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I think is a superb example of how to tailor an idea for a short film. For a simple story it was still more original than most other race against clock shorts. It was paced perfectly and had some nifty gags and gadgets where the close up shot was well put to use. The only let down was the slightly confusing ending, but I may have missed something.

A fair effort for a musical / darkcomedy / romance (with a library?) / slasher film. Musicals are tough to make but also tough to watch sometimes, particularly in the typical broadway style. Having said that the songs were solidly written and unfolded the story well, and the lead really belted them out with sass! She didn't really strike me as a liar however (more a turncoat) and the premise of burning the library down was a bit weak despite the funny dude who summoned the demon Morgan to do it.

This is a really neat take on the genre. I can totally see the need for a TTA group once we can time travel. You guys nailed the old time travel / teleport 'pop' effect and the use of the line was a cracker. We see a stress ball as prop again in this heat but this time used much more effectively. I think with stronger lead characters and a bit more craft around the ending it could have been a more complete film. Oh and I was hoping that guy was from the future not the 80s, but still great costumes!

A band with a cam. A few points here for the DIY soundtrack, and good effort trying something different with unfolding the plot with on-screen texts but overall it didn't feel like a true against the odds story with characters to get behind, and the ending was a little clunky. Not a bad use of the line if I remember but the ball was just thrown in there and Morgan as a liar felt a little desparate.

Some moments of really believable acting and nice cinematography, as well as genuine intrigue about what was happening but it didn't really progress beyond that. It was challenging for the audience to decipher through flashbacks and lot of scenes that gave away nothing so that is puzzling I guess, but I couldn't sense a real inherent mystery behind it. Now you get an extra star because I've thought about it some more (did she drown or did he stab her to death?!) do you even know yourselves? It must have been difficult to nail the genre now I think about it. Nice bloody fright too, I like that.

Firsly I noticed some great subtle use of extras in this one, nice work! However as others have said above, the unnecessary walking shots disengaged the audience from the story when there could have been more effort spent on establishing the identities which were to be mistaken, or weaving the required elements into the story. The scream gave me a fright at least!

Woah this really got amazing the zsecond time round. Great acting and cameraing (esp freeze frame), but less one star because some of the colouring went over the edge (ghastly in full screen 720). I wanted to see sweet little hadley fleshed out a little more too but the sweet little bat had the right dose. What the fk is that smoking dog doing ha!

Good on you for making the film you knew needed to be made.

Interesting take on the genre and the plot had enough intrigue. A couple of scenes and some dialogue kind of lost me though. Decent soundtrack and highly satisfactory camerawork.

Well done. I'm not sure why other reviewers are hung up on missing the moral, it came across to me as mildly existential (ok, pretentious). Maybe the required elements weren't too strong but shit, in 48hours to twist the genre a bit and not have to include any gimmicks or unnatural lines, pace it well, with no technical errors and still manage to get a point across, 9/10. Actors played convincing pricks too.

I was wrapped up in this from all aspects, but the ending was disappointing. I thought it was building up to something bizarre, that Bobby looked like he could really cut loose. Well acted though and another beautifully shot film (DSLRs partout?). Pas mal.

I really thought I could see bunny out on that rock. Amazing actwork and camerawork. Awesome band too. A well paced film, and pleasantly watched.

Really cool film. Beautifully shot and coloured, and some impressive theatrical singing. The last song really makes it, handle the coromandel. Pretty much a perfect one-room-musi-rom-com but for a couple of grating lyrics. Massaging detonator with bent wire!