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Hopefully you all had a heap of fun making this movie. It looked like the technical aspects got on top of you though. I laughed loudly at the moment when Bobby proposed and someone in the background on the film said "is she pregnant". And again I found the bit with "the shadows, the shadows" hilarious especially when we heard "cut". Just brings it home how hard it is to do this in the 48 hour timeframe!! Well done for getting it done and in on time.

I liked the shot from inside the giant yellow specs :) The editing of the film needed some severe tightening and it took so long to get to the fad-off I sort of lost interest a bit. Sorry.

Really sorry guys - this was a bit hard hitting for me. Although it did the revenge genre justice, it was well above the rating requirements for the competition in my opinion.

Surprise gay romance! Unfortunately I worked it out way too early and ruined the film for myself. Totally watchable film though - and the reveal shots were well delivered.

My notes on this film (made during the break) read, "so fun I didn't stop to make notes". This was such a cool film, loved it, loved it, loved it. Especially the early spear action and hitting the wizard repeatedly in the face. Still making me giggle now :)

I really enjoyed this film. I found it really engaging from the start, loved the lead actor, and thought it was a well presented simple idea. Great focus pull from the beaten kid to the bent wire. I just wished there had been a bit more meat to the ending. Some sort of consequence for Bobby when he realised he'd had no impact on his victim of old. Good stuff though - I liked this story a lot.

A simple gag and well executed. I loved the swings and the ransom note best. I wished there had been more than one joke to it though. Interesting (worrying?) that my 10 year old daughter sitting in the audience turned to me after the 'special' freeze frame ending and said "this is not for children" :)

A really engaging start to this film. A lot of set ups from the look of it - or possibly just a good edit job? Sound was tidy as well. A shame about the overdose of depth of field shots and the blurring of the background beyond recognition in many of them. Also a shame I couldn't vote for this because I liked it and I would have.

An enjoyable watch. Well edited for pace. I liked this film but was disappointed when the ending just wasn't really an ending. I wanted to know what was inside the hanging bag and was hoping for some kind of twist. I liked the stark lighting and the movement in the shots. I can't remember what it was now but I wrote on my notes "Good team intro".