.
Flashbacks filled the viewer in to the story so far, and while Charlie Flowers had an excellent costume, he didn't strike me as particularly thoughtful (apart from offering biccies, of course)

This one could be either bro or Bechedel which is good - 2 friends hanging out... but something sinister is afoot.
The music in the bathroom scene built tension superbly and the rack focus was great (the shadows behind the curtain was a particularly good image).
At the end I was glad that nothing bad happened to the two leads...... or did it?

a horror with comedic elements, I suppose. had some really hilarious lines ("she was going to be her own mother") but suffered from a lot of the shots being blurry.

Great costumes for the two detectives, had the noir-look down. however the main mystery of this film for me was "what is going on?". a story was there but I couldn't quite piece it together. I did like the twisted little nursery rhyme scene- very spooky.

a sweary Weekend at Bernie's here. great performances from the 3 leads with lots of comedy. at points it did feel a bit too-montagey, but enjoyable nonetheless.

a shame it was disqualified - but would it have been the same had the team managed to make something on time?

a very well-presented horror that kept the suspense building throughout. excellent music and jumpy frights. my favourite of the heat despite the unedited final scene!

here we have an example of the ol' "read aloud from an ancient tome and invoke something nasty" genre. great performance from the old man and the film was pretty funny throughout. the issue here was the patchy story along with some sound recording problems. the (1st) shock of the ending was hilarious, though.

this one has what may be the best opening line I've ever heard in a 48 hours film. the green screen as also enjoyable, however the sound wasn't great which made the story difficult to follow.

a sustained assault on good taste and decency - ban this sick filth!

this cracked, bordering on incoherent action flick was my pick of the night. fast as hell with some brave stunt work (sweet power slide), great sound effect, terrible Irish accent (this is not a negative) and lots of action. as has been said the camera and sound work is a little off, but who cares about stuff like that?
this was a ton of fun, keep making movies guys!

Although this film didn't go for the entire 7 minutes, it felt like it could have been cut even shorter. A cool little story when we eventually got to it and a nice use of the 'one shot' but the minute or so of fairly unentertaining radio bits at the start drags it down

was it green screen gone wrong in those scenes? totally bizarre! loved the 2nd detective and the ludicrous leaf-blowing sequence - pretty fun movie

it looked good - well shot, great costumes, excellent locations and cool SFX - and was pretty well acted, but that's about it. story was hard to follow and it brought nothing to the table except the usual fantasy cliches.

my favourite of the heat. an inept and straight-faced attempt at a serious inspirational movie that is seriously inspirational. shonky camerawork, uneven sound and editing make the technical side of ths film a bit suss, but it's the acting and story that stands out. an inexplicably Irish man and a young stoner (played with 100% commitment by the director) have an absurd conversation about the Irishman's dead family. spent the film waiting for a punchline that never came. Much respect to the filmmakers for giving the inspirational genre a serious go - well done!

a twisted little slice of apocalyptica. loved the exchange during the pissing scene, the gross-out bits were great and the last few seconds of the film were hilarious. I can't really put my finger on what I didn't like about the movie but there was something that didn't click with me - apologies for being vague!

it was cool not having a 100% found footage film. looked really nice too. i didn't like the plot though, it was too hard to follow so I couldn't tell you what it was about - i'd like to see it again though

one man rap with colourful effects. if it wasn't for the rotoscope thing it would just be a guy saying some populist, nationalist mince into a camera. romantic comedy is a bit of a stretch. still gotta give credit for doing it alone though

pretty inspired 'musical' set on a submarine. the sets were great and so were the performances. let-down by the poor integration of the song and dance numbers, and i got some bad vibes from the team - seemed like they were being arseholes cos they got musical. still, their overt reluctance has its own dickish charm